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“The problem is with the political arm of the NRA. I don’t know in the last 10 years whether there has been any compromise with guns by the NRA.” That’s the considered opinion of Florida US Representative Tom Rooney, one of 28 GOP house members who are retiring after this term. Now that appealing to voters isn’t an issue for him any more, he’s announced that he’s disappointed that the NRA didn’t back down and support the effort to raise the age to buy “assault rifles” to 21.

Gee Congressman, we can think of a couple of reasons the NRA stood firm on that point. First, as they noted at the time . . .

Legislative proposals that prevent law-abiding adults aged 18-20 years old from acquiring rifles and shotguns effectively prohibits them for purchasing any firearm, thus depriving them of their constitutional right to self-protection.

Depriving adults — i.e. anyone 18 years of age or older — of a constitutional right seems more than a little problematic. So there’s that.

And then there’s the strategic rationale for not giving ground. “Compromise” as defined by the media, the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, and gun-grabbing politicians (apparently including GOP pols who no longer need votes) is always defined as giving in and moving toward the gun controllers’ position.

First, it’s “common sense” gun safety measures like mandatory gun locks and “safe storage” laws requiring guns and ammo to always be under lock and key. Next it’s magazine capacity limits, because who could possibly need more than 10 rounds of ammunition in any non-battlefield situation?

Come to think of it, “weapons of war” have no place on our streets (and everyone knows ARs are never used for hunting) so let’s just ban them because DO SOMETHING.

And while we’re at it, no one really needs a bump stock or even semi-automatic rifles. They’re mostly only used by wacko hillbillies to blast poor little animals, so let’s make those verboten, too.

Anyone see a trend here? It’s called the slippery slope. The long game. And the Bloombergs, Bradys, Watts and Everitts have been playing it for decades now.

So, Rep. Rooney, you’ll have to excuse the NRA and the rest of us who value our Second Amendment rights if we’ve seen this movie before and don’t care to watch it again. Here’s hoping the good people of Florida’s 17th Congressional District have the foresight to elect someone in your place who has a better understanding of what we’re up against (I support the Second Amendment, but…) and isn’t so willing to compromise with those who want nothing more than to limit their right to keep and bear arms at every possible opportunity.



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  1. Better question: when will the anti-gunners give US a few compromises? Why not? We’ve done all the compromising thus far, going back as far as 1934. Looks to me like it’s YOUR TURN big boy.

    • When one group wishes to strip another group of their Constitutionally-protected rights, what compromise can there possibly be?

      • This kind:

        Proggie: I want to sodomize you. For the children.

        Me: Not interested.

        Proggie: Well, let’s compromise. Just the tip. This time.

        Me: Still not interested.

        Proggie: Monster! Someone hold this reactionary down so I can usher in utopia! For the children.

        Sorry if that’s a repeat. I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t done that gag here before.

    • when will the anti-gunners give US a few compromises?

      This is what I was going to ask. Compromise means both sides give up something. One side caving in is not a compromise.

      • Their idea of ‘compromise’ is they won’t take *all* your guns.

        You’ll get to keep revolvers, single-shot bolt action rifles and break-action shotties.

        For now…

      • The ONLY “reasonable” gun control laws are NO gun control laws. Period! Shall not be infringed is plain English.

        • I just can’t figure out why the HELL they can’t understand that. You said it plain & simple, seems obvious to me.

        • NO gun control period. It is time for the law abiding Gun Culture to stand up rally together & put our agenda forward. To HELL with the leftist & their BS. There are more of us than there are them.

        • Alan, I agree with you 100%! I was only pointing out their lie. But yes, not one inch. Not one millimeter.

    • They figure the HAVE compromised in not YET building camps/ovens for Conservatives and gun nuts

    • “Compromise” would mean that we agree we have too much freedom and that we feel that is a bad thing.
      Anyone out there feel like you are too free for your own Good?

      • Nearly every “young” American cop I hear open their mouths have basically said people who want to live freely are crazy constitutionalists or sovereign citizens. They love to teach them a lesson in how America works now.

        So, yes. Some people do think you are too free for your own good.

    • Everything I need to kbow about new laws I learned from my mom at dinner. ‘Mom, can I have some more chicken?’ -‘You haven’t finished what’s on your plate, how can you ask for more?’

      Senator/congressman…. you can’t enforce what is already on the books, how can you ask for more?

  2. Why can’t the Left compromise by removing unreasonable gun laws? Why does it always have to be the legal gun owners who compromise?

  3. I used to think the same. Then Sandy Hook happened and my local paper published a interactive map of every gun permit holder in Westchester County.

    Seeing that little red dot over my house, clicking on revealed my name and address. That turned me. I realized there’s no compromising with these people.

  4. This is EXACTLY the type person that we need to retire from Congress. He does not understand the purpose of the Bill of Rights.

  5. There cant be compromise when its always a one way street.
    What has any anti gun group given back?? Ever…………
    How stupid are these antigun people anyway??
    Compromise: what is on the table as an offer from you klownz??
    Tapping my toes waiting for an answer here.
    Whats sensible mean to you anyway??

    Its my right to use whatever tools are available to me.
    You have no right to take whats mine.
    Punish the criminals.
    Don’t try to make me one for doing what I have a right to.
    As for the NRA.
    It isn’t even close to as political a bunch as I want them to be.

  6. The question is why can’t we enforce the existing laws first before talking about new ones that may have no bearing.

    • Because we have to do something while we do nothing about parenting, schools and mental health. However, let’s not take the same approach for drugs — that would be awful.

      • Thank you, Mama. So tired of hearing conservatives whining about muh existing laws.

    • My common sense gun legislation ; Repeal all gun laws from the 1934 machine gun law until present. This will comply with the second amendment and is common sense.

  7. Why can’t everyone support reasonable speech and religion control laws? Ban Islam as an “assault religion”? Ban people under 21 from attending church?

    Ban 18-20 year olds from reading newspapers (not necessary since no one under 70 still reads papers). Maybe people under 21 should not be permitted to post on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Snapchat.

    No thank you. I’ll keep my freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and my right to bear arms.

    • Apparently America has become like Europe. The Republicans are Leftists and the Democrats are extreme Leftists. Even the Alt-Right is a National Socialist group.

      Steven Crowder, Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro are Neo-Cons. Ben Shapiro doesn’t like Libertarians and he puts Israel before the U.S. Alex Jones focuses on hating Islam and Democrats while supporting coercive government policies. Steven Crowder defends socialism and illegal acts done by Israel’s government.

      That’s a very bad sign. An inevitable negative outcome will occur.

      • When two very smart conservative media personalities both support Israel maybe it’s time to think that Israel is right?

        Or we can believe the liberal leaning media that NEVER lies about gun issues when they paint and portray Israel in such a negative light and call it an apartheid oppressor?

      • CZJAY, you are all over the map with a lot of very inaccurate perspectives, in my view, about Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones and Steven Crowder. Alex Jones is completely against government coercion, Crowder hates everything about socialism, and Ben Shapiro talks very little but libertarianism and much about the radical leftists in universities and the Press and their attacks on personal freedoms.

        As for Israel, the only Society in the entire Middle East that actually supports individual freedoms, freedom of religion, the ability of gays to openly practice there personal sexual choices, and even Muslims to practice their religion.

        If the Muslims surrounding Israel laid down their arms today there would be peace in the Middle East; if Israel lays down their arms every Jewish man woman and child would be slaughtered.

        But in the end, the beauty of the internet is that people can go find out these things for themselves and find out which one of us is right.

        • Self defense isn’t a crime. Not everything they do is actually self defense. Plus, isn’t Israel trying to disarm their civilians?

          Ben Shapiro doesn’t like Libertarians for various reasons. One reason he doesn’t like Libertarians is because he thinks they are godless people. Ben supports gun control and other laws to control the populace (he is from California after all). He wants a standing army and he wants to use it to kill Israel’s enemies and police the world (at the expense of the American people).

          Steven Crowder argues that government funded roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects are not socialism. He thinks police and military are not a creation of socialism. He still has a long way to go to escape his Canadian upbringing. He does his best work when he sticks to guns, SJW concepts and the like.

          Alex Jones was an independent kind of guy — like 10 years ago — when he only had his talk radio show. He was against both the Republicans and Democrats. He used to call out every government for the bad/illegal things they done throughout history (the things the media back then coined as “conspiracy theories”). He was against the Republican Neo-Cons like Bush. At some point he started to have mental break downs on air with screaming rampages that sounded drug fueled. He went from a calm reasonable sounding guy you could listen to at work to distraught rage filled rants that sometimes ended with him crying. Around that time he wanted to build a TV empire for Infowars/Prison-Planet to expand off his small radio reach. He then acquired large amounts of funding to build the Infowars that you see now. Once he got his internet empire he started to support or defend the Republican Neo-Cons’ agenda and make it his goal to get Trump elected for two terms (if anyone got in his way he would fire them).

  8. “Reasonable” and “common sense” is highly effective propaganda word smithing.. After all, who could possibly disagree with anything “reasonable” or “common sense”……

    • Re proposals deemed, by the proposer to be ” reasonable”, oh so reasonable, a for “common sense”, how come the unending repetition of grandelequent phraseology, but so few details, the devil to be found therein.

  9. Compromise? To compromise means that each person gives up something to achieve a common goal. You want Universal background checks, then give us National reciprocity. You want to limit magazine capacity, then we want all gun free zones eliminated. You want to raise the age limit to buy guns to 21, then allow for new manufacturer of Full Auto Select Fire machine guns.

    First off, shall not be infringed, means what it says. But this whole question about compromise, isn’t even approached at the level that I described. It is always about us giving up something, without the other side giving up anything at all.

    There really is no compromise, it’s only about us giving up more Second Amendment freedoms and then the left coming back later and demanding even more compromise, which means us giving up even more of our Second Amendment freedoms, without anything in return.

    No. In the end, shall not be infringed, means what it says, and freedoms aren’t supposed to be compromised for utility. So not only is there no more compromise, but I will only accept less restrictions and more freedoms in practicing my second amendment rights.

    • Yep. They want to drop a turd in our punch bowl. Pinching it off so they just float half a turd in our punch bowl isn’t really much better.

      • i thought they wanted to drink your punch with you getting none and then filling it back up for you but with turds and urine

  10. “bump stock OR even semi-automatic rifles” So even Dan thinks they are different?

    • Ummm, do you think a semi automatic rifle is a bump stock? I’m super confused by your question. I believe Dan was referring to the idea that if today the bump stock is banned, tomorrow’s calls will be to ban semi auto rifles. I don’t believe his intention was to say whether a bump stock was a semi auto rifle… which he wouldn’t need to say… because it’s not.

  11. Another reason the NRA is against such a law is the fact it will hurt gun companies’ profits, thus reducing donations to the NRA from those companies.

    Most of the NRA’s money comes from corporations not their members. The NRA wants to keep their pockets stuffed so they can live the good life as they play with Americans civil rights.

    • PROVE that BS! leftist troll.

      The strength of the NRA is the INDIVIDUAL members. Who VOTE and work for candidates.

    • Really? Care to cite a source? A recent article stated:
      Since 2005, the gun industry and its corporate allies have given between $20 million and $52.6 million to it through the NRA Ring of Freedom sponsor program. Donors include firearm companies like Midway USA, Springfield Armory Inc, Pierce Bullet Seal Target Systems, and Beretta USA Corporation. Other supporters from the gun industry include Cabala’s, Sturm Rugar & Co, and Smith & Wesson.

      [So that is less than $2 million to less than $5 million a year for the last 13 years.]

      The NRA also made $20.9 million — about 10 percent of its revenue — from selling advertising to industry companies marketing products in its many publications in 2010, according to the IRS Form 990.

      There are more than 5 million NRA members paying roughly $35 a year for membership fees. That’s about $175 million of an annual revenue stream of roughly $200 million.

    • CZJAY, just wow! While I think the NRA compromises too much, the idea that the NRA gets most of its money from corporations instead of from its 5 million members is so inaccurate, and so easily checked, that for you to make that statement is showing your complete and utter ignorance and willingness to be used by the gun grabbers as a “useful idiot” or you’re consciously lying.

  12. what an idiot. why don’t you look at some of the complaints by NRA members, that will tell you where they have compromised.

  13. What are we getting in return. Compromise usually means that both sides give up something. “Be glad we didn’t take more” is not a compromise.

  14. Your use of the term ‘assault rifle’ tells me you’re not on our side anyway! STFU!

  15. The NRA compromised too much already and got us stuck with the NFA, GCA, AWB, GFSZ, Brady Bill, and a slew of other bills restricting the exercise of a Constitutionally protected right. The NRA needs to not only hold the line but undo some of the damage caused by the Fudds.

    • I have a theory that he, along with all the other GOPs, is retiring because they have utterly failed to do what they said they were going to do when they won the House and Senate. I guess they think if they retire now with their tails between their legs no one will notice much. They are damn quitters and I hate quitters almost as much as a thief and a bully. Oh, wait, they all three categories don’t they?

        • EXACTLY!…Agree 100%!

          That’s exactly what the republicans are doing by leaving office.

          It also helps sell the Rampant Voter Fraud, when the democrats replace all of those republican seats unbelievably.

          No one would ordinarily believe the democrats could possibly win all of those seats against incumbent republican office holders. So the incumbent republicans were told not to run for office by their NWO Handlers, since all republican office holders are Left Wing plants any way’s, in order to more easily Try and sell to the American people, that the democrats could win in those Conservative districts.

      • Before you start spouting BS and look like a fool educate yourself. Most of the retirements are of swamp critters. Some old age/poor health. A few just fed up. Now is a good time for some GOP retirements as the demtards are going to be killed in Nov.

  16. Apparently, being intelligent is not a requirement to be an elected official. Ray Charles can see the NRA does not need to “compromise” for anything. Especially when this soon to be retired genius has not and does not do his own due diligence and make sure current gun laws are enforced. It appears that he has fallen in line with the mindless drones that are not capable of thinking for themselves. Yes sir, I am saying it…you are ignorant! The NRA does not pass laws (you do), therefore, they are not to blame (you are). Now prove to all of us that you are in fact not ignorant. You were elected to be a Leader, not a follower and a Democrat in a Republican t-shirt. You and all that think (term used loosely) like you are disgusting trash. I say again, prove us wrong.

  17. The Constitution IS the compromise. One between a lawless society and the intolerable evil of an authoritarian state. Any action by the state outside of that compromise constitutes a major step to authoritarianism.

    That’s what the NRA and Rooney don’t understand.

    • so very well said. these assholes need to be shown the door AS traitors. any impingement on rights is compromise. the leftists say “gun deaths” are bad now, wait till after the gov has full power and control over every aspect of your life. about half the US population would go to the chambers or end up shot under a gov like that. i also fully expect that to happen to me here in australia too once they get the screws on fully

  18. Why can’t dems/libs accept common-sense immigration and voting laws…like photo ID…LMAO

    • because anything that prevents felons and illegals and cartoon characters from voting for democrats is “voter suppression”.

  19. GOP aka Government Of the PEOPLE. A representative of the people who elected him and of which he is not representing.

    As the younger crowd like to put it,
    BUH BYE!

  20. Rights aren’t up for discussion. The fact that we have allowed our existing rights to be downgraded to privileges is the reason we are facing further erosion of these former rights. The erosion of liberty is always a one way street.

  21. California is not asking anyone to compromise. It just votes in the most restrictive laws it can think of and will continue to do so until some court (other than the 9th Circuit which is in league with those devils) slaps them down. Which is pretty much what the rest of the democrats in this country want.

  22. “Why Can’t the NRA Compromise, Support ‘Reasonable’ Gun Control Laws?”

    “Why can’t the NAACP compromise, support ‘reasonable Jim Crow and lynching’?” – The same guy in 1912.

  23. When will Florida produce some republicans that are actually, you know, conservative and willing to do what they say they will do when campaigning?

  24. “Why Can’t the NRA Compromise, Support ‘Reasonable’ Gun Control Laws?”

    Because we don’t want them to “compromise,” and none of your damn gun control laws are “reasonable.” Got it, numbnuts?

    Geez, what is it with these Malloys, McCarthys, Durbins, Murphys, Bidens, Bradys, Daleys, Healeys, Kennedys, O’Rourkes, Madigans — not to mention the granddaddy of them all, Timothy Sullivan?

    • Fukkin’ Irish. Never should have opened our borders to them heathens.

  25. I WISH some Illinoisistan republitard’s would retire…Floriduh is better that this POS retar…er retire. The NRA effed up bigtime by not doing exactly what they did after Newtown.

  26. IMO the NRA has already compromised too much, and not fought hard enough. Where is the publicity campaign setting the record straight on defensive gun use? What is the NRA doing to give perspective to the numbers produced by the anti-gunners? What bills have been proposed limiting law enforcement to whatever weapons are “allowed” by their state? Why are their carve outs for ex police? I was honestly shocked reading the FBI statistic that more people are murdered with hammers than with rifles- And I’m a “woke pro-2nd amendment” type. The end game for the anti-gunners is a totalitarian government where the people are easily controlled because they can’t fight back. The ONLY way to understand Chicago style violence is that these leaders WANT violent thugs in their cities frightening the population into giving up their rights. Gun control doesn’t work anywhere its been tried. The violence continues regardless of the instrument used. A gun ban would work about as well as prohibition and our war on drugs. We can’t allow any government official to weaken our rights. If someone is able to carry a weapon in war, they can certainly carry one for whatever legal reason they choose- or even better, only because its their right to do so.

    I often think that a lot of these politicians would have been tarred-and-feathered for their views not too long ago in our nation’s history.

  27. Another Globalist RINO who shouldn’t even Manage A Burger 🍔 King !!! Let alone be allowed to uphold an oath to protect our Constitutional–Bill of Rights!!!

  28. Like I said before…Stern measures need to be taken against our politicians that go full “Authoritarian !” We the people need to make it a “Capital Crime” for any Politician, Police, government agencies to unlawfully infringe upon a US citizens Constitutional Rights– under the Bill of Rights ! With not less than 250k in Compensatory Dispensation for each incident of infringement…Up to including addition fines, fees, and imprisonment…This will also encompass BUSINESSES, orgainizations, landlords, property management firms, banks, and other financial institutions that claim “Sovereign Immunity” over another U.S. Citizen while on “THEIR” property…For No one, or entity has the ability to deprive another U.S. Citizen of THEIR lawful rights for any reason unless those that have adjudicated of a major crime…. in accordance with our US Constitution– Bill of Rights…

  29. Janet Hasson was the publisher of the newspaper who published the interactive map ratting every gun permit holder in Westchester County. She is now president and publisher of The Providence Journal.

  30. What compromise? They aren’t giving us anything. That is not compromise.

    Done compromising.

  31. The Devil’s Dictionary, Firearms Section is getting longer and longer, but we can add at least three words to it:

    “Conversation”: You sit down over there, I stand over here, and I tell you just how wrong you are–not just wrong, actually, but also just how evil. Anything that you say to defend your point of view will be met with derision, invective and insult.”

    Compromise”: You and I have a Conversation, and then you agree to give me everything that I demand. I will then demand more from you because you are willing to compromise, because you are not only wrong, but evil. If you complain, I reply, “I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.”

    “Reasonable”: Whatever I am demanding in our Conversation at this very moment in time is completely reasonable, at least to me, because you are unreasonable, wrong, and evil; Anything that I demand in the future will ALSO be reasonable, because first we will have had a Conversation, and you will be forced to Compromise because. . . things.”

    This should make interpreting Disarmist Speech much easier in future.

  32. Gun Control is awash in “COMPROMISE”. AKA death by a thousand cuts. It will NEVER end until the dream of a total ban, of all firearms. This lying political hack is full of BS.

  33. all gun control is part of the d-rat goal: complete disarmament and murder of those are not like them. try cambodia, china, nazi (socialist) germany, russia.

  34. The Bill of Rights is not up for compromise. Someone should ask this Congressman what he did about the NSA violating our Fourth Amendment rights by scooping up all of our electronic communications WITHOUT a warrant.

  35. I seems to me that these public servant or elected thing types, the retiring congressman among others need to remember the oath of office they all took, which included something about “upholding, supporting and defending The Constitution”, interestingly having been forgotten, it appears.

  36. He’s almost right about one thing: The NRA rarely compromises. Of course, the downside of that is they all too readily concede… And no matter what the alleged political affiliation of our elected hired help, the underwhelming majority just do not seem – or want – to comprehend that the people (often them) who invite violent criminals to walk our streets, and the judges they appoint who ensure these predators can, are the ones responsible for enabling the violence, not the instrument used. After all, precisely what was the caliber and operating system of the weapon with which Cain allegedly murdered Abel?

  37. What congress is this clown retiring from? Certainly not the US Congress! The NRA has done nothing but compromise. Not one single piece of anti-gun federal legislation has passed Congress in the last 50 years without being blessed by the NRA as a “compromise” although in every case, we got nothing out of the deal.

    We see the same cycle every time….
    1. The gun grabbers find some excuse to go for more guns. They then find some clown in congress to propose a bill to ban just about everything, knowing that the bill has no chance of being passed.
    2. The grabbers and their media allies publicize this as a way to stop so-called gun violence.
    3. The NRA then begins its campaign to defeat the bill that everyone knows isn’t going anywhere. The NRA sends out millions of letters and emails warning gun owners that The Gun Grabbers Are Coming and begging for more money to defeat the threat.
    4. The Gun Grabbers use their media allies to demonize the NRA (and all gun owners) while begging for more money to Stop The NRA From Killing Children.
    5. We have a couple of rounds of steps 3&4 until both sides feel that they have milked their supporters for every cent possible.
    6. The Gun Grabbers then propose a “Compromise” bill that bans a few less guns but is still more than they expect to be able to pass.
    7. The NRA conducts a two prong fund raising campaign about how they defeated the original strawman bill and begging for more money to help stop the new threat.
    8. The Gun Grabbers use their media allies to villainize the NRA for their refusal to accept “reasonable” “common sense” gun control measures, and of course to beg for more money to defeat the NRA.
    9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until both sides are sure they have squeezed every possible cent from their supporters.
    10. The Gun Grabbers and the NRA find some small items to take out of the “Compromise” bill which now has RINO support and becomes the “Bi-Partisan Compromise Gun Control” bill.
    11. The NRA endorses the Bi-Partisan Compromise Gun Control Bill, which then passes congress.
    12. Both sides declare victory and conduct another round of fund raising to Continue The Fight.

    At the grassroots level both sides have millions of honestly sincere supporters, but at the top neither side really wants to WIN the battle, because if they win the battle they are out of a high paying job.

  38. When compromise is describe as common sense or I’m reminded of the 14 year old girl who wanted to go on a date with am 18 year old.
    Common sense says there is a lot more on the line than a movie.
    The only gun law that will be “reasonable” to these people is total gun confiscation
    Retired Justice Stevens is calling for repeal of the Second Amendment which is an acknowledgment all the “reasonable controls” they wan are unconstitutional.

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