Since Crimson Trace is one of the main sponsors or our little gambol, go figure that we’d do a nighttime shoot. In this case, Crimson Trace was showing off their new green lasergrips for the 1911 handgun, as well as their Lightguard that requires no rail to latch onto your gun. Needless to say, I’m blaming the laser being off line for me missing those targets under the car, but when I actually used my sights, things worked much better. Lesson learned: I need one of these on my carry gun.


  1. Pretty cool! The thing I learned about laser sights is that once you fix the laser at a specific distance, if you plus or minus the aim point 5 yards you will be off target depending on where the laser is mounted, either left to right, up or down. My laser is mounted under the barrel, so if I fix the POA at 10 yds, then go to 15 or 20 yds, I have to aim the laser lower, respectively. The left/right alignment will drift, too, a bit if it is not perfect to begin with. It seems to me the iron sights are more forgiving on this up to a point, but that may be just my perception. The laser is the thing for night shooting (like in your dark house when the BG’s break in). Red lasers are useless in daylight, and green lasers are better, but not as good as advertised. However, YMMV depending on your visual acuity. Mine is not as good as it used to be…just another bummer of being an OFWG.

  2. CT needs to make their lasers powerful enough so that they can penetrate directly through cars and get to the BG on the other side. When lasers can accomplish such a SD shootings or is it a firing(?) things will be much quieter and residents won’t be woken up late at night.

  3. I was glad to see that you are shooting with guys good enough to have NOT shot out the tires of that car. Yeah, I’ve been in those kinds of situations, that’s when you pack up your stuff and leave the area.


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