Shooter With ‘Sniper-Type Setup’ Found Dead After Wounding 4 in Northwest Washington, DC [VIDEO]

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At least four people, including a 12-year-old girl, were shot when a gunman unleashed a flurry of bullets in the nation’s capital Friday, leading to lockdowns at several schools and leaving a community on edge before the suspect was found dead hours later.

The suspected gunman was found dead Friday night inside an apartment at the scene as Metropolitan Police Department officers conducted door-to-door searches of buildings in the area.

Hours earlier, police believe the man had erected a “sniper-type setup” with a tripod and rifle in his apartment and began firing indiscriminately at people walking below, Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said. The shooting was recorded and posted online on 4chan, an online message board.

The four victims — a 54-year-old man who is a retired police officer, a woman in her 30s, a woman in her mid-60s who was grazed by a bullet, and a 12-year-old girl who was shot in the arm — were all expected to recover, police said. For hours, authorities had warned worried residents to stay inside their homes while they conducted a massive manhunt for the shooter.

Police did not release the suspect’s name, pending notification to his family, but earlier had said they were seeking a 23-year-old Virginia man as a person of interest in the shooting. The man had been “linked to social media postings” that emerged as part of the investigation, Assistant Police Chief Stuart Emerman said.

The gunfire erupted shortly before 3:30 p.m. near the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness St. in the Van Ness neighborhood of Washington, just as parents were picking up their children from the Edmund Burke School, a private college preparatory school.

The echoing bursts of rapid gunfire rocked the normally quiet neighborhood that’s home to several schools and colleges and dozens of embassies. It sent frantic parents running from the scene and put Burke and other nearby schools on immediate lockdown.

Bibi Stewart of Anne Arundel, Maryland, was approaching the line to pick up her 12-year-old twins when she heard the gunfire ring out. She said it sounded like the shots were coming from above and at a distance.

“They did it right at dismissal,” she said.

Stewart said she saw glass shattering in a bridge connecting different wings of the school and she saw the tires of cars in the pickup line shot out.

Washington DC Capital Shooting
Police respond near the scene of a shooting Friday, April 22, 2022, in northwest Washington. Police say at least three people were injured in a shooting and city officials are warning people in the area to stay inside because of an “active threat.” Dozens of law enforcement officers responded to the scene near Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness St. in the Van Ness neighborhood of Washington.(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

“They’re just saying they’re OK” and hiding in the school with their friends and adults, she said of her children.

Police suspect some of the bullets fired from the high-powered rifle may have traveled several blocks. At least two businesses nearby reported bullet holes in their windows.

Police in tactical gear were seen escorting people — including college students from nearby campuses — out of apartment buildings in the area. Officers pointed their rifles upward toward other buildings and windows as the people moved quickly down the street with their hands raised above their heads.

“I had to look in parents’ eyes tonight who are terrified … thinking of what might happen to their children,” District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a news conference. “And we have experienced this too much in our country. The epidemic of gun violence, the easy access to weapons, has got to stop. People should not be scared taking their children to school.”

Police went door-to-door in area buildings as they searched for the shooter for several hours. As officers were approaching the fifth-floor apartment where the gunman was holed up, they believe he took his own life.

“We will get to the bottom of this. We will find what the motive is,” Contee said. “His intent was to kill and hurt members of our community.”

The gunman had posted a video of the shooting on 4chan, though police are still working to determine whether it was streamed live or recorded and then uploaded online, Contee said. The video shows people running frantically as rapid gunfire rains from above and the gunman seemingly following them through a sight as they flee for cover.

A slew of law enforcement officials and emergency crews were sent to the scene. Agents from the FBI arrived in an armored vehicle and the U.S. Secret Service said its officers were aiding police in the search and at the scene. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said its agents were also assisting in the investigation.

Separately on Friday, emergency medical crews were called to the U.S. Supreme Court around 6:30 p.m. after a man attempted to set himself on fire outside the building. The man was rushed by police helicopter to a local hospital and his condition wasn’t immediately known.

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  1. Hey Mr. Criminal

    No weapons of war allowed in DC

    UGH the nerve of this person

    C’mon man…

    Also he should of borrowed JOE’s ghosty gun that Joe had illegal brought into DC

    • Likely a wanna be member of the Muslim Philippine terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. There is a poster on the wall of Yakub. In the beliefs of the Nation of Islam, Yakub was a black scientist who lived 6,600 years ago and began the creation of the white race/whites.

  2. Sniper type setup? Well, at least they didn’t call him a sniper. A few tools doesn’t make an electrician, a carpenter, or a mechanic, and most certainly not a sniper. I don’t see an estimate of the shots fired, but 4 wounds, zero fatalities, and some flat tires that may or may not have been intentional does not indicate a sniper.

    • A ‘person of interest’ due to Social Media entries. Surely to god any ‘person of interest’ in connection with firearms should have his or her firearms confiscated as a matter of course until clearance is obtained. ‘Sniping’ meanwhile only expresses INTENT not actuality or even accuracy. the expression SNIPING originated in the attempt at shooting down SNIPE [the bird!] which were an exceedingly hard target One went ‘sniping’ to shoot birds but that did not include actually hitting them. There are, believe it or not, good and bad snipers from the shooting point of view.
      I(f the mintent was to kill in this incidence Im dont’ see why any kind of labelling or discussion of sme make the slightest elfin difference . The fact that a person of interest IS allowed, and I’d be betting he’s one of many, to accumulate a whole bloody arsenal of firearms says it all about the American gun culture.

      • An “arsenal” hooooo scary. Four rifles is an “arsenal”? Hardly even fills a large carrying case.

        Go away idiot troll.

      • All it takes for you to can the constitution and all the rights therein is for a person to be labeled ‘a person of interest’? No trial, no public investigation?

        Stalin used to sign death warrants for ‘persons of interest’ that didn’t even know they were on trial.

      • Surely to god any ‘person of interest’ to a gov’t which defines ‘interest’ in connection with firearms/fists/speech should have his or her firearms/hands/communication ability confiscated/bound/muted as a matter of course until clearance is obtained by said gov’t.

      • Prince Albert, you are a really kind of special. Are you intentionally deceptive or simply ignorant? In any case, I have two suggestions. If the first is true, simply stop lying. If the second is true, educate yourself. Without preconceived prejudice. I know the second will much more difficult for you as it will up end your world, but try.

  3. Sniper type set-up!? Yeah, just like he saw it on the video game!! Got some phuked up people in this world now, eh?

  4. If that junk is considered a “sniper set up” I have to wonder what my basic shooting rifles would be called, even with out the old SSG 69 and a couple more modern precision platforms?

    People used to cringe at the sight of an AR years ago. Maybe the loft needs to start looking into things like a basic Ruger precision rifle. New scare toy… ‘specially with that big scope.

    • I don’t know, 3 AR15s, all equipped with telescopic sights, firing on unsuspecting civilians during peace time for an apartment building window sure seems snipy to me.

      There is a 100 round drum, three 60 round double width magazines, three 50 round standard and two 30 round (one is clear and still full).

      Just another proud patriotic good guy with a gun, exercising his second amendment rights in our nations capital.

      I guess he was listening when all the folks on this list said “gun free zones are unconstitutional!” and “no one needs a ‘mother may I’ permit to own firearms!”.

        • I very much doubt that this mad bugger had any real political motive in mind though he may well have, if questioned, thought he did as some kind of justification have . He just wanted to KILL PEOPLE like so many American Gun Nuts. Why is it that so many Americans ALWAYS reduce any discussion about pretty much anything to some kind of political [or what they believe is political] dimension? When the truth is that a good proportion of the Great American Public are so obviously completely off their heads and into some kind of Dream World.
          WE are faced by a potential World War in Ukraine because the vast majority of Russians inhabit the same bloody place in that they see ENEMIES everywhere where those ‘enemies ‘ do not actually exist!

        • LIberal Commie Aass? [I presume you mean Liberal Communist Arse]. If you actually knew anything at all about politics you would know that COMMUNISM has anything, but anything LIBERAL about it. It would also, mean that you would know that the word LIBERAL, in the political sense means giving room for alternative OPINIONS. COMMUNISM like FASCISM and EXTREME RELIGIONA has absolutely no time for Democratic thought and ALWAYS to their best to s destroy DEMOCRACY.
          All these extremist systems have only one intent The absolute rule of an unelected elite and onloyn that ELITE have the nner knowledge that suppose that they know what is good for the rest. Br waqry of what you wish for! Throughout history those that put those Ruling Elites into power are the first victims.,
          It is truly stated that Revolution first consumes it’s own children. Fromm Oliver Cromwell the the French Terror, to Lenin to Stalin to Hitler and now VLADIMIR PUTIN they all rid themselve4s of anybody who may present a threat.
          The Great Hero of the American Conservative vote DONALD TRUMP was busy creating his very own DYNASTY [I mean who else would put his ignorant DAUGHTER in charge of international financial negotiatiions??] and was in the process of getting rid of those government supporters that were becoming dissolutioned by his type of governance. The very, very last thing the,leaders of such revolutions do is give any kind of power to the people and that includes those RICH POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL FREEMASIONS who signed the Amewrican Constitution THey completely ignored non-land ownersd, women 90% of the working classes, Afro-Americans/slaves, indentured workers of any colour and Native Americans.
          You might be surprised ‘IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING at all ABOUT YOUR OWN AMERICAN HISTORY at just how many ‘counter revolutions’ took place in protest at the implementation of the Constitution and how many such protests went across the ethnic divide with all races and sexes standing together in protest just how cruelly they were put down by PAID NON-GOVERNMENTAL MERCENARY MILITIA.

        • “block your liberal commie ass“

          How… ‘Patriotic’ of you, your advocacy for the abolishment of the right to free speech meets with Putin’s approval.

      • If he wanted to kill, he could have done better with a five round bolt action. The multiple ARs, 60 round magazines, and 100 round drum were completely useless unless his goal was to play into Democrat politics.

        • Even better if the optics were zeroed properly and the person actually knew how to shoot.

        • He was just following the lead of the firearms manufacturers lobby, which hammers the very profitable message that everyone needs high-capacity magazines to protect themselves from the hordes of ‘terrorist immigrants’ and gang members. This very forum hosts many articles advocating for high-capacity magazines for ‘defense’ of hearth and home.

          Really, you should be glad when your propaganda results in such obvious success, clearly this gentleman was a very good customer of the firearms industry, who spent thousands of dollars purchasing their products.

          And I’m sure they appreciate his business.

        • You think this guy thought he was protecting himself from hordes of terrorist immigrants and gang members? You think he was defending hearth and home? I don’t see where you got that, but everyone has an opinion. Here’s my opinion: you’re crafting your own reality in order to fit the propagandist narrative that’s been drilled into your head.

      • You left out the Nation of Islam Yakub poster on the wall. You know Yakub, right? The black scientist who 6,000 years ago created the evil race of white people (and all of the brown people) from the black master race on the Greek island of Palmos. I’m sure that didn’t have anything to do with this. Just an interesting coincidence.

        • Even after several years any mention of this sorta stuff is something I automatically hear in Mister Metokur’s voice.

          We Wuz Kaaaaaaaaaaangs!

        • If true this will disappear faster than the department of Homeland security follower of that cult that got caught doing who’s organizations activities on the clock on federal computers a few years ago.

        • Why take the time to draw a conclusion based on the facts when the answer to everything is The Message? It’s easier that way. No thinking required.

      • All I gathered from your comment, miner, is that you, like all good fascists, consider every citizen a ‘bad guy’. There are no good guys, just bad guys waiting for their moment to murder, rape and plunder.

        • Hrm…

          People are just evil in waiting… Government is made up of people…

          So, all government employees are basically Hitler in waiting… but we should trust them?

        • Not everybody, but we have many different ways we can determine who is or is not capable of handling the awesome responsibility of owning and carrying firearms in public spaces, and we should avail ourselves of these methods in order to protect ourselves, our families and our fellow citizens.

        • So, miner. Putting poll taxes on human and civil rights?

          Again, very fascist of you. Machine gun the whole village because of the actions of 1.

      • More like one of Biden’s illegals that sneaked acrossed/walked across our open southern border at some point in time(past or present) This is what happens when unvetted illegals are allowed into our country. Who wants to bet he voted for Biden?
        NewsFlash….it’s going to get a helluva lot worse too.

      • Having a large gas tank does not make your car a race car. And no amount of accurizing will make a 5.56 anything more than a DMR. As to your inane comments regarding second amendment and gun free zones: it’s DC for crying out loud. Your gun-free utopia, isn’t.

      • All those anti-gun laws did nothing.
        Banning something because someone missed used it is not a justified reason.
        Otherwise we can ban cars because of drunk drivers and the internet

        • reminds me of the guy that put camouflage paint on his truck, parked it in the woods…then couldn’t find it!…

      • Minor, the junk, and the rifles you listed above in no way or manner represent the tools of a sniper. Not sure where you get your info…

        1 AR or 20- everyone I know has at least one AR. And 100 round drum? You seem to have zero experience at shooting anything.

      • Miner, I get it. Those AR rifles always send me scurrying to a closet. I’m just glad my son didn’t teach this guy to shoot a rifle. It could have been much worse.. Of course, if a round passed through John’s window I doubt he would have evacuated. He would have probably shot back with his 8mm FN-49. Unless the suspects cover was solid masonry, it would not have been cover.

  5. No solid details given but as usual the media has managed to pollute the air with the stench of Gun Control.

  6. Well he doesn’t fit the story of the evil white male clinging to his guns and bible. Watch how quickly this story disappears. Crazy azzholes come in all shapes, colors and sizes. At least the little plick removed himself from the gene pool.

    • Usually with the media, if the perp is Caucasian or Asian, then it will be reported. If not, then they are black or brown.

      • Increasingly the woke term for Asians are “White-adjacent” which the Left now says gives them the permission to discriminate against Asians in college admissions.

        I’m pretty sure Leftist universities (BIRM) base their admissions on a color strip chart that ranges from Sub-Saharan black at the top down to the undesirable Nordic white at the bottom. The Left is just re-using and flipping around the Democrat Jim Crow strip chart from the 1950’s universities.

        • One reason is because usually if there’s an Asian in class nobody else stands a chance of making the highest grade.

          Yes I agree the left has flipped the discriminative script on Nordic whites and go a large extent it’s other Nordic whites doing a large amount of the flipping.

  7. “Multiple firearms and a large quantity of ammo were recovered inside the fifth floor apartment…”

    “…a large quantity of ammo…” – Anything more than one box of ammo.

    What a P.O.S. Glad he suicided. He was firing like the way the jihad assholes fire, believing Allah will guide their bullets.

    Anyways – Saw an interesting video last night, where it appears the BATF is admitting magazine-fed semi-auto firearms cannot be constitutionally banned, and that the upcoming ‘NY Pistol’ SCotUS decision will be written by either Justice Amy Coney-Barret, or, wait for it – Justice Clarence Thomas.

    Yeah. 🙂

    • I find it hard to believe that Roberts won’t vote in favor as he is senior justice and then can write the decision and water it down.

      But I do very much hope your information is correct.

      • He may not have had a choice, if most of the other five “conservative” justices decided they would sign on to an opinion authored by Barret or Thomas he would not be able to author the majority opinion and would have to author a concurring opinion and look weak, that or side with the libs and look like a fool.

  8. “Police did not release the suspect’s name, pending notification to his family, but earlier had said they were seeking a 23-year-old Virginia man as a person of interest in the shooting. The man had been ‘linked to social media postings’ that emerged as part of the investigation, Assistant Police Chief Stuart Emerman said.”

    Right below that paragraph the police did release the name in the twitter post below that paragraph with…

    “MPD is seeking the below person of interest in connection to the shooting in the 2900 block of Van Ness Street, NW. This individual is 23 year-old Raymond Spencer of Fairfax, Virginia. 🚨

    — DC Police Department (@DCPoliceDept) April 22, 2022”

    The suspects name is ‘Raymond Spencer’ – how much you wanna bet.

    • I watched the video that the shooter posted according to the article….

      Something is wrong about this, all of it, crime scene as well. Reminds me of the Las Vegas incident.

  9. So the lone gunmen (aka agent) could shoot well enough to deflate car tires several blocks away but when he shot people he just managed to wound them? The term agent provocateur comes to mind. I wonder when they will release his class photo from when he graduated from the FBI Academy. I wonder when these agents are going to wise up and realize that once they complete their assigned mission they’re never going to get away and their handlers will kill them.

    • Sounds like a put up job for sure. The shooting was bad and they seemed to know who he was very quickly. Stinks.

    • Probably the same son-of-a-bitch that shot Kennedy in ‘63. Goddamn black, commie, 9-11 Islam – moose lip, FBI – shadow government, A-holes.

    • Officer Bill,

      The term agent provocateur comes to mind.

      I was thinking roughly along the same lines. The facts as reported do not pass the proverbial smell test.

      Are we to accept the official explanation that some guy decided to just start shooting randomly and wildly out his window and then killed himself well before police arrived? And no one in his apartment building heard him shoot himself? And why did he shoot himself?

      What is really bothersome to me is the apparently long amount of time that elapsed between the suspect’s decision to start shooting, the suspect’s alleged decision to kill himself, and the amount of time it took police to finally determine his location and breach (only to find the suspect already dead). That was plenty of time for some serious shenanigans to occur. Conclusion: this could easily be a false-flag operation.

      • “Are we to accept the official explanation”

        Did we ever get an official explanation for Paddock?

      • “Are we to accept the official explanation that some guy decided to just start shooting randomly and wildly out his window… “

        Wow, they were doing these false flag operation even back in 1949, who knew?

        “Howard Barton Unruh (January 21, 1921 – October 19, 2009) was an American mass murderer[note 1] who shot and killed thirteen people during a twelve-minute walk through his neighborhood in Camden, New Jersey, United States, on September 6, 1949, when he was 28 years old.[6] The incident became known as the “Walk of Death”. Unruh was found to be criminally insane, and died in 2009 after a lengthy illness at the age of 88 following sixty years of confinement“

        Amazing, but only happened once?

        “Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an American mass murderer who became infamous as the “Texas Tower Sniper”. On August 1, 1966, Whitman used knives to kill his mother and his wife in their respective homes, then went to the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) with multiple firearms and began indiscriminately shooting at people. He fatally shot three people inside UT Austin’s Main Building, then accessed the 28th-floor observation deck on the building’s clock tower. There, he fired at random people for some 96 minutes, killing an additional eleven people and wounding 31 others before he was shot dead by Austin police officers. Whitman killed a total of sixteen people; the 16th victim died 35 years later from injuries sustained in the attack.[2][3][4][5]”

        Good Lord, another false flag operation!

        Because nobody would “decide to just start shooting randomly and wildly out his window”, it must be another false flag operation.

        Durn that ‘ol illuminati!

  10. 54 year old “retired” police officer. And you know he’s probably been “retired” for 10 years.

    Because the job is so labor intensive and stuff.

  11. Anybody remember Frank James? Seems like ages ago.
    I imagine this fella here and his “brown face of white supremacy” will fade away in a similar fashion.

  12. So Muhamed, not so easy making downhill aimed shots from a 60 foot elevated platform? With such specialized sniping hardware no less – I mean, he even has assist levers on his zoom rings. Also, what is the wierd-ass poster on the wall all about?

    • It’s a Nation of Islam Yakub poster. Yakub, in Nation of Islam mythology, is the black scientist who 6,000 years ago created the evil race of white people (and all of the brown people) from the black master race on the Greek island of Palmos. I’m sure that didn’t have anything to do with this. Just an interesting coincidence.

      • “It’s a Nation of Islam Yakub poster.“

        Isn’t it strange, many on this list claim it’s a false flag operation by the FBI to smear ‘Christian white Supremists’ but instead of some Jesus poster they have a nation of Islam poster on the wall.

        I guess somebody didn’t get the message, about this being a false flag operation, maybe you’re right, the FBI is inept.

        Or just maybe, this guy is a nut, who is experiencing the young adult onset of schizophrenia.

        • I approve of the cure for his ” adult onset of dementia” , i.e. a self administered dose of heavy metal. Since lil’ d and yourself obviously refuse to move to one of your bragged on overseas garden of Edens, perhaps the same treatment would also be effective for the two of you.

        • “Or just maybe, this guy is a nut”

          I’ll give you credit. This is a more logical analysis than the previous comment about defending his home against immigrants and such.

        • Minor MINER49er Did you get a degree in psychiatry? Along with your “expertise in firearms?”

        • “perhaps the same treatment would also be effective for the two of you.“

          Another compassionate conservative checks in, evidencing his concern for his fellow citizens through the gentle teachings of his Christian faith.

        • Minor MINER49er We don’t have compassion for people who want to subvert the Constitution. That means you and your kind. If you are looking or sympathy, it’s oin the dictionary between shi* and syphilis.

      • “the Greek island of Palmos“

        They ain’t no such animal.

        The legend goes a bit different, the Greek island is Patmos, Yakub and John the revelator shared a cave.

  13. He looks like somebody who would press “2” for instructions en español. And he looks pretty brown-ish for somebody with a name like “Raymond Spencer.” Or is that the name the PR department chose?

  14. This was a false-flag if ever there was one. Too coincidental this happened and timed while the SCOTUS is deciding on an important gun rights case that so far appear to be leaning towards benefiting gun owners in NYC. Bloomberg most likely was involved somehow. Treasonous jackass.

      • I don’t know that we do. It’s mostly nailing down certain trends by analyzing certain events and circumstances over a period of time. Otherwise they have to screw up and give it to us. It’s the reason false flags are often successful.

  15. I dont get it, the vid clearly showed he used a chinazon red dot… but those rifles all had scopes…

    • Ummm…OK. He offed himself. Yeah that ain’t no white boy. BTW nothing and I meaning NOTHING on the local newz about this. Sniper my old white butt.

  16. What? I though every time a nut touched an ‘assault weapon’ 1000000000000 people were killed.


    just like the NYC subway shooting this will quickly disappear into the shadows for not fitting said narrative in MULTIPLE ways.

  17. Ah, yes, the much spoken of but rarely seen sniper mag dump…

    It’s like they’re not even trying to hide the gaslighting anymore. Though, I guess, at this point I wouldn’t either.

  18. they find a box of ammo


  19. Looks like another “white supremacist”.

    How come all of these “white supremacists” aren’t white?


  20. Maybe he thought it would be funny to shoot out a bunch of tires and scare folks….until several people walked into his line of fire, got hit and he panicked. The level of the injuries would not even make for jail time in most liberal cities. Bail & public service. Brady would give him an award.

    Apparently, tires don’t blow up when shot, they just deflate after 20 seconds or so, longer in a sidewall puncture.

    • not so sure about that…buddy of mine took one out with a knife…got quite a “bang” out of it…

  21. Sniper set up” With an AR? Tried a couple of the drum magazines on the market. Useless junk. The so called large quantity of ammo would feed 1 rifle for a couple hours of range time.
    Arsenal of firearms? What? 4 rifles is now an arsenal? Hate to see what these reporters and bureaucrats would say about my collection. Seems anything beyond a .22 short is now called a high powered rifle. Years ago nothing smaller than a 30-06 was considered high powered. The old 30-30 lever guns were borderline high powered rifles.
    And, of course, some nut case doing something horrible and stupid will be used as an example of the average gun owner. Same as would the punk who shoots up the hood on Friday night just because he couldn’t get the crack rock he wanted or someone said something he didn’t like about his crack hoe girlfriend.
    All in all, I’m happy the fool didn’t manage to actually kill anyone, and he solved the problem of dealing with him the best way possible. Too bad he didn’t shoot himself first and not injured anyone else in the process.

    • still looking for those shooters in Pittsburgh…victims were black, draw your own conclusions….

  22. Well it’s a good thing that this guy is a graduate of the TacticoolFools, spray and pray school of gun fighting. If he had fired deliberately and used the front sight, he might have killed someone.

  23. Oh look… another fragile Gen Z unable to cope with adult life so he spazzes out and shoots kids. Big surprise.

  24. I looked at the picture of the rifles. Yes, they has scopes on them. But they were AR-15 type rifles. An AR-15 Rifle is NOT a sniper rifle in the wildest stretch of the imagination of anyone who know anything about firearms.

    • It’s an OveGlove, for changing out the super-hot barrels of the rifles after shooting his way through all of that armory’s worth of ammunition, most of which evaporated upon ejection – note the picture shows no signs of case impacts with the wall and only a handful of empties on the floor. I suppose since he’s not the hoped-for persuasion, we’ll now undergo complete MSM silence.

  25. Funny how they never mention the original was a Muslim hoping to distract the police from Islamic violence against women by killing a bunch of random people on top of it.

  26. Put up a damn sign already to stop these violent guns from reacting in these cities! And no ghost guns, how can it be? This is totally unnecessary! Comon man! Let’s go Brandon! FJB!

  27. And next on msm…all rifles found in the perp’s apartment were found to be “serial number free”…and whatta koEncAdence…the timing could not be better for potato head’s control push… Hmmm..🙄

  28. I carry & every time I do I pray that I’m not put in a position to have to fire my weapon to protect myself, my family, my neighbors or members my community. But if there is absolutely no other solution I will. It’s called being a responsible gun owner. When I practice I do so in a safe & responsible manner. The only firearm I own not locked up so no one else can get it is the one on me. Firearms are not the problem. Irresponsible & mentally unbalanced people are. People who are extremist & history shows there are extremists on all sides, including the anti gun crowd. If you outlaw guns, knives & bows there will be an increase in other forms of murder. They won’t out vehicles because people get run over. They won’t outlaw windows because people are pushed out of them. They sure won’t outlaw rocks & sticks. The problem is not the weapon. The problem is the person with evil intent.

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