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I’m trying to embed the latest video of Canton, Ohio police officer Daniel Harless doing his f-bomb best to combine anger mismanagement with perp control. Meanwhile, click here to watch more of the professional policing that’s outraged American gun owners and other right-thinking Americans. (Click here to marvel at the maniac cop’s YouTube debut.) In this case, shot exactly one year ago, Harless discovers a gun in a car. He tells the suspects not to “fucking move” and promises “I’ll kill every one of you motherfuckers.” And assures them that he’ll sleep well afterwards. Bad Cop II?

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  1. I am an Ohio native and our out of control police forces are a concern of mine. The local sheriff is now hiring many officers that are not from the area originally. Not long ago the force were all local products, we knew them and they knew us.
    How is it that the leo’s, who are supposed to be trained to recognize drug use, lying, and general bad behavior can’t see rampant steroid abuse and rage in their own departments? Of course I know the answer to that, had to ask.

  2. Officer Harless is going to kill an innocent man someday and the resultant lawsuit will put the City of Canton into receivership.

  3. Don’t be dissing Officer Hairless. He was just reenacting the Gestapo era for our education.

    Why do I think that Officer Hairless would piss his pants with fear and cry like a little girl if someone got up into his grille? Because that’s what bullies do, that’s why.


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