Ronnie Barrett Hearts Zach Wamp for TN Gov.

The CEO of Barrett Firearms has endorsed Zach Wamp for Governor. “I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss books,” Ronnie Barrett revealed. Just kidding. “Whenever Tennessee sportsmen and gun owners needed a friend in Congress, Zach Wamp stood strong with us to protect and defend our 2nd Amendment rights . . .” Not to mention the fact that the NRA A-Rated rep voted to pass a bill prohibiting tobacco-style liability lawsuits against gun manufacturers based on the criminal misuse of firearms, way back in 2003. “We need that same strong backbone and consistent support from our next Governor, and I’m convinced that Zach Wamp will be that man.” Does anyone else find it odd that neither the press release nor the story about the press release nor Wamp’s website mentions the fact that the candidate is a Republican? Eight term Congressman, in fact. Uh-oh.

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