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Cunt. Whore. Bitch. These are just some of the words my fellow Moms Demand Action volunteers and I have been called over the past nine years. We’ve become experts on the nexus between misogyny and gun culture because we’ve lived it—in person and online—since the day we decided to stand up to the gun lobby.

To be clear, pro-gun activists don’t disagree with us because they actually believe we want to take their guns away. They hate us because we’re women.

Rarely do the men who proclaim themselves defenders of constitutional liberty direct message me about policy. They’re much more likely to threaten me with rape or hanging. Gun extremists have told me to “go bake a cake, bitch” or to “do what all the other stay-at-home moms do” and watch TV “with a bottle of Chardonnay.” I’ve been told I’m trying to take people’s rights away just because I “got knocked up once.”

In my experience, the degree of overlap between gun extremists and men who hate women is alarming—and our latest, comprehensive research shows how deep the connections go. Our report shows that for radicalized men who see violence as a means of taking back power, firearms are the tools of choice—and misogyny is a major component of far-right extremist ideologies.

— Shannon Watts in Research Shows Gun Violence And Misogyny Are Closely Linked. It’s Time To Make Sure Abusers Can’t Buy Guns

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  1. Hi Shannon, I’m a woman and I don’t hate you because you’re a woman. I dislike (not hate) people like you who are anti civil liberties. You’re a perfect example of all of that is bad in America. Stirring the pot just to put money in your own pockets. You’re on the wrong side of history and too damn stupid to know it.

      • Perhaps if shannon and her ilk were not such politically inept history illiterate twatwaffles* and simply understood History Confirms their Gun Control agenda is rooted in racism and genocide perhaps the fraulein shannon would realize what a disgusting jack booted sheet adorned sight she is. It’s not Rocket Science shannon…It’s History.

        *Twatwaffle is the intellectual property of another forum member and was used for display only.

        • yuck…When are you going to cease being a stalker and attempt for the first time ever to debunk one thing I post? Your repetitious copy and paste gibberish is wishful thinking shadow boxing where you score no points. If you cannot man-up with a viable reply then take a ticket and get in line with hundreds of gutless wonders much worse than a runt like you.

        • Nameless, brainless troll,

          You really need to get some new material . . . but I guess the idiot Leftist/fascists who write your scripts for you have BARELY more brainpower than you (which is to say, very little).

          You are too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “yuck…When are you going to cease being a stalker and attempt for the first time ever to debunk one thing I post?”

          And Deborah gets to the ‘crux of the biscuit’ about our troll, that he’s a stalker. A dangerous one.

          I just bet the New Jersey authorities would love to know where a dangerous for-real stalker lives, so they can raid his home and arrest him in his basement.

          BTW, neither Deborah or I will ever let you have sex with either of us…

          *snicker* 🙂

        • Geoff,

          You just ruined his day!! He’d been harboring those fantasies for so long, and you crushed his dreams!

          That is assuming, of course, that he is capable of such a human activity.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      Yes, she’s a lot like my apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll, I have to admit… 😉

      • Geoff the (fully vaxxed and boosted) Florida Pervert should never be allowed around guns, booze or elementary schools 🖕🤡.

        • Hey, nameless, brainless troll,

          You would know about keeping perverts away from schools, being one yourself. I suspect Geoff has very little problem being near a school. You should try it (if you can get all those pesky restraining orders lifted); and education would do you some good . . . well, probably not, as Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

          The cable awaits. You are too stupid to insult.

        • Go get a job, learn a skill, try to get laid, whatever but at least for your mom’s sake give her back her damn laptop and get out of her basement.

    • Yep John, spot on, AOC complained that her critics really just want to date her. They play the victim card when they’re losing the argument.
      I want to know where the old feminists are. ( I was one.) They’re silent on guns protecting women, silent on men in their locker rooms, men on girls’ swim teams???
      The gun is an equalizer. We old girls know that.

  2. I love women. Even ones I have very strong disagreements with.

    Love is not associated with agreement or the degree of wrongheadedness. If it is, it is a highly conditional, manipulative form of love.

    If wrongheadedness or gender determines love, then children are in trouble.

    My problem with this lady is her dangerous and unconstitutional policy stances and liberty restrictions.

    My problem with her puppetmaster is his tyrannical and dangerous beliefs.

    • Mudhunter,

      When Shannon Watts and her ilk speak, they almost always craft their message for maximum emotional manipulation which almost never has anything to do with facts or true positions.

      And their default manipulation tactic: portray “others” as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt. If they succeed–you accept their portrayal that an “other” is stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt–you will almost always withdraw your support for that “other” and throw your support to Shannon Watts and her ilk.

      That is an insidious tactic. The idea is that a “decent” person would not want to be in-league with a “corrupt” (e.g. misogynist) person even if that “corrupt” person is right. Saying it another way, many people will decide that it is better to support someone who is basically a “good” person, even if they are honestly mistaken, than to support a corrupt person.

      This is the go-to tactic for Progressives and people who advance civilian disarmament (but I repeat myself). Once you are able to recognize it, you will be shocked at how common it is.

        • But not Shannon, she runs strictly on financing. This woman is the type who would’ve shown up first to apply for the position of gulag Commandant. Or make sure that her ‘superiors’ saw her potential by setting a ‘good example’. A dangerous person, if she doesn’t have to get her own hands dirty that is.

      • Don’t forget the other reason for, “portray “others” as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt” is to deflect from the fact that they are in fact, portray stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt.

  3. What we have here is a failure to stay on subject. Shannon Watts thinks the subject of the discussions and comments are about women. It is apparent these women cannot defend their position(s) so they practice deflection. Now go do some laundry!

    • She is not a good woman from what I see she says about men and guns!! There are a lot of women who Love guns and believe in God, Country, and the right to bear arms by golly!! Her type is a disgrace to all women!! God Bless all of the real women out there!!

      • I love it when a hateful pretend Christian like ‘Larry’ talks about the Bible. You truly know nothing about the Good Book. There’s a special place in hell for charlatans such as yourself.

        • Nameless, brainless troll,

          So, you’re a “Gun Expert”, a “True Christian”, etc? You remind me of Dr. Erwin Corey, “The World’s Greatest Living Expert”. Son, you don’t know s*** from Shinola. Your pervasive ignorance is manifest in everything you write.

          You are too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

        • Are you a a troll? Usually a troll calls people names when they have no real argument. “Pretend Christian”? Are you sure the women he refers to aren’t Christians? He’s not referring to himself in his post.

        • Christians are supposed to hate evil. Only the cucks who believe what the modern degenerates say about Christianity think anything else.

  4. OMG is this woman Shannon for real? It seems she has a lot of hate for white men and said they kill more than anybody is what I get out of this. She wont dare mention certain races in Chicago kill each other in record numbers! She wont mention in all of history where the government took the guns away then the government murdered millions of their own people! This happened under Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and many others!! Guns are not the problem, the left wing communistic type of people are the problem, and this goes for male and female!! This woman trying to make men the villain is sexist in itself!! I think people like her are the real danger to society!

  5. Watts is a very sick individual. She has no concept of personal responsibility. She is a person who believes in the concept of “it takes a village to raise a child”. Also shes obsessed with financial gain, and she doesn’t care who she hurts to get it. The combination of those three thoughts have created her, she’ a narcissistic first 3 words in her statement.

    • Sorry, it does take a “village” to raise a child. Children learn like sponges. If a child is only taught by one or 2 people, you get a boring person.
      Kids will gravitate to the one who has to most off the wall views and try to learn from them, this is a good thing.

      It may not be what Hillary meant, but she was s[pot on that time.

      • No you have it wrong. What Hillary was talking about was the Super sized government welfare industrial complex. This is something akin to soft communism. Some people call it socialism.

        But what it comes down to is the government in your bedroom. In your kitchen in your living room. And garage and every other room in the house.

        Including all your office spaces. The government wants in there too.

      • Sorry, rt66Paul,

        It takes a PARENT to raise a child (ideally, a mother and a father).

        Sure, children, PROPERLY PARENTED, learn from everything and everyone (although sometimes the lessons are negative ones, c.f., dacian the stupid and the nameless, brainless troll). But no one in the “village” has the incentive, or interest, of a parent.

        Hillary’s blatherings are as much big-government, elitist BS today as they were when she uttered them.

        • Of course Lamp here is a wife beater who is estranged from his kids, so he’s not the best person to be dishing out parenting advice lol.

        • bUt I am more than sure you are well versed on wife beating. But then Lamp is an honorable man unlike you. I doubt he knows about wife beating which is one of your hobbies.

  6. According to our own local (now reformed and free) gun owning gun toting ex-gun-control/anti-gun freak we have here who has had a lot of personal interactions with Shannon Watts – lots of anti-gun people and anti-gun politicians and even members of her own group and in other anti-gun groups call her “Cu^t. Wh0re. Bi&ch.” behind closed doors and wish, as this ex anti-gun person put it, ‘that bitter self-privilaged crone would dry up and blow away.”.

    According to our own local (now reformed and free) gun owning gun toting ex-gun-control/anti-gun freak we have here who has had a lot of personal interactions with Shannon Watts: Most of the women in her anti-gun group hate her behind closed doors. They say she is like that overbearing obnoxious woman in movies that has to be in charge of a group of women for everything and take credit for the works of others. She demands they toe the line for her personal desires and no other work is good enough unless she personally ordered it done. They call her the “Queen Bit@h”. The employees hate to see her show up because it means at least one of them is going to become her ‘whipping boy’ and she usually singles out a black employee for this.

    • Well from what I read about her she is one miserable person to say the least!! If she has a husband I fee sorry for him to be married to a woman like this from the pit of hell!! The Bible tells us about precious women of God and how they even stood up even to the enemy. There is also one in the Bible that was evil as hell and she even had Prophets killed!! Her name was Jezebel!!!

  7. Lulz, Ms. Watts is digging deep into the deck of victim cards for this one.

    I do not hate women, and I do not hate Ms. Watts for being a woman. I loathe her dishonesty and her hypocrisy. She’s a despicable con artist and hired gun (no pun intended) who is likely becoming very wealthy off her part in the gun control crusade.

    • Lol. Why does WEB III the socksniffer and unapologetic 🥾 👅 know about women (except how to get rejected by them)? On God this ‘man’ is a 🤡.

      • Lothario, Being that you are Lefty, I am sure you know all about “women”. But your knowledge is all of the physical nature, right?

        Do yourself a favor and take off your mask.

      • Oh, nameless, brainless troll, so now you are adding to your list of “accomplishments”. Well, they are all equally delusional, so I guess that makes sense. IF you had a classical education (or ANY education, for that matter) you would be aware of what a chauvinst, misogynist creep Lothario was . . . but you’re an ignorant troll, so you don’t know that. So, strike three, nitwit.

        You are too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

        • ‘sO StRiKe tHrEe, nItWiT’, writes the ‘man’ who barely managed to obtain an Associate’s Degree from some unremarkable online diploma mill. There’s nothing funnier than a dullard who thinks he’s an intellectual giant. One of Abe Lincoln’s quote applies to you in a ‘pluperfect’ way.

          Seriously, someone as angry, abusive and deranged as this woman beating fake intelectual.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “There’s nothing funnier than a dullard who thinks he’s an intellectual giant.”

          Like you, then?

          *snicker* 😉

        • Yada, yada, yada, nameless, brainless troll. You have no education, you have no intellect, you have no wit, and you have no class. All you apparently have is a hard-on for “conservatives”. That would not be me, by the way, I’m a libertarian – but you’re too stupid to know what that is.

          By the way, nameless, brainless troll – two BAs (had to go back and get one in finance and accounting before I undertook my MBA), an MBA, and a JD. So, your degree is in underwater basketweaving, from Southwest North Dakota State Teacher’s College at Rainpuddle??
          Or have you even gotten your GED, yet????

          You’re too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

        • Lothario, Seems Lamp is 100% correct. You have the brain of a moron on steroids. For your edification, Lamp is a lawyer and a rather successful one.

          Your claim to fame must be that your ignorance is only surpassed by your inflated ego. But then that is typical of a Lefty Lothario.

  8. After years of Karening placed them into the “oppressor” column they need to scramble back some of those “oppressed” points. Trouble is they can’t help but to Karen and all of them are just like those two hysterical grannies shouting “black lives matter” as they take swings at a black guy when push comes to shove.

  9. Seriously? She is playing the “I’m just a girl” card? I thought faux patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel. I stand corrected, some of them just claim the people whose rights they seek to destroy with a brutal police state are just ” being mean to a girl”.

    Shannon: Count me among the red, white, and blue “meanies” if it makes you feel better, but you are not a girl, you are a woman who embraces a brutal police state vision for my beloved country.

    • Poor baby…can’t stand the heat. Never been in the kitchen. Lawful gat owner’s are impugned day n night. Called Nazis and much worse. I don’t threaten gals online. I love women. I have the best one(for 35years). Suck it up princess. Oh wait…😎

      • My girlfiend reminded me yesterday that we’d been together for 13 years, I said “Yes, Hell is enternal.”

        • Are you sporting some new holes today? I assume sleeping on the couch is no punishment for a possum. Kinda comfy actually.

      • Not sure how we can both have “the best one”…one of those metaphysical quandaries, I guess. 😉

        For the past 45’ish years my spouse has been my partner and best friend…through all the shyte that Life has thrown at us.

  10. Shannon is an attention and $$ whore*…your born or claimed biology has no meaning here.

    *: a venal or unscrupulous person
    : to pursue a faithless, unworthy, or idolatrous desire
    (definitions courtesy of Merriam-Webster On-Line)

    Search Shannon’s past employments and you will find that she has been a highly paid Public Relations shill for some of the largest, least benevolent, companies in the US. Being extremely well paid to portray a victim fits in with her business model and psychology.

    Personal anecdote: A few years ago the phone rang. my spouse answered and then handed it to me (with a grin) saying it’s for you. It was the Mom’s calling. I asked the female caller two questions: Have you ever read the Constitution yourself and have you ever carried arms in defense of your country. She said “No” followed with “Why should I?”. I told her that when she had successfully completed either action to get back to me. Haven’t heard from the Demanding Mom’s since then.

  11. Those who earn hate deserve it.
    It’s not based on gender, color etc. it’s based on what you are doing to others. It’s earned and deserved.

  12. I don’t doubt that she has been attacked verbally and online. There’s lots of angry folks out there, on both sides. A coordinated campaign to divide us by the government and media has ensured that. That being said, she and her ilk DO want to disarm Americans, and no amount of deflection and claiming to be the victim will change that. It is what they want to DO to our God given rights that I will fight against until my last breath. Come and take them Shannon.

  13. Watts is trying to distract and demonize all gun owners with this recent ploy. That said, the stuff these folks have emailed to her and said to her are abhorrent and do not help the cause of gun rights. Telling her to “go back to the kitchen,” etc is just as discriminatory and wrong as telling gun owners they are all misogynists. Gun owners need to face the fact that there are racist, sexist and anti-gay members in the ranks and those views distract from protecting the Second Amendment, an even undermine the fight for Constitutional Rights. Gun owners should condemn these sexist remarks.

  14. They always predictably fall back on identity politics. It’s easy. It doesn’t require intelligent debate. It appeals to their low IQ and prejudicial followers. If it ain’t broke…

    • Overestimates her importance “yes” but she bases that, her “importance”, upon the amount of shekels BloomBOIG stuffs in her bra.

      Now talking about “overestimating”, I’m not overestimating when I say I bet she could easily accommodate both rod & sack up to the short ad curlies, I mean just look at the size of her mouth, it could be a pun directed at a character on ” Seinfeld”.

  15. shan, you’re acting like your mother.
    have you been putting on weight?
    go rattle some pans and make me a sammwich.

  16. Women have a distinct advantage over men. They have small feet and are usually shorter in height then men, this allows them to get closer to the sink when cleaning the dishes. It is simply not fair. Why as men, do we have to deal with this discrimination every day. Yea, her comments are about this stupid….

  17. No, Shannon, I don’t “hate” you because you’re a woman (IF you are a woman – remember, we’re not supposed to “assume someone’s gender”!) – I despise you (look up the difference between “hate” and “despise”) because you dishonestly advocate for unconstitutional and detrimental policies. Oh, and you’re an inveterate liar, and a complete hypocrite.

    I don’t hate you, Shannon. If you burst into flames in front of my, I would decline to micturate upon you to put out the fire, but I don’t hate you. If you were merely useless, ignorant, dishonest, and deluded, I would pity you . . . but you’re deliberately, knowingly dishonest, so I don’t even pity you. Go find a hobby other than lying for a living, Shannon.

    • Hey it’s Lamp the pretend JD. The lies about your so called education are truly the pinnacle of desperation. Also please note the only person who backs you up is the convicted drunk driver and admitted pill addict Geoff the (fully vaxxed and boosted) Florida Pervert. You’re a loser ‘Attorney’ Lamp. Or are you one of those guys who couldn’t pass the bar lol?

        • Ha! No doubt. That joke about the drunk female passenger telling her male driver/partner: “yer passhin it!”

      • Passed it on my first try, of course, asshole.

        You insult-fu is weak, grasshopper. You are a lackwit, a jackanapes, and a cowardly poltroon, as well as uneducated, boring, and a simpleton.

        Did your mother have to tie a pork chop around your neck to get the dog to play with you? Or did you have a mother, and if so, we she and your father ever formally introduced??

        Boy, you are as dumb as Balaam’s off ass (and it tickles me that you will have no idea what that reference is!!).

        The cable awaits you. You are too stupid to insult.

        • You didn’t pass the bar. You don’t even have one degree, let alone four. You’re just a liar. But thank you for providing me with so much comedy gold with your tales of relevance lol 🖕🤡🤣.

  18. I have discovered over time most anti-gun people are either violent, will be possibly violent, will be mean and nasty and threatening, and some of them want to disarm you personally. They also tend to stalk online and offline. I’ve run into them many times, a precentage of them are convicted felons, some obviously have some mental health issues, some are just bitter and severely emotionally compromised, and some appear to be normal folks with concerns.

    Bit all or them share a common thing. All of them are easily duped by the anti-gun rethoric, and in their discussions and complaints this rethoric is what they will regurgitate back to you without realizing they don’t have a single genuine original thought on the subject.

    We have a large anti-gun activists population here in relation to the community size. Mostly they come out occasionally to harass us entering and exiting gun stores and sometimes in other places when they see us carrying or know we do. I had one of our local anti-gun freaks make a grab for my gun once in a convienance store. I was open carrying that day. Told me he was going to disarm me in self defense and to protect others because (rattled off some stats he was regurgitating) and would hurt me if I didn’t let him as he aporoached and then tried to grab for my gun. I pulled back from him and told him to get back or I’d make him a statistic and fortunately that ended it as I backed out the door.

    Seriously, these anti-gun freaks have their own special flavor of crazy.

    • Virtue signalling social justice warriors, every last one of em. Except for the politicians; they’re just straight up liars. And thieves to boot.

  19. Hey Shannon I’ll bet no one ever called you the Bitch of Buchenwald before (but I just did)!

    Seriously I’ve been very happily married for nigh on 37 years and raised two daughters who are the joys of my life; and no one who has ever known me would ever accuse me of misogyny.

    But you are a bitch because you’ve earned it.

  20. What no slight referencing the size of piece of our male anatomy?

    How about this:

    Shut up you dumb front-hole before I slap you in the face with my erect eight (8) inch male appendage.

  21. The real reason people dislike your ilk is because of you undying war to trample our rights.

    A time when logic prevailed. Lost to history.

  22. Overestimates her importance “yes” but she bases that, her “importance”, upon the amount of shekels BloomBOIG stuffs in her bra.

    Now talking about “overestimating”, I’m not overestimating when I say I bet she could easily accommodate both rod & sack up to the short ad curlies, I mean just look at the size of her mouth, it could be a pun directed at a character on “Seinfeld”.

    • this is exactly the kind of filthy insults that plays right into her hand and confirm that there are firearms owners who are misogynists

      • “Filthy insults”? You mean like Shannon T\/\/@ts and her followers routinely declaring/suggesting males buy firearms because they were cursed with smaller than average sexual organs?


        Is it your “time of the month”?

  23. My six year old grand daughter asked a few days ago why I always have a gun when I am not home? I told her it was because I am getting old, I don’t move like I used to be able to, and there are bad people out there that may what to hurt her or her brother. The gun let’s me protect her and because I love her and her brother so much I don’t want to let a bad person hurt them. She hugged me and said “GaPa I love you!” I am sure that some of the comments made to this pundit for MDA SHANNON WATTS by purported gun culture males occurred, but it does not mean that all males in the gun culture are that way and most absurdly does not represent the women in the gun culture. Ms Watts accusations smack of over generalizations.

    • I sincerely doubt any threats were made had there been her FEEB buddies under orders from compromised Chris Wray would’ve scooped up the accused and quicky deposited them in the D.C. gulag holding the Jan. 6th political prisoners.

      Now for “off-color” language she claims is directed her way I’m sure nothing approaches the vitriolic “sexist”, “Anti-Male” and graphic demeaning “anatomical stereotypes” routinely spewed by her supporters.

  24. Must be a GOOD video if they won’t show it…
    I know I want to seee it…. LET ME SEEE IT…!!!
    & S. Watts is a BIMBO…!
    Another word to add to your resume, Bitch…!!!

  25. “Rarely do the men who proclaim themselves defenders of constitutional liberty direct message me about policy”

    Oh please Shannon, explain how ANYONE can message you.

  26. Shannon is a bully who has perfected the art of playing the victim. She’s the aggressor, not us.

    • I bet she aggressively pegs her hubby, of course her latex appendage being a substitute for a gun. (Am I doing it right Shannon?)

  27. Doesn’t want to “bake the cake” eh, did they request an AR15-shaped one? I thought THAT, refusing to bake a cake, was deemed both “discriminatory” and “illegal” in Democrat-controlled states.

  28. Liberal white men will also lie to you. And as socialist progressives, they will use the power of government, to destroy people they don’t like.

    “The Liberal White Women Lie To You” video 28 min long

  29. The vast, vast, majority of people on the Left are angry and stupid.

    Which came first?
    The anger/stupidity or the Leftism?

    • Perhaps both arose from a basic inability to engage in actual thought. Leftist/fascists don’t “think”, they emote. It’s all about “feelings” with idiots like dacian the stupid and our nameless, brainless troll. Real thinking is hard work for most of us . . . for dacian and the troll, it’s the impossible dream.

      A new thought and a cold glass of water would kill either one of them.

      • Careful ‘doesky2’, Lamp’s an Attorney at Law (well, not really, but that what ‘he’ claims lol).

        It’s amazing that someone like him or his insufferable sidekick Geoff TFP are allowed anywhere near guns…or elementary schools for that matter!

        • Hi, nameless, brainless troll! Is it true that you flunked out of your GED program???

          Your lack of wit makes your drive-by attempts at insults both pathetic and boring. You write as if you are a particularly dense middle schooler, and your insults would embarrass a third grader.

          If you have nothing intelligent to say (and you don’t), try not saying anything at all. As Samuel Langhorne Clemens advised dolts like you: “Keep your mouth shut and let people think you stupid; don’t open it and remove all doubt.” You remove all doubt on the daily.

          You are far too stupid to insult. The cable pines for you.

  30. Someone find a photo of that homely skank as send to Zimmerman (same for Mammy Abrams) wearing a “mask”. NO ONE should have to look at that ugly.

  31. Ms. Watts should perhaps realize putting yourself out as a public spokesperson is also hanging a target on your chest. You will get some hateful remarks on issues such as gun control, freedom of speech, voting rights, and a host of other topics. If she is so easily hurt or triggered by such remarks, perhaps she should step away from what she is doing. And perhaps read the Constitution while she’s at it.
    Next thing she may want to consider is how many of her fellow anti gun folks have been extremely insulting to anyone who doesn’t bow to their wishes. She may want to ask some of them to refrain from such hate if she doesn’t want it returned in kind. A lot of people on either side of the issue will very happily respond with the same level of hate and vitriol as is used toward them.
    Lastly, she needs to learn how to differentiate between acts of criminals and mad men and the majority of gun owners who have never been, nor will ever be a problem. Sure, there is always the chance someone will do something horrible, but they could very well use any number of objects, tools or weapons to do so. Don’t forget, the gun is just the tool used, any act of violence still comes from the person using the tool.

  32. Oh wow, another Democrat dishing out extreme, anti-constitutional opinions, then claiming victimhood and demonizing the entire opposition based only on name calling from anonymous strangers. Gee, I wonder how much time she spends disavowing HER side for calling conservatives bad names?

    • It is, isn’t it? Her hubby must be proud. Or maybe intimidated. Or just exceedingly tired of her sh!t. But hey, living an upscale, gated community with 24/7 armed security ain’t cheap, ya know…

  33. Why bless you little heart, dearie. It must be really hard going through life so stupid and shallow.

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