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In the video above, “Bad Girls Club star Amber Meade” (whatever that means) prances around with a rifle in a live YouTube streaming thing. Someone calls 911. Ms. Meade and her ballistic BFF let the boys in blue into her abode. Wrong answer. You are under no obligation to allow police into your home unless they have a search warrant. And there is every reason NOT to let them in. You don’t know what they’ll find that they can use against you: an unsecured firearm or “illegal” magazine (depending on your state’s laws), evidence of intoxication, something. Anything. As a gun owner you have everything to lose. Talk to the cops outside your home if you wish. Be polite, but firm. No entry without a warrant. Period. 

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    • Do you know the outcome of this lawsuit by any chance? As a tax paying citizen of NV this is of great concern to me.

  1. Don’t even open the door, unless they present a warrant you can read through a window glass.

    • Cop: May we talk to you inside?
      Smart Citizen: Do you have a warrant?
      Cop: No. We just want to talk to you.
      Smart Citizen: Please direct all questions to my attorney.
      Cop: Who is your attorney?
      Smart Citizen: Please direct all questions to my attorney.

      • Cops: Would you let us in?
        Citizen: Do you have a warrant?
        Cops: No. We just want to talk?
        Citizen: How many of you are there?
        Cops: Just us two.
        Citizen: Then talk to each other.

  2. Cops around her seem to expect that, there have been several times I practically had to beg both cops and firefighters to enter my home. Medical events requiring care like NOW, no time to play. Once in, all was fine, but getting them through the door seemed like they were afraid of *me*!

    • Exhibitionism? What good can come from doing something like this?

      And apparently these girls had gps location broadcast enabled in this application.

      So anyone who cares to watch what they are doing know where these two are, and that they have guns available for future theft.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think this is very smart.

      • Smart can be debated till the cows come home, but until a law is broken you can do whatever the hell you want to do, especially in your own home. If someone wants to dress up like Liberace and put the pics on instagram that is their freaking right. You can judge all you want but being dumb about something doesn’t give the cops a warrant. They did it cause it was fun for them and it harms no one.

        • Everyone has the right to be stupid of course.

          It’s still stupid.

          I wasn’t trying to argue that this meant the cops should have been called out to search….

  3. Honestly, the cardinal rule is “Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places.”

    In 2016, that includes stupid virtual places.

    But if the cops show up anyway, don’t let them enter without a warrant.

  4. I am sorry but I believe you should comply. If you are not doing anything wrong then just let them in. In this case that is exactly what happened. Just like you don’t hear about self defense gun usage you also don’t hear about when the police enter and leave without any incident. There just isn’t anything to talk about in that case. Saying no to them just shows that you have something to hide so they will be suspicious.

    I am a law abiding citizen. If the police want to enter my home I will allow them and be a good host. I have nothing to hide. Call me ignorant all you want but it has always worked out for me.

    • They can be suspicious all they want. I don’t give a f*ck. Get the warrant. Not mean or impolite about it. Just don’t want anybody snooping around my house even though I’m law abiding.

    • “I am sorry but I believe you should comply.”

      What possible benefit is there to you, when as you say, you are doing nothing wrong?

      There is zero benefit and only risk.

      They will be on the lookout for anything they can use to charge something with. Who knows what they may come up with. Sure, you say there is nothing – do you personally know all the laws in your state and county that you are expected to comply with? I doubt it.

      • Okay, I’ll turn it right back at you– You didn’t do anything wrong. Why do you have to let them in? Why should you let them in? On the other hand, would you allow a stranger in your home regardless of what they claim? Why not? You’re innocent. Innocent people have nothing to hide.

        I know you want to be helpful to law enforcement and that’s great, but once you consent to their access of your property, you have unnecessarily empowered them with authority that they do not need to carry out their duties. Besides, what are you going to accomplish by letting them in that couldn’t be done outside?

    • “I am a law abiding citizen. If the police want to enter my home I will allow them and be a good host.”

      Wow, they have you well-trained don’t they?


    • “I am a law abiding citizen. If the police want to enter my home I will allow them and be a good host.”

      You need to brain flush…cops are not your friend, they don’t want to be yours. When they show up, it’s not a good neighbor relations call.

    • Nice7ime,

      Perhaps you, like me, have lived all your life in communities where the police are honest and generally try to help good people and put bad people in prison.

      And if you have that much faith in the local 5-0, you are blessed. And you probably live in a small town or rural area.

      But it’s important to understand that as communities and police agencies get larger, they tend to become corrupt, have a difficult time culling out the bad apples, and are more likely to be against the idea of citizens owning guns. Best let them stay outside unless there’s someone inside who needs immediate medical attention.

      • ” . . . as communities and police agencies get larger, they tend to become corrupt, have a difficult time culling out the bad apples, and are more likely to be against the idea of citizens owning guns. . .”

        This. And the cop-culture problems are become more, not less, acute as time goes on. There are good cops working in politicized large urban agencies but they place their careers on the line if they speak out against bad cops. If the leadership and politicians won’t support good cops, then the corruption just goes on and on. And so it goes . . .

    • Do you know every law on the books for your locality, county, state, and the federal register? I sure as hell don’t. So please don’t call yourself law-abiding. I read an article called 3 Felonies a Day, written by a federal prosecutor explaining that there are so many laws now the average person commits, you guessed it, 3 felonies a day without even knowing it. They’ll find something on even the ‘cleanest’ person. So don’t help them incarcerate you, please.

    • I am a law abiding citizen. If the police want to enter my home I will allow them and be a good host. I have nothing to hide.

      Do they pat you on the head and give you a treat when you sit?

      If the police show up at your door, and it’s not to investigate something where you’re the victim (e.g. a burglary or defensive shooting), then to them you are a suspect. They will try to get you on any charge they can come up with so they can start putting the pressure on you to get you to confess. Anything they see is admissible and can be probable cause to arrest you.

      By your logic, we might as well let the government keep detailed records of who owns what firearms and where we keep them (I keep mine at the bottom of Lake Washington…tragic boat accident). After all, I’m a law abiding citizen, with nothing to hide.

    • I have an old decorative Planter’s Peanut jar full of catnip sitting on my dresser. Think THAT won’t get me locked up until the test results came back? I’m not going to risk it.

      • I only noticed cause I’m a fag and didn’t notice the girl. Just kidding. I’m not gay. I’m just metrosexual. Just kidding. I’m not metrosexual. I’m cultured. Just kidding. I’m not cultured. If I was, I’d have a bidet in my closet/bathroom.

    • There’s a toilet right next to it, so either they have one well stocked closet, or they’re filming in their bathroom.

  5. To Nice7ime: the purpose of the 4th Amendment is to protect us from an over reaching government not to allow the government to enter our homes at will or needlessly. It’s not about having nothing to hide. It’s about keeping tryanny at bay. Look up Writs of Assistance.

  6. So, as for the video. I was actually quite impressed with girls pro gun arguments given their age. Yeah, they’re pretty immature, but they sure enraged all the liberals in their comments section.

  7. I didn’t listen to the vid; that would be too much for me, I think. So someone tell me: Why did someone call the police? Last I checked, dancing around with a gun in the privacy of your own home is not a crime. Swatting?

    • Someone in Oahu HI (big surprise) reported a “machine gun.” The broadcaster lives in Cali.

  8. It is pretty simple to say “I am going to neither stop you from entering my house nor am I going to give you permission to enter the house.” I would advise other people to say just that. But, me personally, if the police are polite and have a good reason to be in my house, I will invite them in, perhaps offer them a soda and a snack. Most police are good people, and I have nothing in my house that is remotely illegal. If I get that rare, corrupt police officer that has not yet been busted, I guess I will have to sue the crap out of that officer and his department; otherwise, I am going to assume that they are honest, good people. See, I consider police to be my backup should something happen. I can defend myself better than most people, but even with all this study and training, I know that I am a mere mortal. If I frantically call 911 in the dark of night, believe me, it will probably be very bad, and in that situation, I want police officers who remembered that I treated them with respect coming to my rescue. (Warning!!! This philosophy of being nice to police may not be advisable in California, New Jersey, and Illinois. 🙂 )

    • I will invite them in for a soda and a snack, which they will refuse.they dont eat marijuana laced brownies and drink electric koolaid,

  9. Yeah it was silly, and as long it was unloaded and no one behind the camera, I didn’t see anything wrong. Lesson learned.

    I was actually enjoying it until the cops showed up. I had the sound off, I’m sure the music was awful. Sure beat watch FPS Russia trying to kill himself blowing something up again.

    • Good point. Definitely more entertaining than some idiot perforating the hood of his pickup.

  10. Hmmm… So this is what people with really tiny brains do for entertainment. Periscope. Interesting.

  11. So, they were falsely reported.
    Did anyone file a complaint with Oahu PD for that?
    Not that Oahu PD would do anything, bruddah.
    But at least punch back.
    Maybe they could get Anonymous to help get the false reporters id, and call them out online?

  12. Pretty obvious, really.

    When I make house calls, it depends what I’m investigating. First of all, I’m always polite if I have that option. If I’m at the house of a helpful witness, I go out of my way to treat the witness(es) well. If I’m at the home of a felony suspect, well, I’m definitely looking for things.

    I’ve rarely encountered anything actionable in peoples’ homes. Of course if I’m looking for suspect X, and the occupants have “no idea” where suspect X lives, and a picture of suspect X is on the wall, well, that’s just hard to believe.

  13. If the police want to talk to you, including if the come to arrest you, step outside your door onto the porch and close the door behind you., If they don’t have a warrant, they cannot legally enter your home.

  14. Cop: ” may I come in? Citezen:” sure, let me hide the scales, the bags of weed, the meth pipes,the still, the harley motor and that stiff dead body first. Come on in, care for a snack or glass of juice?”

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