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Colorado’s second Congressional district is a heavily Democratic area that includes the college town of Boulder. Whomever wins the Democrat primary will almost certainly win the Congressional seat. Shannon Watts recently relocated to the area from Indiana and widespread speculation has been that she’d try to springboard from the anti-gun rights work she’s done for Michael Bloomberg into a Congressional seat.

Jared Polis currently holds the job, but according to

Within hours of U.S. Rep. Jared Polis formally announcing his run for Colorado governor, two Democrats — Ken Toltz and Shannon Watts, both gun-control advocates — said they were eyeing the Boulder Democrat’s congressional seat.

Watts made a name for herself as Michael Bloomberg’s hired gun, serving as the figurehead and telegenic face of Moms Demand for Gun Sense in America after the New York billionaire acquired the gun control org. The anti-rights group has had little success attracting supporters or passing restrictions on gun ownership and use.

Bloomberg’s stacks of cash and the organization it pays for, however, were critical in passing Washington State’s controversial and highly restrictive elimination of private gun sales. Under the new law, all “private” gun sales and transfers must be conducted through a federal dealer, ensuring the federal government has a paper trail of the transaction.

It seems a good bet that Bloomberg’s wallet will open wide in support of Watts’ congressional bid.

In terms of the effect a Representative Watts would have in the House when it comes to Second Amendment freedoms, it’s long been a Democrat seat and there likely wouldn’t be a dime’s worth of difference no matter who wins the seat.

While Watts hasn’t shown much in the way of organizational talent, she has shown an consistent ability to promote Michael Bloomberg’s legislative agenda. If she’s elected, limiting Second Amendment rights are likely to be one of her top legislative priorities.

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    • Hopefully she’ll take Kamala Harris down with her. More likely, both of them will go far simply because “dey pwetty” in a nation of fat morons brainwashed by easy living and information overload. I sure hope our side has something better than an obnoxious old man to run against the telegenic demagogue you know they’re gonna run as soon as they get their act together (please, don’t anyone even try to pretend you didn’t think of Trump as an obnoxious old man more than about a year ago). It’d really be nice if we could run our own for a change, someone with charisma who also has a clear goal in mind (Bubba vs. Bush/Dole, Bush vs. Gore/Kerry, Obama vs. McCain/Romney –the pattern is stupidly obvious and really illustrates how lucky we were that Clinton was ultimately sent against Trump as opposed to literally anyone more likeable. Even I underestimated how much people hated her before the election, and I really hate her)

  1. This is what Bloomberg said about Colorado: “In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads.”

    Money can buy you a seat in Congress. Money can buy you a Congressman. And money can buy you a seat in Congress for a wannabe Congressman. But money cannot buy you class.

    • Ooooh. You just might be right. Are the powers-that-be grooming Ms. Watts for a Presidential bid in 8 to 12 years? Wow. And why not? The Democrat party doesn’t have anyone else who jumps out as being a great candidate.

      • Then again, there was this very junior senator from Illinois with a funny Arabic-sounding name the Democrats decided to run in 2008 with the backing of a multi-billionaire named Soros – and look what happened.

        • No freaking way is Shannon heading to the White House.

          Obama had a little something called ‘Charisma’.

          Watts has zero-point-zero-zero in that department…

        • No kidding, Geoff; anti-gun hustler is pretty far down the Dem totem pole, akin to dancing for nickles. Her clout goes exactly as far as Bloomberg, I’d suspect. Harris is the real comer, if there is one (I’m not entirely convinced there will be another Golden Child like Obama just yet, simply because of the turmoil and conflict clearly tearing through the Democrat Party at this time; more likely multiple donor-backed ‘favorites’ that cancel each other out, as was seen in the last several Republican primaries)

  2. Boulder is absolutely a lost cause. A place where the homeless hippies out number the actual home dwelling population. Take her to NY or something. Don’t punish us CO folk. Her and Diana Degette need to both jump off of a bridge.

    • hey, I just wanna point out that some of us Americans are stuck with the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee……I’m just sayin, it could be worse for you……then again maybe you’re in the same boat with us Hostonians.

    • That photo is a gift that keeps on giving. Bearing Arms uses it literally every time they mention this fish-eyed feminazi’s name.

      Let’s see…how many alliterative nicknames can we come up with for this…person? This carpetbagging c^^t. Hoplophobic harpy. Nattering nag. Bloviating battleaxe. Harridan for hire. Meddling mom. Demanding dumbass. Totalitarian tw@t. Bloomberg’s binch. Walleyed wench. Astroturf Annie. Querulous Quisling (wait, no, that’s Mike “the gun guy Weisser).

      And I’m out. You got any more?

  3. “It seems a good bet that Bloomberg’s wallet will open wide in support of Watts’ congressional bid.” And it seems a good bet FLAME DELETED

    • Unfortunately it’s my district. Polis was bad enough, but I would guess Shannon will get wiped due to her background with Monsanto. Equally unfortunately, the eventual winner will probably be equally bad on gun rights, given that Boulder dominates the district.

  4. “Watts made a name for herself as Michael Bloomberg’s hired gun, serving as the figurehead and telegenic face of Moms Demand for Gun Sense in America after the New York billionaire acquired the gun control org.”

    Yep, and apparently Bloomie bribed her conscience with enough money that she was recently able to afford this *little mountain cottage* worth 2.2+ million in Boulder, Colorado.

    Next time she tries to push the “I’m in a middle class mom, I’m one of you” gimmick, hand her a pair of shovels so can more easily dig thru her own bullshit.

    • I’d say that property is a nice little down payment on her congressional campaign. Would be interesting to see what portion of the income that purchased it was derived from Bloomberg, then what portion of the campaign donations, again, derive from Bloomberg.

      The locals need to start printing up posters with her & Bloomberg’s faces on each half like Two-Face, yesterday, and getting the word out about the carpet-bagger in advance of the inevitable flood of bought media.

  5. Morality and the fact that no one really cares aside but wouldn’t the fact that she is on record as taking money from another politician as well as a private organization create a conflict of interest with her holding public office?

    Aomeone enlighten me on this subject please.

    • There is absolutely no conflict of interest. Any citizen of any profession may be elected to Congress. She’s up front about who pays her and for what Only moneys taken after election are subject to conflict of interest scrutiny.

  6. Gun ownership is a GOD given right and cannot be taken away unless you are a convicted felon.

  7. It’s such a strange combination of iron-fisted tyranny and pusillanimity that insists on deleting or defanging even comments that don’t include profanity or lewd remarks. How do you respect anyone who demands you play by Marquess of Queensberry rules against an enemy who exclusively punches below the belt?

  8. This is all fine and dandy, but isn’t she an ex PR shill for Monsanto Chemicals? Yes, yes, I believe she is.

  9. I would love to see her get trey gowdys full and undivided attention. He would have her running back to bloomie in tears.

  10. CD2 carries a lot of pull. The Party will engineer a candidate that belongs to the (D)s, not one who belongs to Bloomberg. And that candidate will likely be elected, but a third party, far Left candidate could split the vote. Not my district, unfortunately. I’d love to monkeywrench this one, in accordance with new Colorado open primary laws…

  11. Shannon’s Sugar Daddy spent lots of money on his pet Hysterical Mother and did not get much value from his investment. Spending a little more and having the taxpayers take her off his hands might be the best way to cut his losses.

  12. Unlike Carolyn McCarthy, she hasn’t had any family members wounded or killed by someone with a gun. So she can’t even claim being a victim as an “accomplishment”.

  13. She’d fit perfectly in Boulder. A bunch of out of touch whiny liberals who can’t see past the UC-Boulder campus.

    Her and Diana DiGette can pal around the state house together, with a combined IQ of tap water.

  14. I am wondering if she is looking to expand her donors to Soros. It would somehow make sense. I bet big daddy mike’s cash will be there indeed. Maybe her opponent can use that against her but then again it may be a badge of honor for her.

    • It’s not a bad plan; I’m not sure who exactly takes over Bloomberg’s cash-doling once he finally kicks. If it’s his foundations, Watts may very well be left out in the cold by whatever political winds are blowing in those organizations at the time (she’s never been in a position to spend Bloom’s money, only to receive it, and I don’t see that changing). That seems to be what happened to the Brady Clique, whose orgs were/are pretty much dead at this point, in favor of Bloomberg’s efforts. I think there’s only so much interest among donors for gun control groups, and only enough to power one astroturf player at a time.

  15. Well, she is a beauty queen, relatively speaking. For Pete’s sake, who’s her competition? Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, Giffords? Schumer? Bunch of octogenarian senility-cases, apart from the one with an extra hole in her head. Harris is the only other young-ish and passably attractive anti-gunner of any standing I’ve even heard of, and I can’t help but wonder if she ends up largely abandoning gun control as her pet issue down that she’s a big-time senator (much like Feinstein has for the most part, post-AWB, to focus on national security BS). The 80’s era gun control culture is fading rapidly, while Gun Culture 2.0 is clearly blossoming.

    • Harris is evil.

      She didn’t pursue death penalty on illegal alien gang member who murdered an innocent father.

      She’s savvy, smart, and yes, a black woman WITH Asian heritage! Obama-esque, not full-black, but diversity beyond just a black person- a first black, asian, first black-asian woman president!

      She’s dangerous. Everything you can do to help us end her career is appropriate.
      Newsom (our likely next governor) is bad, but literally looks and talks like Gordon Gekko without the brains or charm; and is only a major player because of Getty oil money. You can always take someone like that out, or wait for them to flame out due to personal demons.

      Harris is absolutely smart and disciplined and evil. NEVER believe she will give up gun control, being able to lean on her being both a WOMAN and BLACK as “these issues affect me, my friends, family, community” lines, in an attempt to virtue signal and shame wavering people to her side.

      Harris is next-level poison. Do not underestimate her.

      Gillibrand is white and pretty, and has the rural background to make her an improved version of Hillary without the baggage. She is dangerous too.

      But Harris has the cultural marxism weight/reach behind her.

  16. Please, Shannon do it. I’m tired of sharing the state I live in with you. Get dafuq out.

  17. I was just reading about her and husband’s 2.5 million dollar home (4 bedroom, 5 bath) tucked into a cliff side. Apparently being a Leftist stooge pays well.

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