Ruger Announces the The LCP 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
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It’s hard to believe that Ruger’s been making their portable, pocketable, affordable LCP .380 for a decade now. Yet here we are. And to celebrate the milestone, they’ve announced a 10th anniversary limited edition LCP. Here’s their press release:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) is proud to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the LCP® by releasing a Limited Edition pistol to mark the occasion. Owed to its size, weight and reliability, Ruger’s Lightweight Compact Pistol has become the preferred backup gun for law enforcement and an everyday carry companion for countless law-abiding Americans.

10 years after its introduction, the LCP is still the perfect choice for personal protection. This Limited Edition anniversary pistol features a stainless steel slide with custom forward serrations, an aluminum skeletonized trigger and special “Tenth Anniversary” laser engraving.

Ruger Announces the The LCP 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Not much larger than a modern smartphone and less than 1″ wide, the LCP provides many concealed carry options while offering 6+1 capacity in the popular .380 Auto caliber. The high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame is checkered for a secure grip, while the included finger grip extension floorplate may be added to the magazine to accommodate larger hand sizes and provide increased grip area. Fixed sights integral to the slide and a recessed hammer provide confidence when drawing the LCP from a pocket holster.

For more information on the LCP or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit or To find accessories for the LCP and other Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

Ruger Announces the The LCP 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

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    • You get a lighter weight pistol with enuff engraving.

    • Since when is 10 years such an important milestone? Especially for Ruger. 25 maybe. 50 certainly. But 10? How about 10 years without a recall? Now that would be something to celebrate!

    • I recall a special run of LCP’s that were for sale in Texas shortly after then-Gov. Perry used one to take out a coyote that tried to eat Perry’s dog during his morning jog out in the hills west of Austin. (JWT can give you the straight scoop on this, as he worked for Perry at that time.)
      They were engraved as “LCP: Lonestar Coyote Protection” with a Texas flag.

  1. The best question is here is…why are the LCP and the LCPII in parallel production? I’ve been wondering that one for a while. And, what’s that Mayodan NC business all about?

    • One reason I suspect is that the revised, 2nd gen original LCP is a fine weapon in it’s own right. If you visit the forums, LCP owners comment that they like the 2nd gen’s improved trigger (it really is a marked improvement over the much maligned original) and slightly smaller size so much that they decided not to purchase the LCPII, fine handgun that it is. My 2nd gen w/Hogue grips is just about a perfect carry gun.

      • Agreed. The 10th anniversary model with Hogue slip-over grip (purchased after-market), improved Ruger trigger, and other Ruger upgrades make it a competitive contender for its own LCP II brother.

      • The sights are fine for the intended purpose, the visible hammer position (which really requires red painting/fingernail polish) and the separately purchased Ruger 7RD magazine with the extended-shoe base make it a winner.

        The only needed feature missing is last-round slide lock. However, there is a chamber view port on the right and of the chamber/barrel.

    • The LCP can be carried without a holster, like in you pocket for quick access , the LCPII has a different trigger and can go off by accident if not carried in a holster

    • Mayodan, NC is home to the original LCP now. Also the American Rimfire, several American center fires,. SR762, AR556, SR22 Pistol, Shop Ruger & their call center; lots going on there. Went there in fall of 2013 as their 3rd manufacturing plant. Has been a huge boom for the local economy. Enough people, including myself, like the original style LCP; one caveat though is to have one without a hyphen in the serial # (made the change circa 2013). Just got the 10th today for $240, hardly expensive at all, makes 3 LCP’s now.

  2. Oh man the stainless slide sounds nice. I use my lcp custom a lot in the summer for yard work and working on things and it gets pretty soaked in sweat. I know it sounds gross. Anyway the stainless slide would be nice to have.

  3. I had my first chance to shoot an LCP. A buddy borrowed it from his girlfriend. I was not impressed. It’s nowhere near as easy to shoot or accurate as my Kahr CW380. The trigger on the LCP I shot was awful.

    The CW380 is a much better choice. The LCP II, however, is a fantastic little pistol.

    • Jean-Claude,

      Given that the Ruger LCP costs almost 1/2 the price of a Kahr CW380, direct comparisons are not fair.

      Let’s remember the purpose of mouse guns chambered in .380 ACP: they are self-defense firearms for engagements at contact distances. In that primary role the Ruger LCP functions just as well as the Kahr CW380.

      • I always love it when people say “my (fill in the blank with object costing several orders of magnitude more) is SOOOO much better than ‘X’.
        We’ll, I would certainly hope so!

        • MSRP for a Kahr CW380 is $418, MSRP for this LCP is $300. That’s not a magnitude, let alone several. Its pretty much fact the sights and trigger on the Kahr are better.

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