russian army
Russian Army service members with an armored personnel carrier guarding a highway near Moscow on Saturday (UGC via AP)
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Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, a Russian businessman who has sought to unite groups opposing Putin, called on Russians opposed to the regime to arm themselves.

“Now we see that only armed people can resist the dictatorship,” Khodorkovsky wrote on his Telegram channel. “Now there is a small window of opportunity when there is chaos on the streets and the security forces are not in control of the situation.”

He said the dramatic standoff would likely result in further repression.

“If you see the strength in yourself in the future to become those armed people who will oppose Putin or Prigozhin, then it’s time to arm yourself,” he said. “Prigozhin is not our friend and not even our ally. He is a bandit and a war criminal. But his rebellion is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and there won’t be another like it for a long time.”

— Valerie Hopkins in To enter Moscow, Wagner fighters will have to face a ‘coup-proof’ defense system, analysts say

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  1. So much of that whole mess just makes *zero* sense, knowing a bit of Russian history concerning regime change.

    I’m seriously wondering at this point if the whole damn thing was just a ruse to trick Ukraine into making a massive push in their conflict…

      • nah…Prigozhin was just pissed at the russian general staff…getting bombed has a tendency to do that…he’s always showing them up in terms of getting results and they hate him for it…the most significant thing to come out of this is his comment that the war was a mistake and Putin was misled by his generals…totally contradicting the russian media spin…let’s see how that resonates…

    • A massive push backed by western dollars and weapons, we’re being weakened as a nation and if the democrats have their way we’ll have no guns to defend ourselves when the chinese roll in, or at the very least a nice database of all the gun owners to round up.

      Ukraine is a giant money laundering operation for biden inc, they get a kick back on every buck rhino lindsey sends them

      • I tend to agree.
        Some armies plan the conquest months in advance, some in years and some in centuries. Who invented chess.

      • 100%. The SBF FTX fiasco showed in great detail how money for Ukraine was/is being laundered through Crypto firms into DNC coffers. Little r Republicans support the war as well and for similar reasons, the spending enriches their donors.

        • In other words, there’s plenty of incentive to spread death and destruction throughout the world. $$$ Just wait until we pay to clean up the mess.

  2. The chief of the rebel Wagner mercenary force, Yevgeny Prigozhin, will leave Russia and won’t face charges after calling off his troops’ advance on Saturday, Moscow said, easing Russia’s most serious security crisis in decades.

    That little adventure was over before it started…

    • MaddMaxx,

      I have to wonder if Moscow/Putin put Prigozhin up to this as a ruse to flush-out who was loyal to Moscow/Putin.

      • nope..Putin appeared genuinely shaken by this little gesture of defiance…25,000 armed troops coming your way is a bit different than a street protest….some likened it to Napoleon’s march on Paris after leaving Elba…had it continued while picking up support along the way who knows what might have happened….

  3. Russia is ready to implode. The fact that Russia can’t conquer their former vassel is quite telling. Sure wish we weren’t embroiled in a war that is clearly not a priority! The ancestors of serfs are s c r e w e d. Sure wish our rulers weren’t idiots!

    • I wish we could have massive noncompliance on paying taxes. If the nation as a whole could do it we might see some changes…and no I’m not gonna spit in the other hand. I already know the outcome.

      • They couldn’t jail everyone, but they’d get their money. Since most people work for others, the IRS would simply force withholdings from the employer. With a $0 paycheck, your compliance is automatic. if you’re self employed , they’ll seize you business assets.

    • former water walker,

      If various “allies” had not provided massive amounts of resources to Ukraine, my intuition tells me that Ukraine would have folded months ago.

      • Remember that 40 Km Russian convoy, now it is known that ZELENSKY actually caved to the Russians, is envoys signed a “SURRENDER” deal with Russia..

        Russia agreed to pull back its convoy and pull its troops out of Northeast Ukraine, which they did…

        Two days after the surrender is signed, UK prime minister shows up in Kiev and suddenly Zelensky tore up the surrender deal!!!

    • we’re steadily weakening russia…sounds like a good investment to me….sending arms to Taiwan wouldn’t be a bad idea either…need to expedite that….

    • Maybe.
      But if, like me, you figure damn near everything we see, read and hear is some form of engineering consent either for power or profit, these are just annoying times and listening to people react as though something special, unique or important is occuring falls kinda flat and you just wonder who is gaining what and how much is it going to cost you.

  4. Poor Chris, when I showed him some shoes that I bought ‘Made in Vietnam’ he smiled and said, “Well it looks like we did some good over there after all.”
    My girlfiend’s son walks with them polio crutches, Afghanistan.
    Looks like we did some good over there too.

  5. Russians suddenly discover the value of an armed populace.
    Suddenly discover?
    Wow, it’s not like they fought Nazis with molotov cocktails or had wemon snipers.

  6. Khodorkovsky is high on drugs. When the heavily armed Wagner group had no chance do you think a bunch of lightly armed Yahoo’s would do any better?

    • not so sure about that “no chance” thing…there really wasn’t that much between them and Moscow…and the loyalty of what was there was questionable…this could have really turned into something…Putin made the right call…

  7. What happens in the Western hemisphere can make a difference to the USA. As far as Europe, Asia and Africa go, we should trade with all and favor none.


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