Chicago rolling shootout
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Modern day gangsters in Chicago have graduated from carjackings and drive-by shootings to something new and exciting:  the rolling gun battle. In scenes that look like fifth-grade productions of Hollywood shoot-em-up scenes, carloads of gang bangers and thugs are shooting it out, even in upscale neighborhoods including the city’s famous Magnificent Mile.

Unlike Hollywood, these wannabe tough guys are using real guns and real bullets. While most folks will shed few tears for the participants hurt or killed in the gang violence, innocents also suffer injuries and even death.

At the same time, Cook County’s Soros-funded prosecutor Kim Foxx doesn’t bother to charge groups of gang members who shoot it out in the city, even when cops catch them in the act. Even when one of the participants winds up dead and two more were wounded during the “mutual combat.”

Rather than charging them all with felony murder and getting them off the city’s streets, Foxx ordered them released without any charges. No word on if she ordered their guns returned as well.

The latest incident happened Monday evening. A mile-long “mostly peaceful” rolling gun battle ended when the vehicle of one of the participants crashed outside Lakeview High School. Errant rounds flew through some of the high school’s windows. While the driver fled the crash, the passenger remained firmly anchored to his seat suffering from a headshot. Ironically, a spent 9mm shell casing was found on his shoulder.

CWB Chicago has this story:

Police found shell casings littered across a nearly mile-long stretch of Irving Park Road after the occupants of two vehicles apparently shot at each other while riding through North Center and Lakeview late Monday.

Officers found one of the vehicles crashed outside of Lakeview High School with its passenger dead, its driver gone, a gun in the car, and more than 20 shell casings at the scene, according to initial reports. Bullet holes were seen in the school’s windows.

Monday’s shootout occurred along the same stretch of Irving Park Road where another possible rolling gun battle ended with a woman dead after her car was struck by one of the shooters’ vehicles, according to police.

Beginning around 10:50 Monday night, police began receiving calls of shots fired near Irving Park Road and the Chicago River. At 10:52 p.m., police found a stolen white Jeep bearing separately stolen license plates crashed on the corner of Ashland Avenue and Irving Park Road.

Its passenger, an unidentified man of unknown age, was unresponsive with four gunshot wounds, including one to his head, a CPD report said. An officer at the scene said a spent shell casing was resting on his shoulder. Doctors pronounced him dead at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center a short time later.

Yet another rolling gun battle a day earlier in the same neighborhood ended with one participant crashing into a passing vehicle, ejecting the 37-year-old female passenger from the passing car, killing her.

Again, CWB Chicago covers the carnage (in another story):

A rolling shoot-out between the occupants of two cars in North Center ended when one of the vehicles collided with an SUV, killing its female passenger and injuring its driver early Sunday, police said. All of the people who were involved in the shoot-out fled the scene, but one of their cars was left behind with a gun inside, according to a police report.

Dispatch records show a CPD canine officer saw the occupants of one car shooting at another as they sped westbound on Irving Park Road from Damen Avenue around 3:03 a.m. Police later said the occupants of a Toyota Camry and a black sedan were shooting at each other as they headed west on Irving.

Police said that the Camry struck a Nissan Rogue at Western Avenue, causing a 37-year-old woman to be ejected from the Rogue’s passenger seat. She was pronounced dead at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center a short time later. The Rogue’s driver, a 27-year-old man, was taken to Masonic with injuries that are not life-threatening, police said. Police did not know which direction the Rogue was traveling when the Camry struck it.

Days earlier, more rolling gun battles had been caught on video and posted for all to see.

On September 30th, a shootout raged for up to two miles in the West Loop area, resulting in five innocents catching errant rounds.

Here’s the story from CWB Chicago:

Witnesses reported seeing the occupants of two or three SUVs shooting at each other as the cars drove through the West Loop area around 4:55 p.m. According to officers, the gunbattle left shell casings littering streets from Jefferson and Lake to Desplaines and Kinzie and as far north as Milwaukee and Chicago.

Update 8:53 p.m. — Chicago police just released the following statement:

In the 800 block of N. Milwaukee, on Sep. 29, 2021, at approx. 4:54 p.m., two unknown vehicles were driving on the street when an occupant inside one of the vehicles began firing shots towards the second vehicle. There were five total gunshot wound victims. There are no offenders in custody. Area Three Detectives are investigating.

Male, 25 – gunshot wound to the buttocks and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in good condition.

Male, 27 – gunshot wound to the arm and transported to Stroger Hospital initially reported in good condition.

Male, 29 – gunshot wound to the back and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in critical condition.

Female, 30 – graze wound to the leg and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in good condition.

Male, 48 – gunshot wound to the leg and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in good condition.

And there’s more…

And still more (NSFW… language that is laugh-out-loud funny in the last nine seconds)

A few people have expressed their concerns and outrage at this brazen criminal violence.  However, the gang members have remained generally indifferent to residents’ concerns.  Why not? It appears they are above the law.

And the bodies keep stacking up.

Is it any wonder that one city, Chicago, has more murders so far this year than almost all entire states had during all of 2019? In August, Mayor Lightfoot’s Mogadishu on Lake Michigan had more murders than 38 entire states.

At the current rate, Chicago may have more homicides by the end of October than all of Illinois had in 2019 (832). What an achievement.

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  1. Apparently people in Chicago don’t understand what ‘camera orientation so normal people can watch it without having to rotate their monitors onto the side’ means. LoL 🙂

    Nothing we didn’t already know though.

    • Hey I worked at a health club at 405 N. Wabash “where the Magnificent Mile begins”. 1980’s. Horrifying how far downhill Chiraq has sunk. I lived on the north side only about a mile & half from Wrigley Field. Plenty of crime but the powers that be didn’t let the lowlifes control the narrative. Now I avoid the city like the plague it as…

  2. After the last batch was set free with the DA’s compliments, do you really expect the police to get involved the next time?

    • But if you were to shoot back at them without gang affiliation, oh dear me would they throw the book at you. The DA is not ‘helpless in the face of gang violence’ she is on the other side.

  3. Well past the point of giving a crap. Unless and until the residents in that cesspool change their voting ways, nothing will change. They are obviously not concerned enough about it, so why should anyone else be?

  4. “the vehicle of one of the participants crashed outside Lakeview High School. Errant rounds flew through some of the high school’s windows.” – Sure to be added to someone’s list of “school shootings”.

    • That was my thought too. The dope business must be pretty good, then throw in their new gangbanger stimulus checks. At current prices and shortages, even if it’s steel ammo, they’ve gotta have a connection.

  5. Soooooo…. The DOJ is classifying “PARENTS” speaking out at School Board meetings as Domestic Terrorists (as we find out that Garlands son-in-law is connected to a company that distributes CRT and Gender studies materials to schools) and the FBI is being directed to investigate those parents activities, meanwhile secret “search word” warrants are being issued to Google, 50000 Haitian and other migrants are heading to our border, Democrats are trying to pass a social “rearrangement” bill to the tune of 3.5 TRILLION dollars, unemployment is rising, we are seeing a doubling of fuel prices and unprecedented inflation, Our President is oblivious to the world around him as the VP continues to play rock star (WHEN she comes out of hiding) and we are watching the systematic disassembly of our Constitution, our justice system and a total overthrow of our education system, weaponization of the IRS spying on financial transactions of $600 or more and the FBI investigating everyday citizens for exercising their 1st Amendment rights while BLM and Antifa riot, loot and burn municipal and Fed buildings, burn police cars and assault citizens and cops with NO repercussions, China is talking shit about a full blown war with the US and the Taliban is using a multi-million dollar Blackhawk as a Gallows (thank you “Braindead”)… And I’m supposed to get excited about a bunch of gang bangers offing one another in Chicago?? Meh….

    • MaddMaxx,

      I am very sad to say that your commentary is absolutely SPOT ON.

      I do have a question. You said, “China is talking shit about a full blown war with the US …”. I have not heard about that. Can you provide one or two reliable references?

      • China is fling ever increasing numbers of fighter planes, bombers etc into Taiwan’s defense identification zone, over 100 in the last few days. We are bound to help Taiwan out if it is attacked. China is playing chicken thinking that Biden is too weak to respond. The deal with Australia for nuclear powered subs/AUKUS ratcheted up tensions (though those boats will not be at sea for years). China is becoming increasingly belligerent under Xi, and he would love to kick us out of the China Sea so that it can bully all of its neighbors.

      • China’s gonna get more and more irrational as their own system comes apart at the seams. Evergrande isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of the problem and the tip of a very large iceberg.

        If you don’t want to watch the 30 minute video explaining this from a first-hand perspective (below) it comes down to this: China’s rules prevent the people of China from investing in anything outside of real estate. This has created the mother of all bubbles and it’s going to burst.

        The inevitable result is massive social upheaval. The only way the CCP can hope to hold on to power is to focus the population’s attention on an outside threat.

        It’s hardly surprising when you see their building practices outside of major “top tier” cities. They’re literally building apartment complexes and even “nice condos” out of cardboard, bailing wire and plastic and then painting it to look like concrete.

    • I’m with you 100%, let Shitcago rot and let the gang bangers have it. Eventually they will kill each other off.

  6. Oh Boy, that FOID card is really working for us in Illinois. What a laugh. Problem is that the commiecrats in Illinois legislature will say it is the gun owners fault for all of the bad things going on in Chicago.

  7. Got rid of Al Capone now they have Bro Capone , Bro Schultz, Lucky Deshawn, and Machine Gun Trayvon !

  8. This is what happens when you let them out on probation…or flat out don’t prosecute gun crimes…because they are young men of color and that would hurt their job chances later in life.
    But then they want to blame legal gun owners for this nonsense.
    Maybe if the politicians’ kids were getting shot up…or their homes… .

  9. Why this reminds me of the running gun battles between the Injuns and the Cavalry I seed in all them Western movies of my misbegotten youth. Lotsa shootin’ and lotsa misses. Mebe they oughtta get some GoPros or iPhone 13s and make movies while they’re at it.

  10. I say we give the bangers New Mexico and let them battle it out for supremacy there, winner take all. Place cameras all over the place along with cases of free ammo in random spots, and stream it live. NM is nestled between AZ and TX, so any survivors will remain landlocked between gun-toting States that will keep them in check.

  11. I love the guy who recorded the video at the top of this article. Not only does he arrive on seen to document and preserve evidence before police arrive, he even helps direct traffic after police arrive.

    This inspires another version of a popular mantra:
    “When seconds count, evidence technicians are only minutes away.”

    We need more good people like him in our nation.

  12. In all seriousness what could possibly be so spectacular about Chicago that anyone would continue to live there if they had the means to move somewhere else?

    • i could expound, i have no sympathizers. suffice it to say there is an extreme abundance of fresh water, a soon to be realized critical commodity.

  13. Well it just goes to show you with all the emphasis today on Critical Race Theory that the one thing we all have in common is that we are human and incompetence is not limited to race, religion, ethnicity, color, gender or sexual prefernce or identity. Just like Lori Lightfoot you can be any or all of those things and still be brain dead and incompetent.

  14. Come on now! It’s not called a “gun battle”, it’s “mutual combat” now, try to keep up.

  15. Do them guys even have a drivers license? Somebody should check into that. Its against the law yah know.

    • LICENSE///11/// wee doan need no steeeeeeenkieeng licenses

      For that to atter they first have to get caught and that’s against Lori Light-in-th- head’s religion. AND philosophy. Sides, she’s likely on the payroll of some of these clowns and/or their handlers.

      I have a solution to the matter, but I KNOW it won’t fly because, well, because CRT and Ray Cyst.

      Time to deploy some drones.Speciallly equipped drones. Equipped wiht some pretty heavy hitting arms.

      I am thinking of .45 ACP, heavy slow moving nothing much can stop it bullets. Have an array of cannon pointing straight downward. Fly above these crazy cars when thjey’re active, hover over the engine compartnment, and fire half a dozen rounds. NO modern car can keep running after taking that kind of damage. The electronics will be toast. Once the car is thus disabled, hover over with loudspeakers ORDErING the occupants to remain inside until LE arrive. When they try and escape, a few more rounds of that .45 ACP downward as they flee will put a quick end noe way or another, to their flight. Once Paddy’s Soecial Wagon arrives, round them up, frisk em, cuff , search, and stuff them. Two or three cycles of “lather rinse repeat” would have an end to these shenannigans. Getting their pirze hotrod trashed from above, then off to the clink, would tend to take the wind out of their sails.

      • If anyone was to do that, they would certainly be prosecuted for kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon. Keep in mind the DA is not opposed to violence by the right people, and that isn’t you.

        • prosecuted for kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon

          Let’s not forget the Feds stepping in with their ubiquitous “Civil Rights Violations” and Hate Crimes….

  16. Obama was right on the mark. Weapons of war don’t belong on American streets. We need to go door to door and collect the assault weapons and high capacity magazines so these events will happen less and less. There is no reason to own a gun in any city over 100K residents when police are patrolling around the block 24/7. And if you’re super paranoid, just hire a private security company that can send four big guys to flank you and follow you around. Especially as a skinny cis-White male at Harvard, it does put me to ease. I highly recommend it!

    • “We?”
      I’m not going to nobody’s door . Specially if they’ve got machine gunms.
      You better find a different “We”.

    • Maybe if we give them SBR’s they’ll actually be able to hit each other instead of everyone else.

      Seems like a net win to me.

  17. Since it appears to be legal for these gang-bangers to shoot each other, and innocent citizens >>>>> what kind of trouble would a citizen be in if he or she fired at the rolling “gangstas” in self defense? Get them to duck down in their cars and they won’t be able to shoot with any accuracy. Heck, the citizens might even eliminate a couple of the bangers.

  18. Sounds to me that the Governor (if he/she has the necessary gumption and moral leadership ability) needs to take command of the city, relieve all elected and appointed officials and appoint Law and Order Professionals willing to bring the hoodlums under control; hell bring in the State Guard if necessary and declare Martial Law.

  19. Any Democrat/Socialist controlled urban areas are irredeemable lost causes. Anyone not a Democrat, a Socialist, or a sociopath needs to take all their assets and leave ASAP. And if pressed, I would say leave the assets as they as subject to theft or declining value if in such an area. Leave and prepare for a “Great Separation” and the upheaval involved in that.

  20. Braindead Biden visited Chicago today addressed Mayor Lightfoot as “MR.” Mayor…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Maybe he’s not as far gone as he appears…

  21. Chaos the democrats play book! You can bet on the outcome!

  22. Until we have Universal Background Checks the “Iron Pipe Line” will continue to funnel in tens of thousands of second hand guns into Chicago (per Law Enforcement Studies). Two Chicago studies proved that the guns most used in crime were not stolen but second hand guns that had been through numerous owners before being bought by criminals out on the street.

  23. Don’t you just love dystopian shitholes? The politicians elevate criminals above the laws enforced on everyone else, thereby shielding themselves from retribution from said criminals. It’s a magical synergy of the highest and lowest classes colluding with one another, and keeping the unarmed middle class hostage to it all.

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