SHOT Show: Kahr Arms PM9 Thin Blue Line [VIDEO]

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Kahr Arms, a name synonymous with civilian concealed carry, is also a big player in the LE world. We had a chance to take a look at the PM9 Thin Blue Line special edition pistol featuring a blue Cerakoted line around the slide and TruGlo night sights. Check it out.


  1. avatar AZgunner says:

    A “big player” in LE? I don’t know of a single department in my area that permits them as backup guns and I don’t know a single officer who Carrie’s one off duty. Granted this is just my experience and may be different elsewhere.

    1. avatar AZgunner says:

      Dear god, bring back the edit feature.

      1. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

        Probably his spell check. Mine does it to me all the time. Try to watch out for it, butt sometimes one slips bye me.

        1. avatar Whoopie says:


        2. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

          Whoopie, that was intentional. By the way you missed “bye.”

  2. avatar FB says:

    I carry the pm40 as a backup.

    1. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

      Never carried a Kahr as a backup. Did carry one as an off duty weapon on a number of occasions.

  3. avatar Joatmon says:

    I can see it being used but a lot of my LE friends carry some type of Glock sub compact as a back up because they carry a full size Glock as a duty weapon.

  4. avatar Enuf says:

    So I watched the video. Kahr will give a free pistol to family of a cop killed in the line of duty, with the cop’s name and badge engraved on the top of the slide. Plus a blue line down the side of the slide. Because nobody is standing up for cops these days.

    That’s a lot of bull. Plenty of people stand up for cops these days and they do it without a publicity gimmick to sell more product.

    If Kahr wants to show support for cops, take all the cash money they spend to make a custom gun each time a cop dies in the line of duty and donate that amount to the family. Round up to some number that makes some sense, that feels helpful.

    Giving the family a custom commemorative pistol just gives them something to deal with. Who in the family will receive it? What gun shop will they have to go to? What asinine state or local laws will they have to contend with?

    Surviving family of in the line of duty deaths need help, not more crap to deal with.

    1. avatar Bobski says:

      Yeah, in my experience there’s a huge decrease in the value of ceremonial or symbolic presents when your life gets torn apart and you’re trying to put the pieces back together. This seems like either a PR move at worst and tone deaf at best. Just pay for the kids to go to a summer camp so they can have a sense of normalcy for a bit.

  5. avatar Salty Bear says:

    So if a cop is killed while trying to confiscate someone’s guns, Kahr will give their family a free gun. Go to hell, Kahr.

    Gun owners who support cops: Stockholm Syndrome on display.

    1. avatar cgray says:

      But I swear, my Golden Retriever had it comin’!!!!

      1. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

        Cgray, I had to shoot a dog once. A pit bull named Jihad. He had mauled three people. I was there to look into it. The owner siced him on me. Would have rather shot the owner. For the record, I like pits. Owned them since I got out of the army in ’83.

        1. avatar cgray says:

          American cops shoot 10,000 dogs a year. American mail carriers shoot zero. Even though they experience far more dangerous encounters with dogs.

          Call me a cricket again, motherfucker.

        2. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

          Mail carriers don’t carry pistols. Reggie wouldn’t stop if Red was outside. Even though Red wouldn’t bite a fried pork chop. I didn’t call you a cricket. The cricket was a reference was to the silence, lack of response. Your response only confirmed you’re an idiot.

        3. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

          Sorry for the misunderstanding. I don’t think you’re a cricket. I think you’re an asswipe.

        4. avatar Dipstick says:

          To all those accusing others of intercourse with mothers, it would be a solid preventative step if one would simply keep their mothers off the street.

        5. avatar cgray says:

          There’s that cop ego. “Kiss my ass, civilian!!! I’m wearing a government issued costume ‘n such!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!

          Every time I hear about one of you POWER TRIPPING MOTHERFUCKERS getting clipped, it brings a smile to my face.

          Go chirp in the “closed to the public” comment section on

    2. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

      I think your aluminum foil hat is a couple of sizes too small.

      1. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

        That was for salty.

        1. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

          Salty and cgray, the crickets chirp.

      2. avatar Salty Bear says:

        Sorry, I don’t compulsively check TTAG, and I’ve never been able to get the “Notify me of follow-up comments” thing to work.

        Tin foil hat? Really? If cops don’t confiscate guns, then why do we care about gun laws? Why do we fill out 4473s and pay the ATF for tax stamps? Why don’t we all make unregistered, suppressed, full-auto SBRs in our garages then?

        BECAUSE COPS KILL PEOPLE who do those things.

        1. avatar Trampled Under Foot says:

          Salty, when I got out of the army in ’83 my dad worked in communications at FHP. At the time Florida had no CCW, but it was legal to carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle. Dad gave me a copy of the memo outlining the conditions of legal carry. I’ll paraphrase the conclusion, it’s been a while, “If there is any doubt as to the legality of the possession of the weapon by the citizen, the doubt will be resolved in favor of the citizen.” I kept that memo in my glove box with my series ’70 Government Model for a little while. When I got into the business later I never seized a firearm that wasn’t attached to a felony. Armed robbery, felony drug possession, homicide. You know, the kind of guys that are the reason you carry a firearm. Let me shout this, MOST COPS DON’T HAVE A DAMN THING AGAINST ARMED CITIZENS! IN FACT WE ENCOURAGE IT! WE COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER! Salty, you really should just sit down. You embarrass yourself.

  6. avatar Hannibal says:

    Don’t know of any department that issues them (anecdotal, yes). They’re fine guns, though, so maybe they’re making a play for it…

  7. avatar Jean-Claude says:

    Kahr isn’t a player in the LE market at all. They don’t make a duty sized handgun, and and departments don’t issue them since NYPD issued K9s to detectives and chopper pilots back in the day.

    Kahr makes good products. I own a bunch of them, and carry one every day. But they need to innovate or they’re going to die.

    The target for every pistol maker is going to be the subcompact 10 round pistol. SIG was the only game in town(not counting Kel Tec and SCCY, dubious quality) with the P365 but Glock is going to do well with the G43X. States are passing magazine limits or are going to, and a 10 round pistol realistically needs to be very small to compete in that market. Who’s going to buy a G19 if all it can have is a 10 round magazine?

    Kahr was an innovative handgun company at one time. The K9 was smaller and thinner than anything else on the market at the time, and the P9 beat the G43 to market by 16 years. The PM9/CM9 are still the smallest 9mms on the market. The P380/CW380 was the smallest 380 with good sights, a good triggers, and last round slide lock until the LCP2 showed up. But Kahr did it way earlier.

    So where’s the innovation? Did Justin Moon have only one good design in him?

    I have to admit, their whole “Rod of Iron Ministries” thing worries me. There’s a definite cult vibe emanating from them. Like they’re going to draw the wrong kind of attention.

    And why do they have the guy from Florida Gun Supply working for them? That’s the guy who refused to sell guns to Muslims and made us all look bad.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      What’s wrong with refusing to sell guns to Muslims?

      Or is he refusing to sell to Arabic Semitics and assuming they’re Muslim?

      1. avatar Jean-Claude says:

        He declared his gun store a “Muslim-free zone” or something like that. He likes to get in the media alot.

  8. avatar Hoyden says:

    Does it projectile vomit rounds from mag?

  9. avatar Daniel says:

    Not sure about the blue line pistol….but Kahr has been making some of the finest sub micro compacts in the market for years.
    A CM9 with tijicon night sights and a drop in Wolff spring are hard to beat for a hot summer ccw or backup.

  10. avatar Thomas says:

    Boy I felt like I was listening to a time share salesman giving his pitch. Disappointing blabbery.

  11. avatar possum says:

    If my loved one was a cop, and had his/her head chopped off by an axe, I don’t think I’d want someone giving me an axe

  12. avatar sound awake says:

    can we focus for minute on why is he pointing the thing at his own vitals

  13. avatar PWinKY says:

    Love my pm9. It is just about the smallest 9mm on the market. I’m not interested in G43, etc. as those are a lot bigger and it’s easy to tell once you handle these guns. I wish it had come with night sights like this one does; I’ll get them added on there eventually.

    Only thing I like remotely as well is the new Sig 365.

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