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Daniel Defense has rolled out a new line of rifle silencers, called Soundguard. Well, technically speaking they’re called DANIEL SOUNDGUARD Powered by KGM Suppressors. Right off the bat there’s the SG-556, SG-30, and SG-30Ti. While I’ll come right out and say that I was no fan of DD’s first attempt at a silencer some years ago with the Wave (although they did improve it after I had my experience with it), after handling and examining the SOUNDGUARD cans I’m very excited to give them a try. Especially the titanium model.

All models use the industry-standard HUB mounting system with 1.375×24 threads. Daniel makes plenty of mount options, but by using this “universal” system the end user has various mounts available from dozens of companies.

While all SOUNDGUARD models have a ported endcap, designed to reduce backpressure, recoil, and sound levels at the shooter’s ear, the SG-30Ti’s ports are threaded and a bunch of set screws are included. The end user can install the set screws where desired to change the gas tuning of the silencer or, for example, to block the ports on the bottom to prevent dust from being kicked up when shooting prone.

I’ve looked at the baffle design on the SOUNDGUARD cans, which is a patent-pending design of KGM’s, and it’s quite novel. It’s supposed to reduce backpressure, improve accuracy, cut muzzle flash down to almost nothing, and sound particularly great at the shooter’s ear.

Based so far just on my experience shooting all sorts of different baffle designs in suppressors of every length and diameter (and these DD by KGM silencers are a full 1.75 inches in diameter), I have high hopes and expectations for the performance of the SOUNDGUARD models.

A full review will follow soon enough.


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  1. I’d love a suppressor but I live in CA where only mafia wise guys use those things on their Chicago typewriters. We all know that, so I’ll just stuff foam in my ears.

  2. Set screw works loose and kills your best friend forever.
    My opinion on suppressors, silencers, is they are over priced and you have to jump through to many hoops to legally own one. And why pick the AR pattern rifle to put a suppressor on in the first place?

    • Because there are a lot of different designs that fall under the ar pattern banner. and the number of hoops is vastly overstated, just 3 or so forms to fill out and a long wait time.
      also, who says they HAVE to go on ARs? I’ve got threaded bolt action and lever action guns. If I want to shoot my steel targets in the back yard, I don’t even have to go outside now that i’ve gone country – I can just open up my bedroom window, stick the suppressed end of a rifle out there, and fire. wait a few seconds for the smoke to drift out the end of the barrel and eject the brass. Wife doesn’t even know I’m shooting until she walks into the bedroom, sees me at the window, shakes her head, and walks away.

  3. The Daniel SoundGuard Powered by KGM Suppressors utilize state-of-the-art technology to significantly lower impulse noise levels.

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