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There are some things our glorious leader can do. Breaking the establishment media’s stranglehold for one. But uploading an MP3 to the internet and getting it to play for all of you is not in his bag of tricks. So I present, for your listening pleasure, the Defender of Liberty himself from the 2012 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa, Florida. Oh, and its on our podcast too. Which, I swear, we actually update sometimes.

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  1. now THAT?

    is PRECISELY the reason why I keep visiting TTAG!

    Farago, ya bad ass mofo, you!

    Blunt ANTI-statist, pithy, succinct, and most importantly, ever uncompromising defender of an individual’s unalienable natural right of self-defense, PERIOD!

    Now, only if “Repeal 1934 NFA, 1968 GCA, 1986 FOPA, 1993 Brady Bill, along with ALL Federal ‘gun control regulations,’ along with fully abolishing the ATF and the nazi DHS/TSA!” were to be championed by EVERY ‘gun rights’ fighter…


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