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[ED: The Second Amendment Foundation recently announced the hiring of Lee “The Gun Writer” Williams to head their new Investigative Journalism Project. TTAG will be publishing Lee’s reports here.]

By Lee Williams

Welcome, friends, to what is the most important undertaking of our lives. We’re at war, you see, an information war – or in this case a misinformation war – is being waged against our gun community and our gun culture.

The anti-gunners have resources that the pro-gun community does not, namely billions of dollars, a growing list of corporate supporters, the President and his administration, Congress and the mainstream media, which will parrot whatever the gun prohibitionists want regardless of whether it’s true or false.

If the anti-gunners win this misinformation war, game over.

We can already see examples of what’s happened after the first few skirmishes. As they continue to demonize America’s most popular rifle, more states are considering banning ARs and standard-capacity magazines. Home-build kits may soon be outlawed, and there’s a good chance pistol braces will be banned too.

I like my ARs. I won’t ever give them up.

When you compare our resources to the team the anti-gunners can put on the field, it can be a bit daunting, right?


We can win this.

How, you ask?

By going guerilla – by building a vast, grassroots guerilla army.

It’s a proven tactic oppressed people have used for thousands of years when they’ve been confronted by a larger force that they cannot engage through conventional means.

SAF Second Amendment Foundation Investigative Journalism Project

We’re going to create a vast army of Second Amendment supporters – Alan Gottlieb’s original intent with this project. It’s the only way we can truly compete against their anti-gun messages and the power of the mainstream media.

Our mission is to showcase under-reported stories and debunk misinformation from opponents of the right to keep and bear arms, through daily reporting, investigations, analysis, and commentary on the policy, politics, culture, and business of guns in America.

However, this is definitely something we can’t do alone. We need your help. We need your eyes and ears out there, reporting the other side’s lies and shenanigans to us so they can be exposed.

Reporting their fake news is simple. You can send tips to me at [email protected] Or, if you prefer, please feel free to give me a call. My cell is 941-284-8553, and my phone is always on.

Please think of me as your pro-gun journalist. Together, we will expose their anti-gun lies. That’s a promise.

There are other ways you can help.

Once our stories are published, please share them on your social media. It’s high time that our side starts using social media more effectively anyway. The anti-gunners weaponized Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms against us years ago, and all we did was complain. If we want to win, we need to use their own tactics against them.

Second Amendment Foundation SAF Investigative Journalism Project

If you’re able to support us financially, that, too, is appreciated. Please be assured the money will be put to good use, and we know how to stretch a dollar.

In addition to an army of tipsters, we envision that the Investigative Reporting Project will create a network of national correspondents, who will help safeguard Second Amendment rights. If you’re a writer and want to help out, please call me. I need your help.

For me, this misinformation war is personal, folks. It affects my lifestyle and how I choose to safeguard my family.

Besides, I’ve seen firsthand how the media makes editorial decisions when a story involves guns. To put it bluntly, they never let the facts get in the way of an anti-gun story that furthers their anti-gun narrative.

Take a look around at the state of our gun culture: ammo has tripled in price if you can find it, as have defensive handguns and ARs. The media is prattling on 24-7 about the need to do something about “gun violence,” and we’ve got a President who wants to “buy back” our rifles, which he never owned in the first place.

If that is unacceptable to you, please join us and start fighting back!

I hope to hear from you.



Lee Williams is the Chief Editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative reporting Project. He can be contacted at [email protected] or on his cell phone at 941-284-8553.


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  1. Is the hope that this tactic will energize gun owners to vote? To move 2A defense to the number one priority when considering legislation, voting? Obviously we cannot get our voices heard via MSM and the most popular social media sites. If the misinformation is sourced to “woke” media, how is that countered by properly informing 2A defenders (who are a decidedly small section of gun owners)?

    The difficulty with comparing anti-misinformation campaigns to “guerilla warfare” is that in the latter, real people get real dead, and the threat of getting real dead drives behavior. The threat of having misinformation challenged has no significant cost to the misinformers.

    However, I suppose if it converts even one anti-gunner…..

  2. I’ll be on the lookout. Shouldn’t be too hard. Any time the local propaganda page puts something out by Josh Shapiro.

  3. One thing to look into is a story from yesterday that an Indiana gun store is allowing sales to straw buyers and that 850 of those guns ended up in crimes in Chicago.

    • WhyNot, that sounds like a federal crime- call the feds and let them know. That said, no real gun business is going to sell “straw purchasers” firearms- big time prison time! So report it to someone who will deal with it instead of whining here!

  4. It’s about time that the “gun industry”, in the broadest sense of the term, started to have its own news media division. You cannot rely on a billion dollar Media Company in the 21st century to tell you the truth. Independent, citizen journalism is the future. For telling the truth. Honest good news or honest bad news.

  5. Lol
    Now if the NRA would have ever done something like this. Information flows like mudd.

    We shall see what happens.

    • The NRA did have something like this. But they did not want to pour the resources into it, that were necessary to make it successful. Also the NRA did not have the patience either. Both Amazon and CNN were big time money losers for many years. Before the investors started to see positive results on their Investments.

      I guess Wayne LaPierre wanted more tailored suits for himself. Instead of a large media organization that would control the message for the growing of civil rights across the country.

      Fox News was not an instant success either. It also took them years to become profitable.

      Ginny Simone Reporting | S1 E3: “Canadian Citizens Lose Rights” video 10 min long

  6. I’ve been donating monthly to GOA. Looks like I should do the same for 2AF.

    Non-sequitur, I know, but just purchased 400 rounds of 9mm Buffalo Cartridge 115 grain FMJ from AmmoMart at $.52 per-round including shipping and tax. Best price I’ve see for a while. Just an FYI.

  7. “More patriots than there are handcuffs”

    Yea, until the start of the war, lol. Production ramps up and by stage 3 10 years into the war the handcuffs will be polymer or zip ties… Or rope, lol.

    History of weapons during war is fascinating.

    • Zip ties and rope are easier to cut.
      Handcuffs , my girlfiend and I were messing with handcuffs,,, ah oh lost the handcuff keys, no problem she can pick the lock. Gotta love a woman like that.👍

  8. ….billions of dollars, a growing list of corporate supporters, the President and his administration, Congress and the mainstream media, which will parrot whatever the gun prohibitionists want regardless of whether it’s true or false.

    What? I always hear how it’s a scrappy band of underdogs like barefoot stay-at-home moms and slow-witted children holding macaroni glued to construction paper all going door to door with an empty hand-carved bowl hoping for some rice.

  9. Calling on gun owners to be ready to take on the government does not do well with anti gunners. Showing them that guns are for defensive, historical, and sporting purposes(which they are) will go much further.
    We gun owners do not want to shoot anyone. We own guns so we have a fighting chance against criminal violence, because we collect historical military items(to show others how it should never happen again), and for hunting and other shooting sports.

    • Uh, no, fuddley mcfudderton,

      We own guns because it’s our right and the only thing that keeps powers that be in check. It was once the arrow, the sword, now it’s the projectile. Few of us even own some pretty projective projectiles… Some Americans even own their own satellites and such… But no, we don’t fucking care about their feeling on why we own them, we are not their friends. Stop catering to the anti gun movements. Grow a pair and realize what the 2nd amendment is for.

  10. “….Showing them that guns are for defensive, historical, and sporting purposes(which they are) will go much further….”

    I thought that as well until I realized that anti-gunners want us disarmed completely and if they can not have that they want us dead. Simple really, no matter the form, the anti-gunners want to dominate and use government force to do so.

    Probably should get used to the idea.

  11. Gunms prevent more criminal misdeeds then they create.

    We can inform with all the facts we want, facts doesn’t matter when your on a crusade.

  12. Sitting on the sidelines on TTAG (and similar places) and just making comments on how everything is going to shit is becoming more stressful and steadily less informative and entertaining. I’ve been thinking lately that as a matter of personal wellbeing, I need to either get out of the entire politics-and-gun-news loop…or get into actually DOING something about all this.

    As a writer, it’s past time I put serious thought into putting my money where my mouth is (or at least my time, as there’s likely no money in it) and taking part in something like this. Investigative journalism — or any journalism — has never been in my wheelhouse, but I could probably change that if I wanted to…

    Regardless, I’m happy to hear about this. It’s a big step forward. Getting real information in front of enough people is always going to be a challenge when the enemy owns most of the infrastructure, but it’s impossible if you don’t have good information to disseminate in the first place.

  13. It not a war of “misinformation”.

    It is a war of “disinformation”.

    The exaggeration, distortion, or omission are not from ignorance or accident. They are deliberate.

    • “The exaggeration, distortion, or omission are not from ignorance or accident. They are deliberate.”

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

      Joseph Goebbels, an actual fascist…


  15. Have a gun within reach at all times! Use it to defend against those that choose to ignore your freedoms and rights! Generation’s have given their all to keep our freedoms alive! Be strong as they were!

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