Teach your kids how to use defensive firearms. Image by Boch.
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Just as prudent parents teach their kids how to swim at a young age, folks should teach responsible children and grandchildren how to use a gun safely. Because someday, they might need that gun to save their lives.

In Richland County, South Carolina, a home invasion at an apartment complex saw a pair of juveniles forced to shoot back at an armed intruder who shot at them first. The armed home invader broke into the occupied apartment. Initially the residents hid. But the intruder soon discovered them and opened fire on them.

The kids fired back and their shots found their mark. When it was all over, cops found Keonte Smith, 17, dead right there in the apartment. Prosecutors have ruled the homicide justified.

WLTX has the story . . .

A recent homicide at a Columbia apartment complex has been determined to be justified after a man tried to break into an apartment and was shot by a juvenile, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

On Sunday, February 6, around 5 p.m., deputies responded to Gable Hill Apartments on Ross Road after receiving reports of an unresponsive man. 
Upon their arrival, deputies say they found a man inside of an apartment who was deceased. He appeared to have a gunshot wound to the upper body and evidence of a shooting was observed in the apartment, according to investigators.

During the investigation, deputies say they discovered that two juveniles were at home when they saw a man trying to break in. The juveniles hid but when the man entered the apartment, he fired at them. Deputies say one of the juveniles shot back with a weapon that was in the home and struck the intruder.

The local sheriff tried to spin the dead home invader as somehow a random victim of senseless “gun violence” . . .

“We continue to lose young people to gun violence,” Richland County Sheriff Leon said.

No, Sheriff Leon. This wasn’t a case of so-called “gun violence.” This case involved the use of a gun by responsible good guys to save two innocent lives from a homicidal criminal.

And for that, we salute those young Americans who defended their lives from a violent criminal attack as our Defensive Gun Use of the Day.

Image by Boch.

This incident also shows the importance of teaching young people how to use a defensive firearm. After all, the life they save might be yours. Or their own.

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  1. If this happened a “safe-storage law” state, the juveniles wouldn’t have had access to a gun to defend themselves. Or, the parents of the victims would be arrested for failing to secure firearms in a house with children.

    • Yep. And the people who put those laws into place wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over the dead kids.

      • lil ‘ d will be along shortly with made up shit to prove that this incident never happened, and the Amish kid , Keonte, was lured into the apartment for milk and cookies before being fired on.

    • Had there been safe storage laws, these crazy right winger child spawns wouldn’t have killed another person, and one more life would have been spared from gun violence.

      • You must be implanted with a breathing pacemaker., there is no way possible that a brain with that low of function would be able to remember to breathe on it’s own.

        • Lil’d is blinded by his faith in his ideology’s utopian vision.

          Is his mind those children should have let themselves be victims to further advance the cause.

      • one more gasa life, you mean. The kids that lived in that apartment deserved to live more than the fool who broke in.

      • I do wonder what place, planet, or reality you are from or in.

        I think it is “Progressivetopia” once all the undesirables and class enemies have been eliminated.

      • It’s impossible to make a parody statement that would immediately be recognized as too stupid or ridiculous for a progtard to utter with sincerity.

  2. If you are 17 and already so far gone that home invading and attempted murder are in your wheelhouse then there is no hope for you.

    Society is better off without him.

    • Harsh but ultimately true in most cases, likely prevented 20ish years of various felonies and a few million in related public expenditures.

    • A vast % of Chiraq crime is committed by “children” under 18. And they get a veritable slap on the wrist for all sorts of heinous acts. Do the crime-do adult time!

      • Not just Chiraq. Des Moines Iowa just had a drive by shooting at a local school done by 6 juveniles in 3 different cars. Gun fire came from all 3 cars striking and killing a 15 year old male who was the target of the attack and 2 female bystanders 16 and 18. The shooters ranged in age from 14 to 17. 20 shell casings were found at the scene and 15 more were found inside the cars. Information on this shooting was attained from school and home security camera footage.

        • Another shooting carried out by the OTB Street Gang, which runs pretty much unchecked by the DesMoines law enforcement. As usual, blame is ” too many guns” by Biden and the police department, not the inaffectivness of the D.A. for not charging juvies and releasing without bail.

    • Lol. And I bet Mr. ‘Hitler should have been allowed to finish the job’ jwm here proudly proclaims himself to be a Christian.

    • Lol. And I bet Mr. ‘Hitler should have been allowed to finish the job’ jwm here proudly proclaims himself to be a proud christian.

      • Get a life please. You must have some unhealthy and weird fixation with jwm that you should cease? Is trolling on a wordpress comment section the highlight of your life here or what? Surely you can find something more meaningful.

  3. The only way to make sense of the tone in these two articles, the title of the first labeling Chianti a victim and the sheriffs quote in the second, would be if the those juveniles were involved in the same sort of lifestyle the fellow named after wine is…..er….was.

    Or their reporters and sheriffs are just completely biased idiots.

  4. Just an observation…it appears you snapped the photo of the young man in the yellow Brownells t-shirt, Boch?

    If so, and if you were personally there, I wonder at the boy’s stance and the intention of the instructor’s training. If the boy is “at the ready”, the gun shouldn’t be muzzling downrange at an imagined person, but should be aimed downward at an angle toward the ground. However, if he’s indeed aimed in, his gun is nowhere near his eye level, and he has no sight picture. It seems to be a strange posture.

    • His finger is off the bang bang thingy. So possibly it is just a practice drill or the snap was taken just prior to acquiring the sight picture. Either way it looks to be a safe firing line.

      • If true, then the instructor is permitting a “bowling” technique (draw, aim downrange, bring up to line of sight). Requires more time to acquire a proper sight picture.

        TEHO. Like I said, just an observation.

  5. I feel very sorry for the poor child that maybe can’t handle the emotional scar of having to kill a low-lifer. I also feel very sorry for the gun, that will be put in an evidence locker and probably destroyed after.
    You know who i’m not sorry for? The criminal scum that forced this upon innocent children. I hope you suffered a lot before you died.

    • And who knows how many lives those two ‘juveniles’ saved? More than just their own is my guess.

  6. Yeah, I can see it as “Senseless violence using a gun”. Slightly different wording of course. And I am talking about what the criminal did, not the self-defending citizens protecting their own lives and property.

    What the people in their home did to defend themselves is “Well reasoned action in defense of life, limb and property, very sensible!”.

    Hope you all can see the difference here between “Senseless” and “Sensible”???

  7. Must be a fake news, planted story. Because we are regularly told guns in the home are only dangerous to those who live there and never used for self defense. According to the various gun control, self proclaimed experts, guns are never used in self defense and should be securely locked up and disassembled or other wise made inoperable if such evil things are in the home.
    Do I really need the sarcasm tag here?
    From the article, it sounds like the county needs a new sheriff. While the kids involved may need counseling, I do hope they understand they did everything they could and had no choice but to defend themselves against an obviously violent thug.

    • oldmaninAl,

      There is another tip-off that this is a fake news story. Countless people tell us that we cannot possibly use a firearm successfully in self-defense unless we have had hundreds of hours of training/conditioning and thousands of hours of practice–on par with Seal Team 6. Obviously, there is no way that the juvenile had Seal Team 6 level training. Ergo: there is no way that the juvenile could have possibly used a firearm successfully against an attacker who was shooting at him/her.

      (Yes, the above paragraph is sarcasm.)

  8. “We continue to lose young people to senseless poor parenting, teach your children to obey the laws.” Richland County Sheriff Leon SHOULD HAVE said.

      • It has been a while since I mentioned it on this site so this is probably a good time to mention it again for any newcomers to this site:

        When you keep a firearm readily available at home for surprise attacks (e.g. surprise home invasions), you still need to ensure that young/irresponsible children cannot access that readily available firearm.

        An excellent solution: install a small shelf on the wall as close to the ceiling as possible although within reach (without requiring a step-stool) of trustworthy pre-teens and adults. Your shelf should also have a raised edge which ensures that young children’s eyes cannot see what is on the shelf. Of course that is where you keep your home-defense firearm. It is available for immediate use and yet it is secured from young/irresponsible children.

  9. Well said, more than one 14 year old has had to protect siblings.
    Your suggestion to conceal from toddlers and such is very good.

    Having become a citizen here from another country I now value our 2nd amendment more than ever.

    Please pass along https://appleseedinfo.org/

    It is a volunteer based marksmanship program that is excellent AND teaches the history of the first day of the revolution and breaks and lunch. As a new citizen it made the beginning of our country very real.
    Teach it in the schools, dad gumit.

  10. I don’t know how many of you noticed the precise shooting skills of the 14 year old kid.
    “Keonte Smith, 17, was found shot in the apartment building” I think that must qualify as center mass.

  11. Another (explitive deleted) LEO who thinks only cops need to have guns and leave all the shooting up to them. That’s great if gun violence breaks out at a donut shop. Richland County voters need to remember to vote out this yahoo.

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