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Predators have a strategic advantage: human decency. Not theirs, of course. Yours. Most people will stop to talk to a stranger asking for help. What time is it? You check your cell phone. They take it. Do you know where XXXX Street is? You look around. They clobber you. Got a light? Lights out. I’m not saying treat all strangers like brain-eating zombies. But know this: your gun is no use to you at static bad breath distances. If a stranger approaches you KEEP MOVING. Give directions or say sorry no, can’t help you, while walking away. Sure there are exceptions and yes, it’s situationally dependent. But the moment you stand still is the moment you’ve surrendered your ground. By the same token, practice drawing while moving. The best way to “get off the X” is not to be on it in the first place.

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  1. Good God, but that is shocking. I had to go back and watch the video again. 13 cars drove past the guy lying on the ground being kicked and robbed. I did notice that one of those cars turned off and turned around, watching from some side street at the top of the frame. Eventually that is the car that pulled up to the guy once the scumbags left. Hell, I get the idea that people can’t know whether the bad guys are armed, or whatever, but at least stop a little ways off, put your lights on them, and lay on the freaking horn. SOMETHING would have been better than nothing.

    Good points in the post, though. In my younger days I have been in bad parts of several big cities (Boston and NYC) at night, even way past midnight. I’ve had people follow me. Usually I’d just go into any open business and let them pass, but other times I’d just visible shake and twitch my head every 5 or 6 steps, mumbling loudly to myself. I’ve had people cross the street to avoid me. Gotta do what you gotta do.

    • Yep, I crashed my bike in the middle of a sunny morning. Down, bleeding, near unconcious. People drove around me like I wasnt there. Nobody even bothered to use their cells to call 911. I had to use my own cell to self rescue.

      I refuse to become a soulless creature like those in the cars. I will help when I can. I will be at red until I know the full story, but I will help.

    • Their seeming lack of concern is probably rooted in the fear that what they’re watching is the kind of predation this poor guy fell for in the first place, that they’ll be roped in and mugged/beaten too.

      That or a serious case of Kitty Genovese syndrome. Either way, this is the kind of moral and physical cowardice that breeds freely in an unarmed populace.

      • The “Kitty Genovese syndrome” was largely a media creation and a cover-up by the police as an alibi for not responding to 911 calls.

        Rule of thumb: if you read it in the MSM, it’s bullsh1t.

  2. “Sure there are exceptions ….” The exceptions are usually 5′ 4″ and brunette … or blond … or a redhead. Ok, I have a lot of exceptions.

  3. This shows exactly the thing that most people do not understand – they do not just want to rob you. They not only have no concern for human life, especially your life, but that one guy just took pleasure in continuing to kick the guy in the head just for the fvck of it. Knock-out game? you might come away with a headache and some bruises, if you’re lucky. Knock out and then kick you in the head four or five times just for shits and giggles – YOW!

    • Liberal gun grabbers think that deadly force should not be used against someone trying to rob you. I guess they never saw anything like this. But then again, it probably wouldn’t change their mind (confirmation bias).

  4. The video shows what is supposed to happen, what UK law demands should happen: You may not carry any item intended for self-defense. If you only carry an umbrella for that purpose, it is illegal. I think the idea behind it is this: If you haven’t worked your way into the upper-middle or upper economic strata, they want you to be motivated. Therefore you have to suffer yob predation to encourage you to do better. Also, it amuses the yobs.

    The two-man teamwork was classic predator. I can’t quite believe the victim allowed anyone in the night to get so close. It’s not like the frequency of such barbarism hasn’t been covered in the tabloids. I guess I should be proud of my very nearby city, in which a pedestrian at night knows to have one hand on the pistol in his pocket, the other on his very bright little flashlight shining in the random guy’s face, as he growls “back the f’k off or get iced, m’r f’r.” Things really are better here than in the UK.

  5. It appears he got the victim to stop by throwing something at him (bounces off shoulder and hits the ground). Victim stops to see “what’s up with that.”

  6. To keep moving is good advice. I learned another thing while walking down the street. Look really “pissed off” about something! The bad guy’s usually don’t want to mess with somebody when they look like their looking for a fight.
    Also, don’t walk slow and casual! Walk like your ready to knock somebody’s head in, if they give you a bad time.
    We have a lot of pan handlers in my area, and they won’t bother you if you act like a bomb ready to explode!

  7. And don’t forget that once the shooting begins continue to move in a direction AWAY from the threat.

  8. Ahhh. The crime free utopia of Great Britton that we have heard so much about, where the government will take care of all of your protective needs and solve all your crimes with cameras……little help on this one please

  9. Everybody is seeing details that I can’t make out. Just before the assault, the victim moves into impenetrable shadow. On my screen, at least. Still, there’s enough hear to be sickening. At the same time, this type of predatory shit happens every day just about everywhere, so it’s not uncommon, either. Just freakin’ sad.

  10. Briton is a wonderful country, I lived there for two years. Most of the people are very nice upstanding people. Like any city, you have to have situational awareness at all times. You are at a disadvantage over there since you are not allowed to have a weapon. I will also say I never went anywhere without having something to protect myself with. Many everyday items can be used to protect yourself.

    The Brittish people are a unique group. Most of the regular folks I met were very passive. The members of their armed forces are some of the absolute toughest and meanest you would ever want to go against. I still have not figured out how two groups of the same people could be so diferent.

    Yes I am also very greatful to be an american with the right to protect myself. I still like the Brits and there nation, but I would not want to live there forever.

    • “The members of their armed forces are some of the absolute toughest and meanest you would ever want to go against. I still have not figured out how two groups of the same people could be so diferent.”

      Lots and lots of hazing for new recruits.

  11. From the video it appears that the bad guys used classic “coyote” tactics. One guy distracts the target and draws his attention while the second guy makes the attack. The tactical lesson here pay attention and protect your rear and flanks.

    A couple of years ago I was out walking my dogs and got approached by two surly looking guys who “wanted to know if I had a cellphone charger” I kept the dogs between me and them and did a quick look around to make sure there wasn’t a third guy lurking behind me. I kept my face towards them and walked backwards. I’d like to say that I was ready to pull my gun but to be honest between controlling the dogs and keeping aware my gun handling skills were definitely impaired.. The dogs weren’t belligerent but I could tell that the potential perps were intimated by them and kept their distance.. I don’t know if the dogs saved me or the two guys were just goof offs.

  12. The more important lesson: there’s always another guy. His mistake wasn’t so much stopping as fixating on BG1 who threw trash at him and allowing BG2 to blindside him.

  13. Two scumbag looking dudes aren’t going to get directions in the middle of the night in a crappy part of town.

  14. Once, while visiting NYC, a friend native to the city told me that if anybody asks you “What time is it?” … just run. Don’t look at your watch, don’t stop,… Run.

  15. I learned about this bad guys taking advantage of our nobility tactic the hard way, as an 8 year old ambushed by a group of four older kids.

    I was playing on the street with my buddies when I decided to venture alone into the road less traveled by, a street none of us ever walked into. It was secluded and the grass was overgrown like a jungle.

    Suddenly, out of a corner in front of me, the 4 older kids appeared, walking in my direction. Something inside of me, a voice, a guardian angel, said: They’re up to no good. These are not nice people. Turn around and go back now while there’s still time.

    But I didn’t listen. I “froze” on the inside. It was the first time I had heard that voice and felt a fight or flight instinct, too much to take in. I kept walking, feeling anxious, but clueless about the realities of life, as I retained a somewhat friendly demeanor (instead of a you-don’t-wanna-mess-with-me-bro attitude).

    As they approached me, the youngest asked me what day of the week it was. What a bizarre question, hmm, I think it’s wednesday. As I lowered whatever guard I should have by thinking and answering the question he or they spat on my face and immediately followed with a sucker punch which, thanks to my reflex to tilt backwards from getting spat in the eye, scratched my cheek instead of impacting it strongly, and then all 4 turned and ran away fast giggling.

    I left humiliated from being spat in the face and angry at myself for not listening to the feeling of warning, and at their cowardice, for using a deceiving surprise attack and, despite being at a numerical advantage, running away before I could fight back, for honor’s sake. Or perhaps they expected me to chase them into a trap. Regardless, much, much later I acquired nothing but gratitude for this early attack. Those 4 anonymous punks taught me early on that there are bad guys out there, that the police won’t be there to protect me or anybody else, and thus not to be a sucker and not to let psychopaths take advantage of our innate friendliness.

    Thankfully and sadly this doesn’t happen often enough and to enough people for the masses to realize the same lessons.

  16. If I could, I would eat the brains of the turd who kicked the dude after knocking him out. It would be a small meal.

  17. hmm… typical situation in Russia. Well… not exactly. Only two robbers?? Come on, it’s too fair play.

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