SHOT Show: FN’s Military Goodies, Kalashnikov USA 9mm AK’s, and Thunder Beast Suppressors

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While I wandered endless expanse of SHOT Show, I found myself at the FN booth. The company is large and has a huge number of products that are in service with every branch of the military.

The neat thing about the FN guns is that they make a number ‘civilian’ semiauto versions of their fully automatic military brethren. The M249 is one of these, and it was very cool to see this available, even at a high cost.

FN had their SCAR MK 20 SSR on display. This is a semiautomatic marksman’s rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm.

Also present at FN’s booth was a helicopter display with mounted guns. I didn’t take the time to hop in for a ride, but who knows, I may find myself back at there to play at being door gunner.

I happened past the Kalashnikov USA booth later. Kalashnikov USA is based in Florida and makes a selection of AK-based rifles and shotguns.

I was told the long-anticipated KR-9 chambered in 9mm is now shipping. This is an AK-like rifle that has a folding stock and is available as a standard-length rifle and an SBR.

In addition to the KR-9, Kalashnikov USA also makes a semiautomatic shotgun called the KS-12. It is a 12 gauge that feeds from detachable magazines and is available in several configurations.

I stopped by Thunder Beast Arms Corporation’s booth and took a look at some of their new suppressors and other gear. They released a new bipod is called the TBAC Bipod and will likely be a hit with both bullet golfers and hunters alike.

The company also released their new 338 Ultra SR suppressor. I can tell you that it is both light and rock-solid. From the company’s website:

“We are pleased to announce the new 338 ULTRA SR suppressor. This is the first suppressor to feature our “SR” mount. The SR mount is our “QD” style mount that maintains the absolute accuracy and repeatability standards we are known for while offering more rapid mounting and removal and featuring a Secondary Retention (“SR”) or “Locking” collar. This mount meets the mil spec represented in the 2017 Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) solicitation, and the 338 ULTRA SR is the suppressor that Accuracy International North America chose for their ASR rifle system submission.”

Keep checking back on TTAG for the most up-to-date SHOT Show coverage.

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  1. avatar Mark says:

    Kalashnikov USA should have a new motto: “We make all sorts of AK pattern shotguns and stupid pistol caliber carbines, but we don’t make actual AK47 rifles so there! If you want a REAL AK47 rifle, please stop by the Arsenal booth.”

    1. avatar Max says:

      No kidding, I was seriously interested in an Alfa when they were supposed to come out…three years ago?

      Not anymore. No time to waste on vaporware. Will almost certainly buy an Arsenal and call it a day, even though the Palmetto State AKs are intriguing.

      1. avatar Mark says:

        Get an Arsenal or Molot. You will not be disappointed!

    2. avatar Bloving says:

      Was that Kalashnikov USA logo supposed to remind me of Whataburger? Or am I just feeling hungry?

      1. avatar Dan Zimmerman says:

        I LOL’d.

      2. avatar tmm says:


  2. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

    “Also present at FN’s booth was a helicopter display with mounted guns. I didn’t take the time to hop in for a ride, but who knows, I may find myself back at there to play at being door gunner.”

    Wasn’t ‘door gunner’ the job with the shortest life expectancy in Vietnam?

    1. avatar Bloving says:

      “If they run, they’re a Leftist. If they don’t run, they’re a Well-trained Leftist.”

    2. avatar SouthernPhantom says:

      Nah, that was probably Loach pilots/observers.

  3. avatar WhiteDevil says:

    You guys need to do a proof reading before you publish an article. This has become fucking unprofessional and ridiculous.

    1. avatar WhiteDevil says:

      Where is the edit button, as well? I used to consider TTAG something of an authority on all things firearms, but now I’m just amazed at the low quality that has become the norm.

  4. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    The semiautomatic M249 is fun once, but the weight and belts make it more of a burden than a quality AR. It was great to shoot it at TFF, but unless I come across one in full auto I’ll pass.

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