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Branching out from 80% receivers for ARs and pistols, Polymer80 has begun manufacturing and selling complete firearms. The newest is the PF320, which employs a SIG P320 Fire Control Unit inside a ready-to-shoot package with P80 frame, slide, barrel, etc.

I like the ergonomics of the P80 frames a lot, finding that I point them naturally and intuitively, plus they have great texture and the general shape just works really well for me. The PF320 features an oversized magazine release and a nice beavertail.

The slide is also optics-ready by default.

Nice looking barrel hood and slide styling.

The textured relief under the front slide serrations is interesting. I found it to be a decent spot for my support hand thumb as I shoot both-thumbs-forward.

It looks blocky, but it works and feels good. I’ve shot these frames a fair bit now and I really like how they index in my hands.

Also new from P80 are optics-ready slides for the GLOCK-compatible frames.


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  1. Street price? Can I build one just like it? I live in Ca and would have to go the build your own route – Idea of cost?

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “No manual safety, no buy.”

      No revolvers then, right?

    • I found this direct correlation between pulling the trigger and the gun going bang. Thus when I do not want gun go bang, I do not place finger on trigger. There is no saftey more effective than using your brain, your training, and follow long the laws of guns safety.

      • I do not mind carrying a revolver appendix style, but theres no way I myself can carry a strike fired pistul with no safety that way.
        Its quite amusing to be shooting with friends who own Glocks when I’m using a RSBH then I cock the hammer and holstein it.
        They say, aren’t you afraid that will go off?
        Not as long as I dont pull the trigger.
        Well ,they say, Just be careful, that doesn’t look safe to me.
        And its not as far as I’m concerned.

        • Upon meeting famous Texas Ranger, Charlie Miller, and seeing the big 1911 hanging from is gunbelt with the hammer cocked back. They as isn’t that dangerous? Charlie starred at the man for a second and said; I wouldn’t carry the son of a bitch if it wasn’t..

        • You can chamber a glock and drop it off a building, hit it with the hammer, do whatever….it will not go off. A revolver with the hammer back though? As long as it has a firing pin block, if not it doesn’t get more sketchy.

  2. For an impromptu safety cut the fat base off a tire valve stem and bench grind it to fit behind the trigger. There is also a company that makes a custom plug that fits behind Glock triggers. Plugs push out as fast or faster than most safeties can be released. Or if no safety carry the chamber empty and use the Israeli draw chamber shoot method.
    The aforementioned is strictly intended for qualified personnel. If your moniker is a copyrighted image of Alfred E. Newman the aforementioned information does not include you without the presence of armed vetted supervision.

    • THIS. Pre-pandemic you could buy a stripped FCU for $20 on GunBroker. Now that Sig has taken over with their “customize” program you’re looking at $400 for an FCU.

      Many times its cheaper to just buy an entire gun.

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