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Get Well Soon, Tom in Oregon

Tom in Oregon has contributed to TTAG for years, usually recounting his hunting adventures, whether it's in the great northwest, tracking dangerous game in South Africa,...

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Tom in Oregon

Yes, that's the same Tom in Oregon whose pieces you enjoy here from time to time. As he notes, there's no holster because his...

Tom in Oregon (in South Africa): The Hunt for Black Death

By Tom in Oregon After a long day and a half of travel, we all agreed to sleep in on the first day at...

Tom in Oregon: Big Horn Armory African Safari Pt. 1

In preparation for a hunt in South Africa for some plains game, I made a trip to Portland Airport customs to fill out the...

Tom in Oregon Roams the Safari Club International Show in Las Vegas

As a passionate hunter, I try to attend sportsman's conventions whenever I can. Sometimes it's to find a hunt I haven't been on before,...

TTAG Ammo Contest Winner: Tom in Oregon

Matt in FL was kind/bored enough to keep track of all the entries in our How Much Did RF Pay for His Ammo? contest. ...
outlawed in canada shotgun choke

Canada Prime Minister Trudeau’s ‘Assault-Style’ Gun Ban Outlaws Many Shotguns, Bolt Action Rifles

By Larry Keane Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is either devilishly stupid, or devilishly underhanded. With Canada’s Boy Wonder, sometimes the differences are difficult to discern. The...
Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless

Obscure Object of Desire: Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless (1st Model) in .32 S&W

Last weekend, I was at a friend's man cave discussing some business. As usual, the topic of guns came up. As I was getting ready...
bug-a-salt 2.0 rare.us wasps

Does the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Have Enough Firepower to Take Down Texas Wasps?

You may know the Bug-A-Salt saline-slinging gun as a fun alternative to traditional fly swatters. Who'd want to swing a rudimentary badminton racket at...

Oregon Deer Hunting With An Unexpected Guest

Reader Tom in Oregon writes: This year, my hunting buddies Sean, Lee and I had an uninvited guest tag along for the weekend. His name is...

Class Review: ATX Precision Precision Rifle 1

Seemingly overnight, I lost my enthusiasm for most of the new rifles and pistols coming my way for review. Oh sure, an odd straight...

Tuesday Evening Podcast Featuring Tom from Oregon

https://soundcloud.com/user-991107855/tuesday-evening-podcast-march-14-2017 This week's podcast clocks in at just over an hour, but it's my very favorite kind to record. In it, I sit down with beloved...