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Reader Tom S. writes:

The newest CA AWB (CA SB 374) classifies any rifle fed via removable magazine as an Assault Weapon. The bill specifically includes rimfire as part of the language. It would require bans on all new sales and registration of existing rifles.

That’s right:
Ruger 10/22 – BANNED
Remington 597 – BANNED
Marlin 795 – BANNED
All sane thinking and common sense – BANNED

And 1,000,000 young men and women just had their childhoods robbed.

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    • I live in Oregon. The last thing we need are waves of left of center KKKalifornia refugees invading our state demanding entitlements and overwhelming us with new voters that are gun-grabbers.

      • Pass a law requiring being in the state for 5 years before residency is established.

        The Californians will not be able to tolerate the rain for that long.

      • Those waves have been hitting states to the north and east of them for years. Look what happened to Colorado. We Arizonans are dealing with way too many of these worthless idiots as it is. They’re a virus. They suck up all resources then move on to greener pastures.

        • Look at what’s happening to Texas… I think we should pass a law that people can’t move from California. These Libs pass stupid laws and destroy their state, then move to states that are conservative because they are doing good and destroy them as well. Soon we’ll have nowhere to call home and they’ll have nowhere to run.

        • @thePonyPrepper that’s the flip side of Rick Perry’s campaign to get new businesses here in Texas. They bring a lot of the older more senior employees with them when they move here. These are people who fiscally are very conservative but probably enjoyed to some degree a lot of the other “progressive” aspects of their lives back home. So what happens is they use their business as a platform to lobby for things they miss from home and so the glass of clean water is contaminated one steady drop at a time.

    • I can wait another 4 years. With BO as president he’ll just make me pay to bail them out, since I haven’t yet quit working to live on government benefits.

    • We are running at almost 172 billion in unfunded liabilities at this point.
      There are a total of 45 bills which are still active and working their way through the system. We also have a bill to ban lead bullets. We have a redefinition of a shotgun which could outlaw all semi automatic pistols, oh and don’t forget the taking on all high capacity magazines which were grandfathered in up till this point.

      Are we screwed, maybe.. Gun owners in this state are waking up. We will do our best.

      • My favorite is the law they want that will allow illegal aliens to serve on a Jury — “because they cannot get enough people to serve”

        Or, the next best one, where affluent schools whose kids have better grades have to give up their school funds to inner city schools where students have bad grades because we all know, adding more to system always produces better results.

        CA always wants to be a model for the rest of the USA, I don’t think so and I have no idea what finally pisses people off enough in CA to kick on the politicians they have.

        • Jury duty for illegals? Pffft. Kali is lagging. In MA, we give welfare to terrorists. Now THAT’S progressive.

      • My letter to the CA State Senators:

        I oppose Senate Bill 374 because the common rimfire rifles in use today are not “assault rifles” simply because legislation has been re-written.

        According to FBI crime statistics, more people are murdered with hammers and clubs than with all rifles combined. Further, the Mexico / California border is clearly not secure. South of that border, drug dealers and corrupt government officials have access to real assault weapons with tragic death tolls far greater than the Sandy Hook incident or the south side of Chicago.

        If criminals and terrorists were not armed, I would be willing to give up all of my self defense firearms. Until that time, I would appreciate it if you would focus your legislative efforts towards productive means and not continuing to infringe upon our 2nd Amendment rights be vilifying the responsible citizen.

    • I feel for you. I moved here from Ohio, and I’m feeling the pinch. CA is like that absurdly beautiful woman that you wanna get with, who is also completely bat-sh!t crazy. Is it worth it? For one or 2 nights, hell yeah. Settling down for a couple years? No. I’m regretting it deeply and looking for a way out.

      • Just as with NYC vis-a-vis NY State, a major problem in our once great state of CA is that so much of the political power base is concentrated in the greater metropolitan areas of LA and SF.

        And as more and more progressive liberal takers get into the political scene, their cancer radiates outward and infects other urban areas.

  1. California is gonna go bankrupt and be bought as scrap by Texas and Texas will use it as a penal colony for death row prisoners because they are tired of Californians bitching about murdering murderers so Texas will let Californian smog murder the murderers for lulz and irony.

    Then Texas will turn Los Angeles into a giant paint ball park and turn the Hollywood sign into a steak joint.

    • HAHAA! Thanx David, that was funny as hell! California is such a joke, full of flakes, fruits and nuts, just like my breakfast cereal.

      • …I am not a flake, fruit or nut. And I am certainly not in your cereal.

        But I understand your perception as the craziness in this state just goes on and on and on and on…

  2. “All sane thinking and common sense – BANNED”

    Its not banned, they are just going to do it for you!


    But no really, they are.


      • QUIT YELLING! BTW Texas cannot suceed. Period. End.Of.Story. Texas did suceed along with the rest of the south. We.LOST. We signed a new constitution in 1872, no mention of the right to sucession.

        • When Texas was an independent country it’s money wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Texas couldn’t wait to join the union.

          And if California does collapse, it will have a domino effect on the rest of the country.

          Unless you live alone in a cave wishing for California to collapse is not a smart deal.

      • The word you are looking for is “secede” not “succeed”. Those two words have very different meanings.

      • Texas, your claim isn’t accurate. Four states have the “Right of Revolution” in their State Constitution – New Hampshire, Maryland, Kentucky, and……Texas.

  3. OK, so it’s a stupid bill, but we’ve seen lots of stupid bills (remember the “one round limit?”), and many of them, though they make great headlines, are dead on arrival, if not prior to. What’s the likelihood of it passing?

      • Careful Nick, there are LOTS of us gun toting Democrats in Mn. who are your fans. We hate them Left Wingnut, Limousine Liberals even worse than you do. We all contacted our representatives and let them know how we feel about our 2nd Amendment Right. Please, don’t assume that all DEMS are Peter Pan, hippy Libs. Peace brother!

        • very true. just as much as many of the conservatives on this site should not assume that just because a politician wears a red button they are automatically better. I am neither republican or democrat by the way.

        • Its California……logic has no meaning in that state. While I have nothing against democrats, look at the California Legislature track record. You almost need a difference category — CA Democrats vs Other Democrats

        • California democrats are a lot different. I think the majority of the democrat party has been hi jacked by the radical left. Your average democrat voter really doesn’t have any other options when it comes to voting. For some perspective here is a great look into the mind of a normal democrat. I would really like TTAG to comment on this article. As long as the MSM is around the radicals will continue to run that party.

      • Nick’s right – in fact it’s worse than that. The democrats have SUPER majorities in both houses.

        That means that even if Gov. Brown would veto this madness – which he actually might because he is a hunter himself – the legislature could override his veto.

        I can’t believe I’m hoping for Jerry Brown to be the sane one.

        • You complainers listen up. Both parties plan to give citizenship to 12 million “undocumented Democrats”

          The whole damn country is going to be like California.

        • …I wrote and asked for him to be the “adult in the room” concerning all the proposed firearm restrictions.

          Hoping – not expecting much, but hoping.

      • Actually, there is hope. When state senator Rubio resigned in late Feb he ruined the supermajority. Hopefully whoever we elect next month is a 2A supporter.

        • In THIS state with its pro progressive fashionably liberal sheeple voters?

          Yeah, good luck with that.

          It’s so bad here there are some legislative seats that don’t even have a conservative challenger on the ballot.

    • Crazy democratic supermajority in the legislature, and a Dem governor. It’s guaranteed to pass.

    • FYI We should have a TTAG Course of Fire set up within the next year or so. Our very own gun rangette. With gun rangettes in attendance. How great is that?

        • That’s only half the equation. Following San Francisco’s lead, they are also trying to ban “military and hollow point” ammo. I assume that means that all we’ll have left to shoot are copper solids. At which point no one will be able to afford ammo, the rodents will take over the range land and farms, and the condors will keep dying anyway because of all naturally occurring lead in their environment. Hunting hounds (not bird dogs though) have been banned, cougar are off limits. There is a bill to ban bullet buttons and make other mods to the “assault weapons” ban that is intended to make all such weapons in future, and requiring registration of all currently in the state. They want to ban ownership of handguns that are not on the safe hand gun roster by barring transfers of such guns–and it is unclear if that will bar the transfer of handguns that once were on the roster but have since been discontinued (roster registration lasts one year and there is a fee for renewal that manufacturers decline to pay for discontinued models). Yup, the intent is to create either a gun free state, or one with universal registration of all firearms (black powder excepted) and ammo. These idiots haven’t figured out that the major gangs are interstate, and will just ship in their hardware from Arizona and Nevada…..Plain naked prejudice and hatred is what is, and no logical will dissuade them from their chosen path.

          And at the same time. a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit has told Governor Brown that he’d better stop dragging his feet on releasing inmates from our overcrowded prisons or they’ll hold him in contempt. I don’t remember how many of the 35,000 prisoner reduction have been released on parole, but I think it’s only about half.

  4. Has every lawmaker in California lost their goddamn mind? What does that leave? The M1 Garand?

  5. California gun owners should follow RF’s advice from last week — practice engaging multiple targets.

    • At this rate they will have to practice engaging multiple targets with muzzle loaders. Oh well, Mel Gibson defeated the Brittish that way so maybe California gun owners have a chance.

    • I leave for Kansas in less than 60 days. I look forward to being reunited with all my firearms and magazines I left behind while living in occupied territory.

  6. We need the big quake to get here. Arizona will be the new beach state and we can get rid of the parasite state that California has become. We as patriots, have already lost that state anyways. Now it’s just dead weight! Gun up, Stand up, BE HEARD!

    • Where can you go when there’s no San Francisco? Better get ready to tie up the boat in Idaho.

  7. I am so glad when I realize I do not have to wake every morning and yell “WTF are they thinking?!?”, as I do not live in Cali. Sadly though I realize, many others do. I truly empathize with Californians who cherish their 2A rights while consistently waking to find some new attempt at stripping them of what little is left.

  8. It’s very clear the enemy wants to start a for-real shooting war. I say – give them one, then.

  9. ANY rifle, or any semi-auto rifle?

    Nevertheless, I still motion to give California, along with all crazy residents, to Mexico.

  10. The U.S. should give Southern California back to Mexico. We could throw in San Francisco and Oakland as a bonus.

  11. But we’ve been assured again and again that no one wants to take our guns, so I’m sure everything will be juuuuust fine. 😉

  12. Being fortunate enough to live 2000 miles away from CA I actually take the contrary position on this one. Let them pass what they want. In the Heller case, while the ruling was divided 5-4, all 9 justices supported the notion that the 2nd amendment is an individual right. They even forced Illinois to adopt a concealed carry law, which the state is pouting and dragging their feet about. I say let them pass more unconstitutional legislation, let more people stream out of their state, let more companies flee, let the state go deeper in debt, and then let the supreme court strike it down.

    • I agree. I’ve said it before: it sucks for people in these horrible states, but the stupider that places like CA, NJ, NY, and IL get with their gun laws, without improvements to their crime rates, the better we’ll all be in the long run. When we can point to the abject failure of “gun control” in these places, it strengthens the argument against it everywhere else.

      It can’t be a coincidence that the places with the most restrictive gun laws are also all the places with the highest crime rates, and most bankrupt (financially and morally) governments.

    • The problem with the argument is that you are placing a whole lot of hope on one or two Supreme Court Justices, while other states will use N.Y.’s, Ct.’s, Ma.’s, Ca.’s and the other states’ confiscatory laws as justification to pass their own laws. They have adopted a strategy of attacking on multiple fronts and to keep bringing the laws up, over and over and over again. We have to be successful in defending every single time, when they only have to get a law passed once. If a state is conceded to them, it is only going to make it more difficult to fight for the Constitution in the remaining states where the gun grabbers can then concentrate more of their resources.

      • Indeed. The Supreme Court also ruled favorably on Obamacare, and may very well replace a pro-gun judge with an Obama appointee. I do not trust SCOTUS to defend the constitution, and things will likely get worse in the future. Crappy precedent endangers the gun laws of an entire nation. Just look at the acceptance of 7 and 10 round mag limits.

        • The more states that pass such laws, the more it is pushed by the media as the acceptable and safe answer to a problem that the same media generated. Current Polls show that there is no demand for more stringent gun laws, but if it is pounded repeatedly into the heads of the citizenry, they will parrot back what they have heard over and over again. Bloomberg, et. al., know that they have a good chance of winning eventually if they just continue their campaign, even if they lose a battle, they have a good chance of winning the war.

      • Well I never said I trust the Supreme Court to do the right thing. But if the court opposes an outright ban on handguns, how can they endorse an outright ban on the 10/22?

        And if not it will just hasten California’s demise. It’s not a coincidence that places that pass stupid gun laws pass other stupid laws. If you support gun rights you support individual freedom and responsibility. And vise versa, they go hand in hand. If you oppose individual freedom and responsibility you support the nanny/welfare state. California is dying because they’ve made themselves a Mecca for bums and criminals. I say let them have them all. Just don’t come running to me to pick up the check when no one will lend them money anymore.

        • How can they be broke? They are going to spend billions of dollars on a high speed train system…..and its just a coincidence I am sure that Diane Feinstein’s Husband is going to get a large chunk of those dollars thru a fat juicy contract to help build this boondoggle. I hope you all like trains because the other 56 states are going to pay for this when California fails.

  13. wow…these people have the balls to pledge an oath to the constitution then turn around the next instant and spit on it. What’s worse, is the people are allowing it.

  14. Being an involuntary resident for the next three years or so (Military), I have to say I cannot wait to get the hell out. As my Dad says, California is a great place to be from…far from.

  15. Yet another reason why people need to move to the center…of the country. It must be that ocean air on either side that messes people up.

  16. It appears rather grim for us in the Golden State, however I attended a gun show in Antioch yesterday, and it was nice to be around a bunch of sane people, albeit for a short time. I was ingrained with a feeling of hopefulness as I watched the ammo fly out of the vendors hands. There were 6 big pallet sized crates of various ammo when the doors opened at 9AM. By Noon, it was gone.

  17. For all those bashing CA finances, keep in mind that CA gives more money to the Feds than it receives in benefits. A few years ago the difference was more than our deficit.

    Texas, on the other hand, takes more than it receives. As does Virginia, Florida, and many “red states”. So no, we have been paying for the red states, not the other way around.

    Point 2- the M1 Garand is not banned and there is no proposal to ban it. Please stop repeating made up crap

    Point 3- Most of So Cal, though not as much as in my childhood, is conservative (geographically). Los Angeles is the blaring exception. California never wanted to belong to Mexico, the Californios actually wanted to stay with Spain, and then when forced to be part of Mexico, wanted to be part of the US. Unlike Texas, California was not stolen under any reasonable point of view.

    Southern California (Tulare County on downwards) voted to seccede from the west of California. There was a bill to split the state, but the civil war intervened. That bill was passed by the CA legislature and signed by the governor, so all you need in the Senate to approve…I am not aware of any time limits. Even with LA it would be a purplish rather than blue state

    4. Considering that this bill is not even passed, that insane bills like it were killed last year, and that Brown vetoed gun control bills last year, this thing is not a certainty. Someone has proposed a bill. Oh, wow. At least our current laws are better than most of the North East. Don’t need a frickin permit to own a gun, like New York. Can drive around with guns in my car, no destination restrictions, New Jersey. Don’t have to take any classes before buying a handgun, Conneticut. We have our share of stupid laws, but at least we can “stand our ground” and had stand your ground laws when Texas was far far far more restrictive in gun laws than California.

    People forget too readily that California is not the East. It is not on the same spectrum. And while not as powerful as it was just a decade ago, there still runs a strong libertarian streak, as can be seen in the conflicted Brown, who doesn’t like dealing with new gun laws.

    • The beginning of your point #4 is kinda what I was asking with my question above.

      Thanks for some perspective on this for those for whom California might as well be a foreign country.

    • No you don’t need a permit to own a handgun–but you do need a handgun safety certificate to buy one. No FFL can transfer any handgun to you without one. And one of the more insane bills proposed is to require a background check and a four hour gun safety class to get an HSC (ignoring the fact that any purchase or transfer of any firearm in the state requires a background check, resulting in duplication and redundancy and extra cost for no valid reason. The bill , as I recall, further requires that you have an HSC in your possession to possess a handgun–meaning that it would have to be renewed periodically. They currently last for five years, but that too could change. It currently costs $25 to take the test to get an HSC–no telling what it will cost if they add on the rest of that nonsense.

    • They can override Brown’s veto, and the next governor will probably be very anti-2A, like Gavin Newsom.

      They WILL get all the insane laws they want.

      The only way to fight it is to support a local group like CalGuns and hope they can execute a correct litigation strategy.

    • “Texas, on the other hand, takes more than it receives. As does Virginia, Florida, and many “red states”.”

      While it’s true that many “red” states receive more federal money than they contribute, I don’t think that’s true of Texas and Florida. According to the stats I’ve seen, both those states pay in more than they get back.

      • You may be right. I went to recheck the numbers and they can be misleading. It seems some sources are counting all federal spending, including, say defense contractors, etc. But certainly that an arms factory is in a state is not the same thing as that state receiving more in welfare, no? Some lists had Florida near the top of recipients, others did not include it in the top 10. Seems that there is some playing with numbers involved. Can’t believe I missed that (I usually am skeptical of numbers and statistics)

  18. Actually, it is not ANY rimfire rifle fed by a magazine, it is any SEMIAUTO rimfire rifle. My Savage bolt action with a ten round mag is safe. But 10/22s are history.

    • No, you are wrong.

      SB 374 would classify as assault eapons any semiautomatic, centerfire or rimfire, rifle that accepts a detachable magazine or has a fixed magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds. I quote: “(1) A semiautomatic, rimfire or centerfire rifle that does not have a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept 10 rounds or fewer.” So Marlin 60’s, if the magazine is plugged at 10, would skirt the ban, for instance

      The HSC is an inconvenience, but isn’t that difficult ($25, and a test so easy I passed in 5 minutes back when I bought my first gun without ever even knowing I had a test to take!). I know of no current law being proposed to strengthen HSC. I have read every firearm related bill in the current session, but maybe I missed some subsection of one that would do what you claim with the HSC? Could you cite the bill, because that would be far more worrisome.

      • I can’t find the actual text right now, but I agree that there is an ambiguity. The summary, as you have stated it, would apply (grammatically) only to semi-automatic rifles. Have to dig for the HSC proposed amendments

  19. And just as a middle finger gesture to the powers that be, and because i wanted one, I bought a new shotgun while I was out and about today. An evil short barreled extended mag beast that has trouble written all over it.

      • That presumes that i know enough about this interwebz stuff to send a photo. I bought one of those Mossberg Maverick 88 security shotguns. I just recently gave one of my shotguns away so I needed a replacement. Once I check it out at the range it will be my downstairs gun.

        I’m lazy, I don’t want to have to reposition my Mossberg 500 from up to downstairs and my other shotguns are too long for house duty. I briefly flirted with the idea of getting one of those stockless pistol grip shotguns for a house gun but decided I didn’t need the pain.

        • Ah. Well congrats on the purchase just the same.

          I’m still working on project get a scope for the .338 Lapua due to lack of funding.

    • And around here, at least, there is still plenty of shotgun ammo available…of course Big Sis hasn’t announced how many billions of shotty shells she needs yet.

      • Thru out the ammo draught I’ve been able to get shotgun shells and .38 ammo. Rimfire and 9mm, no. But I had enough rimfire to get me and mine thru this and enough 9×18 to keep practicing with a semi.

  20. TO: All
    RE: Oh…Great…..

    The gang-bangers are going to just LOVE this one.


    [Flee at once….all is lost….in California….]

  21. This battle over the 2nd amendment, just like class warfare, needs to be ended, once and for all.

  22. Despite being an total foreigner i hate California and would have hated it even if i was not a gun nut because i have common sense -_-
    BTW i woulds like to thank the TTAG member and all the other sensible fellow reader here for changing me from a stupid fanboy to a wiser kid 🙂

  23. So, anyone want to start up a pool on which state this upcoming civil war will start in?

    I reside am stuck due to economic and family reasons in CA, so I’d support my home state in such a pool, but I’d be willing to put my money on New York or Connecticut, although I doubt South Carolina would let any other state take the honor of being first.

    Hey, I’m just saying what we’re all thinking of, but not actually talking about. There’s a strong movement to nullify the 2nd Amendment in this nation, and if the federal government can’t or won’t step up to the plate, than the states will happily fill the vacuum. There’s a strong movement to not see that happen, and sooner or later bullets are going to start flying.

    • I’m in Cali, but I’d bet on New York. The map that showed all but a couple of counties passing resolutions asking the Governor to repeal the SAFE Act demonstrates the state’s antipathy to this measure. You’d see no such thing here. Pretty much everything west of the central valley–at least until you get up to Ukiah–is solidly anti and overwhelmingly Democrat. While the 2A crowd has the vast majority of the area of the state, they have only 1/3 the population. Start a fuss and we’ll see a repeat of the Dorner manhunt.

  24. I remember now why I cancelled my newspaper subscription when I was still living in Marin County. Got so agitated reading about all the BS going on, it spoiled my breakfast. I’m just hoping that my current residence (VA) doesn’t turn loopy on me also. But our proximity to Washington makes our 2A freedoms seem less and less secure….

  25. Stupid libtards (democrats)…and all you morons on this forum who voted them into power. Hope you wont make the same mistake in 14′ midterms.

  26. Let them half of the nuts in cauliforny don’t know which end of the gun to point with anyway. If their unarmed it’ll be easier to pick them off when they try moving to my state.

  27. I have guns thats been handed down to me in the family. One has been in the family for over three generations. Its so old it never came with a serial number and has never been registered and if they think I’m giving it up their stupid.

  28. You all are a bunch of assholes! Not everyone from Cali hates guns and most of us were born into this nonsense. Seems like most of you think the rest of the country is perfect but I’m sorry to say I’ve traveled to other states and they too have some ridiculous issues to tackle as well so lets not throw stones till you back woods, sister banging, redneck, racist, sexist, bigots fix your states. I may not approve of the retarded laws California passes but I love my state and fight to get it back to it’s former glory.

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