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Sheepdog John sends us his Saturday Carry.

He’s 56-years-old, and carries just a few tools, but hits all the basics.

He’s got a Ruger LCP.  I won’t criticize the LCP, but I will say that the LCP2 is better by at least a couple of orders of magnitudes.

Fisher Space Pen (not for me, I lose pens too often if they don’t have a real clip- your mileage my vary) and Gerber Dime mini-multi-tool.

More importantly he has a nice Nitecore light and a Kershaw folder.

What else does a grown man need in Summerville, SC?

Unless they live in those parts of California subjected to blackouts.  I wonder what those folks carry these past few days?  The prudent, wiser ones probably have “headlights” in addition to hand-helds.  Do you have a headlamp flashlight?  I do.  In car, tool chests, and the nightstand.



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    • Definitely, I own a lcp. There are many guns that I can shoot well, my lcp is not one of them. Now let’s be clear, i can still hit and be effective with the lcp, but I’m not shooting groups with it. The draw to carrying it is that I could probably conceal it, while wearing nothing but a speedo, lol. Yes, it is that small…… the gun, get your head out of the gutter. Anyway, a reload is important with any ccw. The lcp is of limited cap to begin with and a spare mag is little bigger than a bic lighter

      • The gen 1 LCP is in my pocket right now. LCP or 642 in the pocket for me

        The Gen 2 LCP is better, but new and better stuff comes out all the time. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

  1. I carry a 2nd Gen LCP which was easier to shoot than the 1st Gen.

    The trigger is more cocked and the sights are actually sight and not nubs.

    I dont shoot the LCP II any better than my 2nd Gen out to 50 or 60 feet.

    I was going to get the folks in SC to put their nice sight on my LCP but they have stopped doing that to build more silencers. Maybe they will get caught up soon.

    I usually carry a spare mag, but not always. Better a loaded gun than none.

    But an LCP mag sits nice in a short pocket.😬

  2. Bout what I carry.
    Original LCP, crappy trigger and all. Has seemed to be a LITTLE smoother after many, many dry fires and lots of rounds. But probably my imagination.
    Kershaw blade, spare mag sometimes, quit the multi-tool, and a light rarely, but available.
    Bout as much as I want to carry anymore.

  3. The lcp2 shoots fine for what it is, a reliable and inexpensive pocket gun. Everyone at times needs deep concealment. My preference is an LC9s for belt carried small compact but some of the new 1.5 stack sig or AS may tempt me soon. Both give you a reasonable platform when a dog 320 compact or glock 19 is to much a pita to carry. A light is more important than a spare mag

  4. My LCP II went back to Ruger twice and still constantly malfunctioned with multiple mags and multiple ammo types. Ruger finally said they couldn’t fix it. I wasn’t comfortable taking a replacement LCP II after the trust was gone.

    My original LCP with its heavvvvvy trigger still goes and goes and goes. And it’s on my offside hip right now.

    • That sucks about your LCP II. I’ve had one for a while and recently picked up another. My older one has been a sewing machine and the latest seems to be the same. They’re fun to shoot for guns that size imho. With the 7 rd pinky extension mag shooting is even better while still easy to pocket carry.

      Also sucks that Ruger couldn’t fix yours. Not that I don’t believe you, just that I’ve also had to send guns back to them before and they fixed each one. So it’s disappointing on Ruger’s part that they couldn’t fix your LCP II.

      • Love my GP100, and I have two original LCPs that have never failed. But the LCP II was a disappointment for me and my AR556 had to go back twice, it was mis-assembled and then they caused another malfunction when repairing it. They were gracious in keeping the malfunctioning LCPII and allowed an exchange for another handgun

        They have great customer service but the CS rep was pretty candid in concern that they may have ramped up facilities and production a little too fast for good QC. Not unique to Ruger of course.

  5. I carried a Gerber Dime for a while but found it too small, causing me to head downstairs to the workshop. So, now, a Leatherman Wave is always on my belt. Even when I visit clients at their offices.

    Not saying the Dime is not a good tool, and criticizing those who carry one, just that it did not work for me.

  6. Nice. Add a spare mag, drop the pen and it’s pretty much me walking out in an hour.
    Where are the bashers telling us we need more gear than patrol officers lug on duty belts?

  7. Everything is new, fresh out of the box. Now you need some accessories pointed out by someone with experience found at an NRA Basic Pistol Class and a concealed carry class possibly offered at your range and lots of practice. Other than my comment, skip the wannabes bloviating here.

    • “Everything is new, fresh out of the box.”

      That’s what my soon-to-be-submitted EDC is gonna be called – “It looks new and never carried, because it is all-new” EDC…

  8. I have absolutely no dog in this fight.

    My only experience with the .380 Rugers is having fired them on a very limited basis. Frankly, I don’t need or want one. I have a Seecamp .380 which is smaller and works perfectly with the right ammo.

    I shot a Ruger version one and wasn’t impressed in part because of the trigger. I shot the red trigger version and was more impressed but not enough to buy one. I, just the other day, shot the latest version at an event at Farm and Home, as did my wife. Both of us experienced multiple failures to feed. My wife got off two rounds before the failure, the jam was cleared and after that it failed to feed every time. My experience was the same. The Ruger rep took the gun out of his display for the duration.

    Brand new gun. Ammo choice was the Ruger rep’s choice. He cleared all the jams. Neither of us were guilty of limp wristing or anything else.

  9. Though a tad bigger, I don’t carry or shoot my Ruger LC380 anymore mainly becuse of the cost of ammo and secondly I could only carry 7+7+1 rounds total. Buying a 3rd 7rd mag was pricey; they never go on sale. The 10 rd Promag is too long to conceal. With time I got used to the long trigger pull. Still a good carry gun.

  10. I own and respect my lcp for what I feel it is ….that is a belly gun, as in its good to stick in the belly of an aggressor and pull the trigger , anything beyond bad breath distance it’s not my go to carry gun. That said my lcp is carried as a BUG, never carried as my main carry weapon. The smallest platform I carry is a LC9s pro. The LCP has its place in my carry lifestyle but it’s also my last resort god forbid it ever comes to that

  11. Thanks for all the comments! I’m retired LE and have a LOT of civilian training under my belt from LFI Thunder Ranch. This set up is general stuff- the LCP works for me at “bad breath” range and it’s not my intention to go offensive with it. I always carry two spare magazines but didn’t picture them here. I try not to get wrapped around the axle about caliber – I can put six rounds in six inches at six feet from the draw. I’m satisfied.

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