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By C.D. “Chuck” Michel

Last Friday, the Second Amendment Law Center, joined by several prominent pro 2A groups including Gun Owners of America, the Hawaii Rifle Association, California Rifle & Pistol Association, Gun Owners of California, and Gun Owners Foundation filed an amicus (friend of the court) brief in US District Court in Hawaii in the case of Wolford v. Lopez. That case challenges Hawaii’s newly signed SB 1230. The new law makes a license to carry a firearm invalid almost everywhere. You can read the brief HERE.

Two more amicus briefs were filed by the Second Amendment Foundation. (Read it HERE) and the National Association for Gun Rights..

Amicus briefs are essential because the attorneys for the parties in a case are not allowed to fund or participate in writing amicus briefs. So there is a critical need for the Second Amendment Law Center, with experience in Second Amendment issues, to step in and offer assistance.

“The Second Amendment Law Center is encouraged by the strong support provided by our amicus campaign in this case. As these briefs show, Hawaii’s onerous new law makes a license to carry of firearm invalid almost everywhere, and is unconstitutional, particularly as interpreted by the Supreme Court in Bruen,” remarked Chuck Michel, President & General Counsel of the Second Amendment Law Center.

Separately, days ago the National Shooting Sports Foundation filed a lawsuit challenging Hawaii’s recently-enacted public nuisance law, which – unless it is enjoined – will allow almost anyone to file frivolous lawsuits against members of the firearm industry for the misuse of firearms by criminals. That law is designed to bankrupt gun retailers and evade the judgment of the U.S. Supreme Court as well as laws enacted by Congress that prohibit such private lawsuits. 2ALC will be organizing an amicus campaign to support that lawsuit as well.

Please consider donating to support the ongoing effort to roll back the SB 1230 ban on licensed public carry. And remember to sign up at to receive updates as this and other cases move through the courts.


C.D. “Chuck” Michel is Senior Partner at the Long Beach, California Law firm of Michel & Associates, P.C. He is the author of California Gun Laws, A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations now in its 10th edition for 2023 and available at

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    • Come on! Ya gotta give NRA a break since they are really cash strapped what with funding Wayne Lapierres retirement and buying him all those suits, oh and paying off all his cronies as well. There is only so much money left after all those expenses!

      Do I really need the sarcasm tag for this?

      • Affiliates are run independent of NRA national, including funding. They are eligible for grants, but it doesn’t mean they received any.

    • I can tell by the article The History of Gun Control will again be kept out of sight and out of mind by those supposedly on point Defending the 2A. Even an outhouse criminal defense lawyer knows to win they must demolish the credibility of an accuser especially a false accuser.

      Obviously the aforementioned does not apply In the case of Gun Control VS The Second Amendment. Gun Control’s credibility has no worry because Gun Control and its long History of Rot sits high above the fray looking like goodie two shoes to a judge and jury…I for one will not donate one more dime to any org. that have lawyers who in such cases do not put the History of Gun Control on the Hot Seat.

      • “I for one will not donate one more dime to any org. that have lawyers who in such cases do not put the History of Gun Control on the Hot Seat.”

        The expression “Cutting ones nose off to spite your face” applies here.

        Political purity statements like that are what the Leftist Scum ™ jackasses pull.

        Do you admit that you are really a closet Leftist Fascist pretending to be a friend of the 2A? 🙁

  1. Michel’s office has a hearing this afternoon before Judge Benitez in Rhode v. Becerra, a case challenging California’s ammo registration law. Benitez combined the hearing on the application for an injunction pending trial with a hearing on the merits, so everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that a permanent injunction will issue if the State cannot show that more discovery is needed before a trial on the merits.

    • Now we need the same thing concerning the pistol brace crapola…

  2. Japan’s pissed they didnt get Hawaii and the Xhinese did.
    Who needs gunms in Hawaii anyway, dont dig holes and those monstrous worms wont attack you.

  3. Still waiting for the first law that says, “Any home that does not want firearms allowed within, needs to post one of these signs”. Cause I really want to see how many liberal households would have the guts to post the sign.

    2nd, I’d love to see the “no guns allowed” signs be applied to law enforcement personnel. They get a free pass on these laws. Like to see that ended. Make those police, etc park down the street and around the corner when they need to go to the post office like the rest of us.

    • Liberals that post ‘no guns permitted’ signs at their homes and businesses are begging “please feel free to visit any time criminals, oh, and take your free pride flag on the way out with our stuff and be careful not to trip over our bodies.”

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