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“The incident occurred after two groups left a lounge at Seventh Avenue South and South Lane Street,” reports. “The officer was in a parking lot and watched as the groups wandered into the middle of Seventh Avenue between South Dearborn and Lane streets. The groups began arguing, then one of the men opened fire. The officer identified herself, but the suspect kept shooting. She shot at the suspect, but didn’t hit him. Then the second suspect started shooting at the first suspect. Again the officer identified herself, but the second suspect also kept shooting. The officer also shot at him, but missed. Still, she managed to arrest the second shooter.” In fact, no one was shot, and all firearms were collected in evidence as part of Seattle’s brand new “No guns left behind” program.

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  1. Not really shocking, we’ve known for a while that cops are horrible shots even at very close range.

    What’s funny to me is this “No guns were left behind” program. You need a program to know not to leave firearms behind at a crime scene? Makes me wonder about Seattle…

    • That was my thought about the “new program.” I wonder if they also have a “no corpses left behind” program too, since before that the just left the random dead body at the scene.

  2. all firearms were collected in evidence as part of Seattle’s brand new “No guns left behind” program.

    Except for that AR that was “left behind” on the trunk of the police cruiser.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  3. If the first shooter got away, how were all firearms collected? Did the first shooter drop the gun?

    This sounds like a script for SNL, a ton of bullets and no blood. I mean I always found it hilarious that the A-team would throw tons of rounds and spill no blood.

  4. Night shooting, stress, crowded street, moving targets, unknown distance.

    Shooting is a perishable skill.

  5. I think that “left behind” is where the officer was aiming. It’s very close to center ass — oops, I mean mass.

  6. Officer made a warning shot in the air… and missed.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist old joke from service.

  7. Like I have said it before. You can NEVER trust the cops to shoot straight to save their lives, yet alone anyone else. I know I can hit a target. I actually train for it. Also the police officer violated state law by shooting at the “second suspect” Here in Washington state we are allowed to shoot back if someone shoots at us. So the second man was well within his rights. Technically he could have shot to cop in self defense as well. It’s our version of the castle doctrine.

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