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John Morse

We’re all sitting on pins and needles here in pro-2A land waiting for the results of the recall elections for two Colorado legislators, Senators Angela Giron and John Morse, whose advocacy for gun control (and vocal calls for their fellow legislators to ignore their constituents) made themselves the targets of the first recalls in Colorado history. The elections takes place today and you need to be physically present to vote, so we should know the results sometime late tonight. In the meantime, the exit polling numbers for those participating in the early voting in Morse’s district shows strong Republican turnout  . . .

From the Denver Post:

Unaffiliated: 26,725 or 37.81%
Democrats: 23,344 or 33.59%
Republicans: 18,174 or 26.15%
Libertarians: 716 or 1.03%
Green Party: 278 or 0.40%
American Constitution: 244 or 0.35%

Republicans: 3,923 or 41.36%
Democrats: 3,081 or 32.48%
Unaffiliated: 2,351 or 24.7%
Other: 130 or 1.37%

Keep in mind that party affiliation doesn’t necessarily correlate with how these people will have voted. But according to those leading the recall effort, their petition was split almost exactly in thirds in terms of who signed, with Republicans, Democrats and Independents taking almost equal shares of the list. I honestly have no idea how this will turn out, since the Democrats and Bloomberg have been pouring millions of dollars into the area trying to defend Morse and Giron. But the preliminary numbers are looking good.

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  1. “Reminds me of that fella back home who fell off a ten-story building. As he was falling, people on each floor kept hearing him say, ‘So far, so good.’ So far, so good.”

    It’s just to soon to say which way this business is going to go.

      • I think the entire system just burped. I got logged out and the edits to the post I was working on got lost. Sorry.

        • Well, if you look at the picture that was posted a few days ago of the people working the site, it strikes me that the thing was designed by a committee. LOL

        • @Matt in FL, I’m not complaining about you and I appreciate that you purged the four or five duplicate posts. It’s a puzzlement is all.

        • I’ve gotten into the habit of having a Notepad window open off to the side when I compose a post, then copy/paste the post into notepad just before hitting send. That way if the glitch monster or censorbot eats it, I won’t have to recompose it.

    • yeah, with less than 20% of the vote in and only an 800 ish vote margin, its way too early to be opening the champagne. These are probably the most motivated voters.

  2. I’m just going to sit-back and wait a few days until the recount magically determines that both of these sh*theads survive the recall by a small number of “found” ballots.

    • With the way the rules were modified by Giron prior to the recall to allow anyone with the intent to move into that district to vote in the recall election, I think it’s pretty clear that we are going to lose.

      • The rule is stupid and horrible and unfair and I’d guess is a pretty obvious attempt to skew the actual results… BUT… there’s NO reason to think it only works in the favor of one side of this issue. Anybody “planning on moving” into the district can vote in the election. Opening up the pool doesn’t mean it’s suddenly biased one way or the other. YOU could claim to be moving there and vote, presumably.

    • Yeah, you may just have hit the the ol’ nail on the head there. Or the voters over 110 years of age will make a mass showing.

  3. Has anyone been keeping tabs on how much Bloomberg, and the Democrats in general have been spending?

    Last I saw Bloomberg was reported to be outspending the NRA 4:1. Win or lose it’ll be interesting data.

    • And yet, if these folks are indeed recalled, all we’ll hear from the MSM is about how the “gun lobby” and the NRA poured “untold millions of dollars” into the campaign, seeking to “silence the will of the people.”

      • And all we will hear if Bloomy and the Demo-rat thugs win is how they overcame the odds of the NRA and how the “constituents” made their voices heard demanding they want an increase in gun-control! And in a “post-newtown” world there is no place for “military style” “automatic” “trench-warfare” “foreign-battlefield” “evil” “machine-gun” “rapid-fire” assault weapons. The MSM disgusts me.

    • Last I read, Bloomberg et. al. was outspending our side between 11-1 and 8-1. Over $2M in out-of-state anti-gun money as of last week.

    • There aught to be a law about politicians dumping money (regardless of whos) in to campaigns and matters that arent their business. Conflict of interest sort of thing I suppose. But who am I kidding. The laws are only for us simpletons.

  4. I’ve learned a few things over the years when it comes to elections:
    1. Never count your chickens before they hatch
    2. Over confidence leads to complacency at the polls
    3. Never discount a Democrats ability to “steal” an election

    • Bomber 3 is how Boobama was reelected.Soros owns the company that counted the presidential vote,I wonder if his company is counting this recall vote?If so then I can tell you the outcome.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

      • Andy, what the fuck does Boobama even mean? What is that nonsensical shit? Like, how do you get there?

        I understand Nobama, like how someone got there and what they mean by it. I know what it means when someone calls him Barry, or Barry Soetero. I even get Obongo, because that’s clearly some sort of racist “monkey” thing, or maybe that Africans play bongo drums, or whateverthefuck. I think it’s stupid, but I at least understand (sorta) what they’re going for.

        But what the hell am I supposed to do with Boobama? Are you trying to say he’s scary? Or that he’s a ghost? Or that he’s a boob?

        I need to know what you’re going for here, because right now all seeing you write Boobama does for me is to tell me that you really don’t have anything constructive to say, and that I can safely disregard your comment as having no import.

  5. Here’s to hoping that those who identify as “unaffiliated” lean Libertarian in their voting patterns.

  6. Well, whomever is working the Dem side would have been smart to hire the team Christine Gregoire used in Washington to get elected. Ricky Henderson was good at stealing. Gregoire’s team made it an art form.

    • yep

      state elections board was willing to give them as many recounts as they needed to “win,” then called the results final once that happened.

      helps when the state elections board is also corrupt and infiltrated by supporters of a specific party.

  7. The three boxes of freedom;

    Ballot Box, soap box, & cartridge box.

    If they cheat and take away one of these it makes the others that much more important.

  8. Where do you get this “need to be present to vote” source? I have different information, but I’m not a “blogger” or “press”.

  9. If the recalls do succeed, expect day two of “George Zimmerman Crisis 2: Day 2: Witnesses Speak” to dominate the evening news.

  10. Perhaps I’m hopelessly naïve but it would seem to me that this is one of the rare elections in which the issues are so cut and dried and the positions so well delineated that no amount of spending could alter the outcome. The media pushes the money spent = outcome meme and while it’s largely true, I think this may be an exception.

  11. I hope the recall is successful but

    Here’s a question;

    What happens to a republic when the people lose faith in their election process?

    Can it survive for long?

    I still have faith but the light has been flickering for me.

    • I think you already know the answer to that Comrade X; The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants and all that.

      However, even given the level of corruption in the system I believe we’re either a long way by incremental encroachment or at least a major, game-changing event from the sort of breakdown of the electoral process that warrants revolution. As it is the mechanisms are still in place for internal and peaceful redress of grievance, even if it’s unwieldy, imperfect and inefficient, it’s still far better than insurrection.

      • Yes you are right, Article 5, given to us by our forefathers, a solution that doesn’t make our rivers run red.

        But how long can the tree of liberty live without some fresh manure?

        • Probably not indefinitely Comrade X, but for a while to come I’m sure. The tree of liberty in some ways can never die, only it can be a pathetic shrub or a robust and majestic tree that acts as a beacon to the oppressed. The question is how small and maligned to allow it to become before fertilizing it.

        • Hope you are right.

          But we sure have been doing a hell of a topping & pruning job with the NSA, IRS, EPA, Department of ED, no knock, gun bans, regulations, excess taxation, denying free choice (i.e. toilets, light-bulbs, Obama care, etc), central bank, the taking of private property without due process, government run school’s monopolies, public employee unions, CZARS, open borders, never ending wars, making a dependent class with handouts, MSM with a socialist agenda, etc etc etc!!!!

          You know; methinks you can kill a tree by just over pruning or even with a bad topping job.

  12. I occurred to me the other day that we could see Dems get elected by the popular/populous vote during the big elections, high voter turn out, bussing to the poles, etc. because they will promise the 50% folks that they will get free groceries, cell phones and Lexus SUV”s. And then, all of us right thinking 2A, republicans that work for a living could recall these jackasses by special elections such as this because we will go to the poles on our own to protect our rights and paychecks.

  13. I hope both of them get kicked out of office. That will show the rest of the U.S. that it can be done, and maybe we will see more of it in the future. If we are really lucky, Obama will also be removed from office.

  14. You really think that scum Governor won’t have the votes skewed, Democrats are laying cheats. Can’t trust one.

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