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It seems nary a week goes by without a new video clip taking the intertubes by storm, depicting a wedding celebration in some third world hell hole exotic locale featuring the questionable handling of firearms going horribly wrong. So if you have friends who are bound and determined to tie the knot – and come from a part of the globe that necessitates visitors  receive multiple vaccinations – here’s a safety tip: make your excuses, send a nice wedding gift and stay home. Think of all the samolians you’ll save on air fare, not to mention that potentially devastatingly expensive air ambulance ride back to a place with hospitals where you don’t have to provide your own sheets.

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  1. Nothing says I love you Achmed, like blowing your ass off.

    It’s all fun and games until someone blows up. Keep rockin’ Mohammed, the goats are getting jealous.

  2. Muzzle blast from a muzzle loader scorching his azz. Funny. Try that with a m44 mosin nagant and you’ll not be able to locate at least one azz cheek.

    • Thanks Tom!
      and yes, Jonathan – I think it is from a John Wayne movie. in a company I worked for awhile ago, one of our senior support people had a poster of John Wayne in WWII Marine Corps fatigues with that saying on the poster. It was a subtle hint to everyone to not bother her with stupid questions. I loved it.

      I have used that saying many time since then.

      Merry Christmas everyone

  3. And he use to think it was hard to take a dump when he had a case of the roids. Man is he’s in for a surprise.

  4. Fortunately, Middle-Eastern physicians have become expert at treating ass wounds due to so many Arab soldiers running away from the IDF.

  5. Looks like he won’t have to bring extra sheets for his hospital bed.
    He’s already wearing them. And now it even has a bed pan hole!

  6. That ass-burn is really going to put a damper on the time honored hadji tradition of “man lovin Thursdays”.

  7. Hmmm… would a wedding party in Iraq being shot up by drones be a “use of firearms gone horribly wrong,” then?

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