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SHOT 2012 – That’s It, Show’s Over

That’s it. SHOT 2012 is over. Even as I write the final stragglers are being ushered out of the convention center and the doors are being shuttered. They’re trying to kick us out of the press room, but we’re publishing a few last posts out before the press room Stasi come and collect us. We were the first ones to publish on Monday, the first in the convention center on Tuesday and the last ones to leave every day this week. We’ve covered this show more completely than any other media organization, publishing 143 individual articles about new products and related information. We’ve been rewarded with the four busiest days this website has ever seen (over 100k page views). It’s been a pleasure to cover the show for you guys. Thank you for your continued support. From the press room in the Venetian hotel at SHOT 2012, this is Nick Leghorn [not shown] signing off.


  1. avatar Chuck says:

    Thanks for the hard work! I enjoyed your coverage, the best effort by far.

  2. avatar Rabbi says:

    Awesome job!!!! Mozeltov to the four of you

  3. avatar ak74fan says:

    thank you for the great show coverage. now get some rest.

  4. avatar Adam D says:

    Here Here guys! Thank you for your hard work. It was very nice to have such great coverage of the SHOT show to read! Also, I’m sure all of your feet must be killing you.

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      I bought new Columbia Sportswear hikers on Saturday, and my feet are the only part of me that doesn’t ache. Always wear merino wool! It almost never blisters!

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    It was the best coverage of any event by anyone anytime anywhere. Fantastic!

  6. avatar Dave J says:

    Thanks for the very detailed coverage Nick. That offer for a beer still stands in the watering hole of your choice anywhere between Reston and Winchester.

  7. avatar virtualjohn says:

    Thank you so much, Guys! It has been most enjoyable to experience SHOT Show through your eyes. I am looking forward to your testing and review of some of the items displayed this week. I think I would already give my left one for that Wild West BLR combo. By the way, I unsubscribed from GunsAmerica, I perused my wishlist everyday, and told Paul Helinski what I thought of his arrogance.

  8. avatar Bob says:


    You all worked hard and produced a great product. Good Job!

  9. avatar xpo172 says:

    I enjoyed your coverage. Thanks for your hard work. Have a safe trip home.

  10. avatar John says:

    Your coverage of the show was fantastic. I found it informative, insightful, and humerous. I really appreciated it and learned a lot about upcoming products. Thank you.

  11. avatar Ulfhednar says:

    Thanks for all your work, great coverage.

  12. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    You guys did a great job covering the Shot Show, and I’m going to miss all the great articles.

  13. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    Great job folks….lot of hard work, but you guys just took one heck of a shortcut to the top of the pile!

    Good thing is that this coverage will really get the attention of the industry – and their willingness to give you ad space. It should.

  14. avatar JWhite says:

    Just wanted to say, awesome coverage by every one from TTAG and staff. Lots of props go out to the crew. Much appreciated. I feel like you guys covered more than most, and I’m happy to be a fan and follower. Keep up the good work, and you guys did a great job! Happy new years and hope to hear from you soon! Keep it up!

  15. avatar ralphrotten says:

    I’m gonna have to get a second job after seeing all the cool stuff that you guys covered.


  16. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    Maybe I missed it but I don’t think you guys mentioned the Sig P938… What’s up with that?

    1. avatar Matt Gregg says:

      Sorry about that, I didn’t refresh my RSS reader or too much booze or something.

  17. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    Wonderful coverage. Thank you very much for all the efforts.

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