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Have about $6,500 to $7,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, I would highly suggest taking a look at the Laugo Alien Creator Edition. While the price makes my eyes water and grossly exceeds the value of my 2012 Chrysler Town & Country tactical van, there is no question in my mind that this is, in every way, one of the best pistols ever made.

The Creator Edition of the Laugo Alien has a more vertical grip angle as compared to the original model — much more like a 1911 than a GLOCK. It also has easily-swappable side panels and backstraps.

Lots of options for grip panels and backstraps! Some or possibly all of these are included in the box with the Creator Edition.

…along with a holster, multiple top straps (optics-ready and iron sights), and a whole mess of other parts. This is one extremely comprehensive kit and a highly customizable firearm.

With its swing-down hammer, gas-delayed blowback action, non-reciprocating top rail on which the sights or optic is mounted, and unbelievably low bore axis, the Laugo Alien is perhaps the fastest, flattest-shooting pistol ever made.

For instance, while a competition-oriented CZ-75 will see about 15 degrees of muzzle rise during firing (which is considered pretty flat-shooting), the Alien will see about five. That’s insane.

Magwells, backstraps, grip panels…all easily swappable.

Even the grip frame itself can be swapped out.

I love the slightly rose gold hued bronze color accents on the Creator Edition. That trigger is really something else!

Laugo Arms is now running their own importation, distribution, and service facility out of Dayton, Nevada. I hope this is able to bring the price point down on a more basic variant of the Alien. I’d gladly trade my tactical van for one. These bad boys shoot like nothing else.


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    • Stamped on the barrel at the ejection port…where most are.

      On the other hand…Will Robo Cop Gun be the same silly description as the new Canik or is Made In Czechoslovakia bigot proof?

      And on the other hand…Very Nice firearm, at least I can afford the ammo.

      • Re the caliber marking … perhaps if I had not read the article on a rather small phone I would have noticed it; thanks for pointing that out.

      • “…or is Made In Czechoslovakia bigot proof?”

        There is no Czechoslovakia any more, Deborah. It’s the Czech Republic, and the Slovak Republic… 🙁

      • you have to ask? everything made there is everythingproof.
        be patient and wait for the caliphate clone.
        big ot reversed is to gab.

    • Pretty sure that wasn’t gas or a pistol dacian. Unless that’s what you are calling it now. Your butt hurt?

      Sex Pistols…

    • “In that territory I’m looking at a Korth probably.”
      For revolvers, Andy Horvath. KGB Customs, Derr Precision, and Business End Customs for semi’s

      Yeah, ain’t cheap. When you’re a trigger snob……sometimes, only the best will do.

  1. There are only two reasons I can see for spending that kind of money on a pistol like this:

    1) You’re going to run competition and earn some purse money to pay yourself back,

    2) You know for certain that gun will the *the* one to save your life in a DGU one day, in which case there’s no price tag to be put on it.

    Otherwise, it’s simply the gun-world version of a Ferrari. Yes, they’re cool, and yes it would be fun to drive one for a little bit, but they’re too expensive for most of us to enjoy.

  2. Low bore axis. 5 degree muzzle rise. Trigger adjustable from 2.25 to 5.5 pounds. I would love to have this in my collection.

  3. I bought one of these and spray painted it gold to match my HiPoint.
    It shutes 2and1/2 inch Groupers
    What a 555

  4. “…grossly exceeds the value of my 2012 Chrysler Town & Country tactical van…”

    Even if it has a Hemi in it? That’s what makes it “tactical”, right?

    • “Even if it has a Hemi in it? That’s what makes it “tactical”, right?”

      if it has a Hemi in it, it’s *sweet*…

      • Y. Agree with the toothless passenger: “Hemi” seems to be a way of life. Always one of those Ram trucks right on my bumper on the freeway no matter how fast I’m driving. 🙁

  5. They really need to do a polymer frame and get the price under $1,200. Under $1,000 would be better. They must be selling these faster than they can make them.

  6. $6.5k?
    I’ll take a Brno 7.5 FK Field Pistol at that price point.

    Maybe Laugo Arms can look into importing some of the 7.5 FK ammo. It seems most importers have stopped bringing the stuff into the US market.

    • As a guy who has shot and enjoyed the FK, the Alien runs circles around it with its ankles cuffed together. FK is well executed and is obviously a bit of a hand cannon, but it’s also a bit of a gimmick IMHO whereas the Alien is a thoroughbred.

      • I agree, the Alien is a better handgun for someone who does competitive shooting.

        As a shooter who doesn’t compete, I see the 7.5FK round as more practical (rifle ballistics in a handgun) vs a 9mm Para chambered handgun at that $6.5k price point.

        This is from someone who owns and regularly shoots a Pardini GT9 6″ and Bernardelli Practical VB chambered in 9mm Para.

        I would consider adding this Alien if it was around $3k.

  7. I recently spent around $2k for a Chassis Tikka t3x and nearly that much for a CZ 75 with a barrel bushing long ago so $2k seems to be my upper limit, although I might go more for some left handed classical British shotguns in excellent condition.

  8. Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed since 1993, ask my wife.
    The Czech Republic and Slovakia are the two countries now and have been.
    She gets really PO’ed if you even say Czechoslovakia.
    She’s a Slovak and and a bit unstable.
    The $7K wouldn’t tick her off as much as the fact as it says Czechoslovakia on it.

    • Alien was designed by a slovak Ján Lučanský and made by a czech Daniel Selichar. They went into the production together and thus decided to pay homage to both their nationalities. Hence made in Czechoslovakia came to be. Everyone obviously knows that Czechoslovakia doesen’t exist anymore. 😛

  9. The idea of a gas-delayed blowback action isn’t new. The Germans thought of one in WWII, and then in the 70’s/80’s, Steyr introduced their Steyr GB-80, which they entered into military pistol competitions in Austria (lost to Glock) and the US (lost to Sig and Beretta). The one big advantage of this design is that it allows the barrel to be fixed to the lower frame – no tilting, no rotating, no nothing. The barrel is locked to the frame. This, the idea goes, makes for tighter groups.

    Well, it does… but the gas delay system also limits you to certain bullet weights, certain powder burn rates, etc. It’s a good idea for what it gives you (low bore axis and more precision in your groups), but….

    Net:net: The idea has been around the block several times before and never really took off.

  10. Killin baby groupers ain’t nuthin to brag about. My saturnday nite special can schoot fish ina barrel.

    • The 7.5 FK puts rifle ballistics in a handgun.
      That should make my answer clear.

      I nearly purchased a Field Pistol last year, checked ammo availablity and passed.

      I even emailed an importer/retailer who bragged online (two years ago) they could fill orders for the 7.5FK ammo of 100k rounds AND greater.
      Their response to my email?
      “We no longer import that ammo”. 🙄

  11. Is there any updates on a price and a release date for the Alien creator.

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