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Zoey Ripple was tested for alcohol after she stumbled into the house of  Timothy Justice and Doreen Orion, risking some serious lead poisoning (Mr. Justice shot Ripple in the hip). Ripple’s blood-alcohol level indicated that the comely CU grad was three times over the legal limit— more than enough to induce a booze blackout. So why pin her perambulation on a date rape drug? ‘Cause personal accountability is so 2000 and late. “Ripple says she has not had a drop of alcohol since that night and plans to go to Peru after her probation ends early next year,” reports. “She wants to help start a woman’s professional development and leadership program. But the bullet still lodged in her back serves as a constant reminder of that night. ‘I need to continue to remind myself that this doesn’t define me. I know who I am.'” You’re the woman who almost ruined the lives of two terrified homeowners.

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  1. The legal limit in CO is .05 so she was .20 which sounds almost moderate for a 21 yo recent college grad and too low to result in that sort of blind stupor and blackout. Maybe she was drugged; why is that so hard to imagine?

    Either way, stumbling into a stranger’s house wouldn’t make most college students’ top ten list of “stupid things done while drunk.” I don’t see why you make her out to be some kind of drunken tramp.

    • So she was three times the legal Colorado limit, which is twice the legal limit almost everywhere else. Sounds sh!tfaced to me. Tramp? You’ll have to point out to me who “made her out to be a tramp.”

      • If .020 sounds sh!tfaced, chicks must dig that you’re a cheap date, or at least you haven’t been around college kids lately.

        Sure, .020 is a bit stumbly-drunk for all save real alkys, but you aren’t going to forget where you are or anything. You may end up doing something you regret once you sober up, like that Christina Hendricks chub-a-like who has been desperately eying you all night. But that’s nowhere near blackout drunk, unless you are a 14 year old at your first HS party.

        Legal in pretty much every state used to be under .010, and to this day almost anyone who is stopped on DWI ends up north of .014, proving that .010 was a fine metric all along.

        .005? That’s just insane.

    • a 21 yo recent college grad
      If this page is hers (and truthful), and if she’s 21 years old now, then it seems she was only 20 years old in May 2012 when the events unfolded. Even here in CO, it’s generally unlawful for 20-year-olds to consume and/or be in possession of alcoholic beverages.

      stumbling into a stranger’s house wouldn’t make most college students’ top ten list of “stupid things done while drunk.”

      I confess that I’ve never been so stupid-drunk that I actually entered a stranger’s house unlawfully, made it all the way to the occupants’ bedroom despite repeated verbal warnings, and got my a$$ shot for my trouble. However, if I had, I cannot imagine that the episode wouldn’t make my Top 10 list of “stupid things done while drunk.”

      I won’t accuse you of suggesting that today’s college students are already so stupid that events like this don’t even make it above the noise floor. Though, this wouldn’t be too surprising, if it happens 12-15 times per year in Boulder County (as stated by the Boulder County District Attorney in the above-linked ABC News story).

    • Presuming is her page (and accurate), if she is now 21 then she was 20 when the incident occurred. Even in CO, it’s unlawful for a 20-year-old to consume and/or be in possession of alcoholic beverages.

      I confess that I’ve never been so stupid drunk that I staggered into a stranger’s house, made it to the occupants’ bedroom despite repeated verbal challenges, then got my a$$ shot for my trouble. However, if I’d done such, I cannot imagine that the event wouldn’t make my top ten list of “stupid things done while drunk”.

      I suppose today’s college students already have a level of stupidity where such events don’t make it above the noise floor. After all, the Boulder County D.A. says it happens 12-15 times per year.

    • I confess that I’ve never been so stupid drunk that I staggered into a stranger’s house, made it to the occupants’ bedroom despite repeated verbal challenges, then got my a$$ shot for my trouble. However, if I’d done such, I cannot imagine that the event wouldn’t make my top ten list of “stupid things done while drunk”.

      I suppose it’s possible that today’s college students already have a level of stupidity where such events don’t make it above the noise floor. After all, the Boulder County D.A. says such drunken unlawful entry happens 12-15 times per year.

      • Want to see what college students do while drunk? Check out the website textsfromlastnight. It’s texts they sent while drunk and don’t remember sending.

        • that “dont remember” stuff is a pile of horse puckey.

          That is coming from a recovering alcoholic.

          Not a “i got a DUI and was court ordered to attend AA and admit i was a alcoholic”…alcoholic on a level of: clearing shots in the morning, beer after i mow the lawn, and a jug of whiskey before bed. sometimes on the same day. Luckily I made the decision to control the problem rather than let it affect me legally or with long-term health problems.

          I have drank myself to the blackout threshold and never ended up in someones house. That is just fucking ridiculous and childish. There’s always that friend however…

      • A friend of mine was awakened by family (in the morning on their couch) after doing this over twenty years ago. The family was greatly annoyed to find him and was mortified, but the police were not involved. I’ve been telling that story for a long time and never thought of it as anything other than a funny story. Maybe it was the small town / college town thing that kept tensions low, but it never occurred to me that he might have been shot. (And no, I don’t blame the homeowner in this case.)

  2. Blonde college chick with a .20?

    Yeahup, the girl was doin’ some shots shots shot shot shot shots before the incident. The only “date rape” that happened is the rape of the wallets of the dudes who paid for her drinks.

    In summary:she’s darn glad to still be drawing breath, and we’re darn glad she’s moving to Peru.

  3. How did she get there if she wasn’t taken? A co worker of mine got drunk and drove himself home. When he got to his house he couldn’t get his key to work in the door, so he just broke the glass out of the door. He stumbled in and collapsed on the couch.

    The next thing he knows he’s surrounded by cops and being shoved into a cell. He was in the wrong house, in the wrong city and there was a family asleep upstairs when he crashed the door. The homeowner did not own a gun, I still wonder if he’s since changed that fact, so my coworker got a mild ass whipping from the cops and a raft of charges.

    It cost him thousands of dollars to get the charges dropped from felony to misdemeaners, in the job we were in a felony would have cost him his job. He went to AA and got his life on track.

    At no time did he blame a mysterious 3rd party for his fvck up. He owned it and moved on from it.

    • LOL wow! Wrong CITY!? I’m not so proud that I won’t admit having a few nights like that. I’m very glad (lucky?) I never did anything stupid.

    • How did she get there if she wasn’t taken?

      CU-Boulder grad. Probably lives in Boulder. Probably drinking in Boulder. Entered a house in Boulder.

      The city isn’t all that large. In Boulder, you can live, go to CU, get smashed, and commit first-degree criminal trespass in a residence all within a 10-minute walk. Very eco-friendly.

    • I would have made her blueberry pancakes and coffee in the morning and given her a ride home and asked her to repeat the next evening.

  4. So someone named “Ripple” gets a snootful, and winds up shot by someone named “Justice”.
    The characters (or allegorical types) in this drama have been named in the tradition of “Scrotum — the wrinkled, old, family retainer”.

  5. Zoey Ripple… That has to be an alias.

    So, Ripple took a bullet in the Hipple. Bet she’s glad it didn’t hit her (other rhyming body part)….

  6. stupid is as stupid does.

    shes lucky she didn’t get killed. talk about dying being stupid.

    Here’s a quote that Ripple should study over and over again while in Peru, “life is tough, but its tougher if you’re stupid” -Sergeant Stryker (John Wayne)-

  7. Hello, I’m from Poland and I’ve just read about this thing on one of the polish portals. The thing seems to be very interesting to me, because in my country the guy who shot her would be in trouble with law, not her. She also seems to be a nice girl so I hope the judge won’t hurt her 🙂

  8. I’ll bet most of you guys spent a bit of your late teens and early 20s trying to get girls, not 1/4 that pretty, drunk. I did.

  9. I have a low level of tolerance for people who do random shooting. No matter on what territory, or what is the legality of the weapon. We live in a civilization, that requires us to get together with other people well, not to shoot them. Notice, that the events would unfold exactly the same if a person with a dementia or alzheimers entered the wrong house. A person who owns a gun and plans to use it should be prepared for such scenarios beforehand. We live in a civilization so we are obliged to plan ahead. Step one would be to lock your doors, thus making recognition between a break-in and a mistake easier.

    It’s obvious that there was no self defence involved, so the guy should be charged with shooting and wounding another person. The excuse that they “felt” threatened is not valid as they neither did the necessary precaution, nor necessary identification. Eg. if a military man was shooting randomly without first identifying what the target is (friend/foe/civilian/animal/noise) he would face court marshall. Besides if they thought these were criminals they wouldn’t shout at them, but behave stealthly. Perhaps they thought it was their former patient and wanted to get rid of her for good?

    You also have to think about the courts side of things. Suppose that the guy shot the girl fatally, that she had some rape drug in her blood. Police would then uncover a dead body of a young, non-criminal women in his house, with a rape drug in her blood and shot by his gun. Do you really think behavior of this people was smart, appropriate? If not then it’s clear that a stupid behavior with guns should not be tolerated, but rather severly punished.

  10. Maybe she should stick around and get her concealed carry permit when she turns 21.

    What happened to the homeowner, I forget? Let me guess – nothing.

    I just checked. He’s the guy who doesn’t lock his front door and then shoots prematurely and unnecessarily. Then after all the facts are in, and it’s clear there was no real threat, is not charged.

    • You are familiar with the details of this story, yes? Here’s The Daily Mail’s version (corroborated by other accounts and the plea deal):

      Zoey Ripple, a University of Colorado graduate, was shot in the hip by homeowners Timothy Justice and Doreen Orion after entering the room they were sleeping in at around 3.30am.

      The bedroom was dark and the couple shouted out to warn their unknown intruder that they had a gun.
      But Ripple continued walking through the room so Justice pulled the trigger.

      A homeowner is under no legal obligation to lock his doors. Failing to do so is not considered an invitation to trespass. At least not here in the U.S.

      • If they thought it’s a dangerous attacker they wouldn’t shout at such person, but behave stealthly. Shouting at a real gang member would cause him shooting at you – with a much better weapons that you have.

        In general we humans have the ability to make precautious plans and procedures for the future. If a person has a gun it can be preassumed that he didn’t assume it won’t be used (unless it’s a collector). In such case it is valid to require such person to prepare for such time, by either creating or learning valid procedures. That are not based on feelings (feeling threatened etc.), but on checking real status of what’s happening – some form of identification of what suspected object is etc., and on using response appropriate to the real status of what’s happening (which btw. includes guns if you are surrounded by attacking mob or so, but not when an unarmed petite girl walks towards you). A gun owner should also be required to act more cautiously than a person without a gun, to prevent situations that may lead to killing other people. Eg. lock their doors!

        Behavior of random shooting in the dark shouldn’t be tolerated. It is a violation of basic human right – right to live. I think current US laws that permit people to kill other people violate it. I specifically gave example of people with Alzheimers or dementia, that can walk randomly without knowing what’s happening. Such people are a part of our reality – min. 15% of us is going to have it. According to US laws a randomly walking dementia patient is a target for shooting and killing by gun owners if he walks into their territory, which clearly violates a right to live. A similar situation is when someone is beaten up and thrown into someones property, gets up not fully conscious – according to the US laws he can be killed by the property owner. Let’s face it, there are people who like to shoot and kill other people, and if they are given the right to do this legally, then such killings are going to happen. So a proper evaluation of situation is a necessity.

        Right now there’s not even a self-defence excuse. We have enough non-lethal technologies (tasers, gas pistols) that shooting with a gun should be relegated to cases of real self-defence, when goals of another actors are clearly recognized as violent attack.


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