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Cops and ARs near the Dorner shootout (courtesy

pk in AZ just read the Reuters report on the Dorner debacle: Fugitive ex-Los Angeles cop believed killed in fire after shootout. pk drew our attention to this: “State game wardens spotted the vehicle and gave chase. The suspect crashed the car, then commandeered a pickup truck at gunpoint from another motorist, said Lieutenant Patrick Foy of the state Fish and Wildlife Department. The suspect fired at the wardens from the window of the pickup and one of the wardens stopped his truck and returned fire with a high-powered rifle.” pk is wondering WTF? “So a State Fish and Wildlife Department warden is using a ‘high powered rifle but in our hands it’s an ASSAULT WEAPON???” Go figure.

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  1. I wonder if the “high powered rifle” was using a standard capacity 30 rd magazine? Or if it was one of those ultra high capacity assault death magazines (also 3o rds) ?

  2. That paragraph has changed in the linked story. It now says:

    State game wardens spotted the stolen vehicle and gave chase. The suspect crashed that car, then commandeered a pickup truck at gunpoint from another motorist and traded gunfire with the game wardens as he sped away, authorities said.

  3. Unless it WAS a high powered rifle and not an AR… Seems like a reasonable possibility for a game warden.

  4. CDFG recently completed a rigorous 18-month test where the POF P308 rifle won hands down. POF beat out FNH SCAR, Knights Armament SR25, LMT MWS, LaRue Stealth OBR, LRB Arms, M1A Tanker, and the LWRC REPR. They come with 20 round P-mags (mine did so I assume they have the same).

    • Yup, don’t know if they’ve been deployed already, but if they have, indeed, they ARE “high powered rifle.”

      Yes, my dear ballistics-nerd gunnies, I ‘get’ that a few of you will never consider .308 to be ‘high powered,’ but y’all get the gist.

      Regardless, CA Game & Fish, for a non SOF govt entity, apparently got a premier smallarms package on the CA taxpayers’ dime.

      Though, granted, it’s pretty pricey high dollar allotment per agent, but all things considered… $1.5 million budget for quality firearms/accessories at govt contract discount? They actually got an ‘excellent deal,’ as far as being ‘taxpayer friendly’ goes.

      Now the only thing is, knowing govt budget and contract processes, while this is no F35 DoD contract, will this become another, typical ‘cost-plus’ contract, where it will balloon to many more millions than agreed upon??

      Also, wonder if POF-USA would’ve followed LaRue, had this contract been confirmed AFTER Dec. 14, 2012, as the current AWB 2.0 battle of 2013 wages on… Sure, some govt agency-contract bragging rights do sell guns, sometimes. But, $1mil-ish… even to a small manufacturer, is merely a drop in the bucket, considering the vastness of their own non-govt commercial market.

      And frankly, while they do have a legitimate case for .308, as their jurisdiction span wilderness and drug traffickers on those vast lands at vast distances, regardless of gel tests, to rationalize .308 even w/new Hornady rounds, with 16″ barrels, INSIDE buildings for CQB duty is silly, considering they’re not even deploying suppressors: those P308 shot inside are gonna be LOUD.

      The only remaining question is, considering the fact that Commufornia is rabidly anti-citizen ownership of guns, what will they do w/CA Game & Fish’s arsenal of Springfield Armory M1/M14’s?? Will they sell them to FFL dealers, to fund part of their new P308 and Aimpoint purchase??

      • Great post, one little thing though. The rifles CDFG got are the shorter 14 inch barrels. You know, so they can maneuver around a house easier when they come and raid it.

  5. Face it, propaganda department employees just don’t know what they’re writing/talking about and don’t care as long as it promotes the cause.

  6. It’s all part of the semantic game they are playing.
    “Assault rifle”, referring to the “assault phase” of a military attack, becomes “assault weapon” with all the connotations of a “criminal assault” on an innocent victim.
    Remember when police drew and fired their “service revolvers” while bad guys pulled robberies with “handguns”?

    • So true. That hasn’t changed. LEO pulls his Service Pistol. Perp pulls his high-capacity Glock “that gangs favor.” Same gun.

  7. I don’t know why there’s outrage over this, real or feigned. I thought we wanted the media to use non-inflammatory terms like “high-powered rifle” rather than the demonized “assault rifle”. No?

    • As RF posted that I stated in my email to him: “So a State Fish and Wildlife Department warden is using a ‘high powered rifle but in our hands it’s an ASSAULT WEAPON???”

      The original article has been “sanitized”…imagine that…

  8. California fish and game have been known to have M1A1 .308 in their trucks. Don’t know if that’s what they are talking about. Just saying

  9. I’m betting they are right in that the game warden had a high powered rifle. All the game wardens that I’ve dealt with in CO and WY carried a shotgun and a high powered bolt action rifle. I’ve never seen any of them have an AR/M4 style rifle. I could be wrong but that has always been my observation when talking with them.

    • Read my post above. California Department of Fish and Game are replacing their M1A1’s with POF P308’s which is basically an AR-10. I am sure some of them also choose to carry a shotgun or bolt action as well.

  10. I can see that making sense though as I think California game wardens do carry the M1A, you can see them in their cars if you watch Wild Justice on Nat Geo.

  11. The article in the Mail described the weapon fired by the game warden as a M-14.Twenty rounds of .308 were expended.

  12. Reuters updated the report again. According to the newest, the warden was carrying a fluffy pink mohair bunny stuffed with Hershey’s Kisses. And the cops didn’t start the fire to kill Dorner. The were making s’mores and things just got out of hand.

    • Hmmm fluffy pink bunny? Maybe they woulda caught Dorner sooner if they used the killer rabbit of Caerbannog

      • Actually, the latest update says that the SBSO believed that he was planning an attack with the killer rabbit, and that’s why they had Brother Maynard bring out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

  13. What’s up with that cop’s rifle sling position? He’s a right-handed shooter (per the sidearm), so… errr… Let’s see how he’d get that into firing position quickly. But, yeah, they’re the only ones trained enough to have an assault rifle with massive capacity magazines.

    • Ted Bundy, who murdered women and had sex with their dead bodies got love letters and marriege propasols right up to the day he was executed. All you’re proving is that they’re a lot of sick people in this world. But that seems to surprise no one but you.

  14. Our slander in chief says its a unlicensed nuclear weapon. No mear mortal could hold back the great power. Like someone said, its a fricken squirrel round, Randy

  15. Couple of things, when we use Ar-15s they’re assault rifles and naughty. When the state uses them they’re high powered rifles.
    Or they are changing the definition to include all rifles like bolt actions and lever guns. If the gun is TOO HIGH POWERED than a civilian certainly can’t own them.
    It’s hard to tell with the libtards because they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

    • “It’s hard to tell with the libtards because they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.”

      I believe that they DO know what they’re talking about…

      They follow the “if you repeat a lie often enough, people start to believe it as truth” mantra…

  16. My history teacher should have copyrighted the term before someone else used it (And I, as a gun guy, kindly gave her a lecture on the origins of the term “assault rifle” and the Mass Media’s misuse and misunderstanding of all things guns)… She would have made millions if it ever catches on!

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