Seven Key Stats About the Firearm Industry in 2020 (Infographic)

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One more snappy infographic from the folks over at Bear Creek Arsenal to share with y’all (previously we posted A History of Gun Regulations and Hunt With the Perfect Caliber). This time, it’s a snapshot of firearm industry stats in the oh-so-very interesting year that was 2020.

Click on the image below to enlarge it, if needed:

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  1. What was it, Biden’s second day in office when he shut down the Keystone pipeline project which promptly eliminated how many thousands of good jobs?

    Shutting down part or all of the firearm industry will be high on Democrats’ priority list as well which will, of course, eliminate several thousand more jobs.

    What I don’t understand is how so many people who claim to be so worried about jobs keep voting for Democrats who keep eliminating jobs by the trainload.

    • Tens of thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly.

      We’re hovering around -800,000 jobs since Jan 20th. It’s absolutely staggering.

      • Destruction of jobs, small businesses, and America in general, are the goals. The Socialists want North Korea – an ideal socialist environment for the ruling class. That can be achieved only through a thorough destruction of the capitalist system. We are in a war, whether the bullets are flying (yet) or not.

    • Losing thousands of jobs due to the shutdown of the Keystone XL is in incorrect. Those thousands of jobs is ONLY for the construction phase. When the pipeline went into moving oil there would be only about 200 jobs open. There have been so many of these bait-and-switch jobs creation projects. Looks great for the politicians, of both parties, but then the reality hits. Pretty much any project that has a build and operational phase falls into this bait-and-switch. Think of building a bridge. Hundreds of people to build it, then a handful to run it. Couple of dozen toll takers, admin staff and maintenance.

      • Perhaps, but there will be a next construction project. A very large portion of our infrastructure is at or well past it’s end of life expectancy, or has been poorly maintained. This country needed major infrastructure repair/upgrades 10+ years ago.

      • The pipeline would help lower the price of oil by making oil produced in the area it serves easier to transport. By making the oil in that area more competitive price wise it will lead to more work in those oil fields. Also, since our economy runs on energy keeping the price of oil down is critical to keeping the prices of every item you need to continue living including food low enough that people can afford them.

      • So? Is it any less impactful for the people losing jobs? Think there will be any new pipeline projects?

      • Thousands of jobs during construction phase is nothing to sneeze at. Construction phase can last years. That one job isn’t going to be a career, but it’s a significant amount of money. There are also ancillary jobs created in housing, feeding, and entertaining the workers and their families.

    • “What I don’t understand is how so many people who claim to be so worried about jobs keep voting for Democrats who keep eliminating jobs by the trainload.”

      They are worried about the “morally right” kinds of jobs. If you’re in a “morally wrong” job they don’t give a rat’s ass about you, they would rather see you lined up against a wall and shot.

      • Laying blame on Dems isn’t quite right. There’s the “bait-and-switch” method I wrote about a few comments above. There’s also the politicians who claim they’re bringing back jobs from overseas or pushing various corporations to add, or at least, maintain staffing levels. In MOST cases those jobs were already planned by the companies to be added or returned anyway. Or, there was a temporary furlough due to a plant being retooled for new production. This was, and is, well known to auto workers. BEFORE I get flamed, this was a consistent practice of both Democrats AND Republicans. Again, before the flames get lit this pretty easy to research.

    • Speaking of trainloads, that’s exactly what the oil will be displaced into… next time you’re waiting at a rail crossing waiting for a train to pass by, count the number of black tanker cars going by, I’ve counted just shy of 300 in the past during the shale oil boom. The newest of them run by “TILX” hold 30,300 gallons each, so imagine the mess a derailment of a load that size would cause, especially if it ignited. A derailment around Christmas near Seattle caused such a scenario with only 7 cars involved. For some reason, the story was “ignored” by the major news outlets, maybe because they are owned primarily by Warren Buffett -held companies? The loss of jobs pales in comparison to the loss of public safety … it’s still going to move, just on a much less safe mode.

      • The diesel engines’ greenhouse emissions are also higher than the electricity needed to drive the pipeline pumps, which could have come from zero emission sources. Killing the pipeline is worse for the environment, doesn’t prevent oil sands from being used, makes energy more expensive, and requires more transportation. Many environmental actions have to opposite effect. Preventing logging leaves more material to burn since nobody carts off dead material, which does lead to larger and more frequent wildfires. So, antilogging Dems don’t preserve the forests and indirectly burn them down.

  2. The focus at this point in time should not be entirely on firearms when Texas is frozen beneath a mountain of demoCrap. Regulations have mothballed coal power plants and erected windmills that froze and left millions without water and power. Thank you Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden et al for being the going-puke-green tyrannical scumbags you are.

    Out of the gate the election fraud democRat Party trashed a much needed pipeline and the thousands of jobs associated with it. If that does not tell you that you and yours are expendable on the behalf of democRat climate change manure then nothing will. Everyone on this forum should write their members of congress and demand pipeline construction resumes and that energy policies cater to people and not to some money grubbing climate change imaginary boogieman. A boogieman that was predicted to begin choking everyone to death back in the 1970s and every decade thereafter.

    Frankly near austin resident Jeremy S. everyone of the pasty mouth fools in austin who voted democRat deserve to be cold and without. Problem is those fools take decent people with them down the crapper. Hopefully the majority of red blooded Texans were prepared and coasted through the misery that the most ignorant among us voted for.

    • The wind towers that froze, did so, because they did not all have the winterize package that is available. Who thought TEXAS would see 10° and a 10″s of SNOW, in sooo much of the state no less? Apparently not too many; that’s why they didn’t add the winterize package. Not all the wind towers froze however.

      • The damn things are an interruptible (unreliable) source (toy). No/little wind, as during the last, week and NO output. Solar BS has same problem, NO output at night or when covered with snow/ice.

        The idiot pinwheels supply 24% of Tx electric. Beyond moronic.

        • Green BS will have us back to the Stone Age except way more expensive. Climate “crisis” my ass. Ninety-eight percent of scientists couldn’t agree on what time it is.

    • Deb: there’s more to their bs than just racism and climate change. Look up Yuri Bezmenov and the steps he mentioned to subvert the US. Demoralization and destabilization are already done it seems. We are well into the normalization stage it seems, what with the now almost 52 weeks of 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”.

    • Humans are witnessing a climatic cycle exaggerated by the use of fossil fuels. I predict humans will see extreme variations in the temperature normals. Global warming may in fact produce a limited ice age. It’s all about the polar vortex and sht.
      I’m not having much luck with my Perpetual Fusion Neutrino Blomb, it’s hard to keep neutrinos. I’ve decided to put my efforts into Magnetic Reversals technology, even though I was very thrilled of vaporizing the Universe. I suppose eliminating the Northern Lights will suffice. With any luck I can turn Earth into another Mars, let’s keep our fingers crossed .

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