Reward Offered for Killer of Seattle Gun Rights Supporter Donnie Chin


Reader Garret C. writes:

Donnie Chin, a leader and protector of Seattle’s Chinatown/International District community, was caught in the crossfire during a violent dispute between two rival groups outside of a hookah bar on July 23rd. Chin was the director of the International District Emergency Center, a community aid organization, and was responding to a call for help . . .

Seattle gun control groups have predictably used this latest crime to push for more gun control while omitting this important fact: Chin was a member and supporter of the local gun community, including being active for over 20 years with the Washington Arms Collectors.


“Donnie was a dedicated WAC member for 20 years and often had a table at our events,” said WAC Executive Director Phil Shave, a retired law-enforcement professional. “He was one of our own and his WAC friends and colleagues want his killer or killers brought to justice. He gave so much to his community in Seattle, and he was well-liked and respected by his WAC brothers and sisters. We won’t rest until those responsible are apprehended.”

WAC, the Second Amendment Foundation, CCRKBA, and Protect Our Gun Rights, all local gun rights groups, are now offering a $5000 reward to anyone with information that can help to solve Donnie’s murder.


  1. I hate to sound harsh. However, is it a dead or alive warrant?

    1. avatar tmm says:

      I believe it’s a reward for information (leading to arrest and conviction), not a bounty.

      1. avatar Cliff H says:

        The question remains, if you contact the authorities AFTER a good shoot (looks like these guys may be willing to provide that opportunity for you) and the person being sought is rapidly approaching room temperature, do you still get the reward?

        I’d do the job for free, if he gave me the opportunity, but just asking.

        1. avatar Rokurota says:

          Waiting for someone to post the Rutger Hauer clip.

  2. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    When found they can come quietly or take a dirt nap.

  3. avatar SD3 says:

    “…protector of Seattle’s Chinatown/International District community, was caught in the crossfire…outside of a hookah bar…”

    That’s really all I need to know about Seattle.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Pathetic bone idle hipsters conforming by pretending to be a nonconformist.

        1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

          Hipster costume party to show their rebellious.

    1. avatar Steen says:

      Hookah bars only use tobacco. Maybe educate yourself before you try to be snarky?

  4. avatar GuyFromV says:

    Yeah, I worked in Seattle for 3 years, been there a crapload of times since and smoked lots of weed throughout it all but I’ve never heard of a shisha den or anything else like scenes from Ye Olde Opium Den & Absinthe House in “From Hell”…with, I don’t know, Tong activity going on to boot, now, it seems.

  5. avatar Chris says:

    Guess he was disarmed by some asinine law?

  6. avatar Richard in WA says:

    Nothing good happens after 2AM.

    Chris I’m not sure of any applicable law that required he be disarmed. Except for it’s hard to find a plot of real estate in Seattle that isn’t within 1000 feet of a school.

  7. We hope by offering this reward that someone will step forward and help put Donnie’s killer behind bars,” said POGR Treasurer Phil Watson. Somebody knows who did this.

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