Second Call Defense Dumped by AmWINS Insurance Administrator...Because Guns
Image via Second Call Defense website.
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Second Call Defense serves tens of thousands of America’s gun owners. They provide support, including legal insurance to those who lawfully use their firearms to defend innocent life from criminal attack. Now, however, Second Call has joined the ranks of gun-related companies that have been victimized by corporate gun control bigots.

Without any notice to Second Call, their insurance administrator, AmWINS, mailed certified letters to all of Second Call’s members. Inside, a “Notice of Nonrenewal of Insurance” informing members that their policies would not renew in October. In one Guns Save Life member’s case, that meant his coverage would terminate on 10/13/2018.

Here’s the letter he received:

Second Call Defense Dumped by AmWINS Insurance Administrator...Because Guns

In speaking with Second Call Defense’s Operations Manager, Bill Marquet, he indicated that AmWINS’ decision caught Second Call’s leadership off-guard. Their insurance underwriter is still in place. He also assured me that Second Call already has a new insurance administrator – Rockwood – to service their customers and that insurance coverage would not lapse for any of their subscribers.

Insurance administrators handle the transaction processing, billing and other tasks. And in this case, AmWINS no longer has the backs of Second Call’s members or Second Call Defense.

“They [AmWINS] just decided they were not going to offer this anymore in today’s political environment,” Marquet told me. He said Second Call’s leadership had no idea of AmWINS’ decision until their members began calling with questions and concerns.

Mr. Marquet said a mass e-mail will go out to Second Call Defense members today explaining the situation. Shortly thereafter, written letters will also go out, explaining the change in administrators and assuring Second Call members that their insurance policies will remain in force, protecting subscribers and their families.

Furthermore, according to Mr. Marquet, the company’s relationship with Lloyd’s, the actual insurer, has not changed. Lloyd’s has not bailed on “this type of business.”

This whole episode shows how anti-gun companies can cause havoc in the gun-owning community. AmWINS could have handled their arbitrary decision to end their services with Second Call Defense in a far more professional manner. Instead, they contacted Second Call’s members without even notifying the company of their decision.

But then again, reason, logic and facts mean little to people and companies with an irrational fear of tools.

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  1. Well, their corporate office is in Charlotte, NC…I would not have thought that a company based in NC would be so easily swayed by political correctness.

    How about we pressure the state of NC to pull their business license?

    • You would think so, but Charlotte is a liberal sh*thole and Raleigh (my town) is working hard to keep up with “Shartlotte”. People from other sh*thole places keep moving to NC to escape the garbage where they’re from and then proceed to vote and work to make NC just like the sh*tholes they came from.

      • Larry’s exactly right. When I lived in the Queen City, you couldn’t swing a dead banker without hitting somebody from NY or NJ who both admired how much cheaper things were and how many jobs there were compared to home, but also thought everything else should be exactly like NY or NJ. I would always point out that I didn’t remember sending them an invitation down and that the highway goes in both directions at least for now.

      • Hate to tell ya, Larry, but Raleigh/Durham lead the way for NCs liberal insurgency.
        That town has more d-bags per square mile/block/inch than any other in NC.

      • Yep, my Brother In Law and his wife moved from Mass to Raleigh about two years ago … so you have a couple more leftist idiots there to contend with. Sorry (but we’re just glad he didn’t move out here to an already too blue Colorado).

  2. So Lloyd’s of London doesn’t care if it’s those nasty guns?!? Good to know…some would call them whores instead of hero’s. Good luck to you all!

  3. So the broker quit. I wonder what kind of pressure was put on them and by whom, or if this is just internal politics. But Lloyd’s isn’t likely to be swayed by such political maneuverings, so the insurance will be renewed, just through a different broker. So this is kind of a nothingburger except for the back story. Shitty way of doing business for the broker, if you ask me. But since they are exiting the business, I suppose they don’t care.

  4. IANAL. Didnt they violate the contract by unilaterally modifying it without notifying the second party and obtaining the consent thereof?

      • Actually, those two cases are NOT the same. If AmWin decided to simply break the relationship with little/no warning, that is crappy, but allowed. Sending letters to basically destroy Second Call’s business by chasing away/scaring their customers is actually tortuous interference. Ultimately those people had a contract with Second Call, not AmWins. AmWins has no right to try to tell them their insurance was gone.

        • That’s pretty much what I got out of this, it was a deliberate attempt to harm the business of Second Call Defense. If I were in their shoes, I’d sue the broker for exactly that, and look for treble damages. Make it hurt!

  5. Am I missing something? I thought anti-gunners demanded gun owners carry insurance. Talking out of both sides of thier mouths?

    • No they are trying to set up a no win situation. They want to force us to carry insurance while at the same time making it incredibly expensive, if not impossible, to obtain it.

      • Much like Hawaii’s “may issue” for concealed carry. You can get one but you can’t. Put it this way “You need insurance to have a gun.” “But no company sells such insurance.” “Tough you need insurance to have a gun.”

  6. It proved very distressing and concerning to all who received those letters last week. “What if I’d been in a shooting and hadn’t gotten this letter?” one GSL member & Second Call subscriber asked me last week when he called asking if I’d heard anything. “I could have been high and dry!”

    He’s right. Fortunately, Second Call members’ coverage will not lapse. But how many waited until SCD got in touch with them to notify them of the change?


  7. Anyone here from GSL know how much that insurance cost/mo?

    Just in case I want to start an insurance company and all. See a need – fill a need. You know.

  8. They apparently don’t understand they are promoting tyranny and arbitrary despotism. One doesn’t need to be a government to be despotic. If they want to be that way, get the hell out and go sell insurance in Britain. They would fit right in.

  9. The insurance is about Self-Defense, not just guns. Anything can be used as a weapon, including fists.

    There’s a lot of merit to sue these underwriters because self-defense is a basic human right.

  10. Is there a list of those companies that practice bias against the gun makers or pro-gun political groups? I think that the NRA has one, but I can’t seem to find it.

    • On the Surface (Visible) there are Eighteen:
      1. 2018 NRA Boycott
      2. American Hunters and Shooters Association
      3. American Sate Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention
      4. Americans for Responsible
      5. Association of Community Organization for Reform Now
      6. Betsy Riot
      7. Brady Campaign
      8. Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus
      9. Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
      10. Everytown for Gun Safety
      11. Faith United to Prevent Gun Violence
      12. Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
      13. Million Mom March
      14. Moms Demand Action
      15. National Gun Victims Action Council
      16. Never Again MSD
      17. Stop Handgun Violence
      18. Violence Police Center

      And several Thousands Below the Surface (Invisible) that give Financial Aid to these Groups…

  11. This isn’t just an attack on the Second Amendment and lawful self-defense but it an attack on the right to counsel, fair trials, and the middle class and poor who need insurance

  12. I am glad to see that they got another firm to underwrite them, this insurance has helped a lot of people so far and I hope more show up. as far as the anti gun idiot company, well I guess they don’t want to get in on a growing trend that is sure money making business. and we do need a new and updated list for us to boycott. perhaps this site can work on that.

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