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Here’s the summary of the Senator Diane Feinstein’s 2013 Assault Weapons Ban legislation:

  • Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of:
    • 120 specifically-named firearms
    • Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one military characteristic
    • Semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.
  • Strengthens the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and various state bans by:
    • Moving from a 2-characteristic test to a 1-characteristic test
    • Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the characteristics test
    • Banning firearms with “thumbhole stocks” and “bullet buttons” to address attempts to “work around” prior bans
  • Bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.
  • Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:
    • Grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment
    • Exempting over 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes and
    • Exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons
  • Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:
    • Background check of owner and any transferee;
    • Type and serial number of the firearm;
    • Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
    • Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and
    • Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration

A pdf of the bill summary is available here.

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    • Sounds like we need to create some ‘characteristics’ that ban a person from serving in public office.
      1. Nobody named Feinstein
      2. Nobody as stupid as Senator Feinstein
      3. Nobody who hasn’t read the Federalist Papers and the Constitution and written a comprehensive 10,000 word essay on why violation of the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution is treason punishable by a sentence to be determined by a tribunal of the American People
      3. Nobody who has ever used the words liberal or progressive to describe themselves
      4. Nobody who has ever been described as a liberal or progressive
      5. Nobody who does not own a firearm
      6. Anything else that disqualifies them, to be determined by a tribunal of the American People

      • Notably, Theodore Roosevelt was a progressive; one who nonetheless was a hunter and an advocate for both liberty and martial fitness.

        But I could agree with the rest of these. Won’t work unless a large portion of the electorate also understood what “The Constitution” means.

      • Of note,…the senator does own a smith and Wesson 38 special,…and is known to have a concealed carry license. Just sayin.

      • Of note,…the senator does own a 38 special,…and is known to have a concealed carry license. Just sayin.

        • She is known to have had, at one time, a permit to carry a concealed firearm in California. I don’t think we know that she currently has such a permit.

  1. will we ever get to see the lists they keep mentioning.

    I am with you guys prove I own that gun right now.

    • No. No you can’t. They’ll let you know if the weapon you want is on the list. After you apply for ownership, and just prior to denial. All new designs will have to be submitted for a lengthy approval process. Then, promptly added to the list.

      I’m glad I don’t own any guns. I just go into a gun store every once in a while and do a NICS check, just to be sure I’m not on the Terror Watch List. But I don’t buy any guns.

      • d’ya suppose the information in that database might be accessible via a FOIA request, so some smartass newspaper could build a map of who has the various registered firearms?

        Or would that kind of thing be unthinkable?

  2. There’s no way this will pass. She can keep dreaming. Join the NRA, the SAF, and GOA anyway, and contact your reps, but again there is no way this will pass. The house republicans have nothing to gain from voting yes on this.

  3. So she wants all Semi Auto’s to be NFA Registered. That’s not really grandfathering anything. Also what is a military characteristic in a pistol?

  4. So do you think it’s just otherwise-considered-assault-weapons with thumbhole stocks, or will my thumbhole muzzle loader need to be registered as an NFA firearm?

  5. Question: Under her proposed law, when { I am assuming I will } die, am I unable to leave my listed weapon to an heir or designee? Would that fall under the ban on transfer of the weapon after the exempted owner is deceased? Or would the recipient of my grandfathered weapon then have to register it as a grandfathered weapon that is legal for them to own? Or has she even thought that far ahead?

    • We’ll have to wait for the full text, but I’m guessing that when the owner of a grandfathered weapon dies, the weapon will be required to be turned into the State for destruction, as will all of its magazines.

    • They have definitely thought that part through. That’s the most insidious part. Once you die, your firearms will be turned in for destruction. In one generation they will have a near complete gun ban. The registration would just be a bonus for them to make it easier for them to prevent guns from slipping through the cracks.

      They will give up some items in this proposal but they will not give up the transfer ban. That’s the key part of the anti’s long term strategy.

    • “Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act”

      It would be transferred just like a MG, SBR, or Suppressor would.

    • I’m not a lawyer but if you create a trust and transfer the guns to the trust, you just add people to that trust and they should also be owners. Again, not sure that will work, but it should.

  6. The logistics behind registering all those banned semi autos will be nigh impossible to work out. Millions of people will have to register tens possibly hundreds of millions of firearms in person.

    Good luck with that.

    • Its not their problem, its yours, just like waiting 2 – 3 months for a FOID card or 6 months of a suppressor.

  7. Most bills like this with multiple points of interest never pass on the first try…. but this is what were up against, and it gives us a “this is what we want” and go from there. Get in touch with your representative and fight ! The anti’s and taking this sitting down and neither should we, something is going to happen, it’s up to ourselves to to make that something!!!!!

  8. The words “transfer” and “registration” are the ones that jump off the page at me. Those two simple words may make me a criminal.

    Also, where is the “shoulder thing that goes up”?

  9. As I read it, this would mean that any “assault weapon” would have to be registered as a class III NFA weapon with a $200 tax stamp…with perhaps the same applying to any magazine of 11 rounds or more.

    Talk about overreach…

    • Maybe this is their response to the deficit? Few million firearms registered at $200 each pays for more universal health care.

      • I’d be shocked if there are only a few million firearms that qualify as “assault weapons” under this bill. I’d guess more like 10 to 20 million…at least.

        Even if there were 20 million, at $200 a pop it would only bring in $4 billion. That wouldn’t begin to pay for Obamacare.

        On the other hand, how many normal capacity magazines are out there…a billion? More?

  10. It’s going on what, 6 years, and they (Congress) still can’t agree on a permanent ATF director? How do they propose getting the funding for this excercise? Apparently the money printing presses will have to work overtime.

    I too would like to see the lists. They’re suspiciously absent & I would not be surprised in the least if the firearms specifically banned were also the ones that have sold the most in this silly season. Then they can go “see, we told you these gun nuts are getting out of control… we need to block the sale now to stop any further incidents like “X””

  11. This older than dirt POS “senator” should be more concerned with her bankrupt state she represents and the looming “fiscal cliff”…

    • Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration.

      Ha, maybe they could raid the USPS retirement fund for awhile and make it work for a few months. oh wait, nevermind.

  12. whats wrong with this woman? She tries to put focus on issues that her state already has. WHY force everyone to be like California?? Jeeeez people, who wants to live in LA

    • Used to live in Chicago & still work there. That’s bad enough. I’m glad at least that the my local police chiefs & sheriff have more/less endorsed Illinois concealed carry if it ever happens.

      • CPD Superintendent McCarthy hasnt. He recently said in a interview “you say concealed carry, I say Treyvon Martin”

    • What’s wrong with her?

      She’s a liberal democrat. Therefore, she seethes with unquenchable hatred, and she wants everyone to be as miserable as herself.

      Pretty simple.

      • My wife will be the first to state that women (and women politicians) are always more vicious than men….

    • Well, if you’re already on a State registry, it’s kinda hard not to.

      Any sort of global registry really is just the first step towards confiscation.

      • I was under the impression the FOPA forbade states from maintaining registration databases as well?

        • It does, but there is a loophole in FOPA that said if they maintained a registry prior to the passage of the bill, those registries may still be maintained. My home state of CT, for instance, has one such registry prior to FOPA I am told.

  13. Just reread the summary & it makes it so having 1 evil feature qualifies as an “assault weapon”. By that logic ANY rifle w/pistol grip would automatically get tossed into that category if I read it right.

    • Any rifle, pistol or shotgun with a pistol grip and a detachable magazine. And any of the 120 weapons on the list that are named specifically (goodbye, M-1 Carbine and Mini-14).

      • See how confusing it is? I’m not even one of our highly esteemed & knowledgeable Senators or Representatives & was confused.

        That’s sarcasm BTW

  14. Arrest Fineswine for treason, then publicly execute.

    Also, I’ve been impressed with a fact in arguing with the boobs the last couple weeks. These proposed restrictions don’t differ in principle to current restrictions under NFA 34, GCA 68, or the Reagan or Bush bans of 1986 and 1991. You are either a gun rights absolutist or a gun banner period. We need to go on the political offensive. We can no longer yield an inch to these monsters.

    • Dear Senator,

      Below is the oath of office you took:

      “I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

      And below is the Second Amendment to the United States Bill of Rights:

      A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

      And below is the Webster’s Standard Dictionary definition of Treason:

      Treason: betrayal; a breach of faith.

  15. This bill will criminalize countless Americans. Won’t pass the house.
    But if by some miracle it is enacted, then it will immediately dilute the significance of the term “outlaw” in this country: No one will mind being identified as such.

    • Even in law-abiding Canada, only around 55% of all long guns were entered in the registry before the government finally gave up after millions of dollars of waste. Of course, in Canada, ARs, AKs and pistols are classed as “Restricted Weapons” and are registered. Also, you can’t hunt with ’em.

  16. In the last 90 days I heard on the news the Federal govt issued 5763 new regulations. So Barry will use executive orders and/or regulations to flesh out what Dianes bill doesnt pass.

    • Obama has no authority to do any such thing. That is the purpose of the bill. It will give him the authority to do so. The bill is DOA. They will be lucky to get this bill through the Senate.

  17. It’s sad that gun owners will have less rights of privacy for adhering to the Constitution than a 12 year old seeking to get an abortion.

  18. So Fineswine and her intellectual ilk want only those with state issued costumes to have weapons. Huh. Let’s take a quick stroll through how many civilians the US government has murdered since its inception.

    American Indians: Hundreds of thousands
    Southerners: Hundreds of thousands
    Phillipinos: 500,000
    Nuked Japanese after they were already defeated: 250,000
    Vietnamese: 1 MILLION
    Brown People in the middle east: hundreds of thousands and counting
    Persians in the years ahead:??????? TBA.

    Waco: 26 kids

    Yeah, give the people who WANT the power a complete monopoly of force like in the UK. Nothing more INSANE.

    This AWB will NOT pass. But if it did, I’m going to kill as many high and tights as I can if they try to kidnap/kill me.

        • Seems like he was talking about self-defense to me. Reasonable. Attempted kidnappers and murderers should be wary.

        • Seems he is going to shoot any uniform that comes knocking on his door.

          I’m pretty sure he isn’t up there on the ‘Capture/Kill’ list because he owns a few firearms.

          But keep spouting off about killing people, that won’t make it any harder for us to look like responsible gun owners…

    • Small nitpick: there was a mutiny in the Imperial Palace against the Japanese Emperor’s plan to surrender even after the atomic bombs were dropped. It was put down, obviously, but only after a mad search and fight for the recordings of the Emperor annoucing his intent to surrender, the first time the Emperor’s voice was to be heard by the general population. Saying “after they were already defeated” is untrue.

      Also, claiming Southerners I assume is a reference to the Civil War. If you’re going with deaths due to the governments’ actions, Northern deaths should also be included in that number.

      Although I’m almost certain the Vietnam deaths should be at least double what you wrote :p

    • The US military has killed more American civilians than any other organization in the history of this country, from the Whiskey Rebellion to the drone strike on 16 year old Abdulrahman Anwar al-Aulaqi. The 3k killed on 9-11 was nothing compared to the 50k civilians killed in the civil war.

  19. I started reading the outline and I am like ok ok.. this is what she originally wanted then I hit the bottom about registering everything under the NFA act and I spit out my proverbial coffee on that one.

    • How many firearms have been tossed in the attic or storage & you forget where they are? My dad was saying the other day he doesn’t know where the 22 rifle he had as a kid is. He thought it was in their old house before they moved but now isn’t sure. Irresponsible ownership, yes, but add up all the the legal but unaccounted for firearms and I’m sure there are still millions if not tens of millions out there.

  20. Funny how her “legitimate hunter” echos Atkin’s “legitimate rape.” Of course the media will never point that out.

  21. Shit. Who told her about bullet buttons? It must have been Leeland Yee here in California. Curse their eyes. I assume this is going to include 10/30 magazines.

  22. Where is the grandfathering of standard capacity magazines? Firearms are grandfathered. No mention of grandfathering mags.

    • The 2nd part of her bill will include the govt setting up a factory to make all those 10 rnd mags for sale because your 11 rnd one is evil. Of course, in typical govt fashion, they’ll find a way to lose money in process despite charging $100 for the privilege of owning an official USA mfg non assault weapon mag.

    • It’s a device that attaches to the mag release so that removing the magazine requires a tool (e.g. the tip of a bullet). Under CA law, that makes it a fixed (or non-detachable) magazine; without a detachable mag, the “scary features” restrictions in CA’s AWB don’t apply.

  23. Can somebody link more info on registering firearm and FOPA of 86 I want to use it in my letter to. My representive. I AMA new gun owner and want to protect my rights. Thanks

  24. I guess all the custom target rifles with pistol grips and thumb hole stocks are now military characteristics? Wow I did not think a single shot 30BR was going to go on a rampage. LOL

  25. Feinstein should be more careful.

    After all, “the more you tighten your grip, the more systems will slip through your fingers.”

    At least, I hope that’s how it would play out.

    • I think I found FOPA 86 I hope it applies in this case

      “No such rule or regulation prescribed after the date of the enactment of the Firearms Owners Protection Act may require that records required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or disposition be established”

        • You would have to amend the NFA to include the 120 new firearms. The FOPA prevents that with the first clause. That is not to say that they cant enact the law and then wait till it is challenged by the supreme court.

    • Well said. Light up the phone lines. I you are a gun owner, you should be calling your representatives. Else we deserve what we get. Freedom is work and worth fighting for.

  26. Many of you are saying this will never pass the muster. Be careful not to fall into believing this because you never know! Many of you believed that a AWB would never happen and voted accordingly in the recent national election. But look at what’s happening now! I, for one, refuse to take anything for grant, especially with the new 113th Congress starting in January. Be prepared to defend/fight for your 2A rights by reminding your representatives and senators who you are and what you stand for!

    • “Many of you are saying this will never pass the muster. Be careful not to fall into believing this because you never know! ”

      YES. there is ALOT more going on behind the scenes than we know of (or ever will). DO NOT assume logic will prevail. this is politics we’re talking about…

  27. I saw this coming a while back so I sold all my stuff to individuals at various gun shows….even my assault pistols.

  28. “Protects […] the rights of existing gun owners.”

    Take note, people: this sentence right here tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the intent of this bill and its FLAME DELETED creator.

  29. Just wanted all to know….

    Another day, and my firearms still have yet to commit any sort of “crime”….

    Imagine that!

  30. All I can say is COME AND GET EM !!! As Thomas Jefferson said’ ” The strongest reason for the PEOPLE to retain the right to bear arms is, TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AGAINST TYRANNY IN GOVERNMENT !!! ” The constitution was written so the common man could understand it content and meaning. There is no reading between the lines or hidden meaning to it! It’s time to uproot these incumbent assholes we have destroying this country. If you don’t believe in our Constitution and our customs and traditions go the hell back to where you came from. If your an american and think the constitution is just a piece of paper why don’t you try England cause we don’t want you here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. When you read the summary under strengthening the 1994 AWB by:
    “Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the characteristics test” it makes me wonder how many bayonet assaults were conducted and how did flash suppression lead to higher death rates? WTF?

    What does that have to do with anything? Oh, cuz it’s scary and evil. Retards!

  32. I Think Liberals and Progressives are far more evil and scary looking (especially the author of this bill) than any so called assault rifle….

    Can we start legislation to ban all of them?

    No. Seriously.

    Do you want to live in a free country, or return to serfdom?

    • Don’t let your politics prevent you from seeing your allies. I am a “liberal progressive” and so are many of my pro gun friends. I’ve/we’ve been writing and calling every democratic politician in my state systematically telling them that we don’t want to see any AWB and their narrow margins for re-election are going to disappear. If we can force gun issues out of partisan politics then partisan politicians won’t have any reason to keep bringing it up. When it comes down to protecting your own a$$ and your family and privacy, most people become one issue voters. On this I am a one issue voter. More people like me would get behind the cause if doing so required less holding of our noses around ignorant liberal bashing. You need to face reality that the rate of gun ownership and sport shooters among independents and liberal and progressively minded folks especially young ones, is significant. And we can do something you can’t with your liberal bashing tactics… we converter people to the pro gun side. I talk to people about pro 2a everyday, I am an example of someone “like them” that “they respect and trust opinions from” that they’ll listen to. I can and do dispel media gun myths to these people, and take them shooting, and help them pick out their first handguns and semi automatic rifles. I’ve got 7 of my “liberal progressive” friends into first time gun ownership this past year alone. So can we cut this liberal bashing bull$hit about guns already and fight this extremely important battle and win it???


      • Well said. I’m a Registeted Democrat and would fight to the death over protecting my rights to my guns. Everyone needs to unite on this.

      • Well said.

        If you guys could stop calling us “libtards” for 5 effing minutes and think for 2, you’d realize that when someone like me (socially liberal, never voted Republican because of it) writes to their Democratic senator or congressperson it carries more weight than when a Glen Beck fan sends in another spittle-flecked screed equating Democrats to Martian Nazis or whatever.

        We’re on the same side on this one so quit being assholes.

        • Considering it’s your side and your votes that brought the country to this point, take your well-earned vitriol with a stiff upper lip and try to redeem yourself.

        • Oh yeah, and Democrat Ronald Reagan signed Democrat Don Mulford’s pioneering gun control legislation in CA in 1967, and Democrat Mitt Romney signed the MA AWB. All those liberals who passed prohibition and created a powerful organized crime presence in this country and then banned weapons based on “gangster use”. All of those liberals banning the defensive weapons of choice used by minority immigrant populations, like daggers and billy clubs… The liberal ban on drugs? The liberal drug war? The liberal ban on same sex marriage rights? Conservatives have every bit the history of restricting individual’s rights as liberals do. It’s not worth drawing a distinction between them.

    • What he said….

      While some of this falls on party lines, we need to present this issue so we ATTRACT people to our side and not REPEL them.

  33. Judging by the reduced hours and long lines, I’m pretty sure the @#$%^ DMV here in California doesn’t even pay for itself. And DiFi is going to set up what is essentially a national firearms DMV? FFS, does anyone ever think through the logistics on stuff like this?

    • She doesn’t have to. The Exdcutive branch is responsible for the logistics. Congress doe not care how impractical a bill might be, it just delegates the authority to the executive to adopt whatever regulations are necessary to carry out the congressionalintent. This is the source of “executive orders” and administrative regulations.

  34. This is a total semiauto ban….

    On the linked page there is a list of arguments for why the 1994 ban worked.
    Can we come up with point-by-point counter arguments?

    Effectivenness of 1994-2004 Assault Weapons Ban

    Following are studies that have been conducted on the 1994-2004 Assault Weapons Ban:

    In an Urban Institute study for the Department of Justice (pdf), Jeffrey Roth and Christopher Koper find that the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was responsible for a 6.7 percent decrease in total gun murders, holding all other factors equal. They write: “Assault weapons are disproportionately involved in murders with multiple victims, multiple wounds per victim, and police officers as victims.”
    Original source (page 2): Jeffrey A. Roth & Christopher S. Koper, “Impact Evaluation of the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act of 1994,” The Urban Institute (March 1997).
    In a University of Pennsylvania study (pdf), Christopher Koper reports that the use of assault weapons in crime declined by more than two-thirds by about nine years after 1994 Assault Weapons Ban took effect.
    Original source (page 46): Christopher S. Koper, “An Updated Assessment of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Impacts on Gun Markets and Gun Violence, 1994-2003” (June 2004).
    In a Washington Post story, reporters David Fallis and James Grimaldi write that the percentage of firearms seized by police in Virginia with high-capacity magazines dropped significantly during the Assault Weapons Ban. That figure has doubled since the ban expired.
    Original source: In Virginia, high-yield clip seizures rise. By David S. Fallis and James V. Grimaldi, Washington Post.
    In a letter to the editor in the American Journal of Public Health (pdf), Douglas Weil and Rebecca Knox explain that when Maryland imposed a more stringent ban on assault pistols and high-capacity magazines in 1994, it led to a 55 percent drop in assault pistols recovered by the Baltimore Police Department.
    Original source (pages 297-298): Douglas S. Weil & Rebecca C. Knox, “Letter to the Editor, The Maryland Ban on the Sale of Assault Pistols and High-Capacity Magazines: Estimating the Impact in Baltimore,” 87 American Journal of Public Health 2, Feb. 1997, at 297-98.
    A recent study by the Violence Policy Center finds that between 2005 and 2007, one in four law enforcement officers slain in the line of duty was killed with an assault weapon.
    Original source (pages 6-7): Violence Policy Center, “Target: Law Enforcement—Assault Weapons in the News,” (Feb. 2010).
    A report by the Police Executive Research Forum finds that 37 percent of police departments reported seeing a noticeable increase in criminals’ use of assault weapons since the Assault Weapons Ban expired.
    Original source (page 2): Police Executive Research Forum, “Guns and Crime: Breaking New Ground by Focusing on the Local Impact,” (May 2010).

  35. the very same “type” of legislation happened in Ohio with exotic animals. a list was published, registration/permitting was required, you could keep what you had if you met certain (practically unattainable) standards, but can’t transfer them when you die or move. it was a progressive total ban. it ended up passing because the news and moderates were able to report that “well it grandfathers current owners, so it’s fair”. the so-called “grandfathering” won over anybody who didn’t feel VERY strongly that the law was BS.

    that’s a HUGE part of what makes this one so dangerous. they are using the exact same tactic here. the “grandfathering” provision is nothing more than an attempt to placate those who don’t read it too closely or “don’t have a dog in the fight”. make no mistake, this is a total ban, and it has a VERY high likelihood of passing (with or without the NRA). start hitting the phones…

      • CW said it well…

        “…this is a basic negotiation tactic: set the initial offer significantly higher than you reasonably expect to finally achieve. It makes the final “price” feel like it hurt less…even if it’s far above what your initial expectations were.”

        i’m not saying it will pass as-written. it won’t. but it will be shuffled around and modified as it goes through the committee process (like any other bill). i just don’t want people to underestimate something like this. exotic animal people in ohio said the same thing: “it’ll never pass. they can’t do that. it’s too extreme.” well it passed. easily. with some menial modifications but it still passed in a manner that completely killed the exotic animal industry here in ohio. why did it pass? because some lunatic let all his animals loose then killed himself. the public had “had enough”. much like now…

        i’m just sayin, it’s not something that should be taken lightly or blown off. anything can happen in politics.

      • It probably won’t pass as written – that’s precisely why it’s written with so many strict provisions, so that some may be dropped in negotiations.

        But make no mistake, some form of AWB will pass. Now that extreme conservative right-wing has failed resoundly in elections, Repubs in the Congress need something to showcase to moderates that they can “compromise” after the tug of war they had over taxes and Obamacare. This sounds like a perfect thing – and they can squeeze out some further concessions from Obama for it.

    • No way this one passes as written. Even semi-auto pistols, think Glocks, Sigs, Berettas, etc. becoming NFA and eventually removed from circulation due to the “no-transfer” clause. Nah, her proposal/bill, as-written, won’t even make it through the Senate.

      If you’ve ever read R. Cialdini, The Psychology of Persuasion, this is a basic negotiation tactic: set the initial offer significantly higher than you reasonably expect to finally achieve. It makes the final “price” feel like it hurt less…even if it’s far above what your initial expectations were.

  36. I will let my representatives that I will vote then out of office first. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to war.

  37. Look at DiFi’s wikipedia page. Under “Political positions and votes” it says:

    “This gun-grabbing psychopath has a concealed carry permit.”

    Lol is that true?

    Also, please guys… no one edit or report that.

      • Probably because she allowed her CCW to expire years ago and turned in her .38 at the same time. Look it up on her web page–I think the link is still there. NO ONE in San Fran had a CCW as of Sept. 2011, and NO ONE in D.C. can get a CCW unless they are LEOs.

  38. We as a people need to stand up and send a clear message. If they continue to pass any 2A infringements we will retaliate. It is out of our hands if that is what it comes to, we are required by our civic duty to take action.

    I suggest that a network be made among the militias of this nation. If the governments move on this, a start of enslavement, we will need to have an immediate and decisive defense.

    It is only right that we build what is needed for us to tell them NO when they go to far.

  39. So there’s no confusing the 2nd amendment issue I would suggest everyone forming a militia or joining one.

  40. DiFi’s list is growing from ‘scary black guns’ aka ‘modern sporting rifles’ to include semi-auto pistols. What’s on the menu for next year? Sometimes in life you cannot be neutral and you have to choose a side to stand with. Personally, I don’t care for the semi-auto ‘tactical’ guns (just my opinion) yet I know I need to stand with the owners of such guns in this war the fascists are waging against us and freedom.

  41. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t this legislation make all semi-auto pistols that accept detachable magazines “assault weapons” by her definition, and thus “new NFA” items?

  42. No one seem to be talking about the economic impact that a ban would have. How many people are employed buy firearms companies and various sub contractors. These are high skill jobs in an economy that needs high skill jobs. What about all the companies that make accessories for these guns. Is magpul gonna be able to weather a ban? Everyone is up in arms about not being able to have there guns when we should really pay attention to the fact that the feds are looking to destroy yet another industry through regulations. People these are good paying American jobs that are in danger. Let’s open another front and not just focus on them taking your guns but your jobs as well. Vote them all out Republicans and Democrats and start fresh.

  43. Not sure I understand how “Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the characteristics test” actually strengthens the ban. Maybe I’m being dense…thoughts?

    • They were one of the “features” that rendered a rifle an “assault weapon.” The idea is to make it more difficult to modify an existing weapon to comply with the new law, e.g., by cutting off the lug and pinning the flash suppressor. Comes from the California ban law, which is broader than the federal law Clinton ban. Its the same reason that thumbhole stocks are banned–because it is “really” nothing more than a replacement for a pistol grip, and we all know that pistol grips make rifles into evil assault weapons, right?

  44. As emotionally fulfilling as it is to carp about ‘molon labe’, and how you’ll fight them when they come for you guns, and the usual ‘cold dead fingers’ quote, they won’t even bother to do that. Just too risky for our good public servants.

    Everyone, including most of you, will be taking your weapons willingly to the turn-in centers. When they manage to finally connect all the 4473’s (supposedly not in any database) and other sales records – they will connect the carrot-and-stick approach for confiscation.

    If you willingly comply, you will get to take ‘tax credits’ for compensation – otherwise, if they connect you with a sale via 4473’s (which WILL be entered into a national database if they aren’t already being entered surreptitiously) and you can’t provide a good-enough answer, you get a felony conviction. Which, of course, means you get to turn in ALL your guns, as well as your right to vote.

    Perhaps a little paranoid fantasy on my part, but gun registration and all that it will entail IS coming. There’s no stopping it. Once they connect the IRS to assist in enforcing this, you’ll be glad to get in line and dump your toys.

    Defensive firearms for civilians will be reduced to 22’s, single shot H&R 410 shotguns and orange-tipped airsoft toys.

    Only hope is to delay the inevitable by threatening the do-nothing drones in Congress and actually voting your threats. But I believe it’s only a delaying action.

  45. It’s hilarious to me that, if this passes, full-auto weapons are still transferable but these dangerous semi-auto assault murder guns won’t be.


  46. Maybe it’s just me, but if all these liberal fvckstains want is a gun free country, why not move to Britain? I would wager that they would be welcomed with open arms…

  47. Maybe it’s just me, but if all these liberal fvck-stains want is a gun free country, why not move to Britain? I would wager that they would be welcomed with open arms…

  48. It certainly seems like many millions of AR’s will accidently fall out of boats. Why there should be such a rash of these tragedies is beyond me but, oh well, shit happens.
    Another few million will have been transfered to John Smith well before any transfer ban. Remember to use old paper and pens with old ink.

  49. This makes no sense, one bullet states that it bans the transference and another bullet states that it requires a background check of the transferee. Also, I would like to point out that the term military style weapon could be applied to anything. Snipers use bolt action rifles and how many people in the military use 1911s? If we let this go, we will be back to pellet guns and slingshots for self defense. This is horrible.

    • Casey – The background check would be performed on those registering the firearm. Once registered, the firearm would not be privately transferable (except to uncle sam upon your death).

  50. Feinstein should be playing Canasta at her nursing home, not trying to write a redux version of the dumbest law in U.S. history.

  51. Dumb laws appeal to dumb people…..
    How does this country rank, worldwide, in math and science?

    Progress….. towards what?…..

  52. Anyone have a link or reference to specific 120 firearms?

    “Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of:
    120 specifically-named firearms” <- which ones?

    • Honestly, does it matter? It’s a bullshit law, regardless of what’s on the chopping block by name and model #.

    • “Anyone have a link or reference to specific 120 firearms?”

      I think she’s holding those cards in order to boost the economy….

  53. You think NFA transfers are bad now, if this passed, it would require something like 10 years at the current pace of ATF approvals to even make a dent in the registrations of just every AR-15 sold in the last 4 years, maby just the last 4 weeks. You would need tens of thousands of new ATF examiners, and there is no way that a court challenge wouldn’t be in the works if they tried to get every gun for $200. So you have this bill with a either a stupid long time frame to hope to get anything “registered” or a massive expense in employing more and more people at the ATF to process forms.

  54. I was talking to a friend about the potential financial/employment impact of what would essentially be disarmament within a generation or so. The gun haters say “screw those gun people, it’s their problem” but the reality is that it would put so many people out of work its frightening. Not only do you have the firearms companies themselves but also the accessories manufacturers, the tool/die folks who make mold, the machinists doing rough/finish work, casting foundries, back office/admin staff, IT staff, gun stores & their staff, etc.

  55. 1 – this won’t go anywhere. They’ll need 60 votes in the senate am it’ll die in the house & 2 – very few would bother with any sort of registration. We have draconian registration ordinances here in Chicago and almost no one bothers. Something only like 3% of all FOID card holders in the city have registered. I’d guess that would be the national rate as well.

  56. FYI: Here are the phone numbers for the US Senate and House switchboards. CALL your Congressmen and CALL your Senators. Do not write a letter. Do not e-mail. Those methods of communication are too easily ignored. The numbers are 202-224-3121 for the Senate; 202-224-3121 for the House.

    CALL THEM and let them know just how strongly you oppose this. But–and I cannot stress this enough– DO NOT BE ANGRY. Be polite. Be courteous. There’s no reason to be a jerk to whoever it is, especially if you want his help. Be firm, yes–make it very clear what you want him to do–but don’t be rude.

  57. This law violates the FOPA passed in 1986 and of course violates Amendment 2 to the Supreme law of the land. Isn’t it a good thing that it contains all of this crap? It pretty much guarantees that it will not pass.

  58. So let me get this straight: under this bill the new USP 45 I’m going to pick up today (at a gun store in Culver City of all places) would be illegal. I have two words for Feinstein: they rhyme with “uck” and “u”. BTW, would this ban apply to the ridiculous amount of firepower that the security detail for the average elected official has? Of course not.

    • So does start a run on the service type semiauto handguns? Already seeing +$6 bill reserves on gbroker. Theoretically, what would a LGS be able to sell post a Fck’stein ban? This would kill even more small businesses. Ridiculous!

  59. Love the “this bill will never pass” refrain! And, I remember something on similar lines that went, “The Supreme Court will never let the Obama Tax aka Obamacare stand.”

    Take this from someone who is an immigrant from a Socialist country and who knows exactly how the political left operates – if this ban proposal is not defeated, it will hang around gun owners’ necks. The bill plans to ban 120 different types of firearm, magazines and more. This is economic warfare against gunmakers. Overnight, tens of thousands of people working in the businesses that Feinstein has named will be out of a job. Components and raw material suppliers to these companies will also see losses. Over time, an entire trade will be wiped out. Don’t believe me? Just ask someone from the British gun trade what happened to them after Labour governments took over after WW-2.

    And, yes, this might sound like a scratched record playing (an appropriate comparison because I do belong to that era) but the only way to defeat politicians like Feinstein is through hurting states that elect them economically. Their tactics against them. Make sure that Californian fruit, cellphones, computers and more manufactured by companies based in California and so on don;t sell, and you will see fewer Democrats re-elected the next time. Economic distress is the best way to ensure that an incumbent loses. May be too late to hurt Feinstein politically, but several of her colleagues ending up consigned to the dustbin of history would shut the fat cow up. This can be done. Not sure if gun owners will ever work together to do it. And, yes, I’ve seen gun confiscations and bans before.

  60. I agree this is worse than the 94 ban and has a dimmer chance if at all passing a GOP House. SO she shot her own foot on her chance to start making our lives miserable.

    • It maybe that the current administration knows they can’t pass an anti-freedom bill and are looking for someone to blame. With this bill, they can say: see we tried, but the pesky Republicans blocked it in the House. Knowing none of them will ever need to face their constituents because it won’t pass. Else, it could be they are trying to soften us up for later regulations, that would look like concessions by comparison.

    • I am not about to make that assumption.

      The GOP has on more than one occasion proven itself to be completely spineless.

      I do not intend to sit back and say “It’ll never pass”. Look what happened with Obamacare. There is no limit to the level of chicanery they will stoop to. The elected elite have shown us that there is no limit to how low they’ll go.

      DO NOT underestimate them.

  61. It appears that the ban could be extended to virtually any semiautomatic pistol that has the ability to take a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. In the draft bill, the term `fixed magazine’ means an ammunition feeding device *contained in*, or permanently attached to, a firearm.

    Pistols with fixed magazines that take more than 10 rounds are practically nonexistent. The term, “contained in” could easily be defined by ATF or the courts to mean the definition above.

  62. I just wish that more gun companies would grow a pair like Barrett did. When California banned the sale of 50 cals Barrett came out and said if your citizens didnt need them neither does your government. When police start getting issued colt single actions and trapdoors, and crime skyrockets, they will change their tune pretty quick. When celebrities and their family’s have to be defended with 100 year old guns they will stop making stupid videos demanding a plan that doesn’t involve the 2nd admendment.
    As to the bill listed above I say, try and pass it!! Your power seems to be working well for the fiscal cliff. I know that sen difi stated earlier that they were able to pass the 94 ban without admendments, I say to her “yes with a house, senate, and White House full of democrats with more public support then now and you still couldn’t do it without a sunset clause. Gun control was not an issue in this last election because the democrats would refuse to talk about it. It is hard for the nra and other pro gun groups to mobilize the voter when there is no fear, there will be fear this next cycle, kind of like when they lost the house for the first time is 40 years after the last ban. It will not pass as currently written.

    • Plus if they killed or imprisoned us gun owners, they would be giving up a very large chunk of the tax revenues. Most gun owners are the “makers” supporting the other half of the “takers”. Those liberals would then actually need to go out and find jobs to pay for their habits. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Remind your representatives of that when you call them.

  63. Everyone needs to join the NRA and email/call their representatives. This lady needs to be stopped. I can’t believe people keep voting Feinstein & Polisi back in. They are the poster children for term limits!

    • There are no term limits for congress persons. And both draw from a large urban base that outnumbers the rural republicans by a 2 to 1 margin.

  64. Wow this is so out of control. No way are gun owners going to register and pay for $200 fee for each of their firearms. If the government wants money so bad legalize drugs and make illegal aliens citizens. There’s money to be made there. Not from responsible gun owners who already pay their taxes. This bill will not stop any criminal or next mass shooter. Guess we’ll be like Mr. Morgan’s country where violent crimes will reign and innocents are left defenseless.

  65. Consider the possibility that Feinstein’s bill will be used as a diversion while Comrade Obama pursues the same ends either via U.N. Treaty (which he then only has to get through the Senate and bypass the Republican House entirely) and/or regulation and/or executive order. He’s already demonstrated that he’s not shy about using executive orders to an extra-Constitutional degree “to act when Congress doesn’t … because we can’t wait.”

    • Don’t get all wound up about executive orders. Such orders require an underlying congressional authorization. If nothing else, DiFi’s bill demonstrates that no such underlying authorization currently exists. There will be no executive order without the passage of a bill.

  66. Help put this bill down. Act! And write your Senators and urge them to vote aginst this bill. actions speak louder than words. and use the system against those who wish to oppress our 2nd amendment rights.

    • i don.t get the american puplic,what do you need all these high capacity weapons for.if you need more than a 10 round clip for hunting……i,m de fefinitly not going with you and maybe you shouldn,t go for hanguns absolutly useless they do only one thing,kill people 99% of all handguns in canada are smuggled from the u.s your country has more gun killings than any civized country in the world i beleive,and as for the constitution it was wrtten so long ago that i,m not sure revolvers existed and your forfathers(god bless them) did not anticipate this kind of weaponry….damm 50cal uhmmmm i think all the dinosors are dead…….look i mean no disrespect but guys the wolrd is laughing at all of ya over this and another one we don,t get is puplic heath care ,you loose your job like most of you have(sorry about that we feel for our brothers in the south)you still get to keep your house.your not burdened with astronomical depts for medical issues,we all have enough of that.the way we look a it if your not heathy you are a burden on the system,when you are heathy your a productive contributor.we have it,and love it. its not perfect but i know that if i need open heart surgery i won,t lose everything i worked for my entire life get taken away because of bad luck

    • i don.t get the american puplic,what do you need all these high capacity weapons for.if you need more than a 10 round clip for hunting……i,m de fefinitly not going with you and maybe you shouldn,t go for hanguns absolutly useless they do only one thing,kill people 99% of all handguns in canada are smuggled from the u.s your country has more gun killings than any civized country in the world i beleive,and as for the constitution it was wrtten so long ago that i,m not sure revolvers existed and your forfathers(god bless them) did not anticipate this kind of weaponry….damm 50cal uhmmmm i think all the dinosors are dead…….look i mean no disrespect but guys the wolrd is laughing at all of ya over this and another one we don,t get is puplic heath care ,you loose your job like most of you have(sorry about that we feel for our brothers in the south)you still get to keep your house.your not burdened with astronomical depts for medical issues,we all have enough of that.the way we look a it if your not heathy you are a burden on the system,when you are heathy your a productive contributor.we have it,and love it. its not perfect but i know that if i need open heart surgery i won,t lose everything i worked for my entire life get taken away because of bad luck,its the ease of gun access that is the problem and usually they are stolen……from you (not your fault but it is what it is) looks like you guys a preparing for a war,don,t worry we got your back

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