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After a long morning on the range in freezing temperatures and about six straight hours of blogging, we are completely exhausted. I’m having a tough time lifting my fingers to make the words come out. Robert has thawed out, but his brain no workee so well. But even as much as we’re hurting right now, there are four days of SHOT Show left, each one requiring the stamina and energy to walk miles around the Sands Convention Center floor and blog for a good 12 hours straight. But we do it because we’re the best, and if you have any doubt, keep watching for the next week. We’ll be here, live from Las Vegas. Now, time for a cigar and some brandy . . .

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  1. Who was taking the photo, the stripper? It’s Vegas, don’t work to hard. RF already overdid it today. It’s not like we’ll judge you too harshly if you wind up with a new tat.

  2. What the heck? I knew there was something wrong with Nick. It doesn’t appear as if that boy’s using a Mac. What next? He doesn’t appreciate hot Israeli girls?

  3. Round 2: Piers Morgan invites Ben Shapiro for ‘balanced debate’ on guns in America

    Come on our #GunsInAmerica townhall tomorrow night @benshapiro – I want a balanced debate. #CNN

    @benshapiro great, see you tomorrow night. live at 9pm from NY studio

  4. My gf and I were just there ’til the 4th. Things I recommend you folks try:
    Carnegie Deli Corned Beef Sandwich (though your colon may hate you after)
    Carnegie Deli Truffle Cheesecake (though your suite-mates may envy you if they miss out)
    Both are at the Carnegie Deli @ The Mirage. Yeah, imagine that. You easterners may already get your fill of such stuff, but as I live here in Washington state, I don’t.
    La Creperie in Paris. Nutella crepes, mmmm!
    If you need more shooting, look into Battlefield Vegas, on Industrial Road. The owner’s cool and the staff don’t treat you like idiots. +1 in my book!
    Have fun, and be well.

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