Savage Model 64 Takedown
Courtesy Savage
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The Savage Model 64 rifle has always been a fun, accurate and ultra-affordable option in .22LR (see a reader review here). Now, with their announcement of the the new Model 64 Takedown, you have another option in an easily packable semi-automatic rimfire rifle rifle that’s easy to take anywhere.

Here’s their press release . . .

Savage’s New Model 64 Takedown is Accurate, Dependable and Easy to Use

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – March 27, 2019 – Savage’s new Model 64 Takedown offers great performance and ease of use. The new rimfire rifle is quick to breakdown and ready to go. Shipments of these firearms have been delivered to dealers.

Savage Model 64 Takedown
courtesy Savage

This easy-to-use 22 LR combines the accuracy and dependability of the original Model 64 semi-automatic platform with an easy takedown design, compact 16 1/2-inch barrel and Uncle Mike’s Bug-Out Bag. It puts rounds downrange and on target fast using a consistent straight-blowback action fed by a detachable 10-round box magazine.

• Reliable, semi-automatic takedown 22 LR
• 16 1/2-inch matte black carbon steel barrel
• Barrel nut allows easy disassembly
• Includes Uncle Mike’s Bug-Out Bag
• 10-round detachable box magazine
• Black matte synthetic stock
• Drilled and tapped receiver for scope mounts
• Available in right- and left-hand models

Savage Model 64 Takedown
courtesy Savage

Part No. / Description / MSRP
40207 / Model 64 Takedown Right-Hand, 16.5-inch barrel / $249
40210 / Model 64 Takedown Left-Hand, 16.5-inch barrel / $249

Learn more about Savage—visit

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  1. Nicely done Savage (at least so far, let’s see some tests), the 10/22 which is quite nice is being ridiculously priced, in some iterations, well over $500 street price.

      • $350? Where are you buying guns? I can walk into a gun store in the state and get one for $225 after tax, background fee, etc. $199 for basic models.

      • Bi-Mart has basic 10/22s on sale for $199 pretty much every other week.

        Unfortunately, Bi-Mart is only found in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The WA stores will probably drop them when the new “assault weapon” initiative goes into effect.

      • You can be a fool, allowing yourself to be clipped, or looking elsewhere, likely save some money, which can be spent on other things. Your choice.

    • Probably not. 17hm2 is an odd duck. And 17hmr is difficult to semi auto due to the different pressure. Maybe Savage can make a A17 takedown though.

      • If they made a 17 takedown like that, and got me a couple 15-30 rd mags for it, my credit card would already have a charge on it. I really want a 10/22 TD in 17 with those 15rd’ers. Ruger has yet to comply with my emailed requests.

  2. Took them long enough, the base design already makes it easy to remove the barrel (relatively speaking). The biggest issue the with the model 64 is the magazines. My rifle runs like a top but it very hit and miss for others and it usually comes back to the mags. When I compare the one that came with the rifle and the magazine I bought the angle of the feed lips and the opening are obviously different. Hopefully Savage can improve the design and QC.

  3. If MSRP transfer to real world prices is similar to other Savage rimfire rifles, expect this one to be about $175 street. Very competitively priced with the Henry AR-7.

    • The lower the MSRP, the less of a discount you’ll see. This is also new. Currently the best price I found is $207.06 (shipped) from TSS Outfitters. (No affiliation to them other than have purchased from the company before.)

  4. The Model 64 is the worst rifle design I have ever owned. In is a pain to field strip, or more specifically reassemble. The new Winchester Wildcat is a much better design and is easy to break down to a backpackable configuration.

  5. This is a good move by Savage, keeps them competitive with Ruger. Now what Savage needs to do is come out with 20 or 25 rd magazines for the M64. Ruger’s can be so finicky and difficult to insert. With Kel Tec now making a quadstack mag for their CP33 .22 pistol, there’s no reason the quad mag can’t be made with .22 rifles and be made better than Ruger’s 25 rd mag. Ruger’s not going to do it, they already have their BX-25 mags, so it’s up to a limited few semi auto .22 rifle makers to do it and give Ruger the finger.

    • I agree and I don’t really mind the traditional Savage bolt gun looks – I know you hate that barrel nut.

      In the “Who wore it better?” contest, Ruger is gonna take the prize.

  6. Nice looking rifle, but I already have a Marlin Papoose so I can’t justify adding this to the collection.

    • That’s what I was thinkin’. The Marlin 70PSS, which is what I have, is essentially the Papoose but in stainless. BTW, instead of the 7 rd mags, 10 rd mags for the Model 795 will fit and function just in case you weren’t already aware of that.


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