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The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit in Texas challenging the ban on firearms carry in U.S. Post Offices and on postal property as violations of the Second Amendment, and is seeking declaratory and injunctive relief.

Joining SAF is the Firearms Policy Coalition and two private citizens, Gavin Pate and George Mandry, both Texas residents. Named as the sole defendant is Attorney General Merrick Garland, in his official capacity. The complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division.

Plaintiffs are represented by attorneys R. Brent Cooper and S. Hunter Walton at Cooper & Scully, P.C. in Dallas, and David H. Thompson and Peter A. Patterson at Cooper & Kirk in Washington, D.C.

“Under the Bruen ruling of June 2022,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “if the government seeks to restrict firearms in a particular location as a ‘sensitive place,’ it must prove that its current restriction is sufficiently analogous to a well-established and representative historical analogue.”

“Current federal law bars the ‘knowing possession’ of firearms in federal facilities, which includes post offices,” said SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “Millions of legally armed private citizens, whose daily routines may include visits to post offices to pick up or drop off mail, are directly impacted by this infringement. There is no well-established, representative historical analogue to justify this regulation, which violates the Second Amendment.”

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  1. ““if the government seeks to restrict firearms in a particular location as a ‘sensitive place,’ it must prove that its current restriction is sufficiently analogous to a well-established and representative historical analogue.””

    Is that what they meant by “fine kettle of fish”?

  2. How does anyone prove what you do or do not know?
    The “I didn’t know” trick has worked under oath plenty of times.

  3. A while back, I had to go in and pick up a package the delivery person couldn’t deliver because I was gone, and it needed a signature. I pulled up, unholstered my firearm and secured it in the Hummer. I went in, was handed the package and signed for it. I said to the lady, the no gun sign is stupid, she asked why? I said I pulled up and disarmed to enter, she said, ya, OK. I said, you just handed me a firearm. She paused a moment and said, ya, you’re right, that is stupid.

    • Technically I may be in violation when I park my truck in post office parking lot at night to get ice cream. Haven’t been inside the local P.O. in a few year’s since the wife quit her Etsy business. Partly because postal rates got too high! Ditto Etsy increases🙄

      • Castle Doctrine might get you by on that. This Bruen nonsense (as applied here) is counterproductive twaddle, IMO. Possibly Evil…

        Damn, too hot to sit around. Think l will go run the chainsaw some.

  4. Post Offices are open to the public. So open, they now have homeless living in the PO box rooms and foyers, even after normal business hours. Yet the feds want us to be disarmed to get our mail.

  5. We could easily solve all these restrictions of the right to defend by essentially putting the onus on the proprietor. Simply place a federal law that states if a violent felony occurs at a location that bars the right of citizens to protect themselves. The owner/proprietor/tenant etc responsible for the prohibition will pay within one week of notification the amount of $10,000 to each conceal carry citizen who was refused their right to protect themselves.

    Imagine a Mall. There occurs a violent felony (shooting, robbery etc) the incident is resolved the owner of the mall is approached by any and all citizens properly identifying themselves as licensed CCW citizens who were prohibited from carrying at the mall (anywhere in the mall). The insurer for the mall ownership then will be required to cut a $10K check to each citizen within one week of the occurrence. This payment will not effect any additional damages that may be determined in any further claims.

    Imagine Bozo Mall….there is a violent felony or robbery or what not. Immediately after the incident…oh 50, 100 customers approach the owner and identify themselves. The insurer then cuts a half a mil to a mil of immediate damage checks.

    How long before the insurers start considering the damage from a No Weapons policy ?

    • Tacoma236,

      Never going to happen.

      You have to differentiate what is effective and/or right from what our messed-up populace will support/achieve.

      In other words we live in a broken world and we would be wise to consider what is actually possible rather than what we wish to be.

  6. A few years ago I used UPS to mail a revolver to S&W for warranty repair and picked up at a UPS distribution center (perfectly legal at the time) then Barry Soetoro took over and the country has never been the same.

    • Vinny,

      Here is the important question:

      Did Barry set our nation on a course to drive over a cliff and then our nation jumped on the bandwagon? Or was our nation already intent on driving over a cliff and simply elected Barry because he was sympathetic to that end?

      My personal opinion is the latter: our nation has been on a spiritual, intellectual, and moral decline since the late 1960s and Barry (and his ilk) simply capitalized on our nation’s decline.

    • I thought it was from putting all the whiteout on the mistakes and perforating the paper… 😉

  7. This looks to be another devious attempt to roll back/disable Bruen. Using the money of sincere pro 2A folks. Sort of like the rahimi catastrophe. It has a snowballs chance in Houston of accomplishing its stated goal.

    Send at least some of your dollars to the NRA. You may not like Wayne or his underwear, but at least they ain’t STUPID.

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