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When it comes to guns, Chuck Schumer, like most of his fellow Democrats in Washington, hasn’t met a gun he doesn’t want to ban. Now, as a further part of the anti-gun left’s knee-jerk reaction to recent high-profile murder sprees, he wants to ban body armor, too.

To quote Kurt Schlichter, “Weird how the liberal solution to every problem is always to make you less free.”

Charles Chuck Schumer New York Senator
Sen. Chuck Schumer of N.Y., (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

New York’s senior senator wants the FBI to regulate the sale of body armor in America. If you think that’s no big deal, you probably believed that if you liked your health insurance plan you could keep your health insurance plan.

Schumer’s ban plan would, of course, exempt state and local law enforcement, You can bet there will be an exemption for politicians like Schumer as well. After all, gun (and related item) control are only for the little people.

So, by Schumer’s own words, school kids might become felons for having a ballistic panel in their backpacks. Or motorcyclists for Kevlar in their safety clothing. Or reporters, cab drivers and convenience store operators for wearing vests in dangerous areas. After all, commoners don’t need protection against evil.

From the New York Post . . .

Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday proposed new legislation to require the FBI to sign off on body armor sales to civilians. …

Schumer said anyone can now buy a bulletproof vest for $185 and a tactical mask for $10 under current law, Schumer said at a press conference at his Midtown office.

“With the click of a mouse, scroll of a thumb, dialing of a phone, someone up to no good can get this,” he said. “What we have learned is that a good number of those intent on mass shootings buy body armor,” the Senate minority leader said. “They want to kill as many people as possible.”

Not only do Democrat policies on guns and self-defense leave people less free, they put the good guys in more danger. By design.

Under current laws bulletproof vests are legal to own in all 50 states, except for convicted criminals. They can also be purchased online or by phone everywhere but Connecticut, where the law requires that the purchases be made in person.

As with gun control laws, don’t look for the few criminals who actually have body armor to bother with any regulations on their sale and use. 

It’s almost as if anti-gun Democrats prefer to champion the rights of criminals over the law-abiding.

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  1. This? No, this is my AR500 target carrying pouch, with shoulder and belt straps, with the targets inserted.

    Or is steel banned under this proposal, too?

    • Sooo…it’s actually encouraged nowadays to buy one of those new fangled bullet resistant backpacks, hoodies, or clipboards for your kiddos to protect them while they’re at school, but not a bullet resistant accessory to protect yourself while you’re picking them up in the same allegedly dangerous location? Keep Billy safe, but fugghedabout Mommy?

      No soup for you!

  2. Democrats: guns are everywhere, we’re all being shot!
    Also Democrats: make it illegal to block bullets
    They’re like some sort of horror villain.

  3. And how many of these latest whack jobs actually had body armor versus just having a Molle vest on in order to carry extra guns or magazines?

        • Vests won’t stop two JHP rounds to the pumpkin.
          Just sayin …. and besides, unless you have enough money for DragonScale or a double layer of Kevlar plus plates a jacketed boat tail round will still do some damage. I’ve witnessed lucky guys take multiple 7.62×39 rounds in the right places and live simply because they were fortunate enough to sport plates.
          What I really love is the special brand of DemTard idiocy that reduces everyone else to the lowest common denominator by theft and rules they refuse to live by.

        • @ I Haz a Question
          “Mag dumping isn’t the same as actually getting rounds on target…”

          Isn’t quantity over quality the entire point of 9mm?

        • The man that shot the gunmen in Texas said he had armor and a helmet. Without his AR he wouldn’t have been able to stop him.

          The video of the cops mag dumping on the Ohio gunman shows him taking dozens of rounds while running to the bar and falling down. He was getting back up before he was shot down with an AR.

          I chastised the 20 year old that went to Walmart (about 48 hours after two mass shootings) to make a political statement against a company he had beef with, while wearing all his gear and streaming/recording it. I knew they would use that instance to create propaganda against body armor and arm braces. Now we have legislation being drawn up for what? Body armor.

          Don’t give them a free win. The right wing has to be smarter than that. The left are too smart to underestimate.

        • @Chief,

          Mag dumping isn’t the same as actually getting rounds on target. Anyone can “mag dump”…heck, I’ve done it at the range at 10 yards just to see the effect on my hit rate, and it plummeted.

    • Criminal (and illegal) use of body armor has no bearing on law-abiding citizen’s using it for self-protection.

  4. Two ways to tell if a demonicRAT is lying or infringing citizens rights, their lips move or there is noise coming from their piehole.

  5. Continued pushes for disarmament are proof that politicians aren’t scared of anyone ever using the 2nd Amendment for its intended purpose.

    • Well, a few former military used their 2nd Amendment and oath against the government, but they were considered BLM terrorists afterward by pro gun people.

      So, what do we do if the first amendment and voting isn’t working? What do we do when we have taxation without representation? What do we do when both parties are working together to destroy the Bill of Rights? What do we do when we have the false choice of a Communist or a Socialist in 2020? What do we do when the NRA supports gun confiscation that will be used on military veterans with PTS and loud mouth patriots?

      We have to take a real good look out our current reality and make personal choices. Is slowly, gently and quietly going into the night an option? Because we have reached the tipping point, if one even exists with this generation.

      • in one post you advocate non action by saying dumb shit like “don’t give them a reason” and now you want to fight the good fight because it’s a lost cause?

        you have keyboard commando syndrome.

        go out in public, and do something, or stfu. What that guy did by wearing body armor and open carrying is more than you have done in a lifetime. If more people sacked the fuck up instead of acting like you, our point would be forced into play. Until you do something, or go out with these people, you do nothing. nothing.

        • Right, just like in Cali, we wanted state wide Must issue concealed carry legislation so we stage legal OPEN unloaded carry to press the issue,Cali legislators got right on the problem and BANNED OPEN CARRY.

  6. Kind of hard to make the case that a totally defensive item to save lives should be restricted in a country with mass shootings that are increasing and becoming a political tool. The Republicans should easily win the argument, totally make this a non starter and shame the Democrats for contemplating such endangerment.

    The government is going to tell me I can’t have a weapon? Now they are going to tell me I can’t have armor to protect me from that weapon? They are going to tell me that mass shootings are happening every single day in America now, my easy of access to life saving clothing should be restricted and only government needs ease of access to it because their lives are more important than ours?

    When knife crime becomes more common in America we shouldn’t have access to body armor to protect our organs from knives? I know in some places in Europe they can have armor to protect them from knives but they can’t carry a knife unless it’s for work use.

    • I will just say this; a guy kitted head to toe like Platt or Mattox with a 10/22 is a lot more dangerous than a scrawny dweeb in a T-shirt with an AR15, when it comes to doling out violence for as long as possible. The Aussie body-armor bandit of legend comes to mind as well.

      That said, high velocity FMJ-laden rifles are *so* much more common than they were when Platt & Mattox did their thing, that I doubt it matters. Their armor –soft or plate or ceramic– might stop some shots, but it won’t stop all of them, or for very long once more than one or two officers respond with the M4s in their trunks. If the repeated 5.56 doesn’t hammer a hole through a plate or skip through a chink in the armor, the 308 will be like pummeling them with fastballs.

      • I remember hearing that the Hollywood bank robbers made their own body armor and at least one of them was already a felon. Multiple bullets made it through but they continued to fight. The police had to shoot them in the head and riddle them with bullets because they had no intention of going to prison.

        There was a FBI shootout in 86, where two former military men, turned bank robbers, were not going to go to prison. They didn’t have armor, neither did the FBI agents. They were shot many times and continued to fight. They killed two agents and shot others after being mortally shot.

        There is a video of a medal of honor winner who fought Islamic militants by himself for a very long time as an extraction team was trying to save him. He was shot many times although he had body armor. He was going to die of his wounds regardless if they were able to get him off the mountain. You can watch the drone footage on Youtube.

        Armor isn’t everything. It didn’t seem to have helped this guy.

    • I don’t know if it’s still the case but for years the pullet proof vest British police were issued WERE NOT rated for use against KNIVES

  7. I wear my vest under my motorcycle jacket for additional blunt force trauma protection and I wear it at the range when I’m RSO or teaching.

    Got it at Galls.

    A company I’ll never patronize again because soon after I purchased it they suspended armor sales to private citizens. LEO/public safety / etc no problem. The rest of us? Outta luck.

    I did write to them expressing concern about the new policy, explaining that I’m a certified instructor promoting gun safety….no response.

  8. Like everything in life its often a double edged sword. I can see both side of the argument here.

    Most civilians do not wear body armor. Its uncomfortable and very hot to wear in summer. Even a lot of Cops choose not to wear body armor in very hot weather and with the sky high temperatures do to the planet now self destructing due to Global warming most Cops and celebrities will soon be wearing less and less body armor. .

    So the question is “who is wearing body armor most of the time”? Schumer is correct when he states the criminals and psycho’s are wearing it most of the time making it often much more difficult to stop them when they are on a rampage or robbing a store when the cops get there to engage them.

    Famous people sometimes wear body armor because crazed psycho fans have been known to stalk them and kill them so should we deny these people body armor. I think not.

    Perhaps a compromise could indeed be worked out and people would be allowed to purchase body armor after a background check was done on them. Of course the law would have to cover the sale of second hand body armor sales as well with severe penalties for selling your vest without going through a Federally licensed dealer. This would indeed stop many maniacs and criminals from ever being able to buy them or at least make it much, much more difficult to buy one as it is now on the internet.

    Gun Control laws do indeed work despite the propaganda that you get from Far Right Paranoids that claim they can never work. Last year terrorists in Britain could not even buy a shotgun to murder large numbers of people so they tried to kill them with a knife attack in a bar. The terrorists got the shit beat out of them by the bar patrons who used chairs and broken beer bottles to beat the hell out of them. In the U.S. the terrorists would have killed or wounded everyone in the bar before the patrons even realized they were under attack. All this proves that British gun laws worked very well that day despite the denials of the Far Right that gun control laws never work. And I might add Vest Control laws would also work if they were similar to British gun laws and were followed with severe vetting and severe penalties for not obeying the laws.

    In conclusion we now live in a very different world than our parents and grand parents did. Gone are the high paying jobs, and the bulk of the population lives pay to pay on low part time menial wage jobs while the Gangster Criminal Capitalvanians hog 98 per cent of the wealth and do not even give the crumbs to the working people. With poverty now widespread and growing every day crime inevitably goes up along with more and more people becoming mentally ill because of the pressure just to try and survive. Food supplies too in the very near future will start to dwindle as was forecasted in the 1973 movie “Soylent Green” which accurately predicted the coming catastrophe of global warming with sky high food prices out of reach of the common man. This will also drive up crime and mental illness so we will see more and more draconian laws as the super rich strive to keep a starving population from taking even 1 cent of their greed monger profits.

    I might add Europeans are way ahead of the U.S. in preparing for the coming food shortages as they are now experimenting with breeding insects to feed the people with as a source of protein while the people in the U.S. who have had it way too good for way too long are still living in the past gorging themselves on cheese whoopers and ice cream without a clue as to what lies ahead for them in a world gone mad with the Capitalvanians at the top of society living a life of blind greed with little thought about the survival of the planet and the people living on it. Thank the Capitalvanian greed mongers like Trump who announced today they will soon cause the extinction of most of the endangered species by trashing Obama’s environmental laws so they can now start to drill for oil, and gas and mine for coal in formerly remote pristine areas polluting them and trashing what little is left of the planet we all live on.

    • Mass shooters pass background checks. Mass shooters are not mass shooters until they start shooting 3-4 people. If a future mass shooter can buy a gun they can buy body armor. New laws will simply put the body armor in the gun store where the future mass shooter will go to buy it along with his gun.

      We already have laws that say criminals can’t have body armor and that you will get extra punishment for using body armor in a crime.

      Gun control does not stop the mass shooting we have right now. Mexico’s criminals will bring in all kinds of stuff for those who want it, we won’t be able to stop them because we have open boarders, just like how California couldn’t stop the Gilroy mass murderer.

      You can’t ignore our reality and substitute it with your own.

      We have to deal with the people not the items. Video games are objects as much as body armor and guns are. Those items are not what creates a mass murderer. Our culture creates these kids and our society rewards their acts afterward. Don’t try to scapegoat objects for human action.

      • quote——————–“Mass shooters pass background checks. Mass shooters are not mass shooters until they start shooting 3-4 people. If a future mass shooter can buy a gun they can buy body armor. New laws will simply put the body armor in the gun store where the future mass shooter will go to buy it along with his gun.——————quote————-

        Wrong: History has already proven you wrong many decades ago. Our background checks are inferior to the background checks many foreign counties do and a damn good example on how to conduct “professional” background checks is the Japanese method. It works and works so well that even though rifles are legal as well as shotguns they have not had a mass shooting in decades because of the professionalism of their very, very thorough background check system. Not only are there interviews with psychiatrist and 3 with the police but local people like family and friends are also required to give a recommendation as well. In our own mass shootings many relatives of the psycho’s often went to the police about such problem people and were totally ignored and the info never entered into the data base so that the nut cases passed the background checks making our system a Hill Jack joke. I could also mention other countries like Britain that also have professional back ground checks as well as they stopped the terrorists last year from getting shotguns to commit mass murder proving their British system worked very well indeed last year as compared to our Hill Jack system that passes you as long as you have not recently murdered over 100 people.

        • Yeah, Vlad the Impaled is Crisco. He’s the only neckbeard that uses that Hill Jack term. He gets laughed at under at least two troll banners.

        • There was a mass shooting in Australia and New Zealand recently. There’s video evidence of one of the worst mass shootings ever done by a single person. It happened there.

          Japan has a much different culture and society than white countries. You can’t directly compare them. And there was a recent mass murder in Japan that killed around the same number of people that the El Paso and Dayton shootings did.

          Brazil had a mass shooting at a school recently. They have very strong gun control. They had gun confiscations and destroyed many guns. However, the homicide rate went up afterwards and has reached unbelievable levels, twice as many as Mexico.

          Mexico has mass shootings very often. Their mass shootings aren’t solely directed at criminals. They murder anyone they feel like killing. They even commit mass shootings of police. There is video evidence of criminals using their illegal full autos to murder cops sitting at a gas station or doing traffic work. They do so many mass shootings the local police are scared of them, to the point they follow the orders given to them by cartels.

          Even Canada has had a mass shooting in the last year or two. Increasingly there are problems with gangs and shootings. They don’t like to talk about because most of the criminals appear to be people of color.

        • to chief censor

          quote——————-Japan has a much different culture and society than white countries. You can’t directly compare them. And there was a recent mass murder in Japan that killed around the same number of people that the El Paso and Dayton shootings did.———–quote.

          Your statements on Japan are false. It has nothing to do with there culture as its gun laws are similar to what has been passed in many European Countries and the Europeans also have way less mass shootings than we do. I might add that your statement about the recent mass killing in Japan was 30 people and setting fire to a building is fare more difficult to successfully carry out than walking into a crowd of people and opening fire with an assault weapon.

          Your statements about Mexico are very misleading as well. Studies show the criminals rule Mexico and other South of the border countries like Guatemala because the criminals are the politicians in control or they are under the financial pay off of drug gangs. No ones gun control laws are successful when the government itself is responsible for breaking such laws.

          And we can look at the few terrorist attacks that have taken place in France in the last couple of years. Here again Frances gun control laws did not fail at all because the terrorists were trained and or armed or both from Middle East Countries. This is actual warfare from a foreign country attacking France not a failure of any of their gun laws.

        • It is so incredibly difficult and expensive to obtain a rifle or shotgun in Japan that people have simply stopped trying. As a result, the country has so few hunters left that certain varmint creatures are out of control and there is no one to hunt them. The number of legally held firearms, and the persons who own them, has dropped by half in the last decade.

        • Background checks. Japan. Fire. Arson. Kills 30+ people.

          In other news, murder is still illegal and you don’t need a gun to kill more people than the California and Ohio incidents combined.

        • Japan is also the preeminent example that an armed society is a polite society. The Japanese are conditioned to be painfully polite for the sole reason that for centuries, any perceived insult would get you killed. An armed samurai had cart blanche authority to slay the peasantry for virtually any reason. there was also inter-caste status concerns. This evolved the Japanese society into one where individuals would avoid any situation that would lead to such outcomes.

    • “So the question is “who is wearing body armor most of the time”? Schumer is correct when he states the criminals and psycho’s are wearing it most of the time making it often much more difficult to stop them when they are on a rampage or robbing a store when the cops get there to engage them.”

      Oh, and the countless thousands who wear it every time they go the range, or go hunting, or keep it by the nightstand as part of their defense-response plan…why, it’s almost like you’re trying to make the argument that only criminals go around carrying concealed handguns.

      You are so full of shit. I’m not aware of a single instance where body armor was directly responsible for allowing someone to escape police. Even the Hollywood shootout guys were encircled then hen-pecked to death by handguns & a couple bolt actions borrowed from convenience stores. It merely delayed the inevitable.

      • quote———————You are so full of shit. I’m not aware of a single instance where body armor was directly responsible for allowing someone to escape police. ———–quote

        Where do you live in a cave. There have been many recorded instances where the mass shooter was indeed not stopped right away enabling him to go on shooting. One that comes to mind was the church shooting last year. A neighbor came running to help and he used his rifle to shoot at the nut cases and he realized the nut case had body armor on. He then shot for the guys legs but did not realize the guy had body armor pants on as well. The neighbor was lucky he survived the encounter. The nut case then calmly got into his car and drove off. If he had wanted to he could have shot even more people but did not because he was being chased by the neighbor and the nut case only stopped his rampage because he decided he had had enough fun for the day and then committed suicide.

        • Cite one case commie vermin. As somebody who’s been shot while wearing body armor, it keeps you alive, it doesn’t prevent whomever is shooting at you from disabling you. I’ve got quite a bit of scar tissue to prove my point.

        • Are we just going to let “Body armor pants” go?

          Because I’ve worn a lot of body armor designed to stop bullets heading my direction, but I ain’t never seen “body armor pants”.

          And versus a rifle? That rules out soft armor. So unless this guy had tubes of AR500 steel strapped to his legs like a medieval knight, I’m just going to assume that trolls don’t know any more about body armor than they do suppressors and firearms.

        • Not exactly. Willeford’s first shot was to the chest/abdomen area, hitting the gunman’s plate. This hit caused contusions to the epigastric area and resulted in the gunman dropping his rifle. The gunman then tried to return fire with a pistol but was wildly off his mark. The gunman then made a break to his SUV when Willeford shot him once in the axilla and again in the thigh. The gunman called his father as he was driving off and told him he wasnt going to make it as he was succumbing to his wounds. The SUV veered off the road, crashed and the gunman was
          eventually found dead with a muzzle imprint and self-inflicted gunshot wound above his right ear.
          So no, he didn’t stop just for the fuck of it. He stopped because he was getting shot at. Even though the first shot hit the plate, it was enough for the gunman to not only drop his weapon (thereby saving lives) but also disoriented him enough that he couldnt effectively return fire. His fate was sealed with the remaining shots on target. Body armor helps to some extent, but it still leaves one vulnerable in many areas.

        • I have seen many times where body armor worked it didn’t. Many men died in Iraq and Afghanistan when the bullet just missed the small plate of armor or came in through the side where there is no or little protection.

          A rifle round will go through your soft armor easily. We civilians need rifles because soft armor exists. As you said about the Texas church shooting, without a rifle he wouldn’t have been able to stop the murderer because he had armor and a helmet to stop pistol rounds without issue.

          This is what happens when you have both hard and soft body armor and get shot with a rifle. The energy has to go somewhere.

        • My recollection is that the guy was wounded, and that was why he lost control of his car and ended his miserable life.

    • I eat grasshoppers, June bugs, earth worms( their good fried with a little salt) ,I eat all kinda things. I once ate a moth that tasted like raspberry, mmm that was good I should have remembered what kind it was. Soylent Greens a waste of time, if we could fight off them cops when we go to digging up all them dead guys they drag off and bury We’d all be pretty fat. If them cops can fight like them coyotes do though, they can keep their dead guys.

        • It’s always night in a crawl space. I still have no idea how a possum manages a key board. One of lifes little mysteries.

      • Possum!!

        Gawd, I was getting so tired of Vlad/Pg2’s rants. Good to have you back. It’s much more fun to have a verbal “argument” with a tipsy possum than a village idiot. The possum at least gives you entertainment while you chase it around with a broom.

        The more you comment here, Possum ‘Ol Boy, the more attention you take away from Vlad/Pg2. Better for you, better for us, better for everyone.

    • There is not one incident this century where it can be said that body armor delayed the neutralization of an active shooter.

      The world learned from North Hollywood.

      Body Armor wearing badguys is a non-issue, and banning yet another thing from the law-abiding will not fix a damn thing.

    • BG check for body armor? The armor isn’t dangerous, hazardous, classified, or otherwise sensitive. It is a thick cloth shirt, maybe with some hard bits (like motorcycle safety gear).
      Speaking of which, they gonna require a BG check after some nut shoots up a place wearing a motorcycle helmet? Maybe ban them too I guess…
      How about a BG check when you go to buy gas with a mandatory 10 day wait after another nut douses someone wearing a BG checked bullet resistant shirt and BBQs him?
      You want a BG check for a firearm, fine. I get BG checked 24 times a year because I work in Gaming/Lottery. Just do not include any info on the form of what I am buying, or asking me any stupid questions that can be lied about. Just check to see if I am prohibited or not, same as what happens during a traffic stop to see if I have a warrant. You know, type in my name and if nothing pops up I am good to go.

    • Wow. That is an impressive amount of absolute BS for just one post. Do you get a prize for being so willfully ignorant?

    • It’s so scary that you actually believe your rants.

      Chief is just as confused as you…. so at least you found a friend.

  9. If Congress is foolish enough to pass such unconstitutional laws and the President is foolish enough to sign them, the SCOTUS will strike them down.

    Body armour is part of the “arms” protected by the 2nd Amendment and has the sole purpose of being defensive. Body armour has no offensive capabilities.

    (Maybe you could throw the plates at someone).

    • quote—————Body armour has no offensive capabilities.———–quote

      If that were true (which it is not) then nut cases would not use it to survive as long as possible so they can go on shooting as long as possible and kill more people than they otherwise could.

      • I’ll take “Shit that never happened” for $2000 Alex.

        Let me simple it up for you. The federal government has no authority to regulate body armor. Furthermore, they have no ability to do so as most modern “anti-road rash” jackets have enough aramid in them to serve as functional level IIIA vests.

        • And I am willing to bet that we could not induce you to put on such a motorcycle vest and then put your assault rifle in a rest and with a long stick trip off the trigger and then see if you survive. Its called putting your money where your mouth is and it would never happen.

        • Yes fucktard. It’s a IIIA vest. Not rifle resistant. If you think tiny little rifle resistant trauma plates keep you combat effective, then I know you’re a civilian puke who’s never heard a shot fired in anger.

        • Some one accidently had live ammunition at one of your cosplay conventions?,… I’m sorry, I mean organized competitive shooting event.

        • 1. All competitive shooting events use live ammo. What the fuck are you smoking?
          2. I’ve got a lifetime supply of pain meds from the VA that I would happily trade to have my body back to all factory parts.

    • Wrong on that. The government does as it pleases and the Supreme Court down through history has very often voted with public opinion and right now the public at large is terrified of people wearing bullet proof vests. And when did the Supreme Court really ever give a damn about what the Constitution said or meant. Really you need to go back to school and pass your history and government classes. Those who do not understand the past are condemned to relive it.

      • Says the commie advocating for an ideology that murdered a quarter billion people. Here’s a fun fact. You can’t regulate soft body armor because aramid is in everything these days. You can’t regulate rifle trauma plates because anybody with half a brain can make an AR-500 plate. Here’s the fun thing. You commie vermin aren’t even going to get a vote on this. Your little public terror propaganda campaign will fail as soon as we start arresting the management and talking heads of the networks you’ve corrupted to your treasonous little enterprise. Here’s a fun fact, the network’s parroting of the talking points of the Comey Coup is enough to have the lot of them thrown in a dark hole for the rest of their miserable lives.

  10. He’s just jelous, some of theirs is better then his, can’t have that

  11. Of all the messed up things. Ban the guns, then ban the things that make guns less useful.

    That leaves us without the ability to project power and the inability to resist power…

    Sounds like a subject not a Citizen.

    • Yeah… Chuckie has no chance in hell of getting that bill off of the ground. Any bill proposed by a Demokkkommie is DOA in the Senate and rightly so.

  12. 100% DOA in the Senate…for now. Chuckie is a dangerous guy for lots of reasons, not the least being his hypocrisy. He is a lying, scheming, conniving little shit.
    He has already won by forcing this discussion. MSM will latch on to it like they have “assault weapon” “high cap mags” “gun show loophole” and all the other bullshit talking points they’ve invented.
    No shortage of imbeciles in the House who will run with this and if we lose the Senate or the White House, all bets are off.

    Trump needs at least one more SCOTUS pick before the next election. If RBG goes to room temp America would have a shot at normalizing SCOTUS. Roberts is a deceitful POS who I don’t trust at all to support the Constitution over his personal agenda.

    A body armor ban belongs in a cartoon, not in our Congress but we keep electing these power drunk assholes who are intent on shitting on America in pursuit of power, money and influence.


  13. I occasionally wear it at the range, especially during group move and shoot drills. Eyes, ears and chest protection.

    • I would wear mine and even kit my wife up when going to the range. After a couple incidents in my former home state of Old Virginny a vest was required wear. The first time was on an open range when an unsupervised minor popped a round from his dad’s pistol from the firing line when people were downrange checking targets. That idiot and his kids got thrown off the range and banned.
      The second time was when a knucklehead committed suicide at an indoor range I frequented. Needless to say this sort of stuff is a rude wake up call.

      • Do you guys wear helmets commuting to work? That would be far more likely to save your life. Wearing all the tacti-cool b.s. is just a way of pretending you’re doing something dangerous and are there for brave. Live fire team tactics training is less dangerous than riding a bike to the liquor store. Gearing up to go to the range is just vanity that plays right in to the “guns are intrinsically dangerous and only for the well trained” rhetoric. If you can’t accept a little conscious awareness of danger in your life, then don’t bother reaching for a gun, it likely won’t do you any good in the rare event you need it.

        • Sure it is more dangerous, that doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes take safety precautions. I don’t wear armor to the range. If I had my own personal range and shooting steel, I’d probably put it on unless I had a fairly long range. I’ve seen 2nd hand, ricochets that came right back and hit a person. Even shooting proper AR500 targets at proper distances. I’ve certainly seen first hand some ricochets that would have been dangerous as heck with some more angle to it. I’ve been muzzled by guys at public ranges a number of times. Partly why I almost never do public ranges anymore.

          Accidental shootings is a rounding error compared to auto deaths. I don’t wear armor or eye protection hunting knowing my odds. I take my own safety precautions when hunting. Public range…well I can’t control other people and depending on the event or location I’d probably consider wearing armor. I wouldn’t say someone has racecar driver fantasies if they decided to install a 5-pt harness in their car to be safer driving.

        • Its a 24/7 outdoor range with no lights and a 30 minute drive to the hospital. We’ve routinely run drills at 2AM. Nobody is talking about benchrest or firing-stalls. Hate if you want, but why avoid a layer of safety? Why not make training a little harder? Enjoy your square ranges, I’ll be at the one with the 300 yd tower shooting 90 degrees from my mobile position.

  14. I read the shooter drove a Honda Accord with Goodyear tires and Enron gasoline in the tank to get to the Walmart and used his iPhone to get directions. Those items need to be banned like yesterday.

  15. I’d like to regulate the “sale” of Chuck Schumer.

    As we live in a post free-speech era (Thank you liberal america), I can’t say what I think about him.
    I’d rather not have any visitors from DC at my home pre-dawn.

  16. Wonder if schumer has ever heard of military surplus stores or if he knows those $200 vest are “refurbished”. But I’m really looking forward to the legal definition of “tactical”.

    • You just reminded me of the popular 5.11 Tactec plate carrier, a weighted vest specifically designed for resistance training. They run around $200 I think and take SAPI plates.
      LEO: stop running you are under arrest for wearing illegal body armor!
      Crossfit Bro: Bro, just finishing up the tail end of the Murph WOD.
      LEO: Bro
      Crosfit Bro: Broooo

      • One of my boys wears one of those weighted vests for endurance training when jogging. Since we live in Der Pipple’s Republic of Joizey, I advised wearing something like that in public would attract the attention of paranoids.
        Another one of my boys was detained by campus security while running stairs and doing parkour at Montclair. Luckily for him one of the guards had some common sense and understood what was going on, but some see a BDU or camo pattern and lose their fricking mind.

        • I used to work security and we had pretty generic uniforms, with $50 and a galls catalogue you couldn’t have gotten much more generic, but since I carried my own weapon and was working late hours I went ahead carried on the way to work, when I would stop for gas or coffee no one would question me at all. I felt kinda bad that people were that trusting.

      • I feel sorry for all the little fat kids with the armored backpacks plus the weight of books, the obesity epidemic might suddenly go away.

  17. Many states already have laws that make it a felony to commit certain crimes while wearing body armor and/or felons cannot buy body armor. Just like gun laws, keep making them thinking the bad guy will take a hint. Silly Dem Politicians.

    • Telling Chuckie Schumer anything is hard when he already knows all.
      He was on a commercial flight using his cell phone and the attendant advised him to shut it off and the snarky cack knacker had the gall to argue about it.
      People like that … you tell them once. There are alternatives for hard learners … and like Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

  18. Does this mean the government is going to regulate my bodyfat rolls? Those will stop bullets, punches, and even proton packs!

  19. Schumer is a dumbass. Just as ther are laws on criminal use of guns, there are also laws regarding use of body armor during a crime: both federally and in most States. Dems just want to ban LAWFUL USE of guns and gear.

  20. Another stoopid idea from Schmucky Schumer.

    BTW, will fiberglass cloth be regulated, too? Because I’ve seen lots of videos of perfectly serviceable armor plates made from nothing more than woven roving and resin. Not exactly AR500 level stuff, but good enough to reinforce the point that the signal can’t be stopped.

  21. Big surprise. Body armor has been illegal for the peons to own in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey for years. A friend of mine had a business ther, he was denied a gun permit because the elites told him he didn’t have a good enough reason to suit them. When he went to buy vests for his employees he found out they were illegal except for police. He wised up and moved his business across the river to PA.

  22. And once again, statements made by people surrounded by armed and armored security.
    Credibility: Zero.

  23. With the click of a mouse, scroll of a thumb, dialing of a phone, someone who wishes to protect himself and his family from the criminal element can get this.”

    That’s what Chucky is REALLY afraid of…………….

    Now ask yourself this question. Why would a liberal, anti constitution, anti gun. socialist, progressive marxist democrat want to keep his fellow citizens from owning guns and body armor ? Especially when we know that as soon as it’s enacted, Congress will pass a law that exempts Congressmen, Senators & House of Rep members from this law?

    You get ONE guess.

    Hint: Only your enemy wants you disarmed

  24. Stupid law. As a result of this law, many more people will die in motorcycle accidents than they will die in shootings. And how is it possible to kill people by using body armor? If you’re planning a massive shooting activity, the biggest probability is that you will be killed by a police sniper, so body armor will not help at all here.

  25. Stupid law. As a result of this law, many more people will die in motorcycle accidents than they will die in shootings. And how is it possible to kill people by using body armor? If you’re planning a massive shooting activity, the biggest probability is that you will be killed by a police sniper, so body armor will not help at all here. So this law makes no sense.

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