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God, I love my job. When I grow up, I wanna be a videographer/talent wrangler/assistant whatever on one of these shoots. Holy Mother of All That Is Guaranteed to Get a Guy’s Attention! Okay. here’s the 411 on this one You got yer hot women. You got guns. You got yer noble cause (in this case, profits go to a charitable org – Help for Heroes – that takes care of wounded troops across the pond). And you got the U.K.’s biggest firearms importer (which either means next-to-nothing, given England’s über-restrictive gun laws, or that you gotta give ’em props for staying in business given the gun climate over there). Result? The 2011 Hot Shots Calendar, and not coincidentally, the “Making Of” video we share with you here. Couple of things of note . . .

  1. Once you get past the cleavage (full disclosure: I only noticed this after several viewings), note the trigger discipline. (!) These women do a better job with it that most of the professional gun guys at the gun magazines. I’m impressed.
  2. Twelve months. Seven women. Not complaining, but it wasn’t until the credits that I figured this out.
  3. I’m curious…on what planet do you find hot women that like to stand around in skimpy outfits holding phallic symbols? Just wonderin.’ No reason…
  4. As a web designer, it always makes me a little nervous when a website has more than one or two “Under Construction” pages. I know nothing about these guys, but any time you have a charitable enterprise, it bears checking out. I’m not sayin’ or implyin’ anything, but I am curious. Call it the investigative journalist in me. Of course, I’d much rather be checking out the women. Still.
  5. The Edgar Brothers logo seems to be more than a little close to that of Rush Limbaugh’s Excellence in Broadcasting logo. Not sayin’ there’s ANY connection, but I AM sayin’ that somebody’s likely got one whale of a cease-and-desist letter or an expensive lawsuit coming, should they figure this one out.
  6. Even if you’re not into calendars, supporting wounded warriors in the UK, or simply wanna enjoy looking at some impossibly beautiful women, you need go no further than the hallowed halls of TTAG. We live to serve.

Enjoy. Oh, and just in case there are any complaints from those that find it unconscionable that TTAG would feature cheesecake videos on the site, I leave you with the following image, which explains things far better than I ever could:

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  1. I didn’t read that but the text on the image at the end is disgusting, so being gay is “bad news?” Wow and we are almost in 2011, so much for progress.

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