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The former governor of Alaska (that would be Ms. Palin) recently ignited ire on the left of the American political spectrum for a firearms-related metaphor on Twitter and gun-sight imagery on Facebook. More than a few Democratic commentators have connected the [alleged] dots between Palin’s Tea Party-pleasing anti-government rhetoric with gun ownership, gun nuts and, finally, domestic terrorism. But let’s face it: there’s votes in them thar gun owners. Just ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who spent the better part of today schmoozing at a shotgun social. Mind you, this is no new thing for the politician talk show host Rush Limbaugh insists on calling “Dingy Harry.” In fact, the locus of Senator Reid’s big day out, the Clark County Shooting Park, is a beneficiary of the pol’s pork barrel meistering. As is Mr. Reid; two of his sons work at the landowner’s law firm.

“Reid helped to secure land and $61 million for the 2,900-acre facility under the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act,” The Las Vegas Sun informs. “He was joined at the ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday by National Rifle Association of America Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, Rep. Shelley Berkley, Rep. Dina Titus, state Sen. John Jay Lee and Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins.”

Anyway, here’s what $61 million worth of federal money buys you in the way of shooting ranges:

· Shotgun Center:

This feature contains 24 combination Trap and Skeet fields, a 5,443 – square-foot shotgun center with a reception area, a pro shop, shotgun storage lockers and a cafeteria. It also features 80 full-service RV sites, a clay target storage building, lit ranges and shade ramadas.

· Public Rifle/Pistol Center:

The Public Rifle/Pistol Center offers 30 shooting points up to 50 yards; 15 shooting points up to 200 yards; 15 points up to 100 yards, night lights, shade ramadas, concrete shooting tables, covered shooting areas, a 3,000 – square-foot building with a convenience store, a reception area, a 30 – seat classroom, restrooms and a pro shop.

· Hunter Education Center:

This 4,400 square foot building contains three 30-seat classrooms expandable up to one 90-seat classroom, two offices for Nevada Department of Wildlife use, and restrooms. It also features night lighting, a 100-meter archery range with 10 positions, a 100-yard range with10 positions and a 50-yard range with 20 positions. It will also contain a shotgun range and two walking field courses.

· Archery Center:

The Archery Center houses a known-distance archery range, covered firing points, classroom area, restrooms, and shade ramadas.

Good show Harry!

Reid practiced shooting at one of the ranges, firing six rounds from a 12-gauge shotgun and hitting two clay birds. Each clay bird busted into pieces and the crowd cheered as Reid reloaded the gun.

And now, here’s the firearms-related voting record of the NRA’s best bud.

* Voted YES on allowing firearms in checked baggage on Amtrak trains. (Apr 2009)
* Voted YES on prohibiting foreign & UN aid that restricts US gun ownership. (Sep 2007)
* Voted YES on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. (Jul 2005)
* Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence. (Mar 2004)
* Voted YES on background checks at gun shows. (May 1999)
* Voted NO on more penalties for gun & drug violations. (May 1999)
* Voted NO on loosening license & background checks at gun shows. (May 1999)
* Voted YES on maintaining current law: guns sold without trigger locks. (Jul 1998)

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  1. So, $61 million of my Federal tax dollars (Ha! not tax dollars, but $61,000,000.00 of increased national debt) went to pay for Las Vegas Nevadans to have a nice place to shoot? What about those poor underprivileged Nevada shooters in Reno, Elko, and Winnemucca? And, why am I, a Texan, supposed to pay for this? And, not have a $61 Million shooting range in my hometown? Pork is pork – whether for a good cause, or not!

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