defensive gun use dgu
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At 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning, police in Durham, NC, responded to a shooting and attempted robbery at a local Mini Mart. The clerk, Zaid Omar, reported that a man had approached the counter and pulled a gun. Instantly, Mr. Omar found himself in a fight for his life.

“It was scary. He wanted to shoot me. It was so scary,” he said to reporters. “I took the gun from his hand, and we fight before I take the gun. And then I took the gun from him and shot him two times.”

Thats’ right, Omar took the gun away from the stick-up man and shot him. Multiple times.

That was the first time Omar had ever fired a gun. According to reports, he’s now considering buying one.

defensive gun use dgu

The attacker, later identified as 38-year-old Kevin White, was already a convicted felon. He was found around 10:00 p.m. that night in another part of town with a gunshot wounds to his legs.

After being treated, he was charged with attempted robbery with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Good instincts, Mr. Omar – North Carolina Gun Owners (NCGO) is one of the friendliest gun community east of the Mississippi, and we’re sure they’d be happy to help with your search for your first firearm.

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  1. Hey, crooks! Don’t carry a gun, some sheepdog will just take it from you and shoot you with it!

  2. “That was the first time Omar had ever fired a gun. According to reports, he’s now considering buying one.”
    See? Guns are addictive. Just two trigger pulls and he was hooked.

  3. …hmmm, how is this event going to be twisted around?

    Let’s see:
    1 – Mr. Omar stole the gun from Mr. White, making him a criminal
    2 – Mr. Omar did not have the proper license to possess the gun, making him a criminal
    3 – Mr. Omar shot an unarmed man, making him a criminal
    4 – ?

    Did I miss anything?

    • 4. Mr. Omar is charged and convicted of attempted murder.
      5. Kevin White files a civil suit against Mr. Omar because he can’t walk/run which is a mandatory requirement in his profession as a thief.

      • But if you have mandatory background check laws, Mr. White would be in trouble for not performing a check on Mr. Omar before transferring his gun to him. They should have gone to an FFL.

  4. Not sure what to make of this alleged “news report”.

    The victim apparently has not completed Gunsight, Frontsight, or Air Marshal training, yet he survived a hand-to-hand combat situation, relieved the robber of a firearm, and managed to successfully hit the target, stopping the threat.

    Though no high speed/ low drag training was identified, this everyday Joe managed to successfully defend his life with a captured handgun. Is that even possible?


    Yes; no; maybe; maybe not

    • Right? I always get a kick out of the antis screeching about everyone needing a high level of training to effectively defend themselves. You don’t need to be better than a SEAL, you just need to be better than your average crook. That’s not hard to do

    • I put on my lefty colored glasses and now I think I see what happened:

      Its just as predicted, if you carry a gun, of course it will be taken away from you and used against you as we see here. Now, if the clerk had a gun, he would be the one shot. See how that works? At first we thought this only applies to those who carried a gun for defense, but now we see that regardless of the reason a gun is carried, it can only be used against the person who carried it.

      This leads to an obvious, if overwhelming, conclusion: The NRA is a front for career criminals. Being mostly democrats, and therefore smarter than anyone else, these criminals, utilizing the clear logical order of things, have taken over the NRA and used its influence to convince more criminals not to carry, while encouraging non-criminals to carry. Given that a gun can only be used on the one who carries it, this helps ensure criminal success.

      Its all so clear to me now, the obvious answer is that we should ban all guns, except those of the police and military, since we might need their guns to defeat them with in the event of tyranny. This will help ensure that only criminals will have guns, thus giving us the edge we need against them…

      Holy s*&t! Never, EVER put on the lefty glasses! These things ought to come with some sort of warning or something , and should only ever be used under direct supervision of someone responsible, like a conservative or a member of the armed intellegencia. Even then, these should be us3d sparingly!

      • While I agree with everything you wrote, the question remains: how can an a person who lacks expensive and extensive gunfighting training do all that the report says he did?

        As to lefty glasses….martinis work better; last longer.

      • Take those glasses immediately!!! Don’t you know they lead to blindness… of reality! Lol

  5. Poor Kevin White. He was just turning his life around, embarking on a new career as a break dancer. Sadly, because of the holes he just received in his legs, that’s out of the question now.

    He’ll just have to go back to his former occupation. Oh, say, I wonder — can get his old cell back?

    And congrats to Zaid Omar, whose previous firearms experience was limited to AKs.

  6. Aren’t the ‘antis’ always saying “Well, criminals will just take the gun away from an armed victim”!


  7. Zaid is like me. He’s too lazy to be taking guns away from folks all the time. I carry my own so I don’t have to do all that wrestling crap.

    Only one I want to wrestle with is my wife.

  8. I’m all for criminals not learning retention techniques.

    But for the non-criminal, it’s just a reminder that a gun in close quarters is often a liability.

  9. funny, before reading the article i glanced at the picture and thought “huh, that looks familiar…wonder if this DGU occurred near me? [i live in NC]” sure enough, durham. funny how you can recognize the characteristics of your home turf even when it’s a city far to the east you’ve never visited

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