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Reverend Jess jackson (courtesy

What’s up with TV stations that post clips with embed codes that don’t work? That’s just teasing! In this case it’s worth clicking here to see the video – if just to hear the anchors’ intro. “Ask ten people . . . what’s causing the violence you get ten different answers.” Which should have been followed by “Ask a politician and you get a bunch of horsesh*t.” The Reverend Jesse Jackson is a politician isn’t he? A race hustler is a subset of the breed, I believe. Anyway, the money shot: “If we can find $4 billion for those children [on the U.S. border] — and we should — we can find $2 billion for Chicago. There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot.” Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, former White House Chief of Staff, defended his ex-box. Ish. Like this . . .

“I slightly disagree with the reverend,” Emanuel said. “I wouldn’t put this at the president’s door. I put this at the door of Washington, D.C. This has been a long time that they have stopped investing in our children, and they need to invest in our kids.”

Excuse me? Investing? The government doesn’t “invest” in anything. The government spends money, the majority of which disappears down a union-shaped rathole. Or into the swirling maw of black hole bureaucracy. If the government isn’t the least efficient, least productive, least accountable organization on the face of planet earth I have no idea what is.

Not to mention that fact that the “they” Rahm refers to who are refusing to “invest in our kids” is us. It’s our tax money. OK, our grandchildren’s tax money. Shoveling billions of bucks Chicago’s way, helping deeply corrupt politicians pad and protect their patronage system under the guise of helping children (no less), will do sweet FA to reduce the gang warfare responsible for Chiraq’s [endless] firearms-related crime wave.

As the 11th man the TV station didn’t think to ask, if Chicago wants to stop the “gun violence” there’s a simple three-point plan. 1) a police surge against the gangs 2) a judicial surge that puts them in jail and 3) arm law-abiding locals. If Uncle Sam wants to help, he can legalize drugs. That is all. [h/t Pascal]

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      • ‘Bout time. It’s long past time for the crooks in that machine to be held accountable.

        • Not while there’s a Democratic Machine. They won’t even sacrifice the expendable idiots.

        • They are, sort of. Most of their governors and a few others leave via the federal prison system, then into taxpayer provided retirement.

      • Rhetoric is great, actual action would be better. The video was powerful, but I did some searching and did not see any results. Love to see if their convictions still hold this fall and in 2016. Even the politicians know, in many cases, it is just venting, but people will revert to their old ways. This is why in many democratic strong holds like Chicago, no politician really tries, because they do not have to.

        I have heard the same vitriol in inner city council meetings in other cities and even by gun owners.

        The country as a whole is pissed off at the establishment, but if people stay home or vote for some obscure 3rd party candidate and do not take out the incumbents, it does not matter.

        If someone could turn that vitriol into action, maybe something can happen. Until then, nothing will change.

        • Milhouse: Well, remember when the last administration decided to invest in our nation’s children? Big mistake

        • This token mean Chicago NOTHING. Didn’t President Obama give up time prior to becoming Senator Obama strictly to the poor African American community in Chicago and empower and educate them on their civic responsibilities, on how the election process work, and knowing those they hire to serve and protect them?. The world is talking about gun control, children safety, etc. And OUR faces are missing. GET UP CARVE A SEAT AT THE DISCUSSION AND DECISION MAKING,TABLES!!! IMPEACH THOSE SERVING AND THE PEOPLE TAKE OVER. BECOME VISIBLE AND IN AN UNIFIED VOICE. Jesse Jackson taught his son the trick of the trade on how to use and abuse the poor blacks….smh

  1. Robert, you’re dead wrong on drugs. Show me somebody who has ever looked backed on their life and said “I wish I did more drugs.” Drugs are a societal curse. What else are you wrong about?

    • What in the world does “looking back I wish I did more of anything” have to do with drugs?
      Who says, “Looking back I wish I sat on the couch more?”
      Who says, “Looking back I should have had kids at 16?”

      The reality of it is prohibition causes crime and violence and a method for those to dream up get rich schemes.

      Your also selling expensive illegal goods which opens the door to even more crime, lots of drug users or even drug sellers set up a purchase only to rob the other. No cops can be involved because of the illegal nature of the goods.

    • you sir are also dead wrong. drugs are not the problem… people who ABUSE drugs are the problem. stop blaming the object when it’s the people who are at fault.

    • Show me anyone who looked back on their life and said “I wish I had drank more booze” Same dam thing, but there are no gang wars over Jack Daniels. IMO, Changing drug laws isn’t about drugs at all, it’s about removing half of the reason gang violence exists in US cities.

      • People are no longer killing each other to control the business of selling and buying alcoholic beverages.

      • “but there are no gang wars over Jack Daniels.”

        Except there were – when a government edict made booze illegal during Prohibition.
        Of course the violence fell drastically once that prohibition was removed, as it would were drugs to be decriminalised, taxed & licensed.
        I’m not advocating the promotion of drugs but their use (& abuse) kills far fewer people than either booze or tobacco.

    • Actually, I went to college in the ’60s and now that you mention it, I do wish I had done more drugs.

      • Agreed. I grew up in the 90s and looking back on it I wonder how much better the music would have been had I actually been smoking something other than Marlboros.

        • The music of the 90s — Michael Bolton, Paula Abdul and Madonna. All the drugs in the world could not rehabilitate that dogpile, and Boyz II Men, All-4-One and TLC didn’t need any.

        • Oh, Ralph. Music of the 90’s also included Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Soundgarden (and about 10 other Seattle bands that still get airplay on “classic rock” stations). It does seem like there was a steep drop-off in quality toward the latter half of the 90s, but then maybe that was just my turn to get old and start rolling my eyes at those darn kids and their awful music. 😉

          P.S. Drew: Our cats really enjoyed the heck out of some Tool after a little catnip, so you might be onto something there….

      • What I resent is that, due to the War on Drugs, the pharmaceutical companies haven’t been able to take advantage of the power of the marketplace to introduce some really GOOD drugs that won’t let you accidentally OD on them and die horribly as a result unless you totally disregard the instructions, but yet still give you a good buzz and an appropriate and safe escape from the Nastiness of Reality with no evil side-effects–such as that death thing that illegal drugs do because there’s no GRAS dosage and the source, and thus the quality, is always questionable.

        Imagine a legal drug market where one could buy a really nice ‘heroin-effect’ pharmaceutical-grade drug that had a safe recommended dosage amount on the package: “Take two tablets no more than twice a day for adults, and one tablet once a day for children under the age of 18. Discontinue use if your imaginary hallucination-caused purple cartoon dragons are irritable instead of friendly.”

        Damn’ Government.

    • Hell, I’ll bite. Can you see my hand raised? I can look back as recently as last Saturday and look forward to this Saturday afternoon and say I wish I could use a particular drug without having to worry about my dog being shot or my home being seized.

      As a well-paid, post-grad educated 30-something professional who runs a side business, owns a home, raises livestock, has a wife, can bench twice my body weight and run a six minute mile I would very much like to choose for myself what I indulge in during my down time. So, yeah, I can look back and say I wish I did more drugs. Perhaps more accurately I wish somebody else wasn’t making that decision for me.

      • YOU, Sir, should be grateful that your benevolent Government has denied you the very drugs that would’ve destroyed all that you hold dear, if you ever had obtained them at all, and thus prevented you from becoming homeless on the streets giving hand-jobs for Crack (God BLESS ‘South Park!’).

        THAT, Sir, is because you are a helpless frail being who would instantly fall prey to every bad thing there is without Government guidance.

        It’s for your own good. And, of course, for the children.

        Sorry, I can’t keep a straight face. Forgive me.

    • The gangs make as much money on smuggling untaxed cigarettes as they do make on drugs. The underlying assumption to the proposition that legalize drugs will put an end to crime is that gangs only engage in criminal activity that is criminal. If you legalize something the criminals who sell it will stop acting like criminals, you know like the mafia stopped doing illegal things when Prohibition ended and gambling was legalized in Nevada. The inner city gang problem is about the breakdown in family and other institutions of civil society. Gang violence will remain a problem until people wise up and start strengthening civil society. I don’t see the coalition of Progressives and faux Libertarians supporting those efforts.

      • And why is there are market for untaxed cigarettes? Because the busy body nanny statists raise taxes high enough (in the name of getting people to stop using) to create de facto prohibition. Really no difference, people use what they want to use, and the criminals get rich supplying it.

        • Typical clueless Libertarian. Criminals do criminal things because they are criminals. They continue to make money off of the enterprises when they are made legal. The Libertarian solution to solving the crime problem is making everything legal. Libertarians don’t understand that criminals can take control of a legal product and still be criminals. Read up on how mafia owned cheese producers operated in the 1970s.

        • “Typical clueless Libertarian.”

          Typical clueless statist. Always trying to regulate things that naturally self-regulate.

        • On very rare occasions I wish people would making going to church against the law so some fascists would get a taste of their own medicine.

          Typical Libertarian, my f*cking ass..


        • You can all tell a clueless Libertarian because to them there are only themselves and Statists. To a clueless faux Libertarian James Madison is a statist.

      • Criminals do whatever they want anyway, and no jesus loving authoritarians banning alcohol or drugs can convince them otherwise.

        You cannot deny human nature.

        It seems to be that pro-state authoritarian neo-cons are out of touch with reality.

        The mafia? really?

        LOL shining example of the supposed “failures” of decriminalization.

    • There is a little pesky problem with freedom. It requires responsibility. It is not responsible or moral to use drugs (I’m not talking OTC so don’t mince words). If you use drugs, you are not responsible and you should not have access to firearms. To put it blunty–you cannot be trusted. Robert equates drugs with guns; this argument does more damage to the RTKBA than a year’s worth of MDA ads.

      • It is not responsible or moral to use drugs
        The MDA version of that is “It is not responsible or moral to own firearms”
        There is no obligation that everything you do in life be responsible or moral to others. Unless action directly endanger others, they are none of your business.
        I can’t possible imagine why people take drugs, but I can’t understand why people get drunk either. To me, either of those choices is the same as whacking your hand with a hammer. That doesn’t mean that I such activity should land one behind bars, just because someone voluntarily put something in one’s body and in the process endangered nobody.

      • “It is not responsible or moral to use drugs.”

        Thanks for giving us your unsolicited OPINION.

      • It’s not moral to decide what responsibilities anyone else has. Keep your bullsh*t to yourself, the rest of us aren’t buying what you’re selling.

      • Ah, so my wife’s prescription for Oxycodone makes her unworthy? She does get rather spacey when she takes it, mind–I don’t let her near the live Congressional Hearings channel at those times, but instead make her watch the Cartoon Network. Yes, she uses drugs–drugs that are legal only because she’s managed to convince a doctor that she needs to take them. Otherwise, she’d be a felon. . . I guess that it’s OK to use ‘dangerous’ drugs if the Government has a hand in who gets to use them.

        MY, how Pecksniffian!

    • I knew quite a few people who took illegal drugs and most of them quit later on because they got tired of being stoned and never achieving anything. LEOs, DEA, drug dogs, gestapo searches, and stupid laws never made then quit or slowed the supply.

    • What drugs david b?

      Yet you dont say a COMMENT MODERATED thing about pain killers like oxy and codiene, but still try the “drugs are bad” routine.

      Marijuana. Much safer.

    • It’s actually a robot. The real Jesse is on the beach in the Virgin Islands sipping a Rainbow Colada.

  2. RF I suggest you are wrong on Jesse. He is the quintessential con-man. When he opens his mouth, it is with the goal of making money. From the moment he came on the scene, on the balcony in Memphis, everything he has done is a fraud with the eye on the prize. As for his Rainbow Coalition, it is more of the Leprechaun Rainbow leading to the pot of gold.

    As for him lobbying for 2 Billion dollars for Shy town, he knows he will get at least 10% of that. Who can blame him for shaking down the dopes in charge?

    • Jackson is a “reverend’ who never had a church, a “politician” who never held an office. He’s a race-baiting shakedown artist. And that’s enough to make him a very good living.

  3. Their answer is always just a little more money (and more gun laws) will finally do the trick. These neighborhoods have already received billions over the past few decades and not much has changed. Jackson and those like him should be blaming themselves for decades of misguided policies that have done nothing but keep people in an endless circle of poverty and violence – for their (Jesse’s) own benefit of course.

    • Jessie knows exactly what he’s doing and he and his friends biggest donors get rich off the backs of the taxpayers.

    • The neighborhoods haven’t received billions – they’re just as poor and broken as before. Jesse and his connected buds received billions, and p1ssed it away.

  4. Jesse (can’t call him Rev) was on Greta last night on Fox News. He so wanted to blame this on racism . . . he held back though. Greta kept pushing him, but he didn’t go there. Surprisingly, is this a response b/c 3 days ago, on Hannity, Juan Williams called on Jackson and Sharpton for not raising hell about Black on Black crime/gang banging and pointing fingers at the decline of the Black family, drugs, and taking it easy on criminals, no less.

  5. Drugs being illegal is the root cause of the gun problem in Chicago. Gangs are fighting for distribution turf. Just as making alcohol illegal during prohibition created the Chicago gangster wars, this is the modern day equivalent. Create legal distribution frameworks for drugs similar to alcohol and you put the criminal element out of work. Additionally, much of the traffic for illegal drugs goes across the US-Mexico border. Eliminate the demand in the US for illegal drugs and at least some of that traffic will go away, enabling better border control. Get over thinking that you can legislate human desire for drugs and/or alcohol. That is a futile notion. The economics are so powerful that someone will figure out how to supply the demand.

    • Except the mafia controlled the wholesale distribution of alcoholic beverages into the early 1980s. In the few areas that mob remains a force they still do. What do you think Capone did when Prohibition was repealed? Do you think he said “we are criminal gang and it is against are principles to sell a legal product?”

      • I believe, if Capone said anything upon the repeal of prohibition, it was along the lines of, “I am dying of syphilis in prison.”

        • I think you can fail to get the point. The mob did not get out of the alcohol trade after it became legal.

        • That’s because the illegal trade allowed them to grow so much power and influence that removing them from the then-legal trade took decades. The criminal element will always find a way to make a buck, but we don’t have to serve it up to them on a silver platter.

        • Absolutely correct Bob, so legalizing drugs will not produce an immediate cure to crime.

        • Yeah and the mafia pretty much faded into obscurity, unless of course, being a continuous boogeyman and jobs program for the FBI.

          Legalizing drugs wont produce immediate results, but its a start. Nothing short of calling in the 75th Ranger Regiment to encircle south Chicago and initiate a bloody cordon and search will produce immediate results, and that is even questionable.

          There is the fact too that what we are doing is producing NO results, so long term results are better than long term no results that have been yielded from the war on drugs.

      • Agree that decriminalizing drugs by itself will not solve the problem, nor will any long term solution be a quick one by itself. This is a problem years in the making due to the disintegration of the inner city family, welfare programs, babies having babies, jobs moving out of cities to other countries, or to Texas, generations of functional illiterates that are unemployable so that drug dealing and consumption are attractive to many. If quick solution is what you are looking for then anything short of a military police action is not likely to produce meaningful results. I believe that working the problem in reverse is necessary and that decriminalizing drugs, in combination with a national guard action, along with CCW and open carry for law abiding citizens would be the first step. Then you have to go after the roots of the problem with social programs, education, and job training. Not easy or fast, unless you have another solution in mind that you have not shared.

        • Probably pretty much like illegal drug-dealers are today: They sold a product that people really, truly wanted to buy that the Government said that they couldn’t and violently tried to suppress, to the point of poisoning its own citizens, and in the course of that line of work eliminated a few competitors that interfered with business profitability and, rarely and unfortunately, also offed a few innocent bystanders and cops who WEREN’T corrupted by the vast amounts of money to be made. War is Hell.

      • You are trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

        It doesn’t matter of mafias continued to exist after the end of prohibition. The point is, government stopped telling people they couldn’t drink alcohol, therefore, more freedom for thee is more freedom for me.

        Drugs should be legalized.

        The only ones that disagree are the ones that have a invested interest in the jobs programs related to drug prohibition. Of course the military industrial complex benefits alongside wall street.

        If you decriminalize drugs, you eliminate the incentive for it to be smuggled across the border. Your neighborhood hippy that sells pot gets the money rather than murderous aztec warrior psychopaths.

        Its not a hard concept.

  6. I personally think social programs are the only way to stem the culture of violence. We have to break the loop, and sending them to prison doesn’t appear work. It’s a culture, not and individual problem.

    • I agree that it is part of the solution but it’s hard to implement any sustainable programs when productive citizens face dangerous conditions daily. Citizens can take back and hold their communities once they contain and counter-battery the more dangerous elements back into their crackhouses.

    • WHAT social programs–something that we haven’t thought of, yet? Nothing that we have now seems to work–throwing money at the problems of Chicago and Detroit and New York and New Orleans through current ‘social programs’ has been simply a waste. The more ‘social programs’ we have, the worse the problem becomes: We have more people in poverty than ever before (well, ‘poverty’ is a rather flexible word, but I’ll leave it in there), we spend more money on unsuccessful public education per child than ever before, more people are on food stamps than at any time in our history, and still do-gooders want to spend MORE on things that have been proven ineffective, and at times downright harmful.

      Perhaps we should be honest: It’s a limited-group society problem, and not a problem with society as a whole. By ‘limited-group’, I mean those groups that refuse to join the rest of us and who are content to live on the public dole as a birthright. It’s not race-related, either: People who have become comfortable on public welfare because it IS ‘comfortable’ to live without responsibility or any need to produce are found across the ‘colour’ spectrum.

      What we NEED, frankly, is more personal responsibility, and less ‘social program.’

      It’s for the children.

      • Good post John. The Great Society is the problem, not the solution. Most of the government franchises usually devolve into a soviet style system such as public education, mass transit, the VA, DOD Pentagon military industrial complex, Amtrack, and other success stories. The statists cry that government removes the profit motive. The government also removes any real reason to provide any good performance as you are going to get paid regardless if you are bad or good. I think we would be better off if there was a profit motive.

  7. Jackson is upset because he couldn’t get away from Chiraq last weekend to visit his son in prison.

  8. This is great! Everyone is turning on Obama. I believe this signifies a major turning point. Jesse Jackson calling out Obama. Wow.

  9. Meh. Same old same old. Remember when Jesse said nasty s##t about Barry Soetero before the 2008 election? I believe jesse feels like Chicago hasn’t got the slush fund it (& he) deserves. And “down with hope-up with dope!”…er something like that.

  10. Why all the bickering? Can’t we just sit back and enjoy the spectacle of liberals/progressives/democrats blaming each other, instead of blaming us?

  11. Want to solve Chiicagos problems get rid of its corrupt politcians from the top up.
    Emanuel and his Police Chief are 2 of the worst at what they do. Period.
    Tossing federal dollars my tax money wont solve a thing.
    Remove or decriminalise all drugs and you remove 100% of the profit motive.
    Bangers stop shooting bangers and innocent bystanders get to live.
    Do nothing as they have.
    Look up definition of insanity please.
    I get to care less about Chicago and its weekly shootings more every day.

  12. All I know is every time I see Jessie Jackson, I feel like a part of me has died. He’s one of those people I wish would just go away and stay gone.

  13. Jesse is sort of right about one thing, that the four billion requested to take care of this surge of illegal kids should have never been necessary, and the money should be used for other things (or IMHO given back to the taxpayers).

    I’ve never been a big hawk on illegal immigration, but encouraging these kids to come and then allowing them to stay is insanity. For 4 billion dollars we could buy them all private jet flights home to Tegucigalpa.

    • Buying them tickets home has been suggested, and even if they fly business class it would be cheaper.

      The crises at the boarder was manufactured by the White House. While I have no proof, I have a feeling at some point someone will find some evidence that what I believe is true.

      • What, Obama broadcasts that he’s not sending teenaged illegal aliens back as a matter of policy, and then someone acts surprised when the border is flooded with teenage illegal aliens? Of course the White House manufactured the “crisis”. I’m suprised ACORN’s progeny hasn’t set up registration booths in the detention centers.

        • MS-13 beat them to it. They’ll register and turn out the votes when there’s more cash.

  14. It is not about the money. If $2 Billion could make a difference, it would be easy.
    The problem is the corruption. No amount of money can fix corruption.

    Here is a prime example. The Camden, NJ school system not only spends more per pupil than all of the USA, but even adjusted for currency, they spend more per pupil THAN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

    And guess what? It does not amount to anything. They still have a 50% drop out rate and scores that are the lowest in the USA.

    New York City Schools are the only ones worse in this respect.

    You have a broken and corrupt political system with democrats who have a brainwashed base that will vote for people like Yee who was taken off the ballet and still received 200K votes.

    There is no doubt, a full on assault of the south side of Chicago could help, but the gangs would eventually come back or find another place. You have an endemic problem that is multi-generational and decades long corruption. All those things make it impossible for change to happen no matter how many billions are spent. Really, no amount of money can ever help until the people change and vote out the Chicago political machine.

    That same kinda stupid thinking is why the White House is a joke.

  15. Why does everyone consider guns the cause of violence. They are simply the end result of a culture (ie Chicago gang/drug culture).

    Further – on the “legalize drugs and the problem magically washes away” topic. It amazes me to think that someone who makes $10k a day selling drugs will simply say “ah shucks, it was good while it lasted” when drugs are legalized. Please bear in mind – they don’t love the product, they love the money. They will simply move on to the next fruitful but just as illegal endeavor to continue their lifestyle.

    • Somebody making profit is not really a bad thing. If the drugs were legalized, then the entrepreneurs could solve their problems through the court system, versus run and gun. Alcohol and Tobacco industry is a good example.

  16. Here’s the real problem. It’s with our society. We are so worried about offending someone, saying something or doing something that offends or just isn’t nice, nothing gets done, let alone doing something that really would work.

    There is a severe problem in the United States with gangs and the problem COULD be fixed, but it would take severe, swift, unrelenting consequences, something that we as a society are unwilling to do.

  17. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, former White House Chief of Staff, defended his ex-box.

    I would defend my x-box since I worked damn hard to pay for it. 🙂

  18. Throwing money at a “problem” by the government has never worked. Adding “for the children” and “investment” is just smoke and mirrors. Quinn threw $50,000,000 at the “problem” and we know how well that worked out. This tax payer is not impressed with the zero accountability, get the money and go out of business the government seems to like

  19. “They” didn’t invest in Chicago’s kids? News flash, Rahmbo: You’re the mayor. You are the “they” you’re talking about.

  20. Nationwide legalization of Marijuana would take away so much money and customer base (that they introduce to their other wares) that it would decrease gang activity and gang related violence more than any other plan any politician has proposed. And instead of spending tax dollars, it would MAKE money via reasonable taxation – which could be put towards fighting real crime.

    But its not about solutions, its about banning scawy guns.

    • While I agree on your thesis, the problem is, criminals like business do not throw up their hands and close shop. They will move to other opportunities — something else WILL become the next problem.

      Just like removing guns will not remove crime, making drugs illegal will not remove all criminals.

      You have to have jobs and find a way to stop generational poverty. legalizing drugs does not solve social and economic problems which are a large part of the problem. drugs, social and economic issue are 3 parts of the big pie of problems. solving one still leaves you with 2 really big problems.

      • I think the outsourcing of jobs is a larger problem with the ills of our society than most people will ever admit.

      • Don’t you think that we could shut down ‘generational poverty’ in a single generation by enforcing fair and strict rules upon those receiving public welfare? Rules like requiring everyone receiving welfare who are even remotely capable of doing work to do so, or lose their ‘benefits’? Rules such as no longer subsidizing and encouraging baby-factory mothers by rewarding them more ‘benefits’ for each out-of-wedlock birth? Rules that insist that baby-factory mothers turn their little darlings over to government daycare centres while they go to work, whether it’s in Fast Food, Retail, or simply counting the hairs on caterpillars if that’s all that’s available? Rules that require drug testing for welfare recipients, and rules that scrupulously control the purchases of EBT users so that they can’t get cash or contraband with their public ‘credit cards’?

        I’m all in favour of subsidizing the poor people that want to work, but can’t afford daycare or maybe transportation to a job, no matter how ‘menial’ (the old phrase, ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ is still very apropos in this case)–my tax dollars SHOULD pay for daycare for working mothers and fathers that can’t afford it and would otherwise sit at home collecting welfare, and SHOULD buy bus or subway fare to get people that can’t otherwise afford it to a job. My taxes should NOT go to support people who are not willing to work at any job that pays, or that the rules tell them that they must take.

  21. WOW! The years sure have not been kind to Rev. Jesse. He looked a bit like he was hammered. Sad, that. And it must be frustrating to be contradicted by the woman standing next to you at the mike.

  22. What does Rahm Emanuel mean when he says: “This has been a long time that they have stopped investing in our children, and they need to invest in our kids.”

    Hell, we invest billions, perhaps trillions on K-12 education of kids who don’t want to learn and won’t pay attention and ultimately quit school. Not only do we provide free education, but we have to feed them breakfast and lunch as well because their unwed Moms are incapable of making them any kind of breakfast like a bowl of cereal (bought with food stamps)and a sandwich and fruit for lunch.

    It is neither the fault of the government nor the school systems if parents do not inculcate a desire for education and success in their children. And it is not the fault of the education system if parents send kids to school totally unprepared to learn anything.

    • Wife has taught both schools with black kids and at white Lutheran schools. The black schools do not have a learning environment either at school, the neighborhood, at home, or the culture. The Lutheran schools have interested parents who are paying for the school, strict discipline, nuclear families, structured society, a work ethic, a culture which promotes academic excellence, and very high expectations of performance from the teachers and the staff. You work a lot harder at a Lutheran school, than a public school.

  23. Nice job Jesse making it an us vs. them argument. Hope you don’t come out on the losing end of that one.

  24. Haha, this is unbelievable.

    This is where I will defend the president (yeah i know many are shocked. Im surprising myself).

    It is not obama’s fault that this happened. It is not Illinois’ neighboring states that are the problem (funny how they have a far lower murder rate despite their more lenient gun laws). Its not suburban america that is at fault.

    Who know who’s fault it is? the shooters and those that have allowed poverty and criminality to fester, creating such conditions for violence to occur.

    Adam Carolla brought up the inconvenient fact about the black and latino United States, and was labeled a racist for doing it. The same thing happens to others when they suggest that black communities take responsibility and squash this bullshit cycle of poverty, criminality and violence. We have to “check our white privilege”.

    In the mean time, nothing gets fixed, politicians do nothing (but theyll point the fvcking finger at gun owners and white people that want to eliminate the conditions that create violence), and Jesse Jackson says nothing to empower individuals to better themselves, instead choosing to pull the race card whenever they are presented with uncomfortable reality.

  25. While I never grew up in the inner city, the problem is there isn’t any jobs, resources for kids to do, racism in the suburbs (some parts), hard drugs, and in some cases the culture that some of those individuals follow. If there were things such as recreation centers for the youth and if they don’t follow the music industry culture white people are included with the heavy metal rock music, then everything will be alright. It’s okay to listen to any type of music and play violent video games cuz I have done it, but when they let it take over their life, there’s an issue. The pharmaceutical drugs have been dumbing down society in all generations and races and it’s caused violence throughout the country. Some people in all races have mental issues that need to addressed properly (I.e. all the white serial killers). Some people are just demons and there’s no controlling that. Violence has been here since Cain killed Abel. So violence will never go away but we can lessen it to an extent if people had jobs, kids had recreation centers to go to, if they don’t let the music industry culture consume them, if people gave the youth proper guidance. Some people are just meant to be evil. Also about blacks, the division of the family comes from slavery where the white slave owners separated the husband and wife from each other and they need to break that. This is coming from a 22 year old black male who’s never lived in the inner city nor was impressed by gangs, has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and network technology, a U.S. Marine, possibly going into the Army. Another thing is that the people have to want the help and do something about it themselves. You can only help someone who helps themselves and wants to better.

    • The kids in rural areas have less in recreation centers than inner city kids. I am going to say that the little schools in the small rural communities in Indiana have less resources available to them than the inner city and big city suburb schools. My daughter’s Jac-Cen Del academic team was runner up at the state academic bowl in their size class and placed maybe 2nd or 3rd against all schools in the state. She had a better education than the kids from elite Fishers. Throwing money at the problem will not fix things. I would say that the culture of the school and the surrounding family and communities are more important than the amount of money thrown at the school.

  26. don’t forget your friends in the private sector who are a thousand times more corrupt than the public sector. In the private sector, it’s all nepotism all the time and there’s *no* oversight. Wanna rip the taxpayer off 400 to 800% above cost with hired trucks? Just bribe the local politician. Wanna bring in your nephew for a couple extra million more than it would cost for a local? Your nephew doesn’t have the same skills as the local guy? no problem.

    Your friends in the privates moved the jobs out of the city and refused to hire Blacks. The government crushed the Black left and looked the other way while drugs flooded the ghetto. Result? Chaos and violence. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Okay, sure there is Black redneck culture and that’s not helping either. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are race pimps. But, you can’t lower taxes on the big corporations decade after decade, shovel bailouts and tax breaks to the ruling class and then spew forth about the evil government. Your hero Ayn Rand’s vision of capitalist hell is almost complete in this shithole. COMMENT MODERATED.

  27. Here’s how any city can end the scurge of drugs ruining its way of life. Tonight, drive into town and ask one question: “Hey, can you get me some drugs?” When you find someone who says, “Sure thing, what you need bro?” Pull out your gun and shoot them. Nothing else will work. Never has. Never will. If the police try to intervene shoot them too…..and then hunt their children like animals. No, you say! Too extreme? Then you will continue to suffer until a man steps up, knocks you to your knees, and takes control. That’s always been the way for change…..there is no other.

    • You’re a disgrace to the Corps. I would never condone killing someone who knows something that you deem as wrong…Hell the Corps taught me somethings that if I do out here as a civilian would get me locked up so you need to stop the hate right now buddy. 03 Marine my ads.

    • To Marine (I doubt you ever finished any enlistment), you sound very much like that trash and his wife that got kicked off of the Bundy ranch before killing two officers and dyeing in the K-Mart shooting. Are you mentally unstable or just a troll?

  28. Can someone here tell me what assault rifle can shoot down an plane and can blow up trains. Mr Jackson watches too many cartoons.

  29. So let’s tally this up.

    1. Jesse blames Obama;
    2. Mayor Emanuel (and every news outlet in the country) blames lax laws;
    3. Garry McCarthy blames the Constitution;
    4. Dick Durbin blames straw purchasers;
    5. Somebody named Joy Ann Reid blames Republicans;
    6. Some dingbat leftist even goes so far as to blame global warming;
    7. Everybody not mentioned probably blames the NRA.

    When is someone finally going to speak up and point out that it is the people of Chicago who bear the responsibility for all these killings?

  30. Unfortunately, a whole lot of do-gooder liberal crusaders who want to change the world don’t understand that their beloved old school Dems (Rahm, Durbin, Blag..) and the Jesses, Als and Louis F’s of the world need the status quo. They need the income inequality, racial strife and inner city violence…it’s what they exploit to draw their power from. They have no incentive whatsoever to better the the living conditions of their “constituents”. They need them dependent and constantly in peril. If they were working and the kids had good schools, the gang problems, drug problems and dependence on the Chicago, NYC, DC, Boston, etc political machine would go away…

  31. Jesse Jackson, what is there to say? Libs are always looking for someone to “blame” which, in this case, rests squarely with the bad guys who did the “gun violence”. Actually this is a misnomer. It is violence by people who use a specific tool in the drawer. Jackson apparently is too ignorant to distinguish this. Nothing new there.
    Chicago is just another crap hole which illustrates the stupidity and futility of liberal policies.

  32. Tell me Reverend Jesse, how will a paltry $2 million reverse a trend that has been going in Chicago since before the Great Depression? My father and his father were both born there and both became involved in local organized crime as young men.

    In my grandfather’s case we are talking like, 1930’s and yes he packed heat back then. As a teen he had a 1911 he slept with under his pillow and when he became an adult he would not go out without his .25 ACP because he had been jumped by several guys at once in the past. Things have not changed as much as Chicago politicians would have us believe, it is just black kids today as opposed to the children of European immigrants.

    To paraphrase a rap lyric I once heard, “If you want to stop them from dying, stop them from trying.” It all goes back to money made on illicit substances. America has a really huge substance abuse problem that drives a vigorous black market. Where there is money to be made people will be there, armed however they can be to defend their ill gotten gains. No amount of money will change anything until the nationwide reality of the black market for drugs is addressed.

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