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Courtesy Ruger
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While it probably won’t please socially conscious individuals like Colin Kaepernick to hear this, some manufacturers of consumer goods see benefits and actual customer demand for products featuring flags and other patriotic images.

Colin Kaepernick Nike betsy ross flag shoes
(AP Photo/ Ron Harris)

Along those lines, Ruger has just announced their new Flag Series line of Cerakoted and dipped pistols and long guns.

ruger sr22 arizona flag series
Courtesy Ruger

So please, don’t tell anyone at brands like Nike, Levi’s, or the NFL that you can now get an AR-556 MPR emblazoned with Old Glory or — heaven forbid — a Ruger Precision Rifle with a Texas Lone Star dip.

Ruger Precision Rifle texas flag
Courtesy Ruger

There’s no telling how severe their reactions might be and we wouldn’t want to be responsible for the consequences.

Here’s Ruger’s press release . . .

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to announce its new Flag Series line of firearms. Arriving just in time to celebrate the independence of our nation, these attractive firearms boast painted flag Cerakote® and flag camo dipped finishes.

The first four offerings in this new series feature attractive American Flag finishes and are built on the following platforms: AR-556® MPR, Ruger Precision® Rimfire and PC Carbine™ rifles, as well as the AR-556 Pistol. Additional distributor exclusive models featuring state flag Cerakote finishes are also available. These models include the SR22® pistol with North Carolina state flag Cerakote finish, SR22 pistol with Arizona state flag Cerakote finish and Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Texas state flag camo dip.

“We are very excited about the introduction of the Flag Series,” said Shawn Leska, Ruger Vice President of Sales. “This new lineup of firearms is our most patriotic yet and we hope our customers will feel a sense of pride owning a pistol or rifle from this American-made series.”

For more information on the Ruger Flag Series, or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit or To find accessories for the Flag Series and other Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

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  1. Colin Kaepernick is a POS, his adoptive parents must be real proud. Not. His 15 minutes was up years ago…

    • And his BS story about being driven out of the NFL. He was offered contracts, but he didn’t take them because they either didn’t pay starter money or didn’t cover his pre-exististing injury. I guess the SJW business pays well with less work.

    • Kapernik was a shitty quarterback, period. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that. The 49ers were only successful during those years because the team was stacked and the coach was great (though has real anger issues). He personally lost the 49ers that super bowl against Baltimore and he also personally lost the NFC championship game against the Seahawks by trying to show boat against Richard Sherman. His poor decision making nearly ruined the entire franchise. He only benefited for a couple years from the coach running a college read option system, which is rarely used in the NFL, and for good reason. Once defenses caught on, they started sacking his ass hard, and the system collapsed. He knew it, too, when the playing the Bears he got creamed on nearly every single play and snapped during the game calling bears players “Niggers”. He’s not any kind of champion, he’s a garbage QB who knew his time was up so he decided to make extra cash by being a race hustler.

      • Agree…
        I think he saw the writing on the wall and realized his time was done….”so what to do?” he says to himself…”I know I’ll play the race and victim card becoming a Super-SJW.”

        He’s actually convinced himself of this, with help from Nike and all the ‘woke’ companies.

        I don’t care what the issue is, unless it’s worshiping the Creator, Americans NEVER kneel.

        I’m a Steelers fan and live down the road about 15 min from Clemson.

  2. Those things painfully fit the stereotype of flag wrapped, Bible and assault rifling clinging ‘Merikans. It also seems tacky in general as a commercial use of the stars and stripes. The flag code specifically states the flag shouldn’t be used for decoration or advertising.

    • Whose flag code? And since when are (literally) two stripes and two stars the same thing as *the flag*?

      Maybe it’s tacky, maybe not. Eye of the beholder, and all that… To me they look very well executed, but even so, I wouldn’t pay extra for them or even choose them over basic black if they were free of charge, but to each his own.

      • Glitch is stuck in the 1960s. Back then it was considered inappropriate to wear the flag and when the hippies started wearing it a lot of people got their panties in a knot. Now it’s a demonstration of your patriotism and only the oldest of old farts would be offended.

        • I have to agree with Glitch. I think it’s tacky. I still cry when I hear the national anthem, but am repelled by the over-use of flags used to sell stuff. Remember the gas station chain that had 20 flags flying on its roof? Ugh. Flags on low-cut shirts? Pants? Bathing suits? Rugs? Toilet paper. Napkins? And, every disposable item sold for a 4th of July picnic.

        • Personally I think it can be taken to far on either end. Too much flag waving can be gaudy. But the over-the-top self righteousness that some of the pre-hippy generation (almost always not actual WWII combat vets) was obnoxious. A good example is Jose Feliciano’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in the 1968 World Series. It damn near ended his career. Most radio stations blacklisted him. At the time there was one way to sing the national anthem and one way only and that wasn’t it. Considering the tune was taken from an old British drinking song, I don’t see why it wasn’t always open to interpretive expression. I don’t think Jose meant any disrespect, in fact I think just the opposite. But there are always the sort to look for things to be offended over and they should be universally ignored.

    • The actual flag should not be used as decoration or advertising. Elements thereof and reminiscent of are just fine.

    • It bothers me when people elevate it to a religious level and treat these sort of things as blasphemy. I do not worship an inanimate object OR the government it represents. I respect the history, sacrifice, and spirit behind it. And I will proudly paint my boner red, white, & blue if I want to. That flag is my team colors and I will display them as I please.

    • You are right about the flag code. You must live in fear of retaliation by not showing a picture on your comments. American Flags should not be worn as shorts, shirts, under ware, or socks of course some of us were raised with respect taught both by our parents and our teachers. We had the guts to stand up for what was right and good

  3. That’s it, beat that anti-Kapernick drum where he’s not involved. It’s nonsense.
    The guns look cool and it does violate the standards for flag use.
    But that’s ok as long as we gun owners keep beating the drums for a constant enemy.
    No wonder libs think we’re nuts.

    • He’s in the news right now because he talked Nike out of a special edition sneaker with the Betsy Ross flag (similar to these special edition carbines), which he found offensive because it “reminds him of the era of slavery.” Arizona has pulled back on some offered tax incentives to Nike over the incident. This reference isn’t coming from the blue.

    • Thanks to @PhilWatson for the explanation. We assume a minimal level of familiarity with current news stories around here. And we also provided a couple of links for those who’ve been…busy.

      Click on the first hyperlink and on ‘Nike’ for the stories.

    • That’s not a flag.

      That’s a handguard with flaggy paint.

      Most people can tell the difference, but it looks like some of you need some remedial instruction.

      So don’t go out, rip a flag off a flagpole, and weave it through mlok holes on your handguard. That would be against the flag code.

      Paint it whatever the hell you want. Then it’s not a flag, it’s a painted handguard.

    • Agreed its just click bait to stir up the racists who hate Kaepernick more because he is black and if he had been white it would have been now all but forgotten. Notice how little they paid attention to the white female soccer player Megan Rapinoe that also refused to stand for the anthem.

      Psychologists who have studied flag wavers have found that since the U.S. has never had a King or Queen to worship by the Far Right the substitute then is therefore the flag. In Europe who has had kings and queens for centuries do not worship their flags as living near religious icons of patriotism. To your average Brit, hanging a giant flag from your house is a down right bizarre and even creepy

      A series of psychological studies conducted in 1998 and 2004 (notably before and after the 9/11 attacks) found that Americans exposed to the American flag tend to become more nationalist — they tend to support the idea that America is superior to other countries (the master race syndrome) . It’s not that looking at a flag makes Americans more patriotic so much as reminding the onlooker of American power and dominance.

      The American flag has the power to be a dangerous symbol, motivating Americans toward a kind of us-versus-them thinking and national arrogance that can be the first step in gearing people up for violence and war.

      Two experimental studies supported the idea that the American flag increased nationalism, but not necessarily patriotism.

      The Flag also gets used as a symbol for bragging that you are “loyal to the military”. This is not surprising for Americans as they have always been the most war like country on earth. A case (as strange as this sounds) could even be made somewhat sanely for Germany going to war in the 20th Century for for revenge and living space but when comparing them to the U.S. that has been geographically isolated by two oceans and two weak foreign nations ,one to the North, Canada and one to the South, Mexico, it becomes even more bizarre that the U.S. is so war like. Although some people claim it is due to the fact that the dominate white race in the U.S. has actually been the decedents of German immigrants and not English immigrants as is so erroneously still believed by the average uneducated U.S. Citizen. Still even if true the U.S. unlike Germany has always had plenty of living space and natural resources so again the question is “Why has the U.S. always been so hell bent on wars of rape, pillage and conquest”.?

      None of this was even thought of let alone looked at or believed until the advent of the Vietnam War and its horrific mass murder of civilians which some estimates put as high as 3 million which equaled the 3 million citizens of the Philippine Islands that were slaughtered by the U.S. in that war of Imperialism started in 1899. At any rate during the debacle of the Vietnam 10,000 day war for the first time in U.S. History the U.S. people began to finally see themselves as they really were and how they also were viewed by the rest of the world as a violent, sadistic , murderous bunch of war mongering psychopaths hell bent on dominating the world. And today no other Nation would argue that point with so many countries that have now been invaded and occupied by U.S. Storm Troopers which now has far surpasses anything the German Nazi’s ever could have imagined or had a wet dream about. This is not to excuse anything the Nazi War Machine did.

      I think Clint Eastwood’s glorification of the war criminal Kris Kyle who is worshiped by millions of Far Right U.S. Citizens who because of their rather indolent nature and lack of education have never bothered to actually research in regards to his actual rampage of mass murder simply proves how even after the horrors of Vietnam once again the U.S. Citizens of the Far Right have reverted back to their pre-Vietnam Mentality of flag waving and “the right to dominate all countries of the world” no matter how much money it takes or how many millions of civilians are slaughtered for the greater glory of the flag, the military industrial complex and the rape of other countries economies and natural resources. Its simply the old “Manifest Destiny” only now on an international obscene scale (not that the original U.S. Continental Manifest Destiny was not just as obscene with the slaughter of the American Indian).

      Its interesting to note that during the Vietnam War wearing the flag was considered obscene and unpatriotic except on military informs but the blind greed of businessmen soon changed all that by promoting wearing flags to “be cool” on your ass for the shapely young 1960’s teenage girls (back when young women were actually thin) and the flag then found its way to be completely socially acceptable plastered on just about everything and anything including lunch buckets, belts , cups and even walking coats for your obese pet dog.

      Yes flag worship and obsession are the most bizarre aspect of U.S. life that the Europeans find so strange about the U.S. people. Europeans have told me that the Americans bizarre behavior and war mongering must be stem from all the legal and illegal cocktail of drugs they take for recreation and pain relief. They just might have something there or is it just in the water??????


      • Defending hitler’s germany and their drive for ‘living space’, vlad. I’ve been calling you a fascist from when you were the frisco kid.

        And now, once again, you’ve proven it. A frustrated hitler jugend that was born on the wrong continent in the wrong time. Pisses you right the fuck off and it shows.

        • “Defending hitler’s germany and their drive for ‘living space’, vlad. I’ve been calling you a fascist from when you were the frisco kid.”

          Please have an adult in the room explain the post to you. Your reading comprehension is not even at the 5th grade level. I guess should not blame you rather I should blame the school system you attended.

        • No explanation needed. This comment is just one in a long line of fascist themed comments.

          You’re the new hitler jugend, dude. You and your antifa buddies. And some day you will be dealt with just as the last batch of hitler jugend. Pity, really. Your kind is just too damn stupid to learn and insist on making the same sad mistakes over and over.

        • Vlad, go tell your god king Xi he’s a punk, and China will never have Taiwan. China’s military is too stupid and weak to cross an ocean. Japan sends its regards too.

      • Megan belongs to a sport that most Americans don’t really follow, unlike football. Her profile is much lower, her branding potential belongs to a small market. Colin has higher name recognition because of football. Had he not been a NFL player, few people would have noticed him. It is not racism you are noticing, but look hard enough you can find racism in anything, including a chair.

        Our culture is uniquely different than Europe, and theirs is uniquely different from Asia, and theirs is uniquely different from Africa. We as a Country did not hold much reverence for a national flag until the Civil War, when our Country was divided. Since that time, and with the preservation of the Union, the US Flag held a different place in our national psyche. These studies you mention, did you read the questions asked? I seen the one from Northeastern University, bias in questions equals bias in the data.

        Comparing US Soldiers to Nazi stormtroopers is not gonna get you any points in creative thinking. The Nazis fought to secure an Aryan Reich, something we fought against. My Grandfather who fought in WWII, was a true antifascists, not like these morons running today claiming to be antifa. Since we our inception, the US has fought in may conflicts and wars. The first was for our interests against a King and to end being colonies of an Island so far away. Some were fought to expand our land, something every Country has done since the dawn of civilization. We even fought a war among ourselves to preserve the Union and end slavery, this was done under our Flag which is being held as offensive to some. We fought some wars to gain resources, to expand our sphere of influence, something that civilizations have always done, and always will. You bring up the civilian costs of war, but maybe you do not know that the US has taken greater steps to limiting civilian casualties than any other society to date. And this has cost us casualties, but we continue to strive to protect civilians. The enemy doesn’t do that, but people like you will vilify the US and not those who willfully, tactically and intentionally cause civilian casualties.

        Kyles “rampage and murder” was directed at people trying to kill Americans and even civilians, many who were Muslims. In the moral sense of what he did, and what soldiers do, it is not murder, it is killing and there is a difference.

        So on the day of July 4th, the recognized birthday of our Nation, we should do as John Adams believed:

        “I am apt to believe that [Independence Day] will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival, It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

        • Vlad is a total anti American/ anti second amendment shill. He actually is a real deal professional troll, of which origin I would guess to actually be foreign, most likely Chinese. All nations these days have “troll armies”, of which Russia has perfected. But you can somewhat pin point which nation a professional troll hails from by what they troll the most. Russian trolls typically target globalism, nato, and Britain. They’re goal is primarily to undermine Europe politics and America’s influence in Europe, as Russia’s primary concern lies there. We see Russian trolling in America to some extent, but to really see it, visit European websites. On the other hand, Chinese trolls target American expenitionalism, the American military, American culture, capitalism, and heavily support the leftist ideology. China’s goal is to totally undermine America in every way possible, because they want to replace the US as the leading superpower.

        • “”””””””””””””””””””We fought some wars to gain resources, to expand our sphere of influence, something that civilizations have always done, and always will.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

          It is called Imperialistic wars of rape, pillage and conquest and we murdered 1 1/2 million Chinese during the Boxer Rebellion when we invaded China, 3 million in the Philippine Islands and and another 3 million in Vietnam. And you are being pompous and saying “since other countries have done it , then its an excuse for us to commit mass murder too”. That makes you a hypocrite and our Nation as well.

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””Kyles “rampage and murder” was directed at people trying to kill Americans and even civilians, many who were Muslims. In the moral sense of what he did, and what soldiers do, it is not murder, it is killing and there is a difference.”””””””””””””””””””””””””

          The real truth is that Kyle was not only a pathological liar as was proven in a court of law i.e. the Jessie Ventura case, but Kyle got in a 3 way race with two other psycho snipers and they were killing women and even children to up their score. When the crazed Kyle was interviewed by NBC he claimed he had no regrets because he viewed Middle East people as sub-human much as the Nazi’s too viewed everyone that was not Aryan as sub-human as their excuse to commit mass murder. It case you were not aware of it we violated the “rules of civilized war” by condoning Kyle and his fellow Nazi snipers. All of this was proven beyond any doubt by news people who researched this.

          “””””””””””””””””””””And this has cost us casualties, but we continue to strive to protect civilians. The enemy doesn’t do that, but people like you will vilify the US and not those who willfully, tactically and intentionally cause civilian casualties.”””””””””””””””””””’

          Come on cut the patriotic bullshit. We went out of our way during the Philippine war and the Vietnam war to deliberately murder civilians in order to get the enemy to give up the war but in the case of Vietnam it only made them fight harder till they kicked our dirty asses the hell out of their country. I salute Ho Chi Minh the greatest Statesmen of the 20th Century, he made absolute fools out of the French, the U.S., China and Russia. The Nam war proved that the “good people” won that war and it proved that “yes there is a god”.

          “””””””””””””””””””””””””“I am apt to believe that [Independence Day] will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival, It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty.”””””””””””””””””””””

          The Adams quote shows that back then they were even bigger bullshitters than Trump is. The Founding Father Swamp Rats started the war out of blind greed so they would not have to pay taxes ever, only the common man would pay the taxes and then they destroyed the American peoples only chance for a true democracy by establishing a Representative Corrupt Government that was established by the criminal rich and for the criminal rich and we lost the chance forever not only for democracy but a parliamentary government. If it had not been for the French Navy and Military intervention the Founding Father Swamp Rats all would have been hanged and it would have been the best thing that ever happened for the American people but unfortunately evil triumphed and we the people have been getting screwed ever since by our government.

      • Na, it’s all the red meat we eat in mass quantities that makes us warmongers. You see, the cows know when they are about to be butchered as they’re hustled into the slaughter house and they start pumping adrenaline which we end up eating… So says dear mom the vegan every time I fire up the grill…

      • Nobody knew about Rapinoe because nobody watches women’s soccer. Sorry. Just didnt have the exposure of the NFL. But play the race card. That’s fine. The last argument of someone who can’t make a point. And I’m sorry, I must have missed where Chris Kyle was convicted of war crimes. Talk poorly about the dead though, you are certainly a classy guy….

        • I remember some sports caster referring to a womens’ soccer star as “bigger and more famous than Micheal Jordan.” And I thought, imagine that, someone more famous than Micheal Jordan, and nobody’s heard of her.

      • “they tend to support the idea that America is superior to other countries (the master race syndrome) .”

        God, I’m sick of that crap. Americans aren’t a race. Americans are people who share a set of principles and ideals, not a skin color. And nationalist does not equal racial supremacist, at least not in the USA (though it does in some other nations). That’s pure leftist rhetoric. Yes, I think the USA is currently the best thing going, the last bastion of individual freedom while we see a resurgence of authoritarianism in the rest of the West (feudalism with different window dressing). No I don’t want to put myself under the thumb of authoritarians like those who run the EU, the leaders of Islamic nations, the warlords who rule much of Africa, or the totalitarians who rule parts of Asia.

        You want to call me a nationalist? Fine. I’ll wear that with pride. But like so many other concepts, “nationalist” doesn’t mean what you think it means. Assuming you’re a useful idiot. But I don’t think Soros types who see the US Constitution as an impediment to global power are hanging out trolling TTAG.

        • You are right. We are a nation of immigrants (but the legal kind) and several races. In fact, the idea of Eugenics created separate races that are not different from each other.. There is no “American” race.

      • Faepernick is a hypocritc, black or white. His down fall is his owen. fase it. Love Amercia or get out

      • What a bunch of horseshit from this Vlad A-hole. I’m one of those old farts who still respect the flag and the thousands of our young guys who died so people like you can spread your commie crap in the good old USA. I spent four years in Korea and earned the right to say a few things.

    • Don’t GAF what the libs think.

      Apparently, anything before thing from before they were spawned, is triggering and “racist” and __________ – as anything Colonial American, American Civil War I, etc etc etc. morons.

  4. But…but… All the logo’s though, who doesn’t like 5 phoenix’s plastered all over their AR? I’m kidding of course, I like ruger but boy do they want you to hold up a billboard for em.

  5. Damn Ya’ll RUGER!!! I Bought My AR-556MPR Over a Year Ago and Now Ya’ll Come Out With These Special Edition Paint Job Ones, Damn!!!

  6. Eff Kaepernick and all his un American buddies,luv me some patriotic themed guns.

  7. Correction: Bill Ruger hardest hit.

    I wonder if anyone will have a good 30 round Mini-14 mag for a decent price on July 6th

  8. We should focus on our great country and all things red white and blue and refuse to be distracted by an anti American turd. Let’s celebrate and enjoy our freedoms!
    Happy 4th everyone

  9. The US Flag Code is not statutory. It is not law but a guideline or recommendation.
    Some folks are offended at the use of RWB commercially, Others, not so much.

    As a service disabled vet, I’m middle of the road on the issue. I believe respect should ALWAYS be shown the symbol of our great nation. I also accept that when we serve, we do so in part to defend the rights of people to do things we find offensive or distasteful.

    Personally I am ok with these Ruger designs but find flag themed speedos or bicycle seats are disgraceful.
    Respect cannot be legislated, only tight, learned and demonstrated.

  10. Not much in love with colored/painted weapons. But if they sell and Ruger makes money, my bottom line is happy. If it makes some happy to own these good.
    Kraprnick is a piece of monkey poo.

  11. Eh. If you want one, buy one. If you don’t, don’t. I don’t care either way; I’m not in the market for a new gun, but if I were, this isn’t something I’d pay a high premium for.

    Unless someone like Colin, David, Barak, etc., made a comment about it being wrong or something. In which case I just might think about paying a bit extra for it, because it would help to provide data indicating that giving into SJW demands is bad for business.

  12. Maybe they should only make guns with state flags that have constitutional carry instead of the federal government’s flag?

    • State flags, and do a run of the southern states released in order of secession… just to make the SJW’s tweak.

  13. Not interested in gaudy displays on firearms. I like Ruger, own a number of their guns and have given a couple as gifts over the years. But slapping a fancy paintjob on one reduces its value to me. No matter how much they are trying to appeal to my considerable patriotism I just don’t like these sort of gimmicks with my Flag.

    And Colin Kaepernick? I get the protest deal on police brutality/stupidity but beyond that protesting about a shoe is awfully snowflake as far as I am concerned. I wouldn’t buy the shoe or wear one with a flag on it, I’d think it a shameless marketing gimmick. But the Revolutionary War was also a first step towards ending slavery in America, which is how I look at that issue.

    I mean an effort was made and failed at the time, but it was a start. There were people who were thinking that way at the time, wanting to end it.

  14. I’d like Arizona flag themed guns, myself. Particularly 1911s and rifles like the Texas flag themed one above.

  15. Why does this stuff look like something clowns pilling out of a clown car would be carrying?
    I mean I can’t take this stuff seriously, at least you can rest easy no one Is going to steal them from you.

  16. Thank you, Ruger! Damn proud to say I own a number of your fine ass firearms, I highly recommend them. The Ruger Phoenix sticker is so well respected that it was placed on the driver side of my beloved Polaris Ranger.

  17. I’m sure that Palmetto Armory is tooling up a Betsy Ross rollmark for lowers at this very moment.

  18. I wish Colin a safe journey back to Africa. Maybe there he will be safe from making millions in the NFL.

  19. To each his own. My ARs are all black to keep them properly scary. They only sport tasteful “Made in America ” stickers I peel off of large appliances.

  20. Whoever is offended by the AMERICAN FLAG
    GET THE HELL OUT OF THE U.S.A. and make

    • I agree with you! I hope Nike goes belly up! And I wish someone would give Kaepernick a well deserved boot out of our Country, he is NOT and American. I also hope that people realize he did not start his protests to help anyone other than himself. He has made millions by degrading our Anthem, our Flag and our Country. Someone please give him a hand onto the next flight to Iran…perhaps he will love it there.

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