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In this drill at the SIG SAUER Active Shooter Response Instructor course, a pair of responding officers enter a room with roughly thirty potential targets. Their job: ID and shoot the bad guys without shooting the good guys (or each other). The officer on the left screwed the proverbial pooch; he failed to scan the potential bad guy’s waistline, missed the badge and shot an undercover cop. Imagine the degree of difficulty involved if the crowd was moving and the officers were taking incoming fire. Meanwhile, here’s your takeaway: low ready means low ready. If your gun is too high you can’t scan low. In a situation where a bad shoot will ruin your life forever, you need to check the entire target before unleashing the dogs of war. Something to think about.

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  1. In real life there will always be fratricide when good boys and girls encounter good boys and girls during battle. I was on my department for six months (1976) when an officer was killed by “friendly fire” during a narcotics raid shootout with really bad bad guys.

    Training is all important, and I am so glad to see that you folks are getting some real world training…who better than Sig..huh? However…as you have seen…it’s almost impossible to train away tunnel vision/hearing when the SHTF. Especially when the bullets are real.

    • Blue on blue with friendly fire happens in military situations more than most people will know. This happened a lot in WWII. Dad made the comment that if multiple friendlies are in the area, communication of your location and direction becomes very important for proper coordination between units.

  2. That shooter on the left conducted the most laid back, lackadaisical reload I’ve seen in a while…

  3. I invite all quarterbacks to do just (1) one real life shootout….then repost. With any luck you won’t ever have to do that. In the mean time your opinion is meaningless.

    • Really? So everyone’s opinion is meaningless unless they’ve shot it out with some one?

      So, essentially, you’re saying even if you have the chance to get free shooting lessons with Jerry Miciulick or Dave Sevigney, you should turn them down, because they havent done that?

      One of the best ways to learn things is to actually talk to people about things.

  4. “In a situation where a bad shoot will ruin your life forever, you need to check the entire target before unleashing the dogs of war.” –
    I’ve seen VERY FEW situations where LEO’s didn’t get a pass when THEY shoot an innocent bystander, and they almost ALWAYS stay “on the job”, so I’m not sure where you are getting this “will ruin your life forever” paradigm. The reality is, the only ones who’s lives are “ruined forever” are the dead bystanders, innocent victims and their families. There seems to be no accountability or down side for the LEO’s. They walk away to live their lives!


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