SHOT Show: Powder River Precision [VIDEO]

Luis Valdes – TTAG

Powder River Precision, perhaps best known for their custom Springfield XD and XDM drop-in triggers, also make a nice range of aftermarket parts and butter-smooth triggers for other guns like the Ruger LC9s and now a 2 lb drop-in trigger for the Ruger 10/22. And, we hope soon, one for the Ruger PC Carbine, too.

Check them out and enjoy the video.


  1. avatar DK says:

    PRP for the win.

  2. avatar possum says:

    Luis needs to get the crowd to be quiet for these, Jeremy’s gunfire I can do but, that background noise at that shot show, it’s hard to hear the bullshit sales pitch

    1. avatar EWTHeckman says:

      They used the mic on the camera. Bad move. They need to use either a hand held mic, or even better, multiple mics that can be clipped on to the everyone who will be talking.

      As for the BS part of your comment, I call BS. I had one of their triggers on an XD. It was excellent.

    2. avatar Spencer says:

      Bullshit? What was bullshit?

  3. avatar TP says:

    Have had a PRP trigger in my XD mod.2 for over a year – Excellent upgrade.

  4. avatar Spencer says:

    Dan is good people. PRP puts out great products. Glad to see them getting some good press.

    1. avatar DK says:

      Agreed. Dan is awesome. He did a great job on my slide milling and I have nearly everything he makes for two Springfield pistols. If I didn’t already dump money into my 10/22 trigger, he’d have my business there.

      1. avatar Ron Koss says:

        DK – Sounds like you’re happy with the slide milling. Can you describe the slide milling? Did you lose the dovetail? On what model firearm? Thank you

  5. I have PRP triggers, springs, on my XD and also on my XDm. I have people ask me who did the great trigger job on my guns. PRP did the work on the XD. I ordered the kit for the XDm and dropped it in myself. Couldn’t be more pleased with the PRP products!

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