Runnation training Angstadt at the ready
Courtesy Angstadt Arms
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Angstadt Arms has launched a new video series they’re calling At The Ready, profiling people of interest to gun owners and those interested in firearms, training, and armed self defense. As Angstadt describes the project . . .

“At The Ready” goes behind the scenes with world class shooters, instructors and industry entrepreneurs to uncover their daily routines, tactics, challenges and motivation. Viewers get to see behind closed doors and learn what makes these individuals tick and pushes them to succeed.

Our goal for “ATR” is to share the lives and stories of the many amazing people in the firearms community and help to normalize firearms to the greater community at large. Each chapter of “ATR” will focus on a single person. With new episodes coming out every month.

Chapter 01 profiles Ian Strimbeck of Runenation, a Marine Corp Veteran who embodies endurance and instructs self-defense through perseverance and action. His motto “No One is Coming to Save You” serves as a constant reminder that in troubling times each individual has a personal responsibility to care for him/herself and loved ones. His philosophies and approach to everyday life have served him, and his students, to see the greatness and possibilities within themselves.


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    • Last time I bought 9mm, it was $49.98 for 200 rounds, including tax and shipping.

      Last time I bought 38+P, it was $92.97 for 300 rounds, including tax and shipping.

      The most expensive ammo I ever bought were 405gr JFP Buffalo Bore 45-70 Magnums, $97.72 for 40 rounds.
      Since ammo lasts a LOOOONG time, the idea is to buy low when you don’t need it…..

  1. Be careful of any organized “self-defense” groups. They’re probably infested with Federal agents.

    • In addition to being loaded with poor information and skill sets that are watered down and dragged out to squeeze as much money from you as possible but not give you enough information to start your own training group.

    • What’s that old joke about the Klan… What do you get when you have 4 klansmen together? 3 Federal agents and one drunk dude.

    • I can’t stress this enough. Be very wary of any organized group, even something as seemingly innocuous as “self-defense training groups.” The Feds want to engineer a horrific situation with the result being the people will be screaming for gun control, and the Feds are going to use the “tacticool patriot” types to do it. Unfortunately, some testosterone-addled idiot is going to fall for it.

      Stay away from “right wing” groups, “patriot” groups, “firearm training” groups, political protests, or anything like it. It is nothing, NOTHING, but a setup.

      • “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – HL Mencken (1880-1956) – American journalist, essayist, satirist, cultural critic, and scholar of American English. :Those who fear more for their safety than their freedom, deserve neither, and shall surely lose both.” Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson.
        Wondering how many of the “mass shooters” are identified early on by Government Deep State Operatives (ala Jan 6 incitement leaders) as troubled/unstable/disillusioned; nurtured, positioned for action as a sleeper cell/lone wolf; then, nudged into action at the opportune time….or in clusters for maximum populace fear….clamor. Interesting the nameless “unindicted co-conspirators” (uh…maybe Feds in plain clothes infiltrators) listed around the Jan 6 Capitol event.

        • “Wondering how many of the “mass shooters” are identified …”

          My guess? All of them.

      • “the Feds are going to use the ‘tacticool patriot’ types to do it. Unfortunately, some testosterone-addled idiot is going to fall for it.”

        dunno … once some “tacticool patriot” starts the avalanche “the feds” won’t be able to stop it.

      • Just watching Tucker Carlson, if he’s got it correct the Jan 6 clusterfuck at the Capitol was organized and led largely by undercover FBI agents who are mysteriously not being charged or even identified to the media. IOW, this post is exactly correct, your tax money is being used to spy on you and incriminate you, let’s not be stupid.

    • fyi
      COINTELPRO, was used against the KKK, long before it was used against the Black Panther Party for self Defense. I was surprised to find this in Ann Coulter’s book of several years ago.

    • Our last 2 AR builds are equipped with Angstadt BCGs. Why? Because pound for pound during these times they were the best bang for the buck. Frankly this wave to sit on your behind and go negative on those who have a lot of other things they could be doing sorta sucks.
      Can it be something sinister behind such efforts? Anything is possible because there are some sick puppies out there in high places that they have no business being in. There are people committed to the Second Amendment and there are those equally uncommitted and they have got to go. It’s what polygraphs are for but if nobody asks nobody knows and America needs to know before push comes to shove.

  2. Organizing in this neighborhood is tough. Just a few blocks off a college campus. Surrounded by Biden signs during the last presidential election. There is one family, on the next block, with which we have a mutual protection understanding, but they are also surrounded. One of their clown-shoes neighbors was running his snow blower, clearing the sidewalks for their entire block during the last heavy snow. He went out to the street to bypass their property because he knows they are Trump supporters.

    The good news is that we (both families) are well-trained and well-armed (and a lot nicer than the other neighbors).

    • My Meh-he-co neighbor has been MIA for 3 weeks. Right now a strange truck is parked in the driveway. No Bueno…

  3. Everyone wants to join. How bout start your own. It doesn’t have to be about anything except protecting your own. Stay away from the dumbassery. A tornado can hit a buddies house and he loses it all. He’ll have everything he needs by nightfall to eat, defend and have assistance and shelter for his family. That’s a real group.

    • “Everyone wants to join. How bout start your own.”

      Even better, keep the group size to *one*… 🙂

  4. Engage your neighbors in conversation.
    Shoot with them if they shoot.
    Bring up things like the last power outage your neighborhood had or that your work recently had CPR/First Aid training for employees. See where the convo goes.
    Shun anyone who brings up offensive action or has a habit of scapegoating.
    Avoid specifics and always hold your cards close to your chest.

    You don’t need to form or join anything. Just be a good, friendly, positive neighbor.

  5. The problem I’ve experienced with local attempts to band together, has always resulted in factional splintering within the groups. Everyone wants to be Chief, and very few want to be Indians. The EGO Factor seems to always get in the way with local organizational attempts.
    If someone can come up with a system that avoids that, I’d be interested.

    • “The EGO Factor seems to always get in the way with local organizational attempts.
      If someone can come up with a system that avoids that, I’d be interested.”

      Go it alone, or *maybe* one other person you’ve known for years…

      • “I’ve seen it work just fine back in the sixties…you do what you have to do until things get better…

    • “If someone can come up with a system that avoids that”

      redefine “patriotism” from “lone wolf vs all the sheepdogs” to “community”.

    • stick with who you know. outside of that you’ll just have to build a group on the fly when you need it.

    • That gets weeded out when you properly screen candidates. In order to lead you must be the right leader too.

  6. When the next midterm elections come around. And the police are ordered to stand down. As your work or home neighborhood is attacked and burned. You will be on your own. And I don’t think even the fire trucks will come when you need them.

    Perhaps you need two or more home fire extinguishers?
    Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch says he has one in every room of his home.

    • “has one in every room of his home”

      that won’t help if the fire’s on the roof. and it will be.

      • Somebody needs a helicopter to get fire to my roof. Meanwhile, I have a fire pre-extinguisher in 12 gauge pump, stops the fire 50 feet before it reaches my house. Sounds like a lot of people need to reexamine their priorities concerning communities, commutes, and job requirements.

    • If you allow “them” to get as far as the neighborhood then yes you’ve lost. It just be stopped beyond your yard. Conventional thinking isn’t working so think beyond.

  7. Chris T in KY said:
    “…fire extinguishers?
    Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch says he has one in every room of his home.”

    That’s weird, I have at least one handgun in every room in the house…hmmmmm…

    • Depending on the type of fire, that can put it out… 🙂

  8. I think about the end part. Thought about it so much I’d get the shakes everytime I pulled a trigger.
    Thankfully that’s subsided a bit.

  9. It’s an exaggeration to say no one is coming to save you. They are but it’s highly unlikely that they will arrive in time to do you any good. That makes the difference academic but it’s not like 911 tells you to file a report online.

    • I disagree because several times we have called and no one has come because “priority calls”. We’ve learned to handle things ourselves quietly

      • Trick there is “quietly”. Do not recall why help is no longer needed, I guess the assailants just left. Dunno who they were or where they went. Etc.

  10. they may come to check you out…if you look like a tough nut they may just pass you by…

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