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Over the last week we’ve been conducting a little survey of our loyal readers, asking you a few questions about yourselves and what you read on the site. We wanted to get a better idea of what kind of people read the site and what they’re interested in seeing, so we can give them more of what they want. The happier our readers, the more readers we get and the more cool toys for the writers. It’s a win-win situation! So, let’s get to the results…

Just FYI for when you’re reading over this stuff, all of these numbers and statistics are +/- 5%. There is a little bit of wiggle room in the numbers, but we’re 95% confident in their accuracy as it pertains to the complete population of our readers.

First things first, how the hell did you all get here? It’s not like Google started embedding our website as a default link in Chrome, so you have to have heard about or stumbled on our site from somewhere.

The prevailing single source of all you readers seems to be websites related to something other than firearms. Which is kinda interesting, since all we do are firearms. Just over 50% of you did come here from a gun related source (or search), though, so that is somewhat logical.

A somewhat more important question: how many of you own guns? We do get a good number of readers from countries (and states) where ownership is problematic for law abiding citizens (or subjects). So what proportion of you actually own a firearm, and what kind is it?

What is especially interesting is that a higher proportion of our readers own pistols than any other firearm, which jives with the explosion in pistol sales that we’ve been reporting about lately. These numbers are totals for each category meaning that most of those who responded own at least two kinds of firearms, with 8 machine gun owners, 6 black powder enthusiasts, and 2 lovely people who own one of every fun item you can buy.

Another thing we talk about a lot is self defense and concealed carry. After reading all of RF’s words of wisdom, how many of you actually carry a firearm on a regular basis?

Over 50% of those who responded say they carry a concealed firearm on a regular basis, but a good 40% do not. Of that 40% that don’t carry a gun, it’s half and half of those who choose not to and those who legally cannot. There was one very interesting response, one brave soul who claims to carry a concealed firearm even though they are legally forbidden from doing so (brave for responding, not necessarily brave for doing so).

How about politics? Are all gun nuts necessarily Republicans?

As expected “conservatives” are a rather large slice, though not all conservatives are Republican. Liberals are in there right along with our Jedi brethren, but it seems like most people fall somewhere in the middle. There were a lot of comments to the effect of “I’m right of center but the Republicans are goddamned NUTS!”

All very interesting and sure to influence the content of the articles, but what do you think about how we’re doing? You guys seem to stick around so we must be doing something right, putting our finger on exactly what is somewhat more elusive.

In terms of our coverage of live events (SHOT, NRA, NDIA, ETC) in the firearms industry, the consensus seems to be that we’re on the money. We’re going to the important things, getting you guys the news you care about, but not drowning you in coverage. Avoiding drowning is important, or at least so the medics tell me.

What kinds of articles do you guys like to read? That was the next thing on our minds.

Gun reviews, by FAR AND AWAY, are the most popular. Trust me, they’re also the most fun for us writers to do. In the free form comments section there were quite literally PAGES of glowing reviews of our gun reviews, praising our objectivity and depth when it comes to the guns. News and opinion are right up there as well and I expect that it’s more about the awesome discussions that come after the article than the article itself. Politics is a little less popular, but the analysis articles and gear reviews seem to be pretty low down on the totem pole.

Speaking of being low on the totem pole, Political articles seem to be drawing the most ire from the readership. The prevailing opinion seems to be that the politics needs to be toned down instead of removed completely, to become more objective and less “preachy.” Most of the people who responded said that they wouldn’t want any of the categories removed, but that some should take a backseat to the gun reviews. Opinion pieces follow not too shortly behind for much the same reasons, and gun reviews round out the bottom three.

That’s just about it. We hear you loud and clear. You want objective, factual reporting on firearms and the firearms industry mixed with just a touch of snark. You crave gun reviews like a vampire Dick Cheney craves human blood. And we plan to give it to you long and hard, every day. Or something like that.

Oh, one more pie chart for your consumption.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster…

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  1. The “non-gun” website isn’t too amazing. Probably a lot of us followed RF here from TTAC when he left.


  2. For the love of John Moses Browning, it’s JIBE, not “jive” — this one’s almost as annoying as “I could care less,” when the speaker means the exact opposite.

    Picking nits aside, love the site.

    What is especially interesting is that a higher proportion of our readers own pistols than any other firearm, which jives with the explosion in pistol sales that we’ve been reporting about lately.

  3. I demand a recount! There were obviously some hanging chads involved in the most popular writer poll.

  4. I would like to see two new catagories in your next poll. One for our favorite poster (I’d vote for Ralph) and one for our least favorite (I can only think of two TROLLS and I’m sure everyone knows who they are).

  5. My favorite poster would be La Gitane by Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec. Thanks for the compliment, JOE, but I’m more like an original finger painting by a six year old with hiccups.

  6. The ‘best writer’ one was hard because I rarely pay attention to who wrote the piece. You all do a great job and I am no english teacher. As long as I get the point who cares.
    In my opinion you guys do a FANTASTIC job on articles. I actually enjoy the politics part simply because everyone needs to be aware as to what is going on. If history shows anything its that as the people show less and less interest in politics/laws the worse off the country gets. You must be ever vigilant to restrain the government. /end rant

    Just wanted to say you guys are dong a GREAT job and probably one of the only sites I refresh constantly to see if anything new was added. You could use a ‘Android’ app though for the website. Would make life a lot better.

  7. I think this ‘election’ was rigged. I’d demand a recount, but A: I already know who would do the recount (cough Leghorn cough) and B: who can argue with a statistician anyway?

  8. Hot damn! I knew all those years of huffing gun smoke would count for something! And the doctor said my brain damage from the car wreck would hold me back! Or, is it just that I’ve become the site’s Gary Busey? Coooolll! Thank you very much everybody, I am going to shoot a smiley face onto a target Monday morning just for y’all!

    • Why thank you, Sir! I will endeavor to stagger along the line of comedy and sanity…my own personal Lunatic Fringe! I offer humor, not good taste!

  9. I like the political side of this website but I can also see how that could turn into a ‘preaching to the choir’ thing here at TTAG… Generally we all would like more liberal gun laws and we probably shouldn’t incite the OFWG readership to have to reach for their blood pressure meds…

    This site and its contributors are fantastic. I check it more than I check Drudge! Keep up the great work!

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