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Wallet holster (courtesy

“At 11:43 am the Bloomsburg Police Department responded to the Eagle Arms Gun Show being held at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds for the victim of an accidental shooting,” reports. “Upon arrival police spoke with the victim Krista Gearhart, age 25, from Orangeville, PA. Gearhart reported she had been shot in the right leg by a vendor demonstrating a concealed wallet holster [not shown]. Vendor and owner of [the ironically-named] ‘In Case of Emergency’ Geoffrey Hawk, age 44, from Warminster, PA reported while demonstrating a product holster he accidentally shot Gearhart in the leg. Gearhart was transported to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville where she was treated and released.” [h/t MC]

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  1. Bloomberg has his own PD, his own town, his own fair grounds….. and even his own gun show…. What? Gun Show? yeah, Bloomie doesn’t destroy all those guns, from the gun turn in…. he sells em’ back hoping criminals will get ahold them….

    • OMG! I had a nightmare about this town before too, everyone there had Michael Bloomburg’s face, even the children! When I woke up in cold sweat, I headed to the bathroom, and when I went to turn on the lights, I saw his face in the mirror starring back at me! It was horrifying!

  2. Every gunshow I’ve been to even dealers weapons are zip tied. You can always tell police only ones w/mags in pistols if on duty. Dealers take them out so they are not “borrowed”

  3. Derp. Sadly, derpers routinely hurt those who are not, themselves, derping. Derping and driving is dangerous, and derping with firearms is dangerous. The vendor derped. We all derp sometimes, but if you derp in a conversation or if you derp playing catch, real danger isn’t likely. If you derp with a gun, someone could die. Friends don’t let friends derp with guns.

  4. Also: that looks an awful lot like an AOW: disguised concealed firearm (fireable from concealment or disguise)

    Literally cannot find a website for the company

    • That design is an AOW. So I hope the photo is of a historical design, and not something in production unless they follow the NFA registration process.

    • Go to & search for holsters ruger LCP. that style was dropped off the AOW list. On android so can’t see the full holster pic. If it’s. Fully enclosed it does become an AOW.easily removed rules (@ least for now) a pocket holster

    • looking at that photo the whole thing looks like a AD waiting to happen. Instead of having a holster that leaves the grip but covers the trigger, someone designed one that does everything back-assward.

      • It should be common courtesy (wrong word maybe, but go with it) to never manipulate a gun or hand it over without clearing it in front of the other person. Live ammo should never be anywhere near a display or training firearm.

        Not sure what series of events took place here but it all could have been avoided had he not violated multiple basic safety rules.

  5. This fairground is about a half hour from me. They usually have two or three gun shows there a year. Hope this IGOTD didn’t ruin these shows at this venue for good.

    Many safety rules broken…..many. Who knows, this may be more fodder for new gun laws in Pa. What an a-hole.

  6. PPGMD et al: Shame on me:
    “Gearhart reported she had been shot in the right leg by a vendor demonstrating a concealed wallet holster [not shown].”

    It’s a stock photo

  7. Wasn’t there some incidents years back where antis were putting live rounds into guns at shows trying to cause NDs or is that BS?

    • I don’t believe it… They’d have to figure out how to chamber a round first, which would require basic knowledge of how a gun worked….

  8. Ms. Gearhart says she feels sorry for the dealer and doesn’t hold the accident against him.

    I see the delivery of a pallet of .22LR in her future.

  9. About a million years ago, I was a buddy’s house table top gaming and his girlfriend came out holding his Dan Wesson .44 mag in one hand. She pointed it right at me and I hit the floor with much laughter from everyone else in the room ringing in my ears. My buddy jumped up, took the gun from her, and proceeded to read the riot act to her. To this day, I can clearly remember all 4 visible chambers stuffed full and the 8″ barrel with that huge hole in the end swinging towards me.

    • That will cause your sphincter to implode quickly! I walked in my door once to find my friend using the Crimson Trace on his Glock 23 to play with my cats. Not anywhere nearly as scary as staring down the business end of a Dan Wesson, but still…got him sent home really quick.

    • I would say you’d be better off having a holster that isn’t made to go off in your pocket.

  10. Now what in the hell was he doing aiming it in her direction?! “Don’t point it towards yourself” doesn’t mean point it towards other people! And why the hell was a loaded gun used for a demonstration?!?!

  11. Perfectly timed article. I go to a LGS in Covington LA today, the first time I’ve visited said location. The owner(?) shows off his prized possession, a Mauser Luger with ivory grip and tons of detailing all over the pistol. As he’s showing the detailing, I notice the muzzle swinging around and several times find myself looking down it. I quickly leave and will never go back. Something about having a gun pointed at a customer is bad for business.

  12. Someone with a criminal record causes a ND and it is reported that “the gun went off”. A dealer does the same and it gets reported that “he accidentally shot” the victim. The power of language at play.

  13. Once again the ineffective ballistics of the .380 are demonstrated. If it had been a .45 ACP her leg might have been blown clean off.

    • Let’s be honest: you probably wouldn’t want to get hit by .380 either way – and getting hit in the chest is a lot different than getting hit in the leg, the round is no less lethal.

  14. Loaded gun at a gun show? Never seen that outside of the police officers who are working at the entrances.

    I would have expected someone who handles firearms for a living to not engage in such poor practices.

  15. Hey, that guys from my town! – I almost used him for an ffl transfer. Funny coincidence

  16. What about when someone is wearing a crossdraw holster? Is it OK to let people muzzle you if they’re wearing a crossdraw holster? I recall a facebook post where someone from TTAG implied it was A-OK, and about half of the commenters said it was A-OK “Quit being a hoplophobic [flame deleted]!” or something like that…

  17. Worked a gun show many years ago where an idiot gun dealer at the tables next to us was running live rounds thru a balky M1 while pointing it at me. I had a few choice words for him and the promoter told him to pack his crap up and leave. You just cant fix stupid.

    I would have pressed charges on this particular idiot in the OP and filed a civil suit for pain, suffering, scars, etc. Its one thing to get swept. Its quite another to get shot.

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