Shootin’ Iron

Living at home is a bitch. Especially if you’re a 29-year-old misogynist living in a rural-ish suburb west of Atlanta. Apparently, whilst taking a break from contemplating exactly why he might be single, Robert Edward Tyrrell Jr. took issue with his mother regarding the laundry. Specifically, his laundry. The Atlanta Journal Constitution story left it to Sergeant Marc Griffith of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office to fill in the details . . .

He wanted her to do some ironing, and when she said ‘no,’ they got into an argument,” Griffith said. “He told her ‘ironing is woman’s work.’

Moses may have shattered the tablets containing all Ten Commandments, but Tyrell took a special (dis)liking to Number Five, kicking things up a notch by whipping out his roscoe and holding his mom hostage for the next six hours.

Moms are clever, though, and despite his possibly-homicidal and probably-Oedipal behavior, the 51-year-old finally escaped and drove herself straight to the police, who promptly arrested the wayward lad, charging him with aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

Here at TTAG, we just can’t say it enough: If you have a kid in the house, keep your guns locked up. Even if your kid is 29. Especially if your kid is 29.

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