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“During the struggle to take the suspect into custody, the suspect struck one of the officer’s handguns, causing the gun to fire,” [Long Beach police information officer Nancy] Pratt wrote in a statement released to the press, reported by “The accidental shooting resulted in that officer being shot in the leg by his own gun.”

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    • Reflex. When you get hit or stumble, you tend to clench your hands. This has caused many shots to magically go off while cops are moving with guns. If you have the gun out and your finger indexed along the frame of the gun you are ok and the gun doesn’t go boom. If you have your finger on the trigger or on the front of the trigger guard, the gun tends to go off when you clench your hand.

  1. Was he holding in pointed at his leg with his finger on the trigger at the time?? I’ve never heard of any modern handgun that will fire when punched… I believe some details were left out.

    • Sounds like the most logical explanation to me. Gun was already drawn, probably in combination with poor trigger discipline on the part of the cop. I can’t think of how you could possibly cause a modern police style DAO gun to fire in the holster. Likewise for the older JMB designs, ala 1911 or Hi-Power. Then again, maybe the Long Beach PD is carrying some kind of 60+ year old Soviet bloc surplus side arm. After all, the economy is pretty shitty…

  2. He had to have been holding the gun. If it was in a holster the bullet would have struck the round slightly behind the officer, possibly grazing his thigh or buttock depending on the angle of the holster if he was a fat guy.

    I imagine he had the gun in his hand, finger on or near the trigger, and was pointing it downwards and slightly in from of his lower body, then the perp hits it backhand or something causing the finer to actuate the trigger and also moving the point of aim towards the officer and at his support side leg. But that’s a guess.


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